Incompetent and Unaware: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

The simple premise is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Even worse, we don’t know that we don’t know!! This double hit in competency was highlighted by a couple of social researchers Dunning and Kruger when they undertook a series of experiments to…
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Anxiously Awaiting Your Next Dive?

Anxiously Awaiting Your Next Dive?    If you dive less than 7 to 14 times a year you might want to take a refresher course before you go on your next big vacation or scuba dive adventure. You have either read something like this in your…
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Correcting Lens Distortion on Underwater Photos

Ultra-wide fisheye lenses are the preferred wide angle lens underwater due to their close focusing ability, sharp corners and wide field of view. Divers can usually get very close to their subjects with them, filling the frame, eliminating water which makes their photos lack sharpness,…
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Huish Outdoors launches North American website for Sharkskin

Huish Outdoors has launched a special North American website for Sharkskin, its popular Australian brand of technical watersports apparel. Sharkskin is an internationally recognized name in diving and watersports, but the Huish team felt a new site was needed for the North American dive community.…
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New Feature: Keyword Alert

Since the changeover to Xenforo, there are many new features on ScubaBoard.  One extremely useful function is the Keyword Alert.  This is similar to "Google Alerts" and can be easily configured to notify you when someone uses a keyword that is important to you.  This…
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Proposed Ban on Spearfishing in Southeast Florida

DEMA is concerned that this ban is being proposed WITHOUT scientific data that indicate such a ban is warranted. Further, DEMA is concerned that these proposed restrictions are aimed solely at DIVING

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Dive Shop Video Marketing : it pays for itself

Dive Shop Video Marketing: A dive shop video production project explained. Professional video production for a struggling dive shop can seem to be a mystical and unattainable thing. This is not the case. Dive shop video marketing is easy and affordable and it's a good investment. Pete…
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Introducing the Perdix

Shearwater Research Inc., is proud to present their newest dive computer: The Perdix. Merging state of the art manufacturing techniques and innovative engineering materials, Shearwater has successfully developed a low-profile, sleekly contoured design without sacrificing features vital to technical divers. Like the Petrel, the Perdix…
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Introducing the Liquivision OMNIX

Liquivision is proud to introduce the new OMNIX-AI Dive Computer. The computer was shown at DEMA Orlando and received great feedback! The OMNIX is an air-integrated computer, that will be compatible with the current line of U-2 and L1 transmitters. Similar to the Lynx, it…
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Part 2: Choosing an Underwater Camera Housing

Part 2: Underwater Housings: Protecting Your Camera & Making It Accessible (Please see part 1, Choosing a Camera for Underwater Photography) Underwater housings do several things besides the obvious of keeping the water away from your precious camera. They also protect from pressure, allow you…
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