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Discussion in 'Florida Diving' started by Cumbo, Jul 4, 2012.

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    We're (me + girlfriend, 25-30 yrs) going on a holiday to the U.S. at the end of July. We're flying from Mexico to Miami and have 4-5 days before flying back to Europe. How would you spend it?

    We'd like to do some shopping and maybe a dive or two. I also enjoy taking photos. What do you recommend (national parks? Key West? water parks? other things?)? We might also rent a car..

    All the help is highly appreciated!
  2. ScubaSteve1962

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    there's great diving in Key Largo, about an hour 1/2 from Miami, I recommend Rainbow Reef, the reason being they have 2 boats that leave in the morning which gives you a choice of shallow or deep wreck, they put guides in the water for the same price as dive ops that don't, you can op out if you want to. You pay for the dives after you finish up, and there is no cancellation fee if you decide not to dive.

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    If I had a 5 day layover in Miami, I'd spend it in the Keys. There's a lot of cool stuff where I am in North Florida, but it's a 6 hour trip up here. I've never had any trouble amusing myself anywhere between Key Largo and Key West.
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    I like Dolphin Mall in Miami, quite a good vibe going on early evening when its full of shoppers and people turning up to eat in the restaurants. South beach is nice, maybe take a look around the art deco area and viscaya (venetian style mansion, great for photography)

    Take a drive down US1 on a good, bright sunny day and you will be overwhelmed with photo ops. The tropical water, famous bridges and remains of flaglers railway. All the side streets and back alleys of old town key west have some amazing and unique old buildings with tropical gardens.

    Dive in Key Largo where the reefs, choices and access are generally best. Anywhere from Alligator light up to Carysfort light will give you some great diving.

    Have fun! Feel free to ask any questions if you need any help with your trip.

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