any one rebuild there own Scuba Pro regs?

Discussion in 'Regulators' started by salty, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. salty

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    Just wondering about aquiring parts other than o-rings
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    Diveinn ( was listing a great selection of Scubapro service kits at surprisingly low prices for months. But the last I looked a couple weeks ago, they were gone. I suspect that scubapro managed to shut them down like Apeks shut them down some time back.

    Things will occasionally pop up on ebay for scubapro but they tend to be very limited, over priced, and sometimes older versions (which may be OK depending on the version of your reg).

    Participation in boards like this may open up some sources.

    So far, taking good care of my equipment after dives seems to have extended the life of "annual service" parts significantly. I went for over 2 years with no measurable or noticable degradation of performance. When I finaly noticed some degradation, I was able to disassemble, clean, lube, and adjust to restore performance and get almost another 2 years so far. I have used a few standard o-rings (hoses and SPG) but nothing internal on my regs.

    But it sure is a hell of a lot easier disassembling your reg knowing the parts are there if you need them.

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