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Anybody ever use scuba gear for a tax deduction?

Discussion in 'General Scuba Equipment Discussions' started by Dryglove, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. Dryglove

    Dryglove Solo Diver

    I was just wondering if there is a way to use scuba gear for tax deductions.I can no way relate diving expenses to my job.

    I will have my advanced classes done by next month along with being eanx certified.I take all of my classes through ssi as we have an excellent local dealer here.

    I have been kicking around the idea of going through the dive con course as i feel it will be a great learning experience.I dont know a whole lot about the course as of yet.But i do know you volounteer to assist the instructors with classes, dives,etc.Even though i wont be getting paid does anyone know if you can deduct your scuba gear and expenses as some sort of career advancement maybe or something like that.

    Now dont get me wrong im not gonna do dive con just so i can deduct gear even if thats possible.I was just curious if it could be done.I was just thinking it would be nice to be able to deduct gear after all the money i have spent.My future goal is to become an instructor but for now im just going one step at a time trying to learn as much as possible.Thanks!!
  2. TwoBitTxn

    TwoBitTxn Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: North Texas
    I am not an accountant or a tax professional.

    That being said, dive con and dive master are professional level certs as well as instructor. The IRS allows you to deduct expenses for self employment stuff. Talk to an accountant for the best answer.

  3. O-ring

    O-ring Solo Diver

    I would be all over DM if I could deduct gear...maybe you and your buddy could take turns "hiring" each other to make the deduction a little less phoney...;)

    Course it gets complicated with 1099 misc forms and such, but hell, if you could write off all your gear...dang..

  4. TexasMike

    TexasMike Loggerhead Turtle

  5. ChrisM

    ChrisM Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Torrance, CA
    but I use my gear to volunteer at the local Aquarium, so that is a write off

    I will also write off some once I start assisting classes using my DM cert.
  6. Solomon

    Solomon Dive Con

    can you also right off the cost of the certification course for becoming an instructor? How about trips if you are "working" as in a student is doing checkout dives with you on the trip?
  7. Tavi

    Tavi NAUI Instructor

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Rochester, NY
    "Your losses are due to circumstances beyond your control"

    isn't being addicted circumstances beyond my control?? ;)
  8. rstone

    rstone Instructor, Scuba

    As I am a Instructor I do write off only the gear I use in the course of teaching, including any backup gear I might need. I also write off all expenses releated to any dive trip I take as long as they are for business including (Gas, Meals, Hotel, Mileage). You can also write off any Education you have recieved in order to become a Professional. So from a tax standby, you can write off alot, just make sure you save all your receipts and I if you going to write off a Dive Trip, I would make note of what students where present so if the IRS gives you a hard time, they can verify it with the students.

    Ryan Stone
  9. NetDoc

    NetDoc Chairman of the Board

    I do so much for the Scouts... I have no problem writing off things that I use to be a leader. My whole emphasis of diving is on Scouts... so it is ALL tax deductible. However, being a Divemaster and soon an instructor also help to justify the deductions. There are many things that we ENJOY to do that if we think about it and share it with others by VOLUNTEERING our time and money, we can justify deducting it from our taxes. However, be certain to document the time spent volunteering and the amounts you spent to volunteer in case of an audit.

    I have known some to use this as a license to steal from our government... that is reprehensible and makes it harder on those of us who really do put forth the time and effort to make a difference. If you do volunteer, then use the deductions... you have earned them.
  10. Divesherpa

    Divesherpa Instructor, Scuba

    My accountant advised me to become an instructor to save money. Due to my addiction, it became a matter of financial necessity to write off dive gear, trips, moving from Florida to Alaska repeatedly. I write off 40% of my housing since I teach some classes in my living room and serve lemonade from the kitchen. My accountant is so thorough that he writes off the depreciation of my washer and dryer (they are used to launder undergarments), computers, and the depreciation of all of my gear.

    My suggestion is to become an instructor, teach an accountant to dive, then his family members one at a time (the one at a time bit is very important).

    My aunt is an auditor with the IRS and she says it's perfectly legal as long as you keep receipts.

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