Best BCD for xxxxL sized diver?

Discussion in 'Buoyancy Compensators (BC's) and Weight Systems' started by Mulegirl, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Mulegirl

    Mulegirl Angel Fish

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    Location: San Diego
    I have a young family member who is quite a bruiser (active in body contact type sports) and is on the very heavy side. He's going to spend part of the summer with me learning to dive. We've determined that he needs a custom wet suit due to his height/weight ratio - he is 5'10" and weighs 260+lbs. We are trying to figure out the best BCD for him and have discovered that not all of them are large enough. Does anyone have any good advice about fitting the bigger diver? Thanks much!
  2. mmadiver

    mmadiver Tech Diver

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    You can get a BP/W setup. Those can be customized/adjusted to fit any size. I've noted that diving is a chore for "very large" people as they have to wear massive amounts of weight and nothing ever fits quite right. Normal weight belts tend to fall down on large people do to the amount of weight and to their body shape. May want to consider a harness system for weights so that the weight is supported by the shoulders rather than having to be worn around the waist.
  3. ScubaTwo

    ScubaTwo Surface Interval Member

    I just got a bp/w and tho I do not have it adjusted properly yet I can already see it will meet all my different exposure suit needs. I am a big tall woman. It is one size fits all and it really does.
  4. craborn

    craborn Scuba Instructor

    The two divers I dive with that are large are the best divers I have ever been in the water with. They both wear the raider back inflation. I have used theirs and loved it. He will have to get weighted right for balance. It allows us big men to be able to move. Good Luck.... CLay
  5. Rogue_Diver

    Rogue_Diver Nassau Grouper

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    I am 5:11 and was 260 when I started diving. I use a Sea Quest Black Diamond BC. It is a jacket type, comfortable, and rugged. Its also very adjustable by unbolting the belt moving it to a new location and bolting it back in. It would be able to grow or shrink around the waist as needed. The only drawbacks are it is a bit more expensive than some, and a bit more bulky than most. My experience has been that for recreational diving it works well.
  6. mack50md

    mack50md Barracuda

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    I'm pretty close to those dimensions (5'9" @ 260 lbs).

    If you are looking for jacket style, then a SeaQuest BCD has larger sizes. I personally own a ProQD XL. Fits very well and is a good performer. As suggested above, the Black Diamond is an high end model and a back inflate BCD which will fit well too.

    I also fit into a Genesis Tropic XL which is a lighter back inflate BC I use for travel and warm water. It has recently been replaced by the "Axis" model but, they look very similar.

    Good luck on your search.
  7. scubatoys

    scubatoys ScubaBoard Business Sponsor ScubaBoard Business Sponsor

    Anytime we have folks that are not "off the shelf" sizing... a zeagle comes to the rescue. Since they are made component, you don't have to get an XXL, or an XXXL. You can get a XXL waist with L shoulders. Then the additional beauty of the Zeagle is if the weight and waist measurement changes, not only are they very adjustable, but you can buy just a different size waist panel instead of buying an all new BC.

    As far as which Zeagle... that depends on the diving you are doing. If cold water, or multiple tanks, go with a Ranger. If you want something that is heavy duty and great for travel, my vote is a Brigade.
  8. Firediver32

    Firediver32 Divemaster

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    Location: Rochester, NY
    I am that size maybe a little bigger, and I use a xl Oceanic chute 3, its fits over my dry suit, and when I used my seven mil wetsuit, it was great with that too, if your looking for a wet suit, i have a 7 mil one piece, that I had customized (arms shortened) for me that may fit him,i f your looking for something that heavy. PM me if interested.

  9. carldarl

    carldarl Barracuda

    When I started diving I weighed around 310 pounds. I wore a IDI Nelton Ballistic size XL weight integrated jkt style BC. I also have an Akona 5xl 3mm Farmer John wetsuit. The BC has 35-40 dives on it and the wetsuit has 8. 4-pool and 4-open water.

    Both are like new and for sale. I am currently about 265# and just bought a Dive Rite Transpac II and a DUI weight harness. The Transpac is an XXL and the harness is the Classic in XL. Both are able to adjust considerably larger than I need. PM me if he is interested in either, otherwise I am going to attempt to resize the wetsuit since it is new.
  10. BuoyantC

    BuoyantC Scuba Instructor

    I'm pretty large and my weight has gone up and down over the years. My ol' Zeagle Ranger still has adjustments I've never gotten to and it's just a standard XL.

  11. Nova SS

    Nova SS Nassau Grouper

    Most BCDs have a large range of adjustments to them. I have a 48" chest / 36 waist and thought I would have a problem finding on to fit well but it turns out a Oceanic Excursion LARGE ( not xl ) fit me perfect, even with adjustment room to spare. They are going to have a harder time with a wet suit than with a BCD.
  12. Doug Krause

    Doug Krause Equipment Manufacturer

    The Oceanic Probe LX tends to run large compared to other similar jacket-style BCs - and comes in a XXL.
  13. Pyrofish

    Pyrofish Single Diver

    I vote for the BP/wing. I'm 6'1" and range between 290 and 310. My chest is somewhere around 56". I never got to try many jacket style BC's, but the ones I did try didn't fit very well. The DSS back plate and wing fit me so well, I know I'll never go back to jacket style.
  14. boomer68

    boomer68 Nassau Grouper

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    Location: Razorback Country
    For whats its worth - I have been facing the same type issue and the Scubapro Glide Plus 2XL or Seaquest ProQD 2XL have both fit me fine in recent buying trips. I am leaning toward the Scubapro Glide Plus.
  15. scubabear

    scubabear Nassau Grouper

    Mulegirl, I'm 5'10 and currently 265# For the past 3 years been using a Seaquest Pro QD 2 XL, fit me fine, even up to 285# as in my profile pic. However I just ordered a Zeagle Brigade w 2XL cumberbund and large shoulders from Scubatoys. The Seaquest is rather bulky for packing, but otherwise an excellent bc. If interested, my wife just posted it at work for $150.00. I'm stating this here, cause not real shure how this pm feature on the board works. Barely 'puter literate. John

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