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    Location: Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico

    logo_tulum_scubamini.jpg Tulum Scuba
    is a place where you can learn cave diving with jeff clark, who has been living and diving in Tulum since 1997.
    we operate as an independent dive shop with uniquely adapted philosophy and approach that you might never find in any big well organized dive shops. after many years of travelling and diving around the world (gosia) and 15 years devoted to cave diving and exploration (jeff) we have reached the point we cannot make any more compromises in diving and we want to teach our own way mainly changing the traditional relationship between the instructor and the students, giving the personal touch with no money and time pressure. we do not break standards we only break the barriers of traditional teaching. we also do not teach people who do not like diving, we teach loving diving along with its responsibilities and risks.we are passionate about diving and cave diving and we are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with those, who are interested to challenge and discover new for themselves. we do not consider our students as customers but take them as a part of a team, involving them into all the aspects of diving, mentoring them not only within the course but in their further diving practice. each of our courses is adapted individually to the person in order to provide maximum satisfaction and best results. for more information contact us directly on, facebook or scubaboard.

    In addition to overhead enviroment courses we ofer cavern and ocean tours.
    gosia pytel
    jeff clark

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