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Discussion in 'Florida Diving' started by CNTdiver, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. CNTdiver

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    I have been to Key Largo many times before and basically only dive with one name: Scuba-Do. However, the problem is that we are going to be bringing more people down than their boat can support so we are in need of another dive charter. We have roughly 14 people going and probably need a private charter. If anyone knows of other QUALITY charters, please let me know. Thanks for your time.
  2. ocellaris

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    Our local dive shop is taking a larg group and they are going through Aqua-Nuts. I have never stayed there myself but they are highly recomended.
  3. mwrager

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    I dove with Capt. Slates Atlantis Dive Center in June of 2004. They have 3 large boats. They should be able to handle you group.
  4. ZenDiver

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    I have dived on Aquanuts/Kellys on the bay and Ocean Divers. They have Newton 48's which are nice big boats and I havnt had any problems diving with them. The boats hold like 24 passengers so you might get a crowded boat or you might get lucky and have just your group. I prefer the little boats but when I have a big group they have been pretty good with me.

  5. ZenDiver

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    I have dove with them several times.....good least 1 1/2 years ago anyways.

  6. cardzard

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    I have used Conch Republic Divers and cannot speak highly enough about them. Gary and his crew have 2 boats and with group that size will proably take you where ever you wish to dive.
    Here is link to trip report I posted couple months ago using them.

    dive op review at bottom of report.

    Hope this helps.
  7. DandyDon

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    Nothing wrong with your first choice with Scuba-Do. I've dived with a number of operators there (even though I live here), and I've always been very impressed with Tony & Laurie! And when I had too many divers one day of the Singles Trip this month, they contacted Jeff with HMS Minnow, a nice 6 pack that docks nearby. Everything went great, and the best part - everyone in the group told me I did a wonderful job selecting great operators!

    It helps if you download their release form off of their web site, make copies and have everyone complete them the night before, as they do like to get out early - before the others. :526:
  8. JRScuba

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  9. KeyLargoBrent

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    You know them. You like them. They can make arrangements for a second boat to dive the same (or different) sites. If you have experienced divers and novices in your group, the experienced divers might elect to make deeper dives, such as the Bibb, Duane, and Spiegel Grove, while the novices are diving shallow. Enjoy!
  10. Keysdrifter454

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    Excellent service, but a maximum of 14 divers.

    They do have more than one boat, though...

    These guys run (usually) a wreck trip and reef trip simultaneously.

    With a little planning, your second dive could be on the same site.
  11. stu_in_fl

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    also, I guess it depends on if you all are going out together (and want a single operator) or if you have some people who want deeper wrecks and some who want reefs. so you can mix and match.
    I've been out on wrecks & reef trips with Scuba-Do, BlueWater Divers, IslandVentures - all very good operators on slightly smaller boats (all around mile marker 100-ish); and a bit further North (mm90) Tavinier Dive Ctr (did some wrecks with them); also Amy Slates and the one at inside the Pennekamp park have bigger Pontoon boats where (sometimes) people are packed on - I've done reef trips with them - they are also very good. far havn't found a bad operator down there ! Hope you have fun !

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