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Discussion in 'New Divers and Those Considering Diving' started by TinmanJones, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. TinmanJones

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    Hello all.
    I've been a member here for a couple of months and am usually just lurking in and around the forums, reading and taking it all in, most everyday, all day. It is becoming an addiction, quickly. (or so my wife tells me)

    At the moment, I am in my 5th week of PADI dive certification class and actually blew my first bubbles last Wednesday. You talk about exciting!

    As I was sitting here lurking this afternoon, I was wondering how many people (as in population) were in other dive classes. As in, what is/was the population of your class?

    There are 11 students in my class. Ages ranging from 12ish-50ish.

    Just curious about other classes.

    Its good to be a part of the SB community. I hope to learn a lot more from these forums and to be able to post about my upcoming dives.

    Thanks to the powers-that-be who keep this site alive for us.
  2. DivemasterDennis

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    I did a private class, long ago, and my wife did the same. At the LDS where I work, we keep class sizes to 6 or less. We have a lot of instructors looking for classes, so we can do it. On open water weekends, we can have as many as 25 or more divers. Open water students are never more than 8 to an instructor plus a DM assisting each instructor. 6 per group is more common. Regardless of size of class, competent instructors is the key. Something is working, because the tone of your post is appropriately upbeat and conveys the excitement that should be the case with all new divers. Have a great time finishing your certification!
  3. TinmanJones

    TinmanJones Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: Arkansas
  4. Indian Valley Scuba

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    Hello there Tinman, and welcome to the wonderful world of scuba diving! I read your post and it made me wonder. I run a PADI dive center (Indian Valley Scuba) and we embrace the PADI 'Dive Today' philosophy, where our classes are on scuba the very first session. Our entire program is completed in four class/pool sessions, with one additional academic session prior to checkout dives. You mentioned you are in your 5th week of class, so may I ask, what have you been doing for the previous four sessions in your classes there?
  5. TinmanJones

    TinmanJones Angel Fish

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    Hello Valaika.
    Our class is through our LDS.
    Because our DM (shop owner) works a regular "day job", we have to do our classes only one day a week.
    We do our "classroom" work on a Tuesday evening (usually lasts about an hour and a half). Then, the following Wednesday, we will go to the pool (usually last about an hour and a half as well). We alternate our classroom and pool sessions weekly. So our classes are spread out over about 8 weeks. So, in reality, we've had three classroom sessions and only two pool sessions. This Wednesday, will be our 3rd pool session.

    I've read here on SB about some classes only lasting a couple of days. I just cant see how all this stuff is taught within just a couple of days.
    Just to read through the PADI book and answer the tests within the chapters would take me longer than two days. LOL

    Thanks for the reply Valaika. Maybe my post answered your question! LOL
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  6. RMAdventure

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    I just went through the classroom and pool sessions last weekend. We had five in the classroom session. We were joined by 10 year old who was doing the SEAL team and did the classroom portion on-line with his parents. So that brought the pool total up to six. I'm not sure how many will be at the open water weekend, probably more from the other classes.
  7. lonebrave

    lonebrave DIR Practitioner

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    My class was 4 students, four nights for classroom and pool work (both each night), and two days diving (shore dives for OW 1&2, 3&4 were off the LDS's boat). If I had to do it again, I think I'd vote for a private (or 2 person, if I knew someone else wanting to get certified) course (and with a different shop than I learned with).
  8. ScubaSteve1962

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    My padi class had 6 people and was done in a weekend at my local LDS. One thing he did stress was not to wait until the day before the class to start on your book, and to call if you had any questions. The classes were a 4 hr evening class and pool session, and 2/8 hr class and pool sessions. good luck with your dives.
  9. Poi

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    I had four people on my course. 4 Days, 3 theory sessions, one long pool session (full afternoon) and the 4 dives.

    My girlfriend didn't pay for a private course but got either and instructor & divemaster or instructor and trainee instructor to herself for the whoel course over the same schedule.
  10. TinmanJones

    TinmanJones Angel Fish

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    Thanks guys and girls.
    It interesting to see the different ways the classes are taught and broken up.
    I like the slow pace our class goes at, as far as having just one class a week and alternating pool and classroom. It gives me/us plenty of time to read through the book sections without being rushed.
    Our instructor (LDS owner) will take the time to do any one on one instruction needed throughout the week.
    Its nice to be able to swing by the dive shop and either purchase gear, talk diving, talk classroom stuff, or get one on one pool work.

    Along with our instructor, we also have two DM's who participate in our pool time. We're able to break into groups of 2 or 3 and get some one on one time during our regular pool days.
  11. Scuba_Noob

    Scuba_Noob Manta Ray

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    My OW class was originally five people, but three people dropped out throughout (two because of not being able to equalize properly, another because the visibility for our first OW dive was pretty murky). There were two people in my AOW class and three people in my Rescue class.

    I like smaller classes much better (though I have no reference) because of more personal time with the instructor to fix problems/habits. Also, 11 other classmates would be a little excessive if there was not either another instructor or a couple of divemasters. I always heard that 5-6 students per instructor and divemaster was an ideal maximum.
  12. Quero

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    When I learned to dive, it was just me and my dive buddy--my daughter. Since then, the only group classes I've ever had were a couple of tech courses and my Instructor course. It just sort of happened that way--I didn't go out looking for private instruction. However, I became convinced that one-on-one classes or classes with only my dive buddy (Rescue, for example), are much more productive in terms of coaching the student to hone skills. Since becoming an instructor, I have sometimes had groups of three students, but that is my absolute limit. If I have more than three, I get another instructor to team teach with me.
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  13. dimac

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    my PADI OW instructor maxes his students to 4, my NAUI MSD instructor keeps his class between 4-6 students. Both course directors, dunno if that matters.
  14. Sabanist

    Sabanist Nassau Grouper

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    I inly had myself and my wife in my ow padi class at a lds. We did the online training and then 2 days of pool training and a weekend of ow dives.

    My sdi advanced had 4 students. We did virtually no classroom instruction, 1 pool dive, and 4 boat dives. It was a groupon. I do not think the instruction was adequate to have any sort of certification. I dont blame groupon or
    Sdi, i blame the dive shop.
  15. Davemohio

    Davemohio Divemaster

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    I "think" my open water class had 10 or so. Been a while.

    AOW had me and one other. Rescue had 5 total. Nitrox 3 total.

    In some of the specialty classes I was the only student.
  16. Dr Dog

    Dr Dog DIR Practitioner

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    We had 8 in class and 10 in the pool. During my check out dives in Open Water it was just my wife and I
  17. UnderwaterMedic

    UnderwaterMedic Angel Fish

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    I got really lucky. There was only me and one other person who dropped out after the first pool session due to not being able to equalize. My instructor was the shop owner, then in between the Confined water and the OW, I went back a lot to stay fresh and get additional practice. I got paired up with AI and some DM for the additional skill practice and tagged along on a few of the other classes which usually maxed out at 4 divers or so.
  18. Phil_C

    Phil_C Moderator Staff Member

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    I was lucky - I was one to one for all the class room lessons and the confined water lessons - on the open water lessons and checkouts most were one to one but there were a max of six people including the instructor on some, although I was the only student - the others were dive centre staff and experienced divers who came along for a dive. - P
  19. Jim Lapenta

    Jim Lapenta Tech Diver

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    My OW class was two. Checkouts were myself and the instructor after the other student canceled due to some dumb crap about being in a wedding. I told her don't bother as it likely would not last any way and she could go to her friends second one. My AOW was three. Rescue I think 4 as I look back, DM one, and Instructor two but a third came from another part of the state for the exams. I will not take more than 4 for OW and two for AOW. I might do three but the diver really has to prove they are on top of their game to be accepted.

    I also like the sound of your class set up. Mine is similar with 2 sessions per week for 6-8 weeks. One classroom and one pool. Gives students time to absorb the material and not feel rushed. Being an SEI instructor by standards we have more that we put in our OW classes that necessitates the longer time. We are actually discouraged from doing classes where stuff is crammed in. Last update we were told to try and convince those looking for shorter classes to try our system or suggest they go elsewhere.
  20. oreocookie

    oreocookie Scuba Instructor

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    My OW class had 4 students for classroom/pool sessions all between the ages of 20-25, it was one session a week for 6 weeks. Checkouts had somewhere around 15, but 3 didn't complete for various reasons. AOW had 4. Rescue had 8 with 2 instructors (one of whom was apparently more well liked than the other, based on how the class divided during pool sessions). The only class I've had one on one was Nitrox, online then one-on-one with the instructor to analyze tanks.

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