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  1. Royko

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    as a part of my DM course, I am supposed to make an emergency plan. can some one please advice, what information should i include in it.
  2. Don Wray

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    Name and addresses of the nearest emergency services, name and address of nearest medical services, quickest route, radio frequencies, plan of action, etc. If practical, medical info and dive profile on patient but that's post occurence. Refer to Rescue book and it will outline it for you.
  3. Fort Collins Bob

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    I ask that at a minimum they provide me with:

    1) All needed emergency phone numbers for the site your diving at.

    a) DAN
    b) Emergency number i.e. 911
    c) Nearest hospital and phone #
    d) Nearest chamber and phone #

    2) How would you get the person out of the water and to evac area.
    3) Medical information and contact information for all divers.
    4) 1st aid kit info and how much o2 you have on hand.. how long would it last.

    This would be just a start.
  4. roturner

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    Depending on where you live this might include looking into the locatoin of the nearest medical services *where they will treat diving emergencies*. The closest hospital might not be the best one to go to. in some cases the closest hospital may only transfer the patient to another hospital and waste precious time. In some places it's crucial to inform the EMS that it's a "diving emergency" when you call, for this reason.

    The point is to look into these things. Don't just write stuff down. Make sure it's also correct. The process is as important as the result here.

    Also, with respect to the "quickest route" it's also important to know the 'most effective' means of evacuation. If the hospital is across the street you might able to transport the patient yourself. In other cases waiting for an ambulance will be faster than driving like and idiot to evacuate the patient. Maybe some locations are remote or inaccessible enough that you should request an airlift from the EMS. Think about it ahead of time. Thta's the point of the plan. Get the film running in your head about how you would need to manage different scenarios and then write it down.

    You might consider detailing a few different scenarios, such as "the incapacitated diver", "possible DCS/DCI", "physical non-diving related injuries", and a "missing diver" or something along these lines. You may need to take different actions depending on what happened..... once again the idea is to use your fantasy.

  5. Scottri

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    The location of the nearest land line if a cell phone doesn't work.
    Location of the O2 and First Aid kit
    Location of the emergency/rescue slate and or a notebook
    Nearest Hyperbaric facility
    Coast Gaurd Info
    EMS info
    Nearest area available for a Life Flight evac if possible
    DAN phone numbers
    Exact directions to get to where the dive site is.
    Medical information and names and emergency contact info for all of the divers in your party.
    A dive site map.
  6. rawls

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    Don't include your view of what the cause was or how it happened for legal purposes.
  7. markfm

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  9. RJP

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    Um, didn't you take - and pass - Rescue Diver in order to qualify for DM-in-training? If so didn't you need to do an emergency plan for that course? If so...

    1.) If you're taking PADI DM, you can use that emergency plan for your DM class, but more importantly...

    2.) You should already know what needs to be in an emergency plan!

    Does anyone else find the question as scary as I do?

    I wouldn't have the same reaction to "anyone have any tips on how to really do a great emergency plan" but the question "what info should I include in it" really tells me that the person asking the question hasn't met the prerequisites for the program.

    I'm not saying this to flame/troll here, but think about it. Is this any different than asking for the answers to the knowledge reviews or exams?

    CAPNVINNY Scuba Instructor

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    Exactly what I was thinking!!!
  11. Ron Brandt

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    I wish Scuba Board was around when I did my DM.... :)

  12. RJP

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    Maybe I could get some of you guys to do the swims for me?


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