Diving jobs in Hawaii???

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba Discussions' started by Uhaul, Jun 8, 2003.

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    Just finished up rebreather, deep tech, and mixed gas blending instructor certs. and looking for a job on Oahu, Hawaii. I used to live there and loved every minute of it!!! Currently safety diving in the Virgin Islands. If anyone knows anyone or somewhere to look I would greatly appreciate the help!!! Thanks:)
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    Glad to hear you're thinking of moving back. :)

    Anyway, as I'm sure you know, there are tons of dive operations here - but I have no idea how often they hire additional instructors or staff.

    Given your stated instructor certifications, I would suggest that one of the first places you try is Hawaii Sea Adventures. I know that they offer tech, mixed gas, etc. classes and a few of their instructors are similarly certified. If they're not actively looking to hire, they may have a lead for you.
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    I've been on Maui for several weeks. On my first day here I was in the Maui Dive Shop in Kihei (big outfit) and a guy was asking for a job as a divemaster. Two days later he was working in the store and two weeks later he was working on dive boats. He is now getting certified as an instructor. Now I have no idea what he's making or going to be making but he's working.

    I suspect there is a large turnover on the islands. The stats show that 90% of people who move here return to the mainland within 5 years.

    I also know of an instructor who moved here on Maui 5 years ago. His goal was to make a living in scuba or he would return home to Oregon. He is still here.

    Another consideration is diving in Hawaii is mostly maui or hawaii. Oahu isn't known as a top destination as other islands are. But then again there are divers everywhere, even in Oregon where I live.

    Best of luck.

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