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Dräger Dolphin Semi-Closed Rebreather for Sale

Discussion in 'Old Unclassified Classified Ads' started by n5zl, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. n5zl

    n5zl Angel Fish

    Hay Gang, Check out my rebreather on sale up on eBay (Item number: 7193334560) at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7193334560&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

    It was bought in 2000 new and used mostly in fresh water. Barely used, it looks and feels new. The stock BCD has only been used 3 times before I made a backplate to be able to use my Tech style BC (OMS) with this unit. This rebreather unit includes a weight-integrated Dräger Dolphin BCD, inhalation and exhalation bags, inhalation and exhalation hoses and mouth piece, dosage devise with all of the available orifices, first stage pressure reducer, Nitrox compatible Dräger gauge, a white shell casing, flow meters, Dräger aluminum tank (cleaned for O2 service), standard granule canister and half-fill adapter and some real cool extras like a gas management switch block for extending your bottom time up to 6 times as long, 90 degree elbows on breathing loop, and a “cool stealth” bubble diffuser along with a SST back plate that will allow this rebreather to be used with any tech style BCD like OMS, Dive Rite, etc. The stock Dräger BCD was made by Zeagle systems and is designed to be highly adjustable and will comfortably fit almost everyone except very large people. See parts list and pictures below for complete listing of parts included in this auction.

    The Dräger Dolphin is the world’s most convenient rebreather! It's compact, lightweight, and easy to maintain. This rebreather is in excellent condition. I have spent a lot of time and engineering work to put this unit together as you see here. Please feel free to email with any questions you may have.

    Reason for this sale; I’m moving to an area where I am not going to be able to dive in the next several years. If you have thoughts of or are planning on getting a rebreather, this is the one for you.

    I am also selling my Uwatec Aladin ZO2 & Oxy 2 computer for use with this Dräger Rebreather (listed under “my other auctions”.)

    Disclaimer: This is a dangerous piece of equipment if not used properly. Anyone purchasing this unit should be Dräger Dolphin rebreather certified or enrolled in a certification class. This unit should be checked out by a certified technician before use. High bidder is solely responsible for the use of his or her equipment. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, SELLER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE AFTER SALE IS COMPLETE.

    General Dräger Parts:

    Dräger Zeagle-style BCD harness and wing (35 lbs)
    Dräger SST back plate and 2 lock-pins (to use rebreather with any BCD)
    Complete Dräger repair/spare parts kit
    Kaytox Tube (O2 lube)
    Dräger complete repair/service manual
    Dräger Dolphin travel container

    Dräger Breathing-Loop Parts:

    Dräger burp valve stealth diffuser (to disperse exhaust bubbles)
    2 Green inhale side clamps and retainers
    Dräger Breathing-loop
    Dräger Breathing loop 90-Deg adapters (x2)
    Dräger Breathing-loop hose protectors (x2)
    Dräger counter-lung
    Dräger exhaust-bag
    Dräger port plug (for use when not using Oxy-gauge PPO2 computer)
    Dräger Dolphin scrubber canister
    Dräger Dolphin half-fill adapter for scrubber canister
    Dräger bail-out pony tank straps (x2)
    Dräger hose tie-downs (x2)
    A-33 cleaner for disinfecting breathing loop

    Dräger 1st- Stage and HP Parts:

    Dräger 1st stage with “Scott’s gas management switch-block system”
    Dräger Nitrox SPG with clip
    Dräger Dose Device 100%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 32% orifices
    Red water resistant orifice plug for cleaning Dose Device
    Dräger laminated Dose Device chart (to set PPO2 for dive) and Software
    Oxycheck part list sheet
    Dräger 4 liter blue tank
    Dräger reverse-DIN tank fill adapter
    Dräger Dolphin test flow meters (x2)
    Red cleaning Plug for Dräger 1st stage
    Black cleaning Plug for Dräger 1st stage
    Red plug set for cleaning dose device
    Reverse-DIN to DIN Adapter (so you can use any DIN tank on Dolphin)
    Dräger 1st stage adapter fitting

    PPO2 Computers and Parts:

    Dräger Oxy-gauge PPO2 computer monitor with clip
    Dräger Oxy-gauge PPO2 hack-sheet (to reset max/min PPO2 alarm settings)
    Dräger Oxy-gauge manual
  2. n5zl

    n5zl Angel Fish

    Hay Gang, Check out my Uwatec Aladin ZO2 & Oxy 2 Dive Computer system for Dolphin RBs on sale up on eBay (Item number: 7196854980) at http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7196854980&rd=1&sspagename=STRK:MESE:IT&rd=1

    This computer has been used mostly in fresh water. It is useable both for open circuit (OC) and semi-closed circuit (SCR) SCUBA diving. It comes with the Tank Transponder for OC mode, OXY2 PPO2 monitor for SCR mode, Aladin ZO2 Wrist Unit, a breathing loop extender for use with the Dräger Dolphin to extend the exhalation side of your breathing loop, port plugs for sealing the OXY2 unit for cleaning in water, and a Pelican carrying case, a Memo Mouse for downloading all dive data to a PC and manuals. Every item is in perfect working condition.
    See parts list and pictures below for complete listing of parts included in this auction.

    The Memo Mouse has the ability to track dive data such as air consumption rate, temperature, depth, deco schedule, etc. It provides a graphic view of dive profile with all data available for logging and printing your dives. This includes software and instructions. Computer connection cable is included as pictured, it is a 9 pin serial connection. I have used it with a serial connection on a home computer and also with a USB adapter in a laptop.

    Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have at s.mccreight@umiami.edu.

    Reason for this sale, I’m moving to an area where I am not going to be able to dive in the next several years. If you have or are getting a SCUBA rebreather, this is the dive computer for you!

    I am also selling my Dräger Dolphin DIN to Reverse-DIN adapter to allow Dolphin RB divers to use any DIN tank with their Dolphin (listed under “my other auctions”)

    Also, Thanks for all the bids on my Dolphin. Its going to a new home very soon!


    PPO2 Computer and Parts: ($2,680 Value)

    Uwatec Aladin ZO2 Wrist Computer
    Uwatec OXY2 w/ new O2 sensors
    Uwatec Tank Transponder
    Uwatec Memo-Mouse w/ downloadable Software (to capture and download to PC)
    Black Water Resistant Plugs for cleaning OXY2 Unit (x2)
    Dräger Breathing loop exhalation extender (to extend hose length)
    Uwatec OXY2 and Aladin Manuals
    Grey Pelican travel case for storing computer and parts in

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