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great white shark dive

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Gator Diver, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Gator Diver

    Gator Diver Solo Diver

    I am planning a great white shark dive in AU.
    I looking for help from people who have done
    this specific dive/trip. Planning hints,
    suggestions, good/bad tour operators, and
    anything else. I have not decided if I want
    to do a live aboard or a day trip, so those
    of you that have done either/both, please
    comment. Thanks so much.
  2. caymaniac

    caymaniac Orca

    # of Dives:
    Location: West - Michigan
    I've been to Australia and Africa. South Africa is a much more popular spot to do White Shark dives. Cape Town is where you would go......try the Africa forum.

    Dive Safe,
  3. Aquatic Eagle

    Aquatic Eagle Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Greenville, SC
    I've never been there but the best place to go shark diving is in South Australia with Rodney Fox. Rodney Fox is a leading shark expert, one of the best. He knows Great Whites better than anyone else. That started when he was attacked and barely survived in the 60's. Get on his boat if you want a good shark dive with Great Whites. Don't pass up the chance, I'm sure you'll love it. I can't wait for my opportunity to dive with them. Just look up Rodney Fox on a search engine 'cause I'm not sure of the address. Enjoy! :)
  4. ltlmi

    ltlmi Angel Fish

    we had an excellent shark dive on the Coral Sea itinerary on Mike Ball's Spoilsport live-aboard. Most of the divers had done shark dives elsewhere and thought this one was wonderful.
    It was my first (and last) and i found it terrifying. so i guess that means it was wonderful

  5. underwater

    underwater Dive Charter

    Hi all shark diving fanatics,

    Please read the shark cage experience story (with photos) from a trip with Rodney Fox on underwater.com.au

    The direct link to the story is here

    Hope that helps a bit.

    See you all underwater ....

  6. Gator Diver

    Gator Diver Solo Diver

    Itlmi--how long was your liveaboard trip? How many
    people were on the trip? How were your dives
  7. Bill Fisher

    Bill Fisher Barracuda

    Hello fellow shark fan!

    Since you live in Florida you may want to consider going to Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico.
    You leave out of San Diego.
    I've been there with Golden Gate Expeditions and had one heck of a time.
    11 Great Whites in 3 days of diving!
    I would definately reccommend going there.
    It's a little closer than Austrailia.
    If you want more info...let me know.
    Or check out the link below.


    Bill Fisher
  8. sealkie

    sealkie Instructor, Scuba

    I agree with the suggestion for going to Guadalupe - I have spoke to people who have done great white dives in South Africa and OZ and all have reported that the trips are hit and miss as far as sightings go and the visability for photography is less that great

    I have consistantly heard good reports from Guadalupe and I myself had an amazing 5 days with San Diego Shark Diving

  9. Gator Diver

    Gator Diver Solo Diver

    Bill Fisher--that is good to know. When did you go
    on your trip? How was it organized in terms of the
    dives? How many divers were on the trip? What
    would you suggest is the best time of the year
    to go on such a trip?

    Sealkie--similiar questions for you.

    Also if you could comment on what you liked
    or didn't like in particular in terms of the company
    that you went with.
  10. UWPhoto

    UWPhoto Solo Diver

    I did the Guadalupe great white trip with San Diego Shark diving Sept 15-21 in 2002. We had sharks all 4 days size 10-16ft. The operation was good they did a nice job rotating everyone in and out of the cage. The trip had 16 people on it with two 4 man cages (ine the water for an hour out for an hour). Vis averaged about 80ft. Good thing about this trip is the cost while expensive 2,200-2,500 to see great whites compared to 4,000-8,000 with travel other places. Also the trip takes less than a week

    As for South Africa I hear there is a lot of whites but the vis is poor

    Australia is the luck of the draw...A few weeks ago I was in Rurutu eating at a table with several prof Photo and one said the majority of the trips he had been on were busts. The other said all his trips had been amazing. One good thing is that the sharks are often big!

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