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  1. startag

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    One of the guys i dive with with is looking for a BC and he found a great deal on a dacor xtremelle and he asked me what i think of him getting it. Now im not a very experienced diver and I've never seen a guy use a BC that was designed for a female. But I do take part in several other sports and I've seen guys using female designed stuff all the time for various reasons (usually colour, or price) so I wasn't sure what to tell him. Would it be a problem for him to get the BC cuz he would otherwise not be allowed to pick up a BC as good as that with his restricted budget? He's really not concerned with the looks or name or any of that stuff... he just wants to dive and get the most bang out of his buck.
  2. klolson26

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    I actually talked to Joe at ScubaToys about this BC last week. He said a lot of guys are buying it despite the fact it's labeled for a woman. So no big deal. It's not girly at all (no pink purple swirls). It's got some "snakeskin" looking like fabric on it.

    Originally over $500, so great bang for the buck. I was thinking about purchasing as well, but I think I'm sold on the luna!
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    I can understand doing it for price, but what "female" colors would be desirable? :fairy:
  4. IslandHopper

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    Who cares ? ... if it fits and it's comfortable, what's the problem ? ... Is he THAT insecure that he's worried someone will poke fun at him for wearing a girlie BC???
  5. d33ps1x

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    I don't know if there is any need to worry.

    I wear a Halcyon Explorer 55 lb wing with a stainless steel backplate and I know tons of girls who wear the same thing. It doesn't bother me or make me feel like less of a man knowing it is also considered a girls BC. :D
  6. Al Mialkovsky

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    If a guy wants to cross dress who am I do complain? ;)
  7. DiveTyme

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    I saw an instructor wearing a pink BC with pink tank and a pink knife. I asked him why. He said it was the only thing of hers he got in the divorce and he was using it!
  8. MgicTwnger

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    I'd use it if it worked for me, but than again I have pink tanks...... :eyebrow:
  9. evad

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    Has he tried one on? 'Cause at the end of the day, its still a big, fat, clunky thing. If you like that sort of thing, it seems like a good deal.
  10. Ber Rabbit

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    LOL! Couldn't resist that one, he wears a lot of pink and he's so good natured about the flak he gets :D

    The way I see it, if the equipment fits wear it! If your friend is sure that's what he wants, go for it. Remember though that it's less expensive to wait a little longer and save some extra money to get exactly what you want than to have to sell something you hate (usually at a loss) and buy what you should have gotten in the first place.
    Just my .02
    Ber :lilbunny:
  11. rjchandler

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    I think they have a special hormone injector in the inflator. He will prolly grow breasts or somethin weird

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