Half Naked Women in a Dive Magazine?

Discussion in 'Women's Perspectives' started by zmcdowe, Feb 18, 2003.

Should Women in Bikinis be in Scuba Diving Magazines

  1. Hell Yes!

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  2. Yeah, Sure

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  3. Don't Care

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  4. Its a Little Much

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  5. Hell No!

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  1. zmcdowe

    zmcdowe Guest


    I've heard a lot of controversey over women in the new scuba publication, DIVERS Magazine. I really don't see the problem with it, since there's about thirty times less women in it than even Reader's Digest, but I want to know what other people think about it, since there's been so much hubub.

    So lets rephrase....

    Should pictures of women in bikinis be in Scuba Diving magazines?

    (check out the link for the magazine if you haven't seen it yet)
  2. Pez de Diablo

    Pez de Diablo Scuba Instructor

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    I wouldn't buy the magazine for the diving and there are better magazines for pictures of girls.

    The magazine seems to sensationalize diving and that cannot be good.
  3. cudachaser

    cudachaser Scuba Instructor

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    SPEEDSTER Barracuda

    I think its hilarious that 14 people have voted on the poll, only 4 have posted (including the orig and myself) and the 'hell yes's' are way in the lead.

  5. MechDiver

    MechDiver Divemaster

    Who cares. Either read it or not.
  6. o2 clean

    o2 clean Barracuda

    I don't see what the big deal is about women in bikini's, but if some may be offended and sales will drop because of it, well..... then don't.

    But at the same time women buy the magazine so toss in some men in nice shorts.... but please no speedos! :wacko:
  7. Big-t-2538

    Big-t-2538 Divemaster

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    you mean to tell me you would turn down the opporunity to see the one and only O-ring in a speedo???

    P.S. How'd the weekend date turn out???
  8. PnL

    PnL Barracuda

    I buy diving magazinse to read about diving - there are plenty of other magazines that showcase scantily clad women that you could buy too see them. But if they do I wonÂ’t care as long as they cover what the magazine is about.

    Two cents.
  9. Cherry

    Cherry Barracuda

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    I looked through the current issue and other than the "Local girl" feature I didnt see anything untoward. Now in the interest of Fair play I think they should also include a "Local Boy" feature. The Calgary Herald does that quite successfully with their sunshine girl/boy series. Hell Ive never been adverse to bare skin :) The "Skin" diving part was quite a draw for me heheh

  10. chickdiver

    chickdiver Scuba Instructor

    OK, I feel compelled to comment here. I have a couple of problems with this "rag" (I hesitate to call it a magazine). I actually bought the 1st issue of it, mostly because it had such an outrageous picture ont he cover that I thought it might be entertaining, but also because I have spent some time on Saipan and was interested in the article on diving there.

    So, 1st of all, the bottom bit of text on the cover is "The Real World of Diving" puh-leeeeze. The articles were pretty much a joke. They had some great subject matter, but almost everything in the magazine fell short of what it should have been.

    2nd of all, on page 13 is a picture of a divemaster working on a boat. The caption reads "Divemaster Liza Greenberg knows the ropes" The picture has zero visual interest, and, unless you read the caption, you would not know that it had anything to do with siving as it is a suggestive rear -view of a woman in a bikini. Not particularly offensive, but borderline. These types of shots appear with frequency throughout the magazine, it appears that they used them wherever they lacked printable material.

    3rdly- the "Local Girls" section. They ask women (theoretically divers) to submit photos and bio's on themselves for inclusion. The Local Girl pctured in this issue is pictured topless in every photgraph. I find it intresting that while most of the magazine is devoted to testosterone ridden posturing with regard to technical diving, this section is complete fluff. Or should I say T&A? If they really wanted to give themselves credibilty, they should pick a woman diver and do a layout that actually has something to do with diving. I am not opoosed to the concept, but the delivery is crass and offensive.

    In my (humble) opinion, this looks like a third rate diving magazine trying to make up the slack and sell issues by playing the T&A card. Frankly, I consider that an insult to all divers, male and female.
  11. o2 clean

    o2 clean Barracuda

    I did see him in a speedo, hense why I NEVER want to see another man in them! :wacko:

    Our date was priceless!
  12. WreckWriter

    WreckWriter Scuba Instructor

    I think this is a great idea. I know several Ladies whose accomplishments would make for great reading. I agree, show us the "real world of diving".

    I have no problem with T & A or with "glamor shots" but its a piss poor way to sell a bad magazine. I was lucky, I was given issue #1 by a friend who had gotten a bunch of copies from the publisher to give to tech divers and local tech shops.

    All in all I wasn't very impressed with the mag. I'll stick with Advanced Diver, the rest, including this one, are pretty much trash.

  13. cat

    cat Barracuda

    No it wasn't - you bought him in an auction... Unless you're talking about value received when you say "priceless" ;)
    As for "never want to see another man in a Speedo after seeing O-ring in one" LOL! Beautifully ambiguous!

    But she's right - most men should NOT appear in public in a Speedo (whether O-ring is an exception I do not know).

    As for the female T&A under discussion - I have no objections to pictures of women in bikinis (why not? I dive in a bikini - under two 7mm layers of wetsuit... - just don't expect me to pay attention to them unless I'm shopping for a new suit myself:rolleyes: ) but from what I gather from those of you who read the print version and from what I could read/see online, the whole mag is fluff, a waste of time/money and possibly an insult to divers. As Pez sez - there's probably better sources for T&A pictures of girls in bikinis (like the Sun newspapers in Canada - not the Herald, Cherry! - how are these guys supposed to find it online of you get the name wrong?). The "Local Girl" photo in the online version doesn't even look all that flattering to the poor model (red is not a good colour choice for her hair and skin tone) - bikini T&A fans would be far better sticking to the SI swimsuit issue, IMHO.
    Not being catty here just being... cat. (Who finds that this board and links from it to various websites has provided far more information and pictures... of fish than any diving magazine) :kitty:
  14. scuberd

    scuberd Scuba Instructor

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    Location: Honolulu, HI
    I'm pretty much indifferent about "T&A" in magazines, but as I was looking through the website I'd have to agree that it doesn't seem like a good publication and I don't think I'll be spending my few, hard-earned, dollars on it
  15. O-ring

    O-ring Orca

    IMHO, no man should EVER wear a Speedo unless he is in a sport where the wearing of one is a necessity...and then it should be hastily hidden under a towel or removed as soon as said sport has reached its culmination. Wearing a banana hammock is just plain wrong...
  16. ScoobieDooo

    ScoobieDooo Manta Ray

    I have to agree with you. I received a FREE copy with a mail order and when I looked at the cover and the high quality photo-grade paper I said "Ahh, finally, a REAL magazine dedicated to technical diving." Upon opening it, I can't say I was that impressed with its articles and photo content. While I love all kinds of stories and dive photo' seeing pics of a couple of divers sporting full face masks wasn't my idea of 'technical diving.' Secondly, I said to my wife "Gee, if I wanted to see girls in bathing suits, I'd buy Playboy" No don't get me wrong, I'm 100% male and love it - but do we really have to result to exploitation to sell a mag?

    I expected articles on deco diving, maybe the Doria or something. OK, the articles on lost B-52's and such are great - but I felt it just lacked a real journalistic quality.

    Disappointed again...
  17. Groundhog246

    Groundhog246 Loggerhead Turtle

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    I don't know the magazine in question and didn't spend a lot of time on the website, but I didn't see anything offensive while I was there.
    I don't mind pictures of women in bikinis, but it won't make me buy a magazine. This seems a recurring topic in more than diving publications. My favourite sailing mag got blasted by a bunch of women last year after a cover shot of a shapely young lady in a fairly small bikini, sitting on the foredeck.
    The comments all made it seem as if that was all they ever had on the cover. The next month the editor published a page with thumbnails of all the covers to date (40 odd), 3 (including the one in question) had ladies in swimsuits, 5 had men in swimsuits and the rest had scenery and sailboats, some with couples, some to distant to make out such details. One company even cited the controversy as a reason not to advertise in the magazine.
    From the amount of time I've spent on dive sites and on sail boats, young ladies (and older ones too) in bikinis are not all that rare, so why should we be surprised when they show up in magazine photos?
  18. FLL Diver

    FLL Diver Loggerhead Turtle

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    With much better looking girls at that. :D

    Though I've always been partial to a well fitting wetsuit. I like to have something left to the imagination.

    Marc :jester:
  19. Aquamaniac

    Aquamaniac Loggerhead Turtle

    A Little bit of "snipping", and your comments are pretty true!:D
  20. zmcdowe

    zmcdowe Guest

    Wow, it seems everyone is pretty "disappointed" in the magazine. I happen to really like it a lot! I am a technical diver as well as an everything-else diver. I think that for once, I get some stories that actually apply to how I travel... adventure/lifestyle diving.
    The magazine never proported to be a "technical" diving publication, and doesn't tout strictly technical diving articles. I'm just fed up with magazines (in general, but especially scuba ones) that I can't find the next section of the article I was reading because it seems like a choose your own adventure from the days of yesteryear due to the "please turn to page.... ect" three or four times in an article due to "advertising constraints"
    I opened up a copy of "immersed" this month and almost threw up - only 80 pages of magazine and almost EVERY ONE had an advertisement on it... and I PAY for this?

    At least DIVERS is putting decent stories out WITHOUT taking up too many advertisements. I happen to like the local girls too... and all the controversey.

    And as for the first issue... did anyone get the second one? Seems like a lot of people are quick to judge...

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