How do you keep your console/spg accessible and out of the way?

Discussion in 'New Divers and Those Considering Diving' started by DukeAMO, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. DukeAMO

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    Hey all,

    How do you keep your console/spg in a place where you can get to it easily, but it's still not dangling?

    I hate clipping it to the BC with a plastic clip on the SPG's hose, because the clip either falls off, or it's too hard to clip/unclip.

    I tried a yo-yo clip where it remains attached at my (left) hip, and I can pull it up to check it, and it retracts itself. This is easy and convenient, but it hangs down a few inches.

    Are there better ideas?
  2. chrpai

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    I follow the Hogarthian approach of clipping my SPG off at my left dring using a boltsnap. It was a little akward at first but now I have no problem clipping and unclipping. My depth gauge is my computer and I wear it on my wrist.

    I also don't look at my SPG every 30 seconds. I look at it only every so often based on depth and dive time as reported by my computer. I look at it to validate that I have the gas that I expect to have at that point.
  3. JamesK

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    All of those do-dads and retractors, and quick clips etc are junk IMO. They allow the console to hang low.

    Personally, I say ditch the console and wrist mount the compass and computer. Then use just the SPG on a short hose, around 24", and clip it with a bolt snap to a waist dring. If you are set on a console, try routing it under your arm and using a simple bolt snap attached towards the top of the console clip it to a chest dring. Use a short hose here as well. However, this is also where I am against a console. Without having a big bowed out long hose on it, it can be difficult to hold in front of you during navigation or when watching your depth during deco/safety stops. With wrist mount you simply hold your hands together out in front of you and you can monitor direction and depth easily without excess movements. This also allows your SPG to remain tucked and clipped at your waist neatly.
  4. krawlings

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    I tuck mine in between the cumber bun /buckle of my BCD and my waist /belly. That way it is tight against my body and secure and easy to find
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  5. Searcaigh

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    +1 use a boltsnap to attach my spg to the BCD
  6. drbill

    drbill The Lorax for the Kelp Forest

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    My SPG is clipped close to the lower left D-ring on my harness, but with a looped line and a quick-release clip. I've found retractors break and standard hose clips usually allow the hose to migrate through it, thus causing the SPG to dangle. One way to solve that problem is to attach a zip tie below the gauge so it catches on the clip.
  7. Islandheart

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    The clip and unclip plastic "thingie", is poor at best. They always seem to come loose and are a PItA even though many BCDs come with this attached.

    The metal clip and ring is also an option but again unclipping and re-clipping, is a hassle also, but it does stay in place on the D-ring.

    The yo-yo or "Retractor" you speck of, is the best option and they come in various strengths according to the application. Remember some SPGs / Consoles are bigger or heavier, so get the bigger/heavier yo-yo...

    If your current retractor hangs down slightly, just go to the stronger retractor and that should fix your problem.

    I use and have used these over many years and have never had one break, wear-out Yes, break No...

    I'm sure someone will pop in here and say, go to the "Hoseless Air Intergrated Computer" to get rid of the hose altogether.

    It's a $500+ solution to a $25 problem.
  8. mathauck0814

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    I think the biggest issue is that most recreational setups have a HP hose that's entirely too long. The 22" hose clipped off with a bolt snap to your left hip (or chest, if you're that type) d-ring is the perfect solution to keeping it neat.
  9. RJP

    RJP PADI Pro

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    SPG Bolt-snapped to d-ring on left hip. Only takes a few seconds to unsnap it, check pressure, re-attach it.
  10. Lead_carrier

    Lead_carrier Scuba Instructor

    I use a good quality, high strength retractor clipped across my chest. It hangs about 2 inches down from my body, at most. Is readily accessible and it has worked fine for me for years.
  11. 00wabbit

    00wabbit Manta Ray

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    I have an air2 so I don't have the regular octo hose on the right side. I mounted my console on the right side. It goes under my arm and connects to a retractor on my left chest. This way my console sits flat against my chest while swimming. I can then pull it out slightly to check air etc. On ascent I can easily hold the computer/console in my right hand while I have the deflator in the left hand.
  12. spectrum

    spectrum Dive Bum Wannabe ScubaBoard Supporter

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    6 inch bungee bolt snapped to left shoulder D ring. Works slick with 3 bay inline consoles.

    Get the 36 inch HP hose if you will be navigating with a console mounted compass.

  13. SnorkelLA

    SnorkelLA Surface Interval Member

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    Right now I'm on a wrist mounted non-AI computer, but I'm thinking I'm going to go for an Oceanic D1 soon or something comparable, then keep a regular HOG SPG as backup, and retractor, slate, or wrist mount a compass. It really is ALL ABOUT being streamlined, for all anyone else cares, you can wrap it under your shoulder strap 3 times (not recommended). It's YOURS, so just do whatever you need to do to keep it out of the way. It isn't an octo where it needs to be readily accessible- it only needs to be there
  14. JamesK

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    This seems like one of the best ideas yet for those wanting to keep a console. Bungee stretched to a dring will keep it nice and snug.
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  15. DukeAMO

    DukeAMO Barracuda

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    Location: North Carolina, United States
    This sounds like the easiest thing to try without buying more expensive equipment. I can't get a shorter hose, because I have my compass on the console. But I can try different ways of attaching it with a bungee.

    I do wish I had a wrist mounted compass instead of an SPG mounted one. Then I would only need the SPG for pressure readings, since I have a wrist mounted computer for depth readings.

    Someday I would like an air integrated computer, but not for a while. Maybe it will be my 100th dive present to myself. Then I could get rid of the console.

    In dive training magazine, there was a letter to the editor where someone said that routing the console hose across your body could cause a problem in a rescue situation. Anyone have any idea what that person was talking about? They didn't elaborate.
  16. James R

    James R PADI Pro

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    DukeAMO - which compass (or console) do you have?

    Many have OEM & aftermarket wrist mounts available. Example I have a Suunto and my gf has a Scubapro, both are mounted in DSS mounts with bungees, and neither are remotely expensive.

    Both the console and your SPG can be removed from that console. Doing so would allow you to use a shorter HP hose and attach to your BDC with a simple bolt snap while diving.
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  17. Earl Grey

    Earl Grey Divemaster

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    In a rescue situation where the BC needs to be removed, routing the console across the body creates one more item that needs to be un-clipped and removed in the process. If the console is clipped off on the same side, it likely does not need to be removed to get a victim out of their gear.
  18. koozemani

    koozemani Surface Interval Member

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    +1 bolt snap to left chest Dring. I can usually just glance down to check it.
  19. I use a quick-release clip. I have one end attached to my SPG and the other end cliped via a snap-hook to the D-ring on my right-side harness strap at about chest height. This lets the SPG rest right in middle upper-belly, making it easy to read at-a-glance, easy to find, and keeps the slack close to the body. I know some might take issue with having something clipped across the chest, but the quick release clip (not the snap-hook) is front-n-center and very accessible and easy to unclip with one pinch. I do not like retractors or having it on my side with the hose all loose and hanging out.
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  20. Dr. Lecter

    Dr. Lecter Great White

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    +1 for a similar approach here, with hose under left arm, across chest, and bolt snap to right chest Dring. Keeps it nice and snug against my body and looking down is all I need to do unless I want to use the compass; gas switching can be done without moving the Cobalt.

    If I'm diving a SPG it goes on the left hip Dring (and the Cobalt may wind up there too once I get the right length hose).

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