How to replace battery in UWATEC Aladin Sport Plus?

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    My dive computer turned out dead right before I'm going on a dive trip to South-East Asia.
    I need a battery replacement, but don't know how it's done. Can anybody help me?
    It's a UWATEC Aladin Sport Plus bought in 2002. Hope I can do this myself! :)
  2. Fishpie

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    If it's anything like the original Aladin there is a cap to unscrew on the side (use circlip pliers in the 2 holes) and battery is inside soldered to 2 wires.
  3. diversteve

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    I have one that failed also a couple years ago (ERR). You have to remove the back cover - carefully as there's a gasket - drain and save the oil, unsolder/resolder the battery then re-assemble. Probably not user-serviceable, most dealers would send them back to Scubapro/Uwatec for replacement.

    Brass Anchor services some models if you wanted to ship it over here: Dive Computer Battery
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