Is 3 hours crazy?

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  1. fishi

    fishi Barracuda

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    What is the longest ride you have taken in a car to go diving? And returned home the same day.
  2. jupitermermaid

    jupitermermaid Divemaster

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    I'm spoiled living in South Florida, so I don't travel too far for one day. However, I have a dive buddy from Jacksonville (about 4, 4 1/2 hours one way) who comes down here to dive for the day and goes home that evening. Others drive a couple hours one way and return home the same day. Guess it all depends on how good the dive is and if you don't mind the driving.
  3. DivingPrincessE

    DivingPrincessE Single Diver

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    3 hours is pretty common for me. I drive three hours just to dive in a quarry with better visibility (Lake Rawlings and Dutch Springs)
  4. Michael Schlink

    Michael Schlink Scuba Instructor

    3 hours to the coast, no problem. 8 hrs to cave country requires at least one night spent there. Now if it were 5 I might just make the run.............
  5. Hank658

    Hank658 Scuba Instructor

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    Location: Bronx, New York
    Two hours to Dutch Springs and back is almost routine. Going to try RI this spring. That's about 3 1/2 hrs. Don't yet know if the return trip wil be happening the same day..:D
  6. bobcatdiver

    bobcatdiver Angel Fish

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    Living in the Great state of Ohio and the part of the State I live in I drive 2 hours one way to dive a COLD DARK quarry with 10 ft viz. A 3 hour drive to some good diving I would be all over it.
  7. johnny_bravo

    johnny_bravo Divemaster

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    Yup I've made the over 3 hour ride to Key Largo and back before...gruelling but worth it.


  8. b1draper

    b1draper Barracuda

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    Location: Tallahassee, FL
    Well here in Tallahassee, I'm about 30 minutes to a sink hole. I'm about an hour and fifteen minutes to the coast. I'm 2 hours to St. George or Panama City and 3 hours to Destin and I've been to them all.

    The problem in our area is there's only a few charters. There's two in the St. Marks/St. George area. There's a couple in PC and Destin. So usually I'll drive the 2-3 hours pulling a boat. Then we'll take the boat out and get a couple dives and drive the 2-3 hours back.
  9. GrumpyOldGuy

    GrumpyOldGuy Great White

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    2 hours each way is normal for me to do a couple of Saturday dives in Mass or Maine. I think at 3 hours I would consider diving fewer weekends but staying overnight and get 4-5 dives in.
  10. Guba

    Guba Regular of the Pub

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    Location: North Central Texas
    Over half my dives are at the end of three hour drives. The longest driving day was 8 hours (from my home to Balmorhea, Texas), did three dives and then drove back--all within the same 24 hour period!

    I can get to Cozumel quicker.
  11. parrottheaddiver

    parrottheaddiver Surface Interval Member

    Can do the normal 2+ hours to Dutch and back. Any more and the wife starts to get a little edgy about being in the vehicle, especially if I'm driving.
  12. ClayJar

    ClayJar ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

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    My *shortest* seems to be 5 hours each way. It's not abnormal to do 6-, 8- or even 10-hour trips (each way) to get to diving, and I rarely stay overnight. Now, admittedly, if I get tired, I'll take a short refresher nap at a rest area, but that doesn't count, since it's short and it's still on the Interstate.
  13. robint

    robint Orca

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    Location: Albuquerque, NM
    normally our drive is only 2 hours, but we dive all day and sometimes drive back home, sometimes stay overnight.

    last summer we drove to LA, 12 hours each way, for just 2 days of diving. Yes, we stayed overnight on the boat. We will be doing the same thing again this summer most likely.
  14. Kingpatzer

    Kingpatzer Scuba Instructor

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    I regularly do a 5 hour drive for two tank dives in Superior, then drive 5 hours back. I don't relish the drive, but it's worth it to me simply because I can't really afford to do those dives frequently if I have to pay for hotel as well.

    Though lately I've taken to reserving a camp site at a state park and pitching a tent. That lets me get in more dives as well, and tent sites are pretty cheap at parks . . .
  15. String

    String Scuba Instructor

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    3hrs is very low if its for both legs of the trip.

    Usually here its 2hrs each way to the boats.

    Did 5hrs each way last month just to dive an inland site.

    The journey costs near 3x the cost of the dive factoring fuel.
  16. dave4868

    dave4868 Old diver ScubaBoard Supporter

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    Location: Vero Beach, FL, USA
    My typical drive is about 2 1/2 hours each way.

    For me, the dives have to be pretty special to drive more than 2 1/2 hours each way.

    For diving day-trips, my longest drives were about 3 1/2 hours each way. Did that a couple of times.

    As the logistical time, effort and expense increases, I find myself wanting to balance that with more time in the water, since I'm usually shore diving.

    That can make for a very long day, but it's almost always worth it.... :D

    Want to talk about crazy? Consider the people who not only drive a long way, but drag a boat with them.

    I remember quite a few trips leaving in the dark and returning in the dark....Those had to be some special dives to make that effort....

    Scallops.... :D

    Dave C

    DEEPLOU Manta Ray

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    Location: Long Island, NY (THE ISLAND)
    Lets see:
    When home in LI, its 2 1/2 hr to Dutch Springs in the morning, and 3 1/2 for the return trip. To Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay) its 1 1/2 hr in morning and close to 3 hr for return trip (love that NYC traffic). or to head east to Montauk Point, its about

    DEEPLOU Manta Ray

    # of Dives:
    Location: Long Island, NY (THE ISLAND)
    Lets see:
    When home in LI, its 2 1/2 hr to Dutch Springs in the morning, and 3 1/2 for the return trip. To Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay) its 1 1/2 hr in morning and close to 3 hr for return trip (love that NYC traffic). or to head east to Montauk Point, its about 1 1/2 hr in the wee hours of the morning or 3 hrs with Friday night traffic.

    When in Florida (Lake Worth) its just about 2 hrs to Key Largo or Tavernier in morning and abt 2 1/2 for the return trip in the afternoon.
  19. Teamcasa

    Teamcasa Sr. Moderator Staff Member ScubaBoard Supporter

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    How about 45 minute drive to the marina, 3 hour boat ride to Catalina (aboard a slow boat), 3 dives, 3 hour return to marina and drive 45 mins back home. This is pretty typical for many SoCal boat dives.
  20. chrispete

    chrispete Divemaster

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    Location: Seabrook, TX
    I used to drive about 3 hours each way every Wed & Sat to dive with the Swampers at Twin Lakes in Houston, now I live 20 mins from Lake Travis in Austin :)

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