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Discussion in 'Florida Diving' started by jviehe, May 7, 2004.

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    I dont feel like writing a whole trip report, so here some pics and a summary from last weekends trip.

    Weather sucked, so I only got in one good day of diving. Dove with Reefdivers on Cudjoe Key and did 2 dive on the Adolphus Busch and 2 dives on Looe Key. It was quite choppy on the way out and we were pretty much the only boat out there. VIz wasnt great on the first 2 dives, but was amazing on the 2nd wreck dive.

    I also tried to meet up with a scubaboard member for shore dive in FTL, but that didnt work, nor did my attempts at West Palm on the way back north. On the other hand I did some touristy stuff in Key West, and did some bar hopping too. It was a great trip even without all the diving.

    Heres the pics -
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    thanks for sharing... some nice pics there.

    i love the one of the pelican by the stern, but my favorite is the sunset with the
    lamp posts. beautiful!

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