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    ..the other day i walked into lds just to kill some time and walked out carrying two steel tanks and a new mask (one of those days...)

    when i've got home i looked up the mask on the manufacturer's page:

    "The moment the fish feels the hunter’s eyes fixes on him and escapes.
    The hunter hides his eyes to avoid this reaction in the fish. Ideal for open-water spearfishing on sigh"

    i am not a spearfisher, so sorry if the above description is 100% true. but it sounds to me equivalent to saying that hunters should wear mirrored sunglasses to keep deer from running away from them.

    (i still like the mask, but just when i bought it i thought the function of the tinted lenses is more along the lines of making the colors look better under water or.. err.. make diver look "cool" :-D

    ...not mentioning the fact that the lense is really mirrored, not just tinted so if i ever get panicky under water my fellow divers will have very tough time to find that out by looking into my eyes...
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    I'm sure it looks very cool but I don't think I'd like not being able to see my buddy's eyes.

  3. matt t.

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    I agree with roturner. Eye contact during a dive is important. I recently purchased an Omer "Abyss" freediving mask. These masks are offered with "mirror" lenses or clear. I chose the clear. Maybe your mask is also offered in clear.....


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