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Nuvair Nitrox Stick

Discussion in 'Classifieds: Other Gear and Multiple Items' started by goodusedstuff, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. goodusedstuff

    goodusedstuff Angel Fish

    # of Dives:
    Location: Midwest
    Nuvair Nitrox Stick
    Nuvair is the worldwide leader in innovative Nitrox solutions.
    The Nuvair Nitrox system uses modern membrane technology to produce O2 rich air (Nitrox) from standard air compressors. This membrane system can be incorporated into an existing compressor system for Low Pressure or High Pressure production of Nitrox, including 32%, 36%, or any other desired percentage up to 40% can be dialed in on the fly. A Nuvair system is economical, easy to operate, and highly reliable.
    The Nuvair Nitrox Membrane System uses a Semi-Permeable Membrane to produce oxygen-rich air (Nitrox). A portion of the nitrogen in air is separated out, producing a Nitrox mixture containing between 24 and 40% oxygen (O2). The input pressure to the Membrane System determines the %O2 produced. You can still produce normal air fills with your compressor by simply not pressurizing the membrane system thus allowing your compressor to draw in normal ambient air. If producing Nitrox then the Nitrox is delivered to a High Pressure (HP) Compressor to fill Scuba Cylinders or Storage Tanks or to a Low Pressure (LP) Compressor for delivery to surface-supply divers. The Membrane System requires a source of clean, pressurized air for separation. The two most common sources are HP Air Storage Tanks (HP Supply Option) or an LP Compressor (LP Supply Option). The air must be properly filtered to CGA Grade D or E air quality prior to entering the Membrane System so it will not damage or plug the Membrane fibers. Maximum allowable supply pressures are 5000 P.S.I. for HP Supply and 250 P.S.I. for LP Supply. An Input Pressure Regulator included in the setup reduces these pressures to acceptable levels for the Membrane. The air is then heated to a temperature that provides stability over a wide range of ambient conditions and is optimal for membrane permeation. The heated air then enters the Membrane, which is made up of thousands of miniature hollow fibers running axially through a cylindrical housing. The walls of these fibers are semi-permeable and designed for different gases to move through them (or permeate) at different speeds. The resulting gas mixture is known as the "permeate". As air flows through the hollow fibers, both oxygen and nitrogen permeate through the fiber walls. The oxygen permeates faster that the nitrogen, whcih procduces permeate with an oxygen content greater than air. The gas that reaches the end of the hollow fibers without permeating is almost entirely nitrogen and is discharged. The permeate is a concentrated mixture that will be diluted with additional air prior to delivery to your High Pressure Compressor. It exits the Membrane at ambient to slightly negative pressure and travels into the Mixing Tube, where it mixes homogeneously with filtered outside air. The amount of dilution, and this final %O2, is obtained by adjusting the Input Pressure Regulator. As pressure is increased, permeate flow increases, air flow decreases, and a higher %O2 Nitrox is produced. As pressure is decreased, permeate flow decreases, air flow increases, and a lower %O2 Nitrox is produced. This relationship between permeate flow and air flow exists because the total of these two flow rates will always equal the intake flow rate demanded by your High Pressure Compressor. The resulting Nitrox mixture is analyzed for %O2 before delivery to the Compressor and again at the point of Nitrox delivery.

    The production benefits are just as significant especially the safety of the staff responsible for producing enhanced breathing gases.

    Existing oxygen mixing and blending setups employ high oxygen concentrations that require oxygen clean (free of contamination) equipment. With the NuVair membrane denitrogenated air never exceeds 40% oxygen and does not require O2 cleaning. It eliminates the traditional procedures designed to reduce the risk of explosion and fire. Futhermore, concern such as additional insurance cost; hazard potential and voided warranties per equipment exposed to pure oxygen are eliminated.

    Much safer to operate by eliminating all the HAZARDS related to handling 100% OXYGEN. This complete "Turnkey" system is ready to produce Nitrox from 24 - 40% simply by adjusting the input pressure to get the desired O2%. The percentage of mix going into your compressor is readable real time on the LCD Oxygen analyzer that can be remotely mounted.

    Does not require O2 cleaning of tanks and/or equipment so its more economical for your customers. No practical need to have dedicated Oxygen clean Nitrox equipment as the filling procedure never involves O2 mixtures above 40% virtually eliminating the possibility of Oxygen induced explosion. High filling performance: as fast as the HP compressor. No need for consumables, with the membrane system there is no need for pure Oxygen cylinders, which need frequent refilling. In the U.S.A O2 tanks are often filled at anywhere from 2400 - 3000 PSI, but the last 500 PSI of the Oxygen tank is inaccessible without an expensive booster pump.
    Cost Effective.. High volume output means no waiting for fills. Easy maintenance (1 inexpensive filter changed each quarter) Operates on Grade E Air. No hidden cost.

    Mix accurate to one tenth of 1%.
    No need for time consuming and complicated blending calculations. Membranes do not have mecchanical wear or chemical deterioration, if correctly utilized membrane components have over 20 years life span. Produces from 24% to 40% Oxygen with continuous production.
    A conversion kit is available to allow the system to produce Trimix. The HP compressor part of the system can be used to fill air or Nitrox tanks with no adjustments.
    The system can be portable and moved around from boat to dive shop wherever Nitrox is required.

    This system is in excellent condition. It is being sold as is and no returns are accepted. Please ask any and all questions. Email sellingeverything2012@gmail.com

    Asking $4,500 or best offer.

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