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  1. stangguy327

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    Hey guys,

    This past weekend I did a series of 2 dives to 140' for 25 mins. I was on 25% back gass with 77% deco gas. I was using my profile from V Planner but also had my Aeis Elite T3 with me in normal dive mode. +2 for Vplanner and conservative turned off on the computer.

    The first dive I was out of deco with my planned profile and my computer around the same time. But on my second dive my comp put me into deco much further than V Planner and had me do an extra 8 mins at 10' on 77%. I did the extra hang, but was it really needed? I know V planner is a better program than my comp but i didnt think they would be that far off on the second dive when they were very close on the first.

    Just so you know, I did do my planned depth and time on both dives without issue. I was thinking that I should just turn the comp to gauge mode, but having a backup source keping track of my Ni and O2 loading makes me more comfortable. What do you think?
  2. decompression

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    I'm not familiar with the model (buhlman, rgbm, haldaean etc) that the aeris uses, a bit of googling might find out. I also use V planner with a back up, a suunto vytec. Its a good procedure to have comparable models if using redundancy, I've had a few dives where my cut profile had to be "modified", thank you ratio deco.
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    I do the same, and either use 2 Sunnto's; the Vytec DS and the D9....The Sunnto's give me two different deco's compared to the V-Planner [and 10-15psi difference between the two computers]...Or I'll use two Oceanics; Atom 2.0 and VT3 w/the V-planner....The Oceanics always give the exact same psi and deco profile, but they're different than V-Planner....They're closer to the V-Planner than the Sunnto's......I always follow the V-Planner as it's closest to the manual calc's I do w/all the formulas.....
  4. stangguy327

    stangguy327 Single Diver

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
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    Ok, that is what I was thinking, but if I follow the v planner my comp will go into violation mode and lock me out.
  5. BabyDuck

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    i don't know about your specific computer, but many rec computers will really penalize a second dive on the same day as a deco dive - like v planner might show 6 minutes for the repetitive dive, but the rec computer wants 20. so your options in that case are to use v planner, put the computer in gauge mode, keep it in computer mode but have the gas to make it happy, or get a deco-oriented computer.

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