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Sad News

Discussion in 'Rebreather Diving' started by milkathecow, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. milkathecow

    milkathecow Dive Shop


    I haven't posted on this board for a long time, but i have come here to announce the Death of a diver friend of mine here in switzerland.

    His name was Luca aka "Il Bombarolo", he dived with a Buddy Inspiration rebreather and maybe some of you had heard of him, or read some information about rebreathers over his website www.yeapa.com

    I just wanted to share the sad news with you as it has been posted over various boards.He died during a solo dive with a final profile of 60mn @17m Max Depth, and was found inanimated floating at the surface thursday 5th of March 2004.

    Goodbye luca and farewell i shall miss you as posted over the french boards.

  2. DivemasterSteve

    DivemasterSteve Instructor, Scuba

    its always a sad time when a friend has passed away. i hope and pray for the best for his family and friends.

  3. RICHinNC

    RICHinNC Solo Diver

    Sorry to hear about your loss. I will lift a heffe weissen in his memory.

    Seems like every time I hear about an Inspiration...it is in a msg like this.
  4. fins wake

    fins wake Barracuda

    No. Lots and lots of Inspirations are dived every day without incident. You could equally well argue it's another solo death. Or another technical diving death on a deep dive. Etc.

    I'm very sad to hear of Luca's death in any case. My thoughts are with his family and friends. :frown2:
  5. NetDoc

    NetDoc Chairman of the Board

    Sorry to hear about your friend... may he rest in peace.
  6. ScubaTexan

    ScubaTexan ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    Velocità di dio, Il Bombarolo. :broken_he
  7. Arnaud

    Arnaud Loggerhead Turtle

    This is very sad. I knew Luca from the French board. This is a real loss.
  8. BigJetDriver

    BigJetDriver Great White


    As in any diving incident or accident, we are already getting the "shoot from the lip" type comments, despite the fact that we have NO accurate information whatsoever, except that it occurred.

    What follows is my answer to another diver's premature comments on this sad incident. (My comments are those within the brackets.)

    Originally Posted by db8us----We have the same here, Inspiration Instructor-Trainers not using their boxes any more...

    INSERT: (I am not quite certain what we are meant to assume from this comment. Are we supposed to believe that these I-T's are now afraid to use their units? I am an Inspiration Instructor and an IANTD Instructor-Trainer, although not yet an I-T on the box. I LIKE MY TURTLE A LOT for various reasons!)

    In my opinion it is good if you can still do the bail-out, but with a breather you can go unconcious before you have the chance to bail out...But, I guess, we can not get all on the same page and it might also not be necessary.At the moment i feel it is hard to agree to the "ECCR is safe", because we just lost a diver on an Inspiration a few days ago in Europe. He was a really nice guy and he owned www.yeapa.com and had his own slogan DIR=Doing It Rebreather.

    INSERT: (So, let's see, we have virtually NO information on the circumstances of the dive and the accident. We know only that he was diving an ECCR, and your immediate conclusion is that ECCR's are unsafe? This sounds like a personal agenda to me.)

    I often discussed with him about my point of view, that if you do not need the machine, you go OC. Now he lost his life with a dive 17m and 60 minutes, which really pisses me off....

    INSERT: (He liked diving his RB, obviously, even on short dives. You, also obviously, don't. Now you are mad at him because he didn't do it your way????----Again, we have no reliable post-accident info!)

    If you blame the unit, everyone will say.... Noooooooooo

    INSERT: (I will certainly say NO, and so will Tom Mount, Joe Radomski, Mark Nix, Dave Thompson, Mike Fowler, and on and on....)

    If you blame the training, the agencies will say Noooooooooooooo

    INSERT: (Again, I will certainly say NO! At this stage in my life, with my background and training, I can certainly say what constitutes good training and what does not! I cannot say exactly what training Luca received, and how it was conducted. I do know, however, what the training is like through my agency, IANTD, and I can defend it in ANY forum, public or private!)

    So it comes down to the diver, because he can not defend himself any more and there IS NO MONEY TO LOOSE (sic) by that cause...

    INSERT: (At this point, I know of no one who is blaming Luca, directly or indirectly, except perhaps yourself, sir.)

    (Diving is an active sport, replete with its own risks and rewards. It is certainly safer than driving down the roads of either your country or mine.)

    (As Tom Mount has often said: "Once intelligently informed of the risks, any individual has the right to risk himself, or herself in any way he or she chooses.")

    (I earn my living flying extremely complex aircraft over vast distances on this globe. I teach ECCR diving the same way I approach flying. Do it by the checklist. Watch your gauges. Make safe procedure an automatic part of your diving practice. It only makes good common sense!)

    (I never met "Il Bombarolo", although I corresponded with him from time to time. I am sure he was a fine man and a good companion. Our sport will be the poorer without him!)

    BJD :anakinpod
  9. DepartureDiver

    DepartureDiver NASE Instructor

    it's always sad when something like this happens. has there been a determination of what happened?
  10. BigJetDriver

    BigJetDriver Great White

    Not yet. see above.


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