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    Hello all, as the rest of the people here i am from the uk - north east of england near hull - Scu/\/thorpe, i am only young and only been diving once but became very acquaitened to it.

    This post is for people to share their experiences in the waters of the UK and to give advice on these areas of interest

    For a close diving opportunity i would definately reccomend the south-west coast of ireland for a quick/different break. It is a lovely area of ireland and hosts many areas for different dives. is the site if anybody is remotely interested.

    The area holds many different dive sites within the bay, from lagoons, to mussel and salmon farming, to vast lengths of sea urchin beds and a small island just out to sea called sharky island. The atmosphere of the small place is magnificent, and it is most definately worth a look in in the future. You could spend many days here simply exploring the bay.

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