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World Record: Help Needed

Discussion in 'Basic Scuba Discussions' started by SeaJay, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. SeaJay

    SeaJay Loggerhead Turtle

    Okay, y'all... I'd like to share something with you guys. Five thousand brains are probably better than one, so I'd like to run this past you.

    NetDoc, Uncle Pug, and other people familiar with saturation diving, I'm especially interested in your input.

    I have plans to attempt to break a Guiness World Record. The record is actually termed as "Longest SCUBA submergence - controlled environment." I've had my eye on this one for a while, and I would like to work my way toward that goal. I don't know when I think I'll be prepared for it, but I believe that I could probably accomplish the goal by the end of the year.

    The current record is just under nine days. I do not know whether or not a hookah rig qualifies as "SCUBA," but I have a feeling that the answer is no. After all, "SCUBA" stands for "Self Contained..." right?

    Anyway, I envision doing one long, massive dive for ten days or more. I envision obtaining a pool or tank that would be large enough to be comfortable for ten days or more, and with a max depth of no less than five feet, and no more than ten feet. I envision quite a bit of topside diver support, either running the hookah rig (if allowed) or constantly supplying me with tanks. I envision often diving with triples, or rather, DIR-style doubles with a stage or two. This rig, at five feet or less, might allow me enough gas to get some sleep at night.

    I envision a full face mask for most of my operation, although I might switch to a standard mask and reg occassionally, to avoid the monotany.

    I envision the waters to be very warm, somewhere in the 85 to 90 degree range, in order to prevent any hypothermic situations. NetDoc, do you have a recommendation?

    I also envision a hypersaline environment, where the water is more than 35 ppt salt. This will likely help with H2O saturation, which normally wrinkles fingertips and toes. After a week like that, apparently it can be pretty painful. Again, NetDoc, what is your recommendation for the salinity? I would consider diving dry, but that would create all kinds of new problems... And I'm not sure which set of problems would be more easily tackled.

    For nourishment, I believe that again I could rely on topside support. I believe that food bags filled with blended food and water would be sufficient. I can drink these out of a straw and maintain proper nourishment. I also feel that I could probably train for this event in such a fashion as to reduce my food intake significantly. I've fasted for several days before, with no problems. I think that eating a proper diet, which would be very much a reduced diet, would likely help ensure success.

    As for human waste, I believe that I could construct a system that worked well. I believe that I could use a combination of filtration and enclosures to minimize water contamination. Between that and training my body to produce less waste, I believe that I could probably ensure success.

    Okay, with my basic needs taken care of, I think there's more that would be necessary to ensure the success of the mission...

    I believe that proper sponsorship for the project would be necessary. Suppliers of gear such as retailers or manufacturers would likely benefit quite a bit from having their name associated with the World Record. This would be a great thing for them, and I would like to be sure to have the gear that I need to accomplish the dive.

    I envision lots of media involvement... Local and national news, a website, a live webcam, and two-way communications equipment. I think that I would benefit from a window in the side of the tank, and I believe that underwater access to the Internet (via wireless keyboard, with the computer on the dry side of the window) would be very helpful in making sure that I am not dealing with separation issues while accomplishing my goal. I think that a TV and movies would help, too. The ability to communicate with others outside the tank via two-way communications equipment would be very helpful in making my stay bearable.

    ...So I'm soliciting comments on this idea. What's your opinion? NetDoc (or anyone else qualified), what's the concensus on a one-week saturation dive at ten feet? What sort of deco obligation do you think there would be, if at all?

    I am sure that the end of the dive would be quite interesting. I don't think I'd want to come "up" from this dive... I think that it would be prudent to instead drain the pool while I'm in it, over a period of a day or two, to ensure decompression safety. I think, too, that I'd probably have a hard time walking for a while, as my muscles and bones would have to compensate for ten days of no use. From a medical standpoint, this whole situation could be quite interesting to study. In fact, I think that major Universities like Duke might be interested in this as a human body study... Not to mention any other organization interested in pressure, saturation, zero gravity, etc. (NASA?)

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing your thoughts... And I would be interested in hearing from anyone who could offer suggestions on possible sponsorship. I wouldn't be looking for money... I'd be looking for full face masks, tanks, compressors, computers, electronic equipment such as cameras and televisions, and maybe even the facility.

    Certainly I would enjoy starting a thread here on ScubaBoard while I'm underwater... Complete with a live webcam...
  2. Uncle Pug

    Uncle Pug Swims with Orca ScubaBoard Supporter

    I would take this as a troll.

    :rolleyes: Seajay :bonk:
  3. detroit diver

    detroit diver Great White


    I would think that beyond the sheer monotony and boredom of the situation, the biggest problem is going to be maintaining body temps and getting rid of waste. Does the Guiness book allow breaks? If so, that might be a real solution to one of your problems.

    I would think a dry suit would be a must have-with a pee valve!
  4. detroit diver

    detroit diver Great White


    Actually, I think he's serious. He's mentioned it before.
  5. Walter

    Walter Instructor, Scuba

    Seems like a totally pointless excercise to me. Lots of work, lots of problems, lots of boredom. At the end, you'll be a physical wreck and will have bragging rights about something no one cares about. You'll get more fame and equal respect from appearing on Jerry Springer. My recommendation is to take a dive vacation instead. That will leave you feeling good about yourself with no regrets over wasted time.

    BTW, the prune effect is common in both fresh and salt water. In fresh water, your body absorbs water causing swelling and corresponding wrinkles. In salt water, water is c from your body, causing the wrinkles in reverse.
  6. SeaJay

    SeaJay Loggerhead Turtle

    Nope. I'm for real. :mean:

    I take it then that your input is that I'm crazy? :D Not the first time I've heard that. :D

    Funny. "If it came from anyone else..." Lol... So not only am I crazy, but I've got a reputation as crazy! Lol...

    Hey, crazy, but not stupid. That's why I'm asking.

    If it were a troll, I'd ask something a little more volitile... "Hey, Nazi! Doesn't the long hose decrease the performance of the reg?" "Hey, what's a 'stroke?'" "So there I was... Fighting this HUGE Tiger Shark... And he said to me, 'You taste DIR.' Was I narced?" You know... That kind of stuff. :D

    Nope, this is for real. :)
  7. Conor

    Conor Manta Ray

  8. Bob3

    Bob3 Dive Shop

    USN no deco tables call for 25' as being the unlimited no deco depth. You won't get saturated if ya stay in water shallower than 25'
    It used to be 33', but they do sometimes change the tables based on a lot of extensive testing.

    no hookah.

    Your body can easily go 2 weeks w/o food, tho I'd suggest just using some of that diet swill with all the necessary electrolites, etc. No stool is produced, use a catheter & pee in a bag, tho you will need to start off fasting for a couple of days in advance & follow up with an enema.
    Your pee turns brown after 3 - 4 days from burning up all the fat, & maybe some muscle.
    You stop having that knawing feeling in the gut after about 3 days.
    Your water will need to be a lot warmer, & a FFM is a must.

    For a spiffy experience, black out your mask. The swirling colors can get entertaining. ;)
  9. scuberd

    scuberd Dive Shop

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Honolulu, HI
    I'd be willing to provide topside support, sounds like fun, at least at first. I don't really have anything to offer than that.

    good luck, and pm me if you want me to help
  10. SeaJay

    SeaJay Loggerhead Turtle

    Thanks for that link. I've chatted with the current record holder, and taken quite a bit of advice from him.

    I've emailed this person, too. I sure would like to find out some more information. Wouldn't it be cool to get a little Brit/US competition going on here? The story's much more fun when there's competition. Heck, that's what it was all about when they broke the land speed record (mach 1)!

    Walter, that's interesting about the wrinkles. The human body is supposed to be 35 ppt salt, the same as the oceans worldwide. I've found, too, that seawater does what you describe, just as freshwater does. Obviously, the difference is what creates wrinkles. I wonder what the perfect balance would be? Should be 35 ppt, no? Maybe I should take some blood tests and find out medically what my balances are... Then shoot for those.

    How interesting...

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