WowCuba? Opinions Sought

Discussion in 'Greater Antilles' started by gcarter, Jul 24, 2012.

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    WowCuba? Opinions Sought
    Turismo, Hotel, Buceo, Pesca, Renta de Autos y Bicicletas, en CUBA | WoWCuba

    Has anyone used these folks to arrange their diving? Experiences?​

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    I contacted these guys last fall when I was planning to go on a dive trip to Cuba. I spoke to Kristen who is listed as the contact on their website. She really had nothing to offer as far as organized trips or even advice about where to dive in Cuba. She seemed reluctant to tell me anything unless I asked her specific questions like " How is it in Santiago" or " Is Maria La Gorda as good as they say it is". I think they specialize in bicycle tours. I ended up going to Cayo Largo on my own and had an okay time. Cheap package to a resort and diving every day. Contact me if you want more info.
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    I dealt with them as far as booking a dive stay at Maria La Gorda including transfers out there and back from Havana. They are legit operators, based in PEI, Canada and their satellite office is in Havana. Kristen is the owner's daughter who now lives down in Havana with her Cuban husband. And yes, they do mostly bike tours but were able to book my dive portion of my Cuba trip.

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