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  1. Dive Bag - Dive N'roll Scubapro
  2. New equipment and Internet purchase questions
  3. Gear Addict!
  4. How to test the real best gear....
  5. Why do I like my gear so much?
  6. Best Gear of 07
  7. Correct pony bottle size?
  8. new gear CRAVE
  9. Help buying equipment
  10. rinsing gear
  11. Purchasing first time equipment
  12. Scuba Repair Express has moved
  13. Free flow at depth
  14. Gear Care Question
  15. Suit Manual?
  16. Any fans of electronic music??
  17. what to equipment to bring and what to rent
  18. Any danger to mix n match?
  19. Need a cleaning/lube tip
  20. Dive Rite H10, what is this part called?
  21. Xmas List time...
  22. looking for my first set of gear
  23. Heater/Warmer/Blower
  24. Any suggestions on storing gear?
  25. My Rational For Buying My Own Equipment
  26. What is a good dive light?
  27. How much more weight when you go up in wetsuit size?
  28. New Website - Vintage Single and Double Hoses Regulators!
  29. what type of weight pockets do I need ??
  30. Just bought our own gear today!!!
  31. Users of wrist computers
  32. Different Hose Pressures?
  33. Kit - So what would/do I need?
  34. In praise of Golem Gear
  35. Question about full face masks w/comm system
  36. help on first purchases...
  37. equipment parts and repair manuals??
  38. how much weight???
  39. Advice on Oceanic GT3
  40. Went to LDS today and picked out my gear-how did I do?
  41. please check this
  42. steel or alu?
  43. Personal Gear Package-yay or nay?
  44. Hooded vest or jacket/shorty core warmer?
  45. What blade fins do I buy ?
  46. getting new gear what do I test for?
  47. Did You Lose an Oceanic VT3?
  48. Computer- console or wrist?
  49. How do I know how much lift my bladder needs?
  50. What is your experience with Apollo bio seals for dry suits?
  51. Lost Fin at TenKiller Ok
  52. primary dive light for low visibility?
  53. Carrying aluminum 80's around?
  54. Looking for scubapro parts.
  55. oceanc swivel octo...
  56. Having dilema's need advice.
  57. Polypropolene and Nylon Webbing
  58. Help me decide if getting my own gear makes sense.
  59. Opinions regarding full basic gear
  60. who has the best prices for scuba gear?
  61. Good gear for beginner?
  62. IST Reg and BC
  63. It's decision time and I need/want your help.
  64. Air 2 / AirSource question
  65. used equipment recommendations
  66. Yoke Light Any Good? Fathom pak a good deal?
  67. Opinions re gear soon to be purchased
  68. Whats with left?
  69. Pony tank makes me roll to the side -- how to fix?
  70. What's Scuba Pro Doing
  71. Your honest opinon
  72. Is this a good package
  73. Regular vs rechargeable battery dimensions
  74. Considering a personal compressor for SCUBA
  75. Alladin dive computer
  76. Aeris Dive computer
  77. What Min. xtra equip? Safety/Emergency equip?
  78. Planning Leisure Pro purchase? Heads up - the holidays are here
  79. Pickup Truck Bed
  80. Clean slate - but how?
  81. Any cold-water HOOD with small neck for women?
  82. Timex Helix
  83. What gear
  84. How to clean a mold disaster?
  85. I Flooded UK HID Light Cannon light
  86. swim cap / head covering
  87. how to "refurbish" vintage tank
  88. gear on ebay
  89. question about carrying a pony bottle
  90. Apollo bio tank lock
  91. Is there a class or series of classes I can take to learn to maintain/service my own
  92. seasonal dive gear prices...
  93. Accessory Weight
  94. Save a dive kit
  95. Automatic decompression meter?
  96. any differences between PSTís hot dip cylinders
  97. What was your first piece of gear?
  98. Attaching 2nd Stage to a new hose
  99. Swapping consoles and octos
  100. Found at Nubble Light July 6, 2007
  101. Changing a hose location on first stage...
  102. US Divers Pivot Boot
  103. What type of tank Valve is this
  104. Can you identify this Scubapro 1st stage
  105. Please identify this other Apeks
  106. Need help identifying this Apeks
  107. Good sheath for a shear
  108. Online Discounts for College Students?
  109. Cleaning gear when doing multiple dives on multiple days...........
  110. semi-dry wetsuits
  111. My New Kit
  112. Beginner set of gear
  113. I need free gear
  114. LDS Filling Nitrox - Partial Pressure Blending
  115. Ok Honestly?!?!?!
  116. Apeks WTX Harness - Where in the USA?
  117. Shop / Store Software
  118. OTS buddy phone yes or no
  119. Do you have rhythm with that shake?
  120. need info on IST Scuba gear
  121. Retractor's for console? What else to use?
  122. Anatomy of a dump valve
  123. Where do you get your colored dive gear?
  124. When to have gear serviced?
  125. Mini B, personal locator beacon, Sea Marshall
  126. Aeris Competition
  127. Nocturnal SLX LED vs Niterider Pro Diver Halogen
  128. BC integrated octo's
  129. Tanks Upside down? why not
  130. anyone ever use this?
  131. Hardware Advice
  132. Can you buy cases for Dive Knives
  133. Just Checking..Too Much $$
  134. CraigsList been good to me
  135. Should I carry a backup computer?
  136. Kudos for Aqualung and my LDS - Adventure Scuba
  137. GOORU VEST 1.5MM anyone own one
  138. Supreme Court upholds legality of manufacturers requiring MAP and MARP.
  139. NiteRider Prodiver light - Nay or Yea?
  140. faulty equiment - who's fault is it?
  141. Equipment advice
  142. Check out equipment
  143. Gear bag
  144. Cressi Sub Quality?
  145. Aqualung reg question
  146. Where to find Apeks hose protectors..
  147. Scubatoys kuddos
  148. opinions on the Zeagle Ranger bcd
  149. Why different set-up ?
  150. Should my husband buy this?
  151. Apeks Black Pearl spare parts
  152. Can you compare them for me?
  153. Am I missing something? - WWW vs LDS
  154. Home remedy for cleaning mask.
  155. Dye pack
  156. Atlanta regulator service recommendations?
  157. the best wetsuir or semidry for really cold waters
  158. Inflator Valve Info
  159. Converting AGA Mask
  160. Mud Slinging
  161. Kayak Diving
  162. Gander Mountain now has a scuba shop
  163. Why Sling to The Left?
  164. Post Cert Gear Purchase
  165. Conversion mbar to feet
  166. Sponsor Discounts
  167. Newbie gear questions
  168. bags and knives for class
  169. Leisure Pro PFF exchange - how fast?
  170. BC Tank Strap Tips?
  171. What's is trim adjustment?
  172. To sling or Not
  173. Choosing colors of gear based upon underwater visibility
  174. Warmer water diving // Suits
  175. scuba shops in NY.
  176. Oceanic Hose protectors, where to buy?
  177. problem putting on the seacure
  178. anyone know wher i can get one of these?
  179. It's official, I think UK lights suck!
  180. What gear should I purchase next?
  181. 3W OMS LED light (NEW!!!!!!)
  182. cold water gloves
  183. A couple of questions
  184. Valve supplier (not 4 tanks)
  185. Different Packages
  186. Ordered first set of gear.
  187. What first?
  188. DIN to Yoke
  189. Any one ever shop here
  190. My gear, suggestions, changes etc
  191. What NOT to do... ruining your equipment
  192. First time gear purchase
  193. newbie gear guidance
  194. Counterfeit gear fear
  195. Need some help for Newsletter article
  196. dump valve question
  197. Peet Boot Dryer
  198. beginner and gear
  199. Gear dry rack, storage, and cleaning.
  200. AGA Mask and Plumbing Regs
  201. Purchase own tanks?
  202. 10% discount
  203. Saekodive lights
  204. Where to buy equipment and what
  205. Yet another gear setup critique
  206. Newbie needs some advice
  207. History Student needs help
  208. Older Dacor 1st and 2nd stage Regulator
  209. Question About MK V
  210. hose life
  211. New gear advice
  212. Critique my Setup About to Purchase
  213. Crazy secondary air source behavior
  214. how does pool water affect the equipment?
  215. Where do you put???
  216. Pinnacle Extreme-Anyone have one?
  217. Atomic B2 Hose change
  218. New gear
  219. where do you dive?
  220. The BC from H#%*
  221. Cleaning Your Gear
  222. Give me your feedback on this set up
  223. Women's Dive Watch
  224. new breathing apparatus
  225. Opinions on $399 packages from Divers-Supply
  226. gear opinions
  227. New Equipment Help
  228. dry gloves
  229. 'Orange Shovels' - retractors and large volume masks
  230. Does this sounds right?
  231. im planning to buy this set up... what do u think??
  232. Dive Chart Practice
  233. Storing can light: can open or clamped closed?
  234. Regulator service liability
  235. Some toys I want from scubatoys - your opinion.
  236. Tank Compressor Wanted...
  237. Leisurepro equipment trades
  238. Booties or slippers for full foot fins
  239. need help finding a TUSA BC part
  240. Suunto dive computers and ScubaToys/Leisure Pro??
  241. My new scuba setup
  242. Used drysuit question
  243. Glasses in B.C. pocket?
  244. safety items what do I need for basic ow?
  245. Brightstar Darkbuster jr vs. UK HID cannon
  246. Underwater signaling device
  247. $800 for gear, need help
  248. Fa&Mi Dive Lights
  249. opinions needed on my noobie gear choices...
  250. Hose Care
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