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  1. can a person ever buy used equipment?
  2. What's the best way to ship tanks from LA to NYC?
  3. Aluminum vs. Steel Tanks
  4. More equipment purchase indecisions
  5. Roll Control - Adjustable Dive Bottle Rack
  6. my true or false (from a freind i want to know the answer)
  7. compass position
  8. wetsuit buying
  9. Watch out for JoeDiverAmerica.com!
  10. SPG exploding when tank turned on?
  11. hose routing question with h valve
  12. Rental price on 7mm full suit and hood?
  13. Doubling up
  14. hookah systems
  15. Cousteau Museum
  16. another newbie chosing equpment
  17. newbie ready to invest in gear - any comments / critiques on my picks?
  18. Nitrox Equipment
  19. Ear pain due to blocked water in middle ear
  20. UK HID worth it over Shockwave LED?
  21. Mares scuba package
  22. o rings whats the best
  23. Halcyon Reels
  24. Tuning Trim in the Pool
  25. O Ring grease to use or not to use?
  26. My First Scuba Set
  27. Gear left in freezing temps?
  28. Hurricane Compressor
  29. Santa Came Early!!!
  30. Gear storage in cold environment
  31. IST wetsuits
  32. mud diving
  33. Want to replace "pull balls" on dump valves
  34. Hand-hled sonars for divers
  35. Taking a scooter on a Liveaboard
  36. My Wonderful Experience with Scuba Toys!
  37. First time gear shopping..
  38. REGULATOR Servicing Class?
  39. Why not to buy "bootleg" gear......
  40. Looking for Oceanic XTC-100 IR Nest
  41. Compressor ?
  42. My first set of scuba gear, excitement.
  43. Mask strap placement
  44. good deal or not?
  45. I am going to Leisure Pro..does anyone want anything??
  46. Buying SCUBA gear!
  47. Best Scuba Knife
  48. To know or not to know...
  49. Purchase Atomic Aquatics On-Line!
  50. Cheapest kit? Dubai, Oz, Thai, UK, or US?
  51. To Kaila Or NOT to Kaila - That is the question !
  52. Dive Alert-leakage
  53. ORings-Viton
  54. Why are LDS unhappy if we buy used eqpmt?
  55. Packing Regs and Console Computers for Travel
  56. Apollo spacesuit
  57. cold water gear package
  58. Gear Package
  59. rubber weight belt thickness
  60. Online Dive Store Question?
  61. Farallon Mk3?
  62. got my first gear
  63. gloves
  64. Canadian Duties on Scuba Gear
  65. Gear Help for Cold Water.
  66. BCD as Checked baggage or carry on?
  67. Which accessories are actually useful for shore diving?
  68. Glo Toob
  69. Scuba Toys and photshop
  70. Taking the PLUNGE - Choosing a Package deal
  71. Concerned about regulator care.
  72. Divingear.com ?
  73. Why leave your gauges and octopus dangling?
  74. Stahlsac Catalina: Wont fit Fins!!
  75. Which compressor to buy?
  76. Travel
  77. What to use to label my equip?
  78. i need a bag that can fit all my equipment
  79. New business from LeisurePro…
  80. Assembling my gear.
  81. High Performance Recreational Configuration
  82. my first gear purchase!
  83. Chlorine & Equipment
  84. I was AMAZED, simply AMAZED...
  85. Regulator Prob "in my head"?
  86. Manufacturer's online sales?
  87. LDS v. Online...yet again...
  88. DEPP Insurance
  89. Mix Matching
  90. Cornelius 1500psi compressor
  91. What happend to the Hollis forum that was never used?
  92. Old doubles rig
  93. HP or LP cylinders?
  94. Assembling Scuba equipment
  95. My trip to the LDS...just a little story
  96. Waterproof Box Recommendation?
  97. Are you "cheap"?
  98. Major Industry Change re: Online Scuba Sales....
  99. Pocket PC Dive Planning Program
  100. Nitrox tanks
  101. why do we pay so much
  102. How to clean dry suit liner
  103. New gear assembly
  104. Aqualung Aqua Flex 7mm Suit and Jump Suit.
  105. Changing with a Pony
  106. Feeling ripped off by LDS – please advise.
  107. UWATEC SmartCom Attachments?
  108. What's the Problem with OMS?
  109. Choosing a Dive bag! Need help!
  110. ScubaPro online sales question
  111. what is "a back plate and wing set up?"
  112. Cave diving with an instructor - Split from MP3 thread
  113. Metal Detector
  114. spring strap and hp hose question
  115. Why I personally choose not to use a bugeed back-up
  116. Is my package deal a DEAL?
  117. Where do I find a novelty hoody?
  118. mares gear
  119. equipment...own or rent?
  120. Regulator bag too small? Do you use one?
  121. What's the brand to get?
  122. buying dive equipment in Ireland
  123. How do you guys carry/attach a camera?
  124. Maintence costs?
  125. Scuba Toys - Where's Larry?
  126. what should i buy first?
  127. Hyperopic RX Scuba Masks and Sunglasses
  128. is this a good deal?
  129. servicing your own regs
  130. Sony in St Maarten
  131. X scooter defects??
  132. Does this sound like a strong first gear choice?
  133. Imperial to Metric LP hose?
  134. When to maintenance BCD and regulator
  135. Happy Birthday to Me from Scubatoys!
  136. My LDS rocks! I got a custom package for almost same $ as Scubatoys w/board discount!
  137. Can you give me any opinions on this backpack?
  138. Just my luck...
  139. Naui Nitrox dive tables
  140. SCUBABOARD I need HELP real BAD!!
  141. One dry-mouth solution ...
  142. Another "my first gear" question
  143. divers-supply.com. Legitimate equipment?
  144. recommendations/ideas on compressors for commercial operation
  145. Replacing Sheath on Older Wenoka Knife
  146. Identify equipment
  147. Hi! Newbie here hooked on diving. How does this gear wishlist look?
  148. Scuba package on the internet for a beginner?
  149. swivel fitting on HP hose leaks
  150. Using a pony - keep regular octo also?
  151. Thigh Pocket (Dive Rite)
  152. Snorkels - This one's for Red<G>
  153. COVCI Webstore
  154. Equipment for a College Student on a budget
  155. In need of some help
  156. Help with Gear
  157. New equipment purchase - question
  158. Basic Scuba Equipment Cost
  159. Had a close call because of your gear?
  160. Pull Dump Need Help
  161. All Hail Scuba Toys***HAIL!!!
  162. How do you clean your gear?
  163. Typical Internet Return Policy
  164. Ever heard of Wettech Drymax Dry Suit?
  165. "Horny" hoods!!!!
  166. Scuba toys Mares Ltd Reg. and BC package?
  167. Tell me about Leisurepro.com please
  168. Gauge redundancy
  169. Old Scubapro Picture
  170. 5thd-x terminates Halycon relationship
  171. $1300 budget--I tell you reqs and you tell me what you get...
  172. Air 2 on bp/w
  173. Have you ordered gear from Joe Diver
  174. New Certified Diver looking for equipment
  175. What do you think of this set up
  176. Can you identify this APEKS?
  177. Is octopus useless?
  178. Can't Find
  179. Bringing gear to market
  180. OMS Gear
  181. Exceptional Service
  182. P Valve Problems
  183. Advice on order
  184. Sea Elite Tek-X BC and Regs
  185. couple questions
  186. Scubapro Customer Service
  187. ordering from leisure pro.com
  188. Tekna vs. Apollo vs. Mako vs. Farallon DPV Scooter
  189. Tekna 2100B
  190. scubaboard discount
  191. Changing the HP hose.
  192. Alkin Compressors and AireTex Comments
  193. What to do - or buy
  194. Opnions Needed on they "Deal" I was offered.
  195. taking gauges on planes
  196. Apollo Bio-Filter Moisture System
  197. Gear Question?
  198. My Wish List, I want a..........
  199. Scooter Fund Complete
  200. Buying BCs and regs soon, opinions on our selection
  201. Compressors at govt auction
  202. equipment insurance?
  203. booster
  204. Is this a good package??????
  205. scematics and manual scubapro MK10
  206. With What Back-UP Gear Do You Travel
  207. Washing Gear
  208. Underwater metal detector: advice/experience
  209. Scuba tank fill pressure ?
  210. What regs & BC should my friend buy
  211. Regs or Computer?
  212. Watertight cases...
  213. Most reliable small compressor?
  214. Final questions!
  215. Oceanic Zeta CDX5 Regulator
  216. Possible Purchase
  217. My boots are starting to STINK!
  218. New equipment help
  219. Advice for New Equipment
  220. screw on tank band vs. velcro/lever
  221. Online purchases & warranties & annual services.
  222. Gear Purchasing Addiction
  223. Dive Gear on JM Cousteau's Ocean Adventures
  224. traveling with weight
  225. Whats a good gear bag?
  226. Seaquest Squeeze-lock stainless or titanium?
  227. Lead and Lipids
  228. Need advice on first gear purchase and leisurepro.
  229. Weight material quality
  230. Tanks used for paintball
  231. Attaching gear to D-rings w/zip ties?
  232. Installing wireless transmitter on first stage
  233. Competing in the Internet World.
  234. New equipment familiarization?
  235. Looking at a package from LeisurePro... help please...
  236. Back to diving after 15 years
  237. If money was no object what would you buy?
  238. Beginner Gear Package Recommendations
  239. Deploying DAN Saftey Sausage @ depth?
  240. Is this a good deal?
  241. Sea-Doo Explorer
  242. uwatec aladdin air problems
  243. Please share your opinions about ScubaPro and AquaLung product quality.
  244. Tips for spotting float line in bad vis?
  245. Personal compressor question
  246. DPV Information
  247. James Bond's Underwater Breather?
  248. International Warranties
  249. Hemming Wetsuits
  250. Scuba Toys

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