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  1. Good place to service Atomic Reg near Montreal
  2. New TV series on Saint Lawrence shipwrecks
  3. Looking for dive buddy in Québec city / A la recherche d'un binome à Québec.
  4. Quick nitrox fills around Montreal
  5. SCUBA Diving in PEI
  6. How North in St Lawrence can I go?
  7. Tuna tagging program in PEI 2012
  8. Bay of Fundy conditions
  9. Where to dive?
  10. Atlantic Provinces road trip
  11. Pool in Montreal for teaching
  12. Sticky update
  13. DIR/TECH divers in Montreal
  14. morrison quarry Toyota MR2
  15. Diving in Gros Morne
  16. SpearFishing in NS?
  17. SANTI Demo Days in Morrision Quarry, Wakefield, Quebec, Saturday, September 7th 2013
  18. PERCÉ Quebec
  19. Join the CANADIVE expedition – a first of its kind!
  20. Diving Porters Lake, NS?
  21. Side Mount and Self Reliant Courses - St Lawrence Seaway with Diver's Wearhouse
  22. Tobermory May-June diving
  23. Moncton and area diving
  24. I love scuba diving and I love camping.
  25. Moving to New Brunswick in 4 months
  26. 50' Indoor Pool - What's Your Best Management Strategies
  27. Nova Scotia's Shipwrecks: In Memory of the HMCS Cayoquot
  28. Any Technical Divers in the Halifax Area?
  29. Montreal 50' deep indoor pool to be shut down.
  30. Air Fills in St. John's
  31. What kind of gear do Canadians dive with?
  32. Red Sea & Egypt
  33. Visiting Saint John for a week Oct 14 to 20th,,,would love to go for a dive or two,,
  34. Winter Diving in New Brunswick
  35. Dive Report Grand Narrows Cape Breton Nova Scotia
  36. German U-boat may be at bottom of Labrador river ...
  37. Live the Dream - Go Pro: An evening with PADI Canada's Regional Manager
  38. Tobermory Trip!
  39. Nova Scotia Bound
  40. 24-Hour Scuba Relay Challenge for The Heart & Stroke Foundation, last day to pledge!
  41. "MONASCO" Shipwreck - Corbin, Newfoundland.
  42. Ouverture de la saison du club de plongée H2O Lanaudière
  43. Montreal Bachelor Party
  44. PEI august 3-10, 2012
  45. HOG Service CLASS in Montreal. Looking for more people
  46. Morrison quarry
  47. Waterproof Demo Days
  48. looking for
  49. Looking for a dive place out east
  50. How do I dive northern atlantic from Canada?
  51. Les Escoumins in winter?
  52. Interesting News Article - Military orders survey for explosives at Second World War
  53. Diving near Newcastle Chatham NB
  54. Near Montreal - just a few minutes West
  55. Lunenburg NS area divers?
  56. Newfoundland invaded by jelly fish
  57. Apex flight complete setup with octo
  58. they are back!! Whitey cought in the Bay of Fundy
  59. Dive shops in Newfoundland
  60. Red/White dive flag or Alpha for shore diving off Cape Breton?
  61. Diving around Toronto
  62. Canso Town/Grassy Is. ?
  63. Halifax Dive -> Jul 17th 2011?
  64. Driving to Cape Breton from US with scuba gear a crossing issue?
  65. Bottle diving buddies in NS
  66. Visiting Montreal on May 15
  67. Diving around Bathurst area
  68. New to diving
  69. Does anyone know a scuba club in Toronto ?
  70. Does anyone know a scuba club in Toronto ?
  71. Montreal treasure hunter buddies?
  72. Dive Rejuvenation Trip Dec 23-Jan 7
  73. Dive into the Ancient World Trip Sep 2-18
  74. Dive into the Ancient World Trip Jul 15-30
  75. Dive into the Ancient World Trip Jun 11-26
  76. Snorkeling in Nova Scotia
  77. Morrison Quarry
  78. Montreal Olympic Stadium 50ft deep pool
  79. Best time for bergs and whales?
  80. Bends
  81. Lobsters
  82. Still some spots on the Dec 2nd Econo Buster
  83. I like to dive
  84. The end of DCS
  85. Guy Lost At Cranberry Cove, Halifax NS
  86. Diving Gems of Eastern Canada
  87. Atlas Quarry, Pointe-Verte NB
  88. Diving around Halifax in January
  89. Looking for a Atomic Aquatics Service Shop in Atlantic Canada
  90. Sea Caves/Ovens Lunenburg
  91. Fully Intact Wrecks
  92. Annual Pumpkin Carving Dive - New River Beach, New Brunswick
  93. New to Newfoundland Diver
  94. Cape Breton diving in late september?
  95. Diving Gaspe
  96. shipwreck video, nova scotia, GEORGE B. CLUETT
  97. Dive shops in NB
  98. Nova Scotia, Lunenburg
  99. Dive into the Ancient World, Red Sea Egypt Trip
  100. Bimini Bahamas & Speigel Grove Trip
  101. Diving Perce This Weekend
  102. Nova Scotia diving recommendations needed
  103. NB Diving Moncton / Bathurst
  104. FQAS visitor permit
  105. Montreal Dive Club
  106. Newfoundland Dive buddies
  107. Looking for a dive buddy in st-jean-sur-richelieu.
  108. Montreal dive buddy wanted
  109. Shipping two tanks out west
  110. Surface swim-able shipwrecks
  111. Conference on PFO (in French)
  112. St. Stephen/Oak Bay/St. Andrews..?
  113. Rescue Course in Pool - Montreal Area
  114. May 24 Divers BBQ Weekend (Deer Island, NB CANADA)
  115. Iles de la madeleine
  116. Points Des Cascades
  117. Dive Park
  118. Red sea diving trip july 2nd to 10th 2010 only $2950 (including flights) from canada
  119. Good winter dive site near Montreal?
  120. Boat Repair
  121. Looking for some insider advice-not about diving
  122. Dive club and Charters for the 2010 season
  123. How late into the season can we Dive in Quebec? (wet)
  124. Trip to Halifax
  125. looking for deals.
  126. looking for spearfishermans.
  127. Diving in the south shore of montreal?
  128. Spearfisherman in Montreal
  129. Canadian Divers Social Group
  130. Lake Orford, Quebec...Wagon?
  131. Dive Buddies In St. John's, NL?
  132. looking for a good dive shop in NS
  133. Diving in NB
  134. looking to contact dive charters
  135. looking for dive charters
  136. Need advice for a vacation stay at Montreal!!!
  137. Diving in Forillon National Park, Quebec, Canada
  138. Coming to NFLD in August
  139. Anyone know where to dive with Greenland Sharks?
  140. Newfoundland & PEI scuba clubs?
  141. Coming up for meet and greet!
  142. Olympic Pool in Montreal
  143. Conception Bay- best time of year?
  144. Dive opportunity / buddy near Saint John or Shediac
  145. Cavendish Beach PEI
  146. Searching shop in Montreal
  147. Divers in Labrador discover WWII aircraft
  148. Halfish
  149. Empire Kingfisher
  150. Mad, Crazy, Canada Day Dive Eh...
  151. LDS in Montreal
  152. Diving South Newfoundland
  153. American eels
  154. Winter in Halifax trip report/photos
  155. Anyone have any lead weight and/or harness systems for sale?
  156. Heading to Fredericton
  157. Joyeux Noël et Bonne année
  158. Online shipping to Canada
  159. Lost knife at Les Escoumins
  160. Diving the Saguenay Area
  161. Liability waiver to fill tank
  162. Fills in Corner Brook
  163. The Rock
  164. Coming down home for vacation
  165. Urchin diving info
  166. Thanks, NS divers!
  167. Thanks, NS divers!
  168. Visiting Les Escoumins in July
  169. Promoting Nova Scotia
  170. Halifax in July; need recommendations please
  171. New B Diving
  172. "Herring run"
  173. Diver's Potluck the May long weekend 19-21st
  174. Instructing in Canada
  175. Nova Scotia Diving
  176. Scallop Season
  177. divers in Nova Scotia
  178. Newfoundland diving on a budget?
  179. Diver Fatality
  180. Montreal, non diving
  181. Lake Huron Canada
  182. dive buddy wanted
  183. Something to think about.
  184. Halifax report/photos
  185. Does anyone know...
  186. Old shipwrecks
  187. Diving in New Brunswick
  188. Scuba lessions near Fredericton, NB
  189. Anyone find Fossil Shark teeth ??
  190. My SCUBA website.
  191. Diving buddies in Sydney Nova Scotia
  192. Sea Urchin Diving
  193. Best NL dive sites
  194. I can't believe it!?
  195. Look out, I'm coming to Halifax.
  196. UPEI Dive Club
  197. Going to Halifax
  198. Divers in/Around PEI?
  199. Diving around the Gaspe
  200. NS Wreck Dives
  201. where is the best place to dive in Canada?
  202. opinions wanted on diving near halifax
  203. Diving in Nova Scotia
  204. Cape Breton
  205. Divers in\around Yarmouth N.S.
  206. Suggestions for Good Dives in the Maritimes?
  207. Lost fin Beaver Harbour
  208. Anyone on here from the Miramichi?
  209. Diving le lac st jean
  210. picture of "les escoumins"
  211. Empress on a budget
  212. looking for info - travel to Grand Manan, NB
  213. Spending a week near Moncton any diving suggestions?
  214. best site in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
  215. Back beach
  216. diving in NB - Bay of Fundy
  217. Diving in Halifax this summer
  218. Diving in NB
  219. New Brunswick in July, 2006
  220. Going to Halifax and need info
  221. New Dive Season Potluck May 21st Deer Island
  222. Newfoundland diver
  223. Pei Divers?
  224. How many people are Nova Scotian here?
  225. Wrecks near Yarmouth?
  226. St johns
  227. Empress of Ireland
  228. October 22nd Season end Corn Boil
  229. Dive buddy
  230. need a buddy
  231. Directions for Sandy Cove (Sambro) and Bear Cove
  232. Diving - Gaspe, NS, CB or PEI
  233. Floridian going to Newfoundland!
  234. a SCUBA diver was almost killed at a local marina in St.Margaret's Bay
  235. Diving August 11 - 14th in Newfoundland
  236. Newfoundland diving - across the province
  237. help a student to graduate so she can go dive!
  238. Diving out of St. John's
  239. Newfoundland diving!
  240. Dive trip in eastern Canada
  241. Cape Breton dive trip
  242. Belle Island Wreck Trip
  243. Belle Island Wreck Trip
  244. More certs required for Quebec?
  245. anyone dive for...
  246. Victoria Day Weekend DIving
  247. Looking for some nices dives in eastern canada this summer!
  248. Service - Dive TRAINING in the GTA Ontario CANADA
  249. ISDA Newfoundland
  250. Diving in the St-Lawrence river. Québec
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