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  1. BC's With AIR 2 - Any problems?
  2. BP/W- question on size of wing
  3. Photos of Zeagle Scout or Stilleto anyone???
  4. Question About Ankle Weights - from a new diver
  5. simple weight belt info...
  6. Best BC for the Buck
  7. looking for a cheap STA-weight? dont use this..
  8. BCD for large men
  9. Question for ladies who wear wings ......
  10. apeks sb 2000
  11. Scubapro - New Bella BC for women
  12. Zeagle Ranger positive bouyancy
  13. xs scuba advantage bcd -- opinions? (and rib/injury question)
  14. Question for you BP/W divers out there
  15. Traveling with gear
  16. BCD Size??? help...
  17. Opinions on the Zeagle Scout BC
  18. Anyone diving Dive Rites "Nomad Expedition Rig"?
  19. Oxycheq wing + Halcyon BP?
  20. Halcyon STA -weight removable??
  21. What's the cheapest way to get into a decent BP/W setup?
  22. Single Tank Adapter
  23. How much would you pay for a used Ladyhawk BC?
  24. BP/W for the "vertically challenged"
  25. Buddy Tekwing vs Seaquest Balance
  26. Ripped off by ScubaL!!!
  27. Need help draining water out of wing
  28. oms or zeagle?
  29. In the market for BC, help.
  30. trek wing doubles?
  31. scubapro bc
  32. Aqulung Seaquest BCD
  33. Plate positioning on back
  34. Battle of BCs (Another one)
  35. "Air Buddy" alternate air source
  36. new BCD for a big guy
  37. BP & Wing videos
  38. Why a Back-Inflate BC Instead of BP/W
  39. BC AQUATEC....mmmmm
  40. BC's .... list down some good and cheap bc's
  41. Wing Recommendation for Double 85's
  42. Help me pick the right size bcd...please!
  43. BCD Sizing - with or without drysuit?
  44. Dedicated Spearfishing BC
  45. Need Child's BC, Recommendations or Used
  46. Poseidon Beasea Buoyancy Question
  47. Oxycheque Mach V
  48. Question for Stiletto users
  49. Oxycheq Mach V and Hollis STA
  50. BP - Which crotch strap is more comfortable?
  51. Oxycheq ss traveler bp
  52. Aqualung Pearl i3 and Pro qd with i3
  53. Dive Rite Transpac II vs. OMS IQ Pack vs. Backplate/Harness
  54. So many accessories - how to attach them to your wing?
  55. Zeagle Scout
  56. Ladies, help me with a wing for my daughter
  57. Thumbs Up on Pro QD w/ i3??
  58. Question re: Use of Dump Valves
  59. Scubapro Air2 hose length
  60. Oxycheq wing with Dive Rite Transpac for single tank
  61. Besea 50 onto Oms comfort?
  62. Help before I take the plunge on BP/W rig
  63. Has Anyone Dove with the H2Odyssey Venture?
  64. Using your BCD for out of air emergency
  65. BP/W combo for tropical diving
  66. Airsource3 and Mares Dragon BC thread problem
  67. Inflater Hose
  68. Zeagle Ranger crotch strap 'upgrade' ?
  69. So Confused About Plate Weighting, Wing Size, etc.
  70. Weight adj for AL to steel swap?
  71. Value of old Scubapro BC?
  72. Replacement Weight Pockets for Knighthawk?
  73. BP/Harness Questions
  74. triple L isis
  75. triple L isis
  76. Anyone using Oxy wing on DSS plate (single tank)?
  77. Seaquest Back Inflation BC's
  78. Travelling with weights??
  79. Need advice on a couple BC's...
  80. Between two wings
  81. Looking @ A Zeagle Tech
  82. Travel BC question
  83. Zeagle Brigade vs. Oceanic Excursion
  84. My new hog harness
  85. Replacing a power inflator on my BCD?
  86. What BCD would you recommend?
  87. Calling all Brigade and Stiletto owners
  88. DiveTek BCD's?
  89. Transpac/Rec Wing Leaves a feet down position
  90. Setup for beginner...
  91. Hammerhead Backplate Question
  92. New BP/W member !!!
  93. Transpac vs Besea Help?
  94. Halcyon Aluminum backplate weight
  95. First BP/W
  96. Buoyancy Promblem
  97. Buying it Once...
  98. Powder coating backplate?
  99. Golem Gear Integrated Weight System
  100. Looking for my own equipment
  101. Seaquest Balance vs. BP/Wing
  102. Zeagle Ranger, who Has ONE!
  103. A question about Stiletto and lift...
  104. Best BC for big person
  105. Horseshoe verses donut shaped wings
  106. Love my new BP/W!!!!
  107. Backplate Wing vs Traditional BC
  108. Weight belt issue, Need Opinion
  109. So Terrified Of Crotch Strap!!!
  110. Dive Rite Transpac II
  111. Weight Belt Buckles - where to buy in bulk?
  112. BP/W for Tall, Overweight Person
  113. A simple enough question....
  114. Pro QD with I3
  115. Dive Rite BP and Rec Wing help
  116. Scubapro Balance BCD
  117. BCD for Petite Female?
  118. Suggestions? Looking for a BC.
  119. Making a BCD. Interesting video.
  120. My Weight Belt Diet
  121. Scubapro MK11? 2XL, will it fit?
  122. Modifying a Zeagle 7200....?
  123. Halcyon Eclipse vs. DSS Plate w. Mach V vs. ?
  124. Finally Got my BP/W setup, umm...now what?
  125. Question regarding Halcyon ACB 12
  126. SS Grommets for Oceanic BC?
  127. Aqua Lung Pearl i3
  128. Replacing the Halcyon Stainless Steel Inflator
  129. How long will a BC last?
  130. Wings
  131. Is Halcyon worth it?
  132. Best BCD for me? Bella, Ladyhawk, Diva...differences? likes?
  133. First BC purchase... need some advice. (Zeagles?)
  134. Zeagle Tech BC
  135. Dive Rite Trek Wing on sale at Dive Rite
  136. How Many BC's do You Own?
  137. First OW dives with BP/W
  138. Halcyon VS OMS (Who makes better bp/wing set up?)
  139. Anyone diving with an Oceanics Probe LX?
  140. Tusa Imprex Pro
  141. H2Odyssey Intrigue BCD--Input Please!
  142. If I can't get Zeagle...
  143. Performance of Zeagle's BP donut wing?
  144. Seaquest Balance Drying Question
  145. hole in an oms bladder...is there a quick fix?
  146. question on oms system
  147. BCD for cold water vs warm water?
  148. SeaSoft BCDs
  149. Zeagle Ranger vs. Ranger LTD
  150. Bp/w, they all seem similar, what's the difference?
  151. BCD Manufacturer Sizing
  152. Choosing a new single tank wing
  153. Salvo AGIR Doubles System?
  154. Sport wing for a newbie?
  155. Cave Wing
  156. mares icon
  157. Oxycheq Mini STA or any other 2 piece STA
  158. Seaquest Balance: Sizing/Fit Question
  159. Aeris vs Oceanic....Same BCD? Looks that way to me.
  160. BP/W, Back Inflate or Side Inflate??
  161. Oxycheq Ultra Lite Plate and Speed Harness
  162. Actual weight of lead weights
  163. Lightest Travel BC
  164. Need advice, repairing leak in Oxychek wing
  165. Backplate size?
  166. DUI weight harness VS. Seasoft?
  167. No one likes Jacket Inflates?
  168. Advice on BC choice
  169. Is there a max. weight for integrated BC's?
  170. Suggested BP/W setup for possible convert?
  171. Aeris Atmos LX?
  172. Wider Backplates
  173. OMS IQ Pack
  174. Is the TransPac a full-on tech BCD?
  175. First donut wing
  176. beuchat bc?
  177. BP/W questions from the green one
  178. Tank change=more weight?
  179. What is a "DIR" Harness?
  180. Any Hollis BCD reviews yet?
  181. Good women's BC?
  182. Bcd?!?!
  183. Rec or Trek Wing?
  184. Old Scubapro BC
  185. Oxy Mach V vs. Halcyon Eclipse Wings
  186. Soft Weight Sucks!!! Where to Buy Rubber Coated Hard Weight.
  187. Zeagle Ranger: Changes over the years?
  188. Tusa BCJ 2100 VS Mares Vector origin
  189. BP/W with harness
  190. Recommendations for first BCD
  191. Hammerhead BP/Harness vs. Halcyon BP/Harness?
  192. Looking for my first wing
  193. Best deal on "deluxe" harness?
  194. Weight change question
  195. BC Help?
  196. Adjusting Hog Harness?
  197. Mares Icon, anyone have a review as yet?
  198. New BC Help...
  199. Is it a bad idea to dive with NO ditchable weights?
  200. Lightweightweight travel BCD-Zeagle Escape vs. Sherwood Avid
  201. I purchased an Aqualung Diva XLT.....
  202. Lots of questions about my new wing
  204. What plate Ally, SS? How much Lift?
  205. May be a convert to BP/W soon need some advice
  206. BCD for large divers
  207. Diving the Oxycheq Ultra Lite Plate
  208. dui delta
  209. OMS 45# Wing Question
  210. Questions re: Mares Icon vs. Sherwood Avid
  211. My first experience with BP/Wing... and a question
  212. Recommended stores?
  213. right bcd size
  214. Power Inflator Hose
  215. Back-Pack Any One?
  216. Trying to decide between Mares Icon, Zeagle Escape and Sherwood Avid
  217. Buying a used BC
  218. Help with a big BCD?
  219. The Rebel
  220. About Poseidon BC
  221. Weight Pouches on Omega Aquatics
  222. Zeagle Escape
  223. 1st BC Seaquest PRO QD vs Lattitude XLT
  224. Correct weight balance?
  225. Help ID this DiveRite Kit
  226. Zeagle Ranger LTD or Omega Aquatics "The Rebel" BCD.
  227. Best BCD for under $1000.
  228. lead weight casting made easy - teflon pan
  229. Has anyone tried...
  230. Mares HUB Avantgarde BCD
  231. Why not Tungsten instead of Lead?
  232. Top 3...
  233. Dui Bcd
  234. Threading (setup) a Diverite Transplate?
  235. Compatibility Wing and BP
  236. Oxycheq Vertex Extreme for doubles???
  237. Buoyancy question?
  238. Empty or Full tank to check properly being weighted?
  239. 30 or 40LB wing?? Advice
  240. IS BP-134 Comfort Harness System II™
  241. Weight pockets for BP/W
  242. Looking for a new wing
  243. beuchat weight pockets
  244. Given the choice, which one would you pick?
  245. What do you wear on your harness and where?
  246. Seaquest Latitude BC
  247. Wanting feedback on new HOG wings, anyone dove w/ them??
  248. Oceanic Probe dump valve question
  249. WTX remote Exhaust
  250. Used Black Diamond BCD X-Large
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