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  1. BCD and D-ring attachment points - where to attach digital camera housing
  2. I have a plate. What else do I need?
  3. Oceanic Excursion II Pre-Purchase Advice
  4. Mares MRS Plus Weight Pouch Dropping Root Cause
  5. Question for Aqualung/Seaquest i3 owners
  6. Single Tank Wing recommendations
  7. Need a deepoutdoors 18 lb wing or similar
  8. Lead Weight size question for the tall and skinny
  9. Is this common or was I just unlucky?
  10. Sherwood Ventura
  11. Halcyon Infinity + Diverite Wings?
  12. Jacket-style BCD, NOT weight integrated, but with large pockets for "stuff"
  13. BC sizing question
  14. Considering going to a wing or BP\W - Soliciting opinions on my reasoning
  15. Help Identifying Scubapro BC Please
  16. Aqualung Axiom I3 vs Axiom
  17. Mares Dragon AT
  18. Comparable BCD to Aeris Reef Rider
  19. Using dimension i3 with a drysuit
  20. Transpac XT Twin Tank Question
  21. Sherwood Avid CQR BC
  22. Back Plates For Wide Bodies
  23. Difference in Back Plates and HOG question
  24. Would you buy a repaired BCD- Aqualung Ladies Pearl i3
  25. First Dive with BP/W...
  26. New diver BC advice
  27. # of Cam Bands BP/W
  28. Perils of using a backplate and wing
  29. Edge Stealth 2
  30. Leisurepro bait and switch
  31. Oceanic vs ScubaPro vs Mares BCDs
  32. Sizing Question- Women's Genesis Integrated BCD
  33. Scratches?
  34. Wing recommendations
  35. hollis BP/W nedd an STA?
  36. Scubapro Form-Tek Single Tank
  37. Stop Weights Slipping
  38. Zeagle Zena BC Question/Opinions
  39. Alternate Routing of BCD Inflator / Corrugated Hose / Inflator Hose
  40. rubber weight belt
  41. Received 7 year old gear today...puts it at 2006 when new. What should I do?
  42. Zeagle Ranger vs Stiletto BCD
  43. Halcyon Infinity with weighted STA system
  44. My experience of changing from a Jacket to a wing - hope it helps
  45. DSS vs Halcyon
  46. Pricing... Zeagle Express Tech and Express tech Deluxe
  47. tank straps - cam vs bail and buckle
  48. the shape of a backplate ?
  49. DUI Weight & Trim System
  50. bcd weight pocket
  51. Poseiden One Wing any reviews
  52. New Hollis wing?
  53. Looking For Complete Package Help
  54. Halcyon BC retailer in Phuket Area
  55. Nitrox BCD Question
  56. Halcyon Cinch
  57. BCD Lift, what is Required
  58. Apeks WTX4 wing
  59. Audaxpro Travel 15
  60. BCD Organization
  61. Scubapro Go BCD with Air2
  62. Aqualung lotus or libra?
  63. Is Dive Right's remote exhaust dump valve (elbow) safe?
  64. importance of long back plates for tall people?
  65. Sex Bolt - how did it get its name?
  66. Zeagle Ranger vs ScubaPro Knighthawk
  67. Halcyon Infinity Wing
  68. Greetings to all on SB! :)
  69. Hollis HTS - too heavy?
  70. Oxycheq Mach V Wing question
  71. Back inflate or jacket BC
  72. Question about making my crotch strap
  73. Automatic Buoyancy Compensator
  74. Newbie BP/W questions about weights
  75. Choosing a bc is a pain.
  76. Backplate and wing question.so
  77. Women's BCD choices narrowed down to Aqualung Libra, Lotus or Oceanic Excursion.
  78. Back plate and wing or sidemount only BC?
  79. Halcyon Infinity Backplate question
  80. Scubapro Knighthawk question
  81. Female BCD Hera v Oceanic Excursion
  82. Need some help on ladyhawk BC
  83. So why is my LDS so excited about sidemount all of a sudden?
  84. Help a guy with a V day gift!!
  85. Hollis C-45 or C-60 wing help please
  86. Which BP/W to get?
  87. Seaquest Libra
  88. How do you wear your weight belt with BP wings?
  89. BCD Recommendation
  90. Buoyancy question regarding which wing I should get.
  91. Aqualung Dimension - Flat e-valve repair or rebuild
  92. Hollis C60 for D12? horseshoe or donut?
  93. APEKS WTX harness - double plates
  94. Why I chose the Mares hybrid Pro tec BC
  95. BCD selection
  96. Women Specific BC Opinions
  97. Weight integrated BC + Weight Harness
  98. looking for EXTRA BIG DIVE GEAR ( 5xl or bigger)
  99. Small Wing Recommendations
  100. Mares ATS BCD 30 dives after
  101. Mares MRS weight system fails with DIRE consequences for diver
  102. Value of a ScubaPro S Rek Tek ?
  103. service your gear
  104. Apeks WTX - current opinions?
  105. Power Inflators: K-style vs Hog?
  106. New Hollis Elite 2 Harness, SS Hollis BP, Hollis BAC Wing 85lbs for $400. Good Deal??
  107. My wife wants the Apex Black Ice BC
  108. Any experience with Aeris EX lite travel BC?
  109. Bcd
  110. Scubapro Ladyhawk Air 2 vs standard inflator
  111. Indecisive and Analytical, Am I ready?
  112. Military-Style Quick Release Buckle?
  113. Replacement cumberbun?
  114. Inflator on RHS?
  115. Does anyone know how many Freedom plates where made?
  116. Scubapro BCD warranty????
  117. Opinions on Zeagle Brigade
  118. Jacket BCD or wing????
  119. BC Sizing - ScubaPro
  120. OMS Double Bladder Wings
  121. Help with picking new BCD
  122. Frog Wing - 10 months / 70 dives - Inflator Seizes
  123. What size wing?
  124. BP/W questions
  125. First BC
  126. Dive Rite elbow dump on OMS wing
  127. Backplate weighting question
  128. Aqualung flat valve problem
  129. Floaty feet - bcd type?
  130. Washed inside of BCD after diving, but don't like the idea of leaving it sealed...
  131. purpose of cumberbund
  132. Scuba pro BCD
  133. BP&W puzzle
  134. Zeagle Stiletto or Aqua Lung Axiom
  135. Women's BCD Suggestions
  136. Zeagle Ranger LTD BCD with Drysuit
  137. BC service question
  138. ScubaPro Knighthawk Fit / Ride Question
  139. Travel BCD suggestions and opinions
  140. Mares back inflate BCD
  141. back inflation or wing system
  142. Aqualung Seaquest Black Diamond thoughts?
  143. Seaquest balance and Zeagle Ranger ?'s between the two
  144. Help with BC's
  145. Help with bc's
  146. Mid-Range BP/W Suggestions for Newbie
  147. UTD alpha wing/trim device
  148. Size of stab jacket inflation cyllinders
  149. Using a single tank on a wing desgined for twin sets -Advice / How to?
  150. Looking for a little advice
  151. BP/W Crotch Strap -- is it really necessary ?
  152. BC tank holder broke
  153. Couple more Zeagle ET questions before purchase...
  154. Apeks Black Ice BC review
  155. weight pockets
  156. Novice diver plunge for Backplate and Wing?
  157. Ladies specific travel bcd.
  158. My BCD keeps pushing me down to the right (Tusa Selene Wing)
  159. Why do you need more lift when cold water diving?
  160. Need A Couple Questions Answered.
  161. Anyone using the Hollis HTS 2 harness???
  162. Bladder design question for the Tusa Voyager (BCJ-1800)
  163. Mares pegasus
  164. Cressi Travelight surface buoyancy/weight
  165. Thoughts on UTD Alpha/Delta + SS Backplate + Hollis Elite II
  166. Is this a good backplate and wing setup?
  167. Hollis Backplate Pad w/Mounting Screws
  168. Advice on Zeagle ET harness and weight systems
  169. Hollis S25 and Oxycheq 18 wing reviews
  170. Aeris ex lite with a dry suit
  171. Zeagle Express Tech (44lb) - bit of advice por favor: too floppy with a single??
  172. Trouble deflating new Sherwood Axis BCD
  173. BPW Recommendations
  174. Genaric ScubaPro style tank strap experiences?
  175. Mares vs Tusa back BCD
  176. Scubapro Classic Unlimited sizing
  177. Scubapro hell.... Can u help a guy out?
  178. Found a great deal on a massive double-bladder wing BCD rig - should I get it??
  179. Female divers - BCD recommendations
  180. Oxycheq Mach V extreme series - weight and packability
  181. Buckle Releases with BP/W
  182. Do I actually need a womens specific BCD? Oceanic/Zeagle/Bare?
  183. Wing grommets
  184. Looking at the Scubapro GO. Thoughts?
  185. What type of BC should I get?
  186. Aluminum backplate durability question
  187. Weights
  188. Dump valve cap for Halcyon wing
  189. BPW issues
  190. New diver having integrated weight problem
  191. fixing BC dump valve
  192. Sizing of Aqua Lung Power Inflator and Inflator Hose?
  193. Balanced Rig
  194. Mares MRS Plus BC Weights??
  195. travel or voyager aircell?
  196. Question for BP Wing experts ...
  197. Options for travel BP to match Halcyon Eclipse Wing
  198. Longer BC corrugated hose
  199. Halcyon / airsource three compatibility
  200. Donut Wings for Doubles
  201. LDS Pressure
  202. Ok Guys. I need Help!
  203. has anyone used that iGills, iphone case thing??
  204. anyone using a Aqualung with the i3 system?
  205. Scubapro tank strap on Seaquest Pro QD
  206. How do you know your BCD is fully dry after rinsing?
  207. Scubapro XTek Comfort harness - your feedback
  208. Moving Towards the "Dark Side"
  209. Halycon Backplate/harness
  210. is this a good deal?
  211. Dump Valve
  212. Anyone use an Aqua Lung Axiom? Comfortable?
  213. BCD issues when using DUI Weight Trim
  214. Reviews of Halycon
  215. Review of Oceanic Biolite BCD
  216. Stupid sounding question, but isn't
  217. Weight ideas for BP/W, dry suit, salt water (up to 40 lbs)
  218. 17L lift in pounds?
  219. BC purchase advice for future expansion
  220. BC, BP/W, back to the drawing board...could use help
  221. How to clean leaky power inflator w/o disassembling it
  222. H2odyssey BCD opinion
  223. Dive Rite Rec EXP Wing w/ single tank?
  224. New BP/W diver
  225. Need some advice
  226. Busted Hose on BC
  227. Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC
  228. What kind of wing with Freedom plate?
  229. Hollis S Wing Sizes
  230. Halcyon Infinity vs. Traveler (leaning toward Zeagle Stiletto) / others?
  231. Zeagle rear trim pockets
  232. What makes one back plate cost 2 - 3 times as much as another?
  233. Aqua Lung Axiom v. Dimension (and i3 v non-i3)
  234. used SEATEC wing, how much should I pay
  235. Belt extension done by Aqualung - anyone?
  236. First BCD - Aqua Lung Dimension i3
  237. I just had to smile . . . and share :)
  238. Help identiify a SeaQuest BC please
  239. for sidemounting Hollis SMS50 or Razor?
  240. ScubaPro Knighthawk vs Seahawk BCD
  241. HALCYON STA with OMS BP?
  242. Found a Dive Rite Harness/Plate/Wing Package
  243. Help me choose my first BC! Travel or full size?
  244. Hollis or Diverite harness
  245. Cressi Back Jac
  246. using weight keepers as weight keepers?
  247. BC keeps filling up with water
  248. EXD 27lbs wing with or without STA?
  249. Comments on two bp/w packages?
  250. For Those who have or had and Aeris EX200
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