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  1. Scubapro Classic Unlimited sizing
  2. Scubapro hell.... Can u help a guy out?
  3. Found a great deal on a massive double-bladder wing BCD rig - should I get it??
  4. Female divers - BCD recommendations
  5. Oxycheq Mach V extreme series - weight and packability
  6. Buckle Releases with BP/W
  7. Do I actually need a womens specific BCD? Oceanic/Zeagle/Bare?
  8. Wing grommets
  9. Looking at the Scubapro GO. Thoughts?
  10. What type of BC should I get?
  11. Aluminum backplate durability question
  12. Weights
  13. Dump valve cap for Halcyon wing
  14. BPW issues
  15. New diver having integrated weight problem
  16. fixing BC dump valve
  17. Sizing of Aqua Lung Power Inflator and Inflator Hose?
  18. Balanced Rig
  19. Mares MRS Plus BC Weights??
  20. travel or voyager aircell?
  21. Question for BP Wing experts ...
  22. Options for travel BP to match Halcyon Eclipse Wing
  23. Longer BC corrugated hose
  24. Halcyon / airsource three compatibility
  25. Donut Wings for Doubles
  26. LDS Pressure
  27. Ok Guys. I need Help!
  28. has anyone used that iGills, iphone case thing??
  29. anyone using a Aqualung with the i3 system?
  30. Scubapro tank strap on Seaquest Pro QD
  31. How do you know your BCD is fully dry after rinsing?
  32. Scubapro XTek Comfort harness - your feedback
  33. Moving Towards the "Dark Side"
  34. Halycon Backplate/harness
  35. is this a good deal?
  36. Dump Valve
  37. Anyone use an Aqua Lung Axiom? Comfortable?
  38. BCD issues when using DUI Weight Trim
  39. Reviews of Halycon
  40. Review of Oceanic Biolite BCD
  41. Stupid sounding question, but isn't
  42. Weight ideas for BP/W, dry suit, salt water (up to 40 lbs)
  43. 17L lift in pounds?
  44. BC purchase advice for future expansion
  45. BC, BP/W, back to the drawing board...could use help
  46. How to clean leaky power inflator w/o disassembling it
  47. H2odyssey BCD opinion
  48. Dive Rite Rec EXP Wing w/ single tank?
  49. New BP/W diver
  50. Need some advice
  51. Busted Hose on BC
  52. Mares Hybrid Pro Tec BC
  53. What kind of wing with Freedom plate?
  54. Hollis S Wing Sizes
  55. Halcyon Infinity vs. Traveler (leaning toward Zeagle Stiletto) / others?
  56. Zeagle rear trim pockets
  57. What makes one back plate cost 2 - 3 times as much as another?
  58. Aqua Lung Axiom v. Dimension (and i3 v non-i3)
  59. used SEATEC wing, how much should I pay
  60. Belt extension done by Aqualung - anyone?
  61. First BCD - Aqua Lung Dimension i3
  62. I just had to smile . . . and share :)
  63. Help identiify a SeaQuest BC please
  64. for sidemounting Hollis SMS50 or Razor?
  65. ScubaPro Knighthawk vs Seahawk BCD
  66. HALCYON STA with OMS BP?
  67. Found a Dive Rite Harness/Plate/Wing Package
  68. Help me choose my first BC! Travel or full size?
  69. Hollis or Diverite harness
  70. Cressi Back Jac
  71. using weight keepers as weight keepers?
  72. BC keeps filling up with water
  73. EXD 27lbs wing with or without STA?
  74. Comments on two bp/w packages?
  75. For Those who have or had and Aeris EX200
  76. Bc without an air release valve on the shoulder.
  77. BCD Shoulder Straps
  78. BCD Choice Question
  79. Water in BC ?
  80. Things to look for when buying a used BCD
  81. perished mares bladder?
  82. Aux air cylinders on BCDs'
  83. Fear of S/S BP being too heavy?
  84. bcd query
  85. BCD Sizing
  86. Smallest Wing?
  87. Aqualung (SeaQuest) Dimension i3 - Your experience?
  88. Help me decide Aqualung Axiom I3 vs Dimension I3
  89. Choosing Travel BC for an Inexperience Diver
  90. Zeagle LTD , please can you post some pictures of the grey,
  91. Is an i3 BC a good buy?
  92. BC for women
  93. poll UTD delta 27# vs mach V 18#
  94. What BC to Buy
  95. "Ocean Edge" BCD
  96. Which DR wing to choose
  97. An unusual use for an Express Tech harness
  98. Which BC should I get
  99. Experiences on Seac Sub BCD's?
  100. Would a Remote Exhaust Elbow help control buoyancy when using an octo-inflator in OOA
  102. Oxycheq wing re-assembly and gasket compatibily questions.
  103. Mini review - Aeris EX Lite Travel BCD
  104. Crotch strap for jacket BCs.
  105. Oxycheq Mach 5 is the most unsafe???
  106. weight belts or integrated?
  107. Stupid? Rinsing Idea...
  108. BCDs - More confused now than before!
  109. neutral without the aid of a BC
  110. Aqualung Axiom vs Zeagle Ranger
  111. Doing the Wing Roll - Dumping Wing air through one dump/relief valve
  112. Question on travel BCD's
  113. Is it safe to add weight plates to my BP/W?
  114. Cambands
  115. Zeagle Express Tec or Hollis Ride Travel or Diverite Travelpac
  116. Buying a used BC
  117. Advice
  118. Annual service for BCD with integrated octo: fair price?
  119. Axiom i3
  120. Inflator valve sticking
  121. Good, every day use, warm water BCD
  122. Bc air bladder material deterioration
  123. Sherwood Zodiac+
  124. BCD troubles
  125. Lift question: Will I experience a horrible death?
  126. Hog 23lb vs Hollis 25lb vs ??? opinions needs
  127. Cressi Back Jac
  128. Wing BCD and Weight issues
  129. Red Hat Maximus wing system
  130. bc for large belly man
  131. New diver looking at Zeagle BCD's
  132. Halcyon Backplate Spine Depth
  133. HOG BP - Any compatibility issues?
  134. Convert a backplate into a gear bag for travel?
  135. BCD requirements for Drysuit
  136. Good bc for newbie
  137. Taco
  138. UV Tech usage
  139. Any reason not to buy Aeris Ex100/A1 package online
  140. Brand New ScubaPro LadyHawk.. Should I sale?
  141. Backplate and wing
  142. Jacket style BCD
  143. Plastic style back plate and a STA
  144. New BP/W Maiden Dive
  145. Oceanic Islander or Cressi Aquapro 5
  146. Shoulder Dump Valves
  147. Pearl I3 or Lotus I3??? Suggestions????
  148. Repair to inflator hose attachment
  149. Wing(s) for NARROW Mini Doubles
  150. Halcyon Cinch with HOG BP
  151. MRS plus... dodgy?
  152. Halcyon Eclipse 30 vs Oxycheq Sig Mach V 40lb mini review
  153. AquaLung Dimension i3 Bungee cord simply broke
  154. Aqua Lung Zuma/Zuma Pro
  155. Question about Aeris BC
  156. Aeris EX Lite vs Zeagle ET vs Oceanic Biolite
  157. looking to get my first bc help please?
  158. wing for twins 8,5 lit with "narrow" manifold
  159. OxyCheq Wing
  160. Weight Harness and BP/W
  161. TransPac fixed weights but ditchable weights
  162. Scubapro T-Black BC
  163. Power inflator standard K type vs HOG vs Scubapro Balance
  164. Seaquest Balance inflator attachment
  165. Aqualung Zuma Pro BCD - Anyone interested in buying one?
  166. Calculating BCD Lift for Future Purchase
  167. Halcyon Infinity Impression
  168. Tusa Platina Evolution BCD - Need Inflator Assembly
  169. Need help with replacement BC weight pouch
  170. Anyone ever use these?
  171. Question about equipment maintenance and repair
  172. BP/W setup for a FL T-shirt diver? ? ? ? ?
  173. Help on drysuit weight systems
  174. Need help on a BP/W setup.
  175. STA design - unreasonable, intentional or just no one thinks about it
  176. BP/W Question on interchangeability
  177. Seaquest raider BC. How much do you think it's worth?
  178. Oceanic HERA BC weight pouches falling out
  179. What do you guys think of this deal? Aeris 5 Oceans
  180. water in Dimension i3
  181. BP/W Questions. Please Help
  182. Vest to Wings - Questions before i buy new BCD
  183. Some BP/W ??? Especially DRIS single setup
  184. Scuba Pro Go vs Geo
  185. thinking about buying a new bcd does anyone know anything about.....Aeris EX200
  186. Travel/packing friendly wing
  187. Backpad removal
  188. Opinions on a Mares BCD
  189. Halcyon Eclipse vs HOG BP/W
  190. SeaQuest i3 Integrated Inflator
  191. Hollis ATS or Zeagle Brigade?
  192. My comparison between DR standard size plate and H small plate
  193. Aeris ex200
  194. Your input on a light weight bcd for travel
  195. BP Wing package.
  196. Help choosing double wing for BP/W
  197. Dacor Elite BCD inflator hose needed
  198. To good to be true?
  199. Question about ScubaMax Integra BC-5000
  200. utd
  201. Which BCD do you recommend?
  202. Average price of of a good condition used H plate
  203. HOG 32 lb wing inflator hose
  204. Anybody have any experience with xs scuba v pocket??
  205. Weight here a minute...
  206. Mares MRS Plus
  207. Zeagle Stiletto
  208. Four new BCs for 2012
  209. What to look for when buying used BC
  210. Crotch strap and wedgies!!!
  211. Weight system for BP/W setup - ditchable pockets vs. weight belt?
  212. Drysuits and the weightbelt...
  213. Need help with BCD selection (back inflate)
  214. Weight pockets
  215. Nomad Series
  216. Best BCD for females?
  217. edge stealth 2 thoughts
  218. XS Sea Quest Balance BCD
  219. New tank and wing
  220. Halcyon small plate size
  221. Hard to disconnect LP inflator
  222. Might have made a poor decision.....
  223. Why does my tank rock
  224. input on an issue with an oversized wing
  225. My first BC: The Zeagle Wicked Lite
  226. Mares ICON Leak from shoulder dump
  227. Help Me Identify this SCUBAPRO BCD
  228. Mares Pegasus?
  229. Beginner in SM diving
  230. Sherwood Tortuga BCD review
  231. BCD fit
  232. Zeagle Express Tech vs Zeagle Wicked Lite for first travel BC (first BC ever actually
  233. What BCD can you recommand?
  234. Dive Rite Transpac vs Zeagle Express Tech as minimalist travel BC?
  235. DRIS 28lb Trianta Wing
  236. Cressi Aquaride
  237. Bp/w. deluxe vs hog harness??
  238. Zeagle ET bladder/wing replacement
  239. Very stiff webbing
  240. First BP/W looking for advice on setups!
  241. Dive Rite Plate compatability with Hog 32lb Singles Wing
  242. Zeagle 7607RK 911 for light tec diving?
  243. help with four choices for travel bcd
  244. Zeagle Express Tech or Express Tech Delux
  245. Cressi BCD size? I'm in the middle...
  246. Cressi Travelight or Aquapro 5 BCD???
  247. Hollis ATS question: mystery pocket and strap (pics included)
  248. What to Do About Excess Strap Material on DUI Weight System?
  249. Want BP/W. Would like advice/feedback
  250. HOG 32 LBS Wing

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