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  1. Just how bad of an idea is this
  2. Bought a new ScubaPro Litehawk, pocket question for the experts...
  3. Zeagle Ripcord Weight System
  4. Zeagle Express Tech - Comfortable for Women? Cold Water Diving?
  5. BP/W Questions
  6. Need input on Cressi S300 BC or Sherwood Avid 2007 model BC
  7. Apeks WTX + Oxycheq/DSS Wing = ?
  8. How do you store your Halcyon Infinity?
  9. Riptide Nautilus sizing
  10. OPV Question
  11. The simplest question about wings
  12. Agir Brokk Habrok 38lb Doubles Wing
  13. Back inflate questions
  14. BCD Air Leak
  15. Any experiences of Aqualung Pro or Scubapro T-one BCDs?
  16. Few questions regarding fitting of a BPW
  17. STA bolt too short or am I doing something wrong?
  18. Balance problem with Zeagle Ranger and sticking inflator button
  19. Help with stuck inflator and deflator buttons on my Dacor Scuba BCD
  20. Oceanic Probe Buoyancy Compensator- $275ea
  21. Seaquest Passport BCD, lost weight pack twice. Fix available? where to get new packs?
  22. How to put Scuba Pro strap on BC...
  23. Nomad XT Sidemount BC or Hog Aluminum/Steel - 58lb Wing
  24. harness problems
  25. Lift capacity/head above water on single wing vs jacket
  26. Light Weight / Travel BCDs
  27. ASV Buoyancy Compensator 
  28. Ordered My First BP/W BCD
  29. Can anyone recommend the heaviest back plate?
  30. Depth Compensating Weight Belt Buckle
  31. AquaLung Axiom I-3 ......
  32. DSS versus Tradition BPW with STA
  33. bc lift
  34. Halcyon Infinity Observations
  35. What tire for a HOG rig?
  36. Mares Icon and Atomic SS1
  37. Build a BPW vs Zeagle Express Tech
  38. New diver - 3 LDSs suggest no BPW - why?
  39. Halcyon Infinity for a new diver?
  40. Zeagle Ranger Bladder Attachment straps #7281M
  41. SCUBA PRO X-TEK "form"
  42. DSS Kydex Backplate with Doubles
  43. The new Scuba Pro Go
  44. v-bar
  45. Removing SMOKE smell
  46. Looking to Buy: ScubaPro LadyHawk Size Small with Air2
  47. Best lightweight travel BCD
  48. Women's BCs
  49. More BCD questions
  50. First BCD, Zeagle Zena...love it.
  51. Suggestions for back plate/wing set up?
  52. Good Rec (Maybe Tech) BP/W
  53. My Zeagle Express Tech review of sorts...
  54. Do or Not Do with Weight Pockets...
  55. Looking for my first BCD, but problems with sizing.
  56. How do you Like your Dive Rite QB 16 weight system?
  57. Mares Pegasus BCD w/ Atomic SS1
  58. Can your jacket do this?
  59. New diver looking to purchase first BC, lots of questions...
  60. Aqualung Seaquest Pro problem
  61. Litehawk, Zuma Pro, Zeagle ET or Oxycheq?
  62. soft weights for new divers.
  63. New diver, new BCD, now need weighting advice
  64. Aqua Lung BCD with i3...To Buy or Not To Buy?
  65. xxl bcd or bp/wing
  66. Zeagle ET Question
  67. When to upgrade a BC
  68. Aqualung Axiom i3
  69. BCD model?
  70. how important is the center hole grommet on the hogarthian harness webbing?
  71. Repairing a very damaged BC
  72. Has anyone tried this backplate? Golem Stream
  73. BCD for a newbie
  74. Halcyon Infinity set up recommendations?
  75. V-weights on an AL backplate
  76. DSS and Oxycheq Pics side by side
  77. DSS Wing Nipple vs. Traditional STA wingnut?
  78. XS Scuba Necton BC
  79. Dive Charactersitics of oxycheq extreme vs sig series 40#
  80. Brigade Setup question...
  81. Weighting for Halcyon Infinity,
  82. Breaking in a new BC
  83. Halcyon users, please tell me why
  84. Zeagle Express Tech: How much extra web do you leave?
  85. OPV question
  86. Oxycheq Travel Stainless Steel Backplate vs. An Aluminum Blackplate
  87. Million dollar idea that could save a life easily
  88. First day with the new BC?! Just purchased my first back inflate BC
  89. Best Jacket Style BC with Tech Options
  90. What is the best travel BC for me?
  91. AquaLung Pro LT vs. Pro QD?
  92. what is the smallest back plate please?
  93. Attaching it all?
  94. Considerations for buying a closeout model?
  95. Trying out BCs
  96. Aqualung Dimension i3 BCD
  97. First Impression - H Evolve 40 vs Oxycheq Mach V 30 dry comparison
  98. Need some tips or advice to pick a back inflation BC with weight integration
  99. what is the average length wing inflator LP hose?
  100. Dive Rite TravelPac BCD
  101. Black Diamond back inflate bc
  102. zeagle brigade vs scubapro knighthawk
  103. hog 32# or dive rite 35# voyager wing?
  104. Sherwood freedom bc
  105. Balance BC Sea Quest needs more weight
  106. Newb BC question
  107. Bare BCs weight coming off fix
  108. SIngle Tank Adapter set up?
  109. best single tank wing?
  110. BC information? Where do i find information on BCs made by "Great Outdoors"?
  111. broken dual valve. where to get a replacement
  112. Black Diamond Wieght Pouch coming out
  113. adustable hog harness
  114. backplate and harness fitting?
  115. Very large man wanting to start Scuba Diving.
  116. Ditchable weight solutions
  117. Zeagle Backplate with OMS Bladder???? Will this work???
  118. OMS Medium Stiffness (no resin) Nylon Webbing?
  119. Cam Buckle Assembly Instructions
  120. DUI Weight Harness
  121. Tank Bands on BP/W.
  122. Name this BC
  123. REC wing Question
  124. Poseidon besea weight pockets.
  125. trim issues
  126. Is 26 lbs of lift enough?
  127. Scubapeo X-TEK line wings
  128. Scubapro TEK
  129. First Back Inflate BC
  130. Cressi Flex lightweight BC (REVIEW)
  131. BP/W Question
  132. Dying material for the padding of my halcyon infinity BP....
  133. i keep going back and forth oxycheq or dive rite?
  134. Just got a Back Inflate
  135. oxycheq mach v wing thoughts? also what about using it with a DR bp?
  136. What to look for in a bcd
  137. dive alert and Dive rite wing?
  138. Scubapro Seahawk, Who has it?
  139. Stuck between two BCD's Cressi Sub or Aqua Lung?
  140. Back Inflation vs. BP/W
  141. Lowering tank on a Selene II?
  142. to sex bolt or not to sex bolt?
  143. Weight questions
  144. Trading up
  145. Travelight Xlarge neveer wet
  146. Wing with a DR backplate?
  147. Riptide BCD
  148. how much lift do i need and is it too big of a wing?
  149. Safety valve: left vs. right, top vs. bottom.
  150. BCD without inflator/deflator attachment
  151. Halcyon Infinity A+++
  152. Mares ICON BCD
  153. zeagle express tech?
  154. Used bc
  155. Getting certified and need advice
  156. Halcyon wing worth the extra
  157. halcyon bp with a bit of rust
  158. Restriction banding 55lbs wing
  159. Oceanic Excursion II
  160. Probably a dumb (new) BCD question....
  161. Scubapro Plastic Backpack + Wing?
  162. Choosing a wing/ Bladder size/lbs - Express Tech BCD
  163. Please help with my fitting question
  164. Mares dragon at
  165. Sea Elite profile hybrid bc oral inflator ( its too short) what would interchange?
  166. Entry Level BCs
  167. Which BCD? Looking at Mares Dragon
  168. Oxycheq Mach V signature (extreme) wings, where are they made?
  169. Metal power inflator?
  170. US Divers Sea Master BCD
  171. Recommendation of BCD for young teen just starting
  172. Lightweight BC, Warm Water, Travel, Back Inflate
  173. Oceanic Biolite with a Scubapro Air 2?
  174. SS vs AL backplate question, please help out!
  175. Dive rite harness with apeks wing question
  176. Seapro BCD?
  177. Sea Elite EBS 60Lb on a single tank?
  178. How much lift do I need in a BC?
  179. Upgrade time, New BC
  180. I need a more streamlined BC!!!
  181. Looking for my first BC <Mares>
  182. Help a brother out
  183. Tank Stability with the Dive Rite TransPac Harness soft backplate
  184. Pearl or Lotus?
  185. Which BCD to buy?
  186. buckles on the transplate
  187. Jacket style vs rear inflate
  188. Mares Icon BC, Mares products, Good / Bad ?
  189. Best Sport BC?
  190. I think the competition to be the best travel BC just got a lot tougher!
  191. Travel BC's vs Standard Bc's, newbie question.
  192. HOG 38 v. 58
  193. Malfunctioning inflator - can't find the defect
  194. ScubaPro Stabilization Jacket - Orange
  195. SureLock II Advisory
  196. Drying the inside of the wing bladder ?
  197. when shopping for a bp/w.
  198. Bare Blackwing versus Oceanic Excursion 2 BCD?
  199. Weighting options for switching btw steel and aluminum tanks
  200. V weight Cutting
  201. Scubatoys bp/w package
  202. Minimum wing buoyancy
  203. Cressi Start BCD
  204. forte bc?
  205. US Divers Sea Master weight pouches...
  206. BP/W comfort type setup for a woman
  207. Torn between what wing to get
  208. BC Selection for warm, travel: Educate and Opinions
  209. OMS Single Tank Adaptor
  210. BC Repair?
  211. Weights in BC pocket?
  212. Zeagle Ranger side panel fading
  213. How squeezed is squeezed? (Really wanting to like the Dry Suit)
  214. OMS help!
  215. Sidemount diving
  216. Oceanic Bio-Lite Review
  217. New horse collars?
  218. Tank Band Weight Pockets
  219. Travel rig plate help figuring out whats best for me ???/
  220. Zeagle Ranger or Stiletto
  221. Top Womens BCD?
  222. Travel BC Recommendations
  223. AL or SS backplate for warm water dives?
  224. Worth to rip out DiveRite transpate harness for a 1 piece hog harness
  225. Aqualung Dimension I3 review
  226. Circular Wing vs Horseshoe Wing
  227. How does Scubapro's tec line measure up?
  228. Oceanic Excursion 2 or ScubaPro Seahawk
  229. Need BCD Recomendation for short round person on a budget :)
  230. Looking for a new bcd- Help pls
  231. New BCD Decision
  232. Wing suggestion for single tank?
  233. OMS 32 lb wing. Do i need an STA?
  234. zeagle vs hollis bp/w bcd
  235. Will I notice an extra 10 pounds of lift on the surface ?
  236. wing pushes regulator 1st stage when inflated - potential problem??
  237. OMS BP Harness
  238. Oceanic Probe HLC
  239. Airsource on trek wing?
  240. Need quick answers before I buy??
  241. Transpac and STAs?
  242. Oxycheq Extreme vs Halcyon Eclipse vs.......
  243. How do you connect your inflator to your harness?
  244. looking for a new bcd
  245. How to repair ripped weight pocket seam on BC
  246. New to diving Need equipment advice
  247. SS cam bands: Do you use tank pads with them?
  248. Dive Rite backplate is discolored after salt water dive...
  249. Scuba Pro Knighthawk?
  250. are Dive Rite and Zeagle wings interchangable?
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