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  1. scuba diving commuity...
  2. air consumption versus depth
  3. does your LDS clean its rental gear?
  4. A Medical Story
  5. Man Dies After Scuba Diving
  6. cigaretts
  7. Instructor on Enriched Air
  8. Float tube
  9. scuba skills that need practice...
  10. Is my LDS getting too Greedy?
  11. Hand signal question...
  12. Back from Corsica !
  13. Gilboa Scuba Patrol??
  14. Perfect dive site.
  15. Where are the good Cayman dive sites?
  16. Why is Diving MORE than a Sport?
  17. Dive Team Tryout Today....
  18. Air Hog
  19. Hooka questions
  20. Ideas for Emergency Assistance Plan?
  21. another question about "advanced open water"
  22. A different kind of dive trip
  23. Great Big Thread of Scuba Tips and Tricks
  24. The right (?) tool for the job
  25. Looking for a list and picture of standard hand signals
  26. Reef Hook
  27. Halcyon fair trade pricing
  28. Dive insurance
  29. Long distance dive relationships
  30. How many of you are smokers
  31. What do you consider "Cold Water" when wetsuit diving?
  32. I'm sad
  33. 7' and 24" Hoses
  34. Best Ever Diver....who do you think?
  35. Famous Last Words of SCUBA Divers.....
  36. Maui
  37. What is Red Bend
  38. Why - not to let your kids learn to dive !!!
  39. Rule of 120 question
  40. Multi-level Dives
  41. chasing crabs
  42. DIR-F in NC One week later
  43. Old Scuba (Brands) Catalogs:
  44. padi table vs. SSI table
  45. Corrective Lenses
  46. A New House for Uncle Pug
  47. ..future instructor
  48. SeaQuest Raider
  49. Who started SCUBA Board? Whats it to you?
  50. funniest thing seen diving????
  51. Oil Rigs
  52. Nice Article, Doc!
  53. Dry suit diving - help
  54. Out of the water for a while
  55. Pipe dream?
  56. What Are You Doing on the 4Th Of July Weekend
  57. Aquarium Diving
  58. Rock Bottom Air Reserve for Ascent from 100'
  59. leaky BC?
  60. Hose Length Recommendations
  61. A big tank could bend you????
  62. Looking for a good website that has a
  63. Bummer on OW Certification
  64. do you have a mustache?
  65. Cincinnati Dive Shops
  66. naui question??
  67. Bent over a BC
  68. Dive Buddy needed for NJ Wreck Dive
  69. dive flag
  70. padi vs naui dive master certs
  71. So how hard would it be....
  72. what would you have done?
  73. Surface Detection Equipment
  74. What's up with those flourescent dive goddess skins I see in the magazines?
  75. How easily a situation can get out of hand!
  76. good or bad time to buy a dive shop?
  77. Basic OW cert questions
  78. Diving Acronyms
  79. Taking specialty courses during my live aboard
  80. Sunscreen advice
  81. How deep after annual servicing of reg, BC or BP/Wing?
  82. A kilt...the perfect post dive accessory!
  83. Gilboa - Labor Day Weekend
  84. LDS in Northern NJ
  85. Metal Detecting in VA/MD Rivers n Lakes.
  86. Dpv
  87. List of essential gear
  88. Regs
  89. DAN insurance
  90. Blistered sunburn... ouchy
  91. AMAZING the experts here
  92. Premature retirement from diving
  93. Salary...
  94. kids beginning gear
  95. How young to start diving ?
  96. OW gear in a chlorine pool ?
  97. Advanced vs open water??
  98. Ppo2
  99. If your kids dive, what dive insurance?
  100. Dive Master in training
  101. New Certifications
  102. You know you're an old timer when
  103. diver dies yesterday in Rhode Island
  104. It's official...
  105. Ran into a buddy of mine...
  106. Need advise - Is shorty adequate protection
  107. 4m deeper in cold water?
  108. Grand Cayman trip report- Long
  109. DIR-F Report - Sault Ste. Marie CANADA
  110. Best location/diveschool for Divemaster internship!
  111. Oceanic Bucket Hats - Where to buy?
  112. The Truth Is Out There...
  113. Equipment
  114. What will all the equipment cost me?
  115. Mike Ferrara meets Airhog?
  116. Moved to Colorado, Need dive buddy
  117. I was forced to go to LeisurePro!
  118. emotions!
  119. Basic Review Material...
  120. Did you pass DIR-F?
  121. Activities to do while your diving
  122. suggestionis on padi dive shop in nyc
  123. I need some dive-saftey-nazis to yell at me.
  124. idc training in thailand
  125. End Dive signal.
  126. What do you mean by "Trim"?
  127. how many of you should be working right now?
  128. Getting Horizonal
  129. message boards???
  130. Where to log???
  131. Pre-Dirf
  132. diving Insurance?
  133. ACUC opinions?
  134. Standard Hand Signals
  135. What is DIR-F????
  136. Question for Canadians on the Board
  137. Old YMCA Certification
  138. Another bungee question
  139. Dutch Springs in PA
  140. Pilling on my wetsuit
  141. Could you make a liveing
  142. The Missionary Position
  143. Diving saved the day
  144. CMAS v.s. BSAC
  145. Why are there so many sharks teeth in Venice Florida?
  146. Are Sharks teeth bad luck???
  147. Need advice on a tough question
  148. Dive Alert on BC inflator hose
  149. Dive Resort Management course - Any thoughts?
  150. Max. depth on Air
  151. NDL Limit
  152. not a troll, I promise....
  153. Global Underwater Explorer fundamentals class
  154. whytecliff park map?? (Vancouver)
  155. over-balanced Apeks first stage.
  156. How big does a pony bottle need to be?
  157. Does cold water narc you more?
  158. getting gear on a plane??
  159. Time to Ascent
  160. Lost PADI Card
  161. doubles
  162. What do you do with your PADI Patches?
  163. What a day
  164. PADI DM Test
  165. AOW, dutch springs and a great weekend
  166. 19th annual Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival
  167. How much should I pay for a hired DM to work as a guide?
  168. 9 months since last dive, get reg. serviced or not?
  169. Open Water Fast Track
  170. taking a non diver
  171. Simone Cousteau
  172. Dir?
  173. Key Largo Instructor training
  174. It wasn't supposed to go like this...
  175. Refunds for Students who Can't pass O/W?
  176. Were can I see the new Naui Tables?
  177. How many divers are there?
  178. Diving with cops
  179. Bye-bye Mr Cressi
  180. Kansas area G.U.E. Fundamentals class dates
  181. The OK sign
  182. How Cold is Cold?
  183. Stop the Madness!!
  184. Won't be doing night dive
  185. Ohio University Dive Training
  186. The essence of diving
  187. dove the quaries today
  188. Diving food
  189. Boat Diving ?
  190. A weighted question
  191. Poll: DIR vs. Non-DIR vs. Undecided
  192. Cold water regulators
  193. Finally dove with DIR buddies. What a mess!
  194. From PADI's website.. RE: John Cronin
  195. The Cost of Diving
  196. Live Forum Scuba Discussions?
  197. John Cronin (PADI CEO) has died...
  198. New Equipment
  199. Sipadan
  200. Mozambique
  201. Cuba or Belize
  202. Breathing off the BC
  203. Newbie Question safe second
  204. Final Fiji Vacation Pics Online!
  205. diving vs posting
  206. A Hard Lesson Learned (+)
  207. My first setup/ You're thoughts please.
  208. SCUBA on TV
  209. ow instructor program/ Dressel divers
  210. PADI IDC Key Largo
  211. Divers needed NOW! Isle Royale liveaboard!
  212. An agency standards question for instructors
  213. I want to know about bp/wings
  214. National Geo. Explorer
  215. Padi Dive Wheel ?
  216. Does anybody know what is the price for a Kirby Morgan EXO-26?
  217. Cyber Diver Website
  218. Shark Feeding
  219. Spear fishing
  220. Should C-Cards Expire?
  221. Equalizing for beginers
  222. US Divers regulator parts and rebuild instructions
  223. Liveaboards
  224. Split from DM in training thread
  225. Glad that I didn't have to decide!
  226. Horitzontal Ascents
  227. Papaya Enzymes?
  228. Boyles law, Lifting and a better formula.
  229. Mask removal phobia
  230. "He's just a little green...."
  231. PADI standards for DM-conducted programs?
  232. Training Agencies
  233. Kind Divers make diving better!
  234. Whats wrong with this picture?
  235. between dive regulator covers
  236. But Seriously...
  237. SCUBA Fest anyone?
  238. The saint of divers
  239. On my way ouut the door!!!!
  240. Early signs of Panic and prevention
  241. Is it just MY instructor?
  242. Scenario Ascending fromDepth
  243. Nitrox/Trimix blending Software - need testers.
  244. a book recomendation
  245. Advice for a wanna be DM :: Preparation and Visas...
  246. Accident reports-Required reading? (long)
  247. Need a Tank Rack, Any Suggestions?
  248. Spearfishing buddy NE Indiana?
  249. Dive industry BS
  250. jaws scene
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