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  1. Your Scuba Diving Christmas Gifts
  2. How do you think people really think when you mention you scuba dive?
  3. merry christmas board!
  4. Merry Christmas from Kona!
  5. I hope I'm not the only one......
  6. Cool picture in SCUBA DIVING magazine
  7. Is "the first rule of Scubaboard is that you don't talk about Scubaboard?"
  8. How many SB'ers have you met?
  9. Estimating Weight Needed for New BCD
  10. Scuba Claus
  11. Dive Rite EXP fins.............XL
  12. New wetsuit neck too tight
  13. Secrets to hand warmth?
  14. How many divers
  15. ~400 dives in 2011 with a few new experiences
  16. What did you buy but eventually replaced?
  17. How has Leisurepros business model changed your opinion of them?
  18. Merry Christmas Video
  19. Immersion Pulmonary Edema (IPE) - unknown cause, known killer
  20. Race to the Bottom of the Sea.... A new kind of "Space Race"....
  21. Safety on the Dive Boat
  22. Neoprene neck seal HELP need!!!!!
  23. Sherwood Magnum - good deal or not?
  24. Replace MARES pressure/depth console?
  25. 2.5 mm long sleeve shorty deal
  26. Buying own please!
  27. I decided to move to the Caribbean
  28. How thick a wetsuit for the Great Lakes?
  29. 60 Minutes Anderson Cooper visits Cuba's Islands of the Queen
  30. Senior-friendly dive sites
  31. Skills tuneup
  32. Cold Tanks?
  33. When is it OK for a dive buddy to leave another diver?
  34. Good Android apps?
  35. Gulf Trip Tips?
  36. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...
  37. Tampa
  38. 2011 achievements and 2012 goals?
  39. Recommendations on full length wet suits with "convenience" zipper in front?
  40. How to go pro
  41. Looking for fun/distinct dive location between St Louis & NYC
  42. T Shirt diver
  43. Newly Certified Divemaster says thanks
  44. To Weight, Or Not Weight?
  45. NAUI Log book
  46. PADI membership renewal
  47. Octo necklage
  48. Here I Come Bahamas
  49. Figured out the Suunto Vyper Air issue my LDS talked about...
  50. Connect of bolt snap to regulator and SPG
  51. degrees obtained through diving
  52. ending dives with sharks circling?
  53. which cert. card to carry
  54. any good scuba documentaries or movies?
  55. Charter Boat Diver Roll-Call
  56. Dive Magazines
  57. why does winter have higher visibility underwater than summer?
  58. Need Suggestions/Comments on Streamlining
  59. Whats the difference in Dive computers?
  60. Ice diving in a wetsuit... crazy?
  61. Did mask removal feel like a punch for anyone else?
  62. Points of failure
  63. To Puke in a Regulator or not to puke in a regulator....That is the question
  64. Help on Single tank for a dive rite
  65. Integrated inflator/octo or just and octo..
  66. The big names in scuba shopping
  67. haven't been on here in 6yrs, so much to read, kinda overwhelmed, please help!!
  68. Need dive boat for projects for summer on cape cod
  69. Spare air?
  70. dry vs wet
  71. New diver wanting tips for things to focus on improving over summer
  72. Moving from Warm Water Diving to Cold Water
  73. Bad service stories
  74. Vintage SPG's read low?
  75. Wetsuits
  76. Why don't we have emergency signaling devices connected to the boat?
  77. How do basic/novice/inexperienced divers define "What is Advanced Diving?"
  78. Do you "give back"?
  79. Buying from Europe; looking for a Vyper Air black (not avail in US)
  80. How about this idea for a dive log...
  81. did something a bit different this morning ...
  82. liability insurance in South Africa?
  83. Feed back or info needed
  84. Camera reunited with owner
  85. Why NOT to be a safety Diver
  86. Leaving expensive equipment down.
  87. Waterproof Taurus Combat
  88. How is the Rescue Diver Cert?
  89. How much air for a CESA
  90. HOG reg for Recreational diving
  91. Spraying water-proof layer on wetsuit
  92. Yoke and DIN on doubles?
  93. Recompression Chamber Under The Boat?
  94. Computer strap.
  95. Line on mask and fins.
  96. Why are all rented BC dump valves broken?
  97. Suunto Vyper Air Black...anyone know a authorized dealer that carries them?
  98. DIY converting a titanium first stage yoke to DIN...nuts?
  99. Remove reg hoses for travel?
  100. Problem with some Sunscreens & Diving.
  101. Converting a yoked T2x to titanium 300 bar DIN. What to do with the leftover yoke.
  102. How many dives before people got their buoyancy at a comfortable level?
  103. Suunto Zoop
  104. Tank rating 232 versus 300 bar
  105. When Are You too Sick to Dive?
  106. Single Cylinder - twin valves, why?
  107. Whalesharks are in Palm Beach again.....
  108. Assembling regulators and hose sets - advice please
  109. Mighty Tape to repair a reg hose under water? Hmmm
  110. ending a dive
  111. On-Line Charity SCUBA Auction (until 12/04)
  112. Drysuit buoyancy
  113. Question about this equipment?
  114. What is ?
  115. Car keys and other small items
  116. Miracle products (lower priced and has an avid following here on scubaboard)
  117. Want to use a bungee secondary w/o wrapping a primary LP hose around me for reef div
  118. Does Sun Screen Kill Coral Reef?
  119. Holiday Shopping for Dive Gear
  120. Revelations while describing diving to others.
  121. Buddy Diving Includes...
  122. Flying after diving.......
  123. Drinking and Diving
  124. Free diving manuals
  125. Please help
  126. Keeping spool and SMB separated.
  127. Inspiration to dive...
  128. Making The Scuba Industry Better
  129. Buoyancy Question
  130. Reef hooks
  131. Rust removal outside tank?
  132. How to keep feet off the bottom... Very noob question.
  133. Underwater navigation
  134. In Praise of Divemasters
  135. Integrated weight and odd numbers.
  136. to hood or not to hood?
  137. Well, it wasn't actually diving but...
  138. Who will service the regulator yourself? Any Pro can advise?
  139. The most popular brand in US/EU/AU? &yr opinion
  140. Dive Leader Loyalty? - What would you do?
  141. regs and hoses configurations
  142. Do you avoid looking directly to the pressure gauge during tests?
  143. Hanging bottles underwater
  144. Bladder for drinking underwater?
  145. Best regulator to eliminate dry mouth?
  146. Gonna wet 2 more tanks this year
  147. What does scuba diving mean to you ?
  148. finding dive buddies just by asking
  149. Help with Grad School Presentation - DCI
  150. Scientific Diving Program?
  151. Flooded SPG - Improper Rinsing
  152. Your reaction to this emergency situation.
  153. Yay! I made my 50th dive today!
  154. SSI Referral to Padi OW cert
  155. poseidon jetstream vs diverite jetstream
  156. f -> fsw -> msw -> m
  157. Do you practice safety procedures regularly?
  158. Peak Performance Buoyancy [PRACTICAL]
  159. Shell Collecting ...again
  160. tank ?
  161. HP X7-80 Steel tank is great diet program
  162. going from a 3/2 to a 7mm...~ how much weight to add
  163. Commercial Diving careers
  164. Muscle Groups / Exercices for Scuba?
  165. Sheep Crab Video
  166. Tailoring Skills
  167. What do you do when you can't dive ?
  168. What I've learned from the Accidents/Incidents report forum
  169. 1st and 2nd stage freeflow questions
  170. How would you like scuba diving marketed to you or something that stood out to you
  171. US Veterans Day
  172. Underwater Christmas --- Ideas?
  173. Dive computer sensitivity
  174. Suunto replacement battery kit
  175. Steel tanks and Hydro?
  176. 3 days to DM?
  177. Suunto "violation"
  178. their AL 80m are lighter????
  179. ScubaPro Regulator Position
  180. Perfecting your Scuba Skills: Buoyancy Control
  181. Scubapro and parts for life questions
  182. Lift Bag?
  183. Weight of Tanks - calculating degree of +/-bouyancy
  184. Rina Canceled my Dive
  185. Soaking regs unpressurised... oops
  186. Just something you might find interesting..
  187. Afternoon dive buddy
  188. The PADI Equipment Specialist Course
  189. SB Biases and "You're gonna die!"s - What gear configuration do YOU dive with?
  190. Interesting shark attack stats!
  191. Sharks & Diving
  192. What Color is the Ocean?
  193. Wet suits
  194. Tooth Cavity and diving
  195. Leisure pro now authorized scubapro dealer
  196. Labfarola wall in Dom rep
  197. throat constriction
  198. Clearing a Sherwood CR2509
  199. new boots.. floaty feet
  200. when is a tank too old to buy?
  201. Experience diver?
  202. Value in discussing accidents & incidents?
  203. Lube for Octo to First Stage ?
  204. Underwater MP3 player
  205. Pelizzari
  206. Putting the wetsuit & BCD in mothballs
  207. The Rise of the E-Diver
  208. Bloody Nose
  209. What was the right thing to do in this situation??
  210. Am I overweight with this config?
  211. Weights
  212. Are other dive boats as good as in So. Cal ?
  213. Did my instructor SCREW UP?
  214. STOP!! Time for a Divers' Safety Stand-Down Day??
  215. Reverse Kick
  216. Regulator Choice Question
  217. Wetsuit intended for surfers
  218. Diver necklace birthday present
  219. To anchor or not to anchor
  220. Looking to buy
  221. What is the customary tip for dive charters?
  222. CBS Evening News Mistake
  223. OWC in November in Thailand?
  224. Dive Insurance. Why?
  225. Help needed for university project :)
  226. It's Halloween, What is your scariest eeriest most haunted dive story?
  227. DRYSUIT stockist in Houston
  228. Debating between e-learning vs OW referral?
  229. Spare air - or not?
  230. Suicide strap rig
  231. Hyperbaric chamber treatment
  232. Help identify a Sherwood regulator
  233. Verification Problem's-Need help!!
  234. Camera drifts from Cayman to Florida
  235. Teens Diving
  236. Peak Performance Buoyancy
  237. It's official
  238. Malaria pills or not?
  239. Padi Divemaster
  240. Killing lionfish, does it work?
  241. PADI Nitrox Course Review
  242. Too kewl. (didn't know where else to put this)
  243. Aluminum 90 Tank
  244. Confused, Why should cave divers not dive to an excessive depth?
  245. Din O-rings
  246. Labeling Gear????
  247. Boat diving - Tank valve on or off during trip?
  248. Dive Buddy Violence?
  249. Anybody lose a dive computer at Que Brada Belize a few years ago?
  250. Help: Gaining experience and immersion in local dive scene
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