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  1. acsent to altitude after diving a computer
  2. Doing some Pool Time -
  3. Divemaster?
  4. Regulators - best of the tests
  5. Long hose config
  6. How do you drift dive?
  7. I don't think you're doing it right...
  8. Advice on a regulator
  9. Aluminum BP in the tropics?
  10. Heading to Kauai Hawaii - Can you recommend a dive shop?
  11. Did Scuba build your water confidence?
  12. Any suggestions for keeping my wifes hair out of her mask?
  13. Liveaboard question
  14. Another new guy... Another gear recommendation thread
  15. "if you can dive here, you can dive anywhere"
  16. Manufacturers under different brand names.
  17. Rechargeable batteries?
  18. Managing A Picked-up Buddy
  19. Online Nitrox Courses
  20. Where to go?
  21. Spiny urchins
  22. Used late 90s AL Tanks, used often or stored?
  23. Question about hyperbaric chamber rides
  24. Buying older steel tanks?
  25. Has the RDP changed over the years?
  26. Ocean College Sharm Egypt
  27. Pony Bottle Location Question
  28. My urge to own a steel tank ...
  29. So do you get bored checking tanks for CO when you never get readings?
  30. What does "bsl" mean on an Oceanic VEO 200 dive computer?
  31. Recommendations for a Regulator
  32. The natural progression of SB threads
  33. Where to strap a small knife
  34. Snorkeling mask suitable for diving?
  35. Scuba Regulator Adapter
  36. deco stop question
  37. new divers and rescue skills
  38. blue hole?
  39. Steel Tank Purchase
  40. Has anyone tried CO-PRO?
  41. Personal locating devices.
  42. Rock Bottom Calculation Practice
  43. Tables & computers
  44. Back from a bad experience and ready to RE-ENGAGE! Here fishy fishy fishy!!!!
  45. Using a line reel
  46. Adding a dive club to the store
  47. Necklace Octo holder
  48. dive log
  49. Hallelujah! Scuba diver rescued after 13 hours at sea
  50. what would you think?
  51. Tips $$$$
  52. 1st Stage Ports
  53. Bonne Terre
  54. School project--golf ball diving
  55. Heading to Oman
  56. Coming back with TOO MUCH air??
  57. College divers
  58. Problems w Aeris T3 computer
  59. Advice on Speciality Classes
  60. Is an integrated Oct reg BC a good idea or not?
  61. A thank you for some diver or divers that might have been at Paradise Springs today
  62. Medical conditions preventing diving
  63. Anxiety related diving nightmares
  64. PADI's Course Rush
  65. last dive till im certified :)
  66. Did Stupid Diver Trick Today
  67. dive light
  68. Gear Q's
  69. Just got my AOW and might plan a deep dive. Things to make sure I cover off?
  70. Do YOU know? Cardiovascular Risk Factors for Diving Quiz
  71. Dive Buddy Pick-ups
  72. How many divers die each year?
  73. How many dives to get comfortable with your drysuit?
  74. Palancar Industries
  75. Online Rescue Course
  76. bad dives, what did you learn?
  77. Can we infer DCI before symptoms develop?
  78. Got Some New Gear Coming
  79. Weight placement problems? or is it something else...
  80. PADI * LEDS (Lionfish Eradication Divers Specialty) Course
  81. TDI online Nitrox course...
  82. Got my AOW and EAN Cert Cards yesterday
  83. Has anyone tried CO Pro?
  84. Weather preventing diving
  85. Looking for "Buddies" knowledgeable in Crystal River Dive Sites
  86. Just earned my open water dive certification.
  87. New truck needs new tank holder..going home made any ideas??
  88. Flying before diving
  89. Bottom timers
  90. Dumb Question about Air2
  91. What is considered minimum eqiupment for diving.
  92. Cold water Q's
  93. Novice Diver needs help with BCD
  94. Instructor Liability
  95. "Performance Diver" internet gear site?
  96. Compass Problem
  97. Ft Lauderdale Spearfishing
  98. How to plan second dive of the day using a computer
  99. Which brand of wetsuit is longer in the body?
  100. where would you go (in the USA) ...
  101. Realizing a dream
  102. Leisure Pro & Cressi
  103. Best ship wreck, real not artificial.
  104. If I stop finning, I adopt a vertical position
  105. Diving with non ditchable weights
  106. Wow Would you like a quick bite? Scuba divers invite sharks to thier party!
  107. alternatives to knives for escaping monofilament?
  108. Looking to purchase VT3 or VT4 w/ transmitter
  109. Rescue Diver True Stories
  110. I'm looking for a Android RDP app that allows for Nitrox, displays PG & cum. O2 %
  111. What does a reef really look like?
  112. Should I wait on buying an underwater camera until I have more dive experience ?
  113. Pool for Refresher Course and Gear Test in NYC
  114. Where to dive?
  115. Is it possible to Puke through the reg ?
  117. Travel/diving advice needed
  118. Deepest dive first?
  119. How long is it safe to store air in your scuba tanks?
  120. My new Hog second stage
  121. Any problem leaving a filled tank in the car?
  122. Logging Pool Dives
  123. Retaliation against dumb boaters & fisherman
  124. Dive Boat Safety, What do you look for?
  125. PADI training courses on live aboard operations?
  126. Save A Dive Kit
  127. Trip and equipment insurance recommendations
  128. nubie
  129. How to get warm in 57-degree Fahrenheit water
  130. Dream of ice diving
  131. Regulator freeflow? How to deal with this?
  132. Does anyone know anything about this scuba light probe
  133. Another Nitrox class question
  134. Calling SSI divers
  135. Tusa X pert z3/sf-18 VS Hollis F-1 jet fins
  136. Need a new wetsuit... Advice?
  137. Scuba diving and life insurance
  138. Cold in the Water - What you SHOULD know!
  139. I hate dive flags!!!
  140. make a wet suit just a little less cold?
  141. Why don't more DM's become Instructors?
  142. Getting in shape for diving
  143. Who helped you with the "how"?
  144. Sea sick at surface interval
  145. Looking for some help deciding where to go
  146. Getting in shape for diving
  147. Predicting and Preventing and Handling Dive Panic or Anxiety
  148. PC Software for you dive computer
  149. safety stop question
  150. Is buoyancy control more difficult with a thicker wetsuit?
  151. Diving without a dive master or guide.
  152. Rescue Diver w/ different agencies
  153. Wetsuit Question: Please Help!
  154. Out of these places which is the best?
  155. Mask for small nose.
  156. Using Yoga to help with diving
  157. I just took GUE Fundies, and I am making some major changes ! :-)
  158. Offically completed my Divemaster
  159. scuba diving from the mind of a 10-year old ...
  160. OW vs AOW
  161. Diving and Donating, How long should I wait?
  162. Cold Water Safety
  163. Coastal Water Advisory (after rain) question
  164. Certification through 2 dive shops
  165. Return to surface air volume
  166. New diver Curaçao dive boat experience: not good
  167. Scuba diver wants Coast Guard to let his team search for sunken Mandy Ness
  168. Favorite dry mouth candy
  169. New way of doing Discover Scuba
  170. Can't get horizontal in the water??
  171. I'm a hoover and I'm always the first to run out of air
  172. Check out this video I made regarding Lionfish in North America
  173. Cressi Gara Professional LD Quality and Cressi Warranty
  174. Nitrox question?
  175. Help locate lobster diving video
  176. What are the effects of scuba diving in oil?
  177. Hello SB - Equipment question
  178. Venturi Effect
  179. Building My Bucket List of Place to Dive in North and South America
  180. Trip to Honolulu and Key West
  181. Favorite place to dive?
  182. Practice Dumping your in-line AltAir+Inflator - a Note to Divers
  183. Buoyancy Question
  184. Costa Concordia modern Andrea Doria?
  185. What's the hardest class you have taken, and what made it hard?
  186. How did you choose your con ed instructors?
  187. Solo practice dives
  188. Rules of thumb for comfort at various water temps??
  189. How do you keep your mask from flooding while wearing a hood?
  190. Suunto D6 question
  191. Going stir crazy!
  192. Revisiting the issue of "fitness"
  193. Buying two of eveything or "stagger"
  194. Thougts about masks fogging up
  195. Potential Weight with travel style BC
  196. zeagle or aqualung
  197. What is REAL Streamlining?
  198. Use for SCUBA equipment - other than diving
  199. What are the risks of many bounces between the surface and 15-20' / 5-7m of water?
  200. ew 5mm suit, weight sound right?
  201. The term "Skin Diver".
  202. Mr. Biggles
  203. 6 weeks off - where to go to start dive master?
  204. LP second stage oring shore rating questions and size
  205. PADI Adventure Diver versus Advanced Open Water Certification?
  206. Computer / transmitter question
  207. Certification Levels
  208. Which is safer an Air Integrated computer ( AIC ) or a SPG?
  209. Project help
  210. Experience With Supplemental Insurance?
  211. Safety while shooting video and photos...
  212. "tech" rig for a new diver ?
  213. how to forecast weather conditions and vis for scuba?
  214. how to do this? video
  215. regulators out of parts
  216. Scuba Dive and Weight Train! at the same time!
  217. Fishing UNDER the ice
  218. Atomic Wrist Computer ???
  219. Which has a higher rate of failure a SPG or a transmitter?
  220. Safety Sausage ?
  221. Auctioning the Titanic ?
  222. Do I need new fins for my new drysuit?
  223. Who's liable when boat diving
  224. Thailand or Vietnam or Philippines
  225. What wetsuit in the Bahamas?
  226. Swap first stage
  227. Into The Lions Mouth
  228. Best dive vid of the new year so far
  229. How close to your dive buddy...
  230. wrist mounted dive computer or attached?
  231. Tank Questions
  232. What gear do you travel with?
  233. Dive Computers, Looking to get one..
  234. Lionfish meal.
  235. See a wreck in a different light
  236. Snorkling with whales in Silver bay
  237. Diving Locations on East Coast
  238. Rock center (tv Show)
  239. Regulators that work but have gone out of circulation
  240. towing a dive flag ?
  241. Video: Dive Video That Has it ALL! New Years Day 2012
  242. Pocket Shorts, Drag, and Increased Air Consumption
  243. New Year's Day....Less Than Perfect Dive
  244. buddy separation
  245. GUE Open Water class documentary
  246. Need advice on DC in phuket
  247. 2012 Goals / Dive Destinations?
  248. Back Kick (mine!) (a lemons and lemonade tale)
  249. Santa Barbara beach dive/photography question
  250. Troubles on a drift dive.
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