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  1. Regulator Necklace/ Gear set up for a new diver
  2. While checking my first stage I noticed the rubber plug is gone.
  3. Bifocals or magnifiers
  4. Does diving in overcast conditions require divers to have a light?
  5. Why new masks have a special layer on the glass that needs to be cleaned off
  6. Mask used for free diving won't work for scuba.
  7. Buoyancy challenges in fresh water vs salt. Why ?
  8. change weights depending on dive plan
  9. pony bottle options
  10. visibility estimation
  11. Embolism bubbles
  12. Zeagle Zena Operator Error!
  13. Dive Table Comparisons
  14. +1.75 or +3.00?
  15. Diving into current
  16. Weight Pouches
  17. How did quick release belts become a safety standard?
  18. Help Needed: Shady Dive Operator?
  19. Has anyone tried to streamline their gear to improve efficiency?
  20. What is the best shark dive you guys have ever done?
  21. I've just realized...
  22. Stand alone depth gauge and compass
  23. How do I calculate my residual nitrogen time using an ERDP?
  24. First dive trip after certification
  25. Underwater iPhone 5 Housing
  26. The "eyeglasses recovery dive" -- you always learn something..
  27. Replacing depth gauge
  28. Shopping for a Drysuit
  29. How bad is it if an LDS calls you an “internet diver”?
  30. Partial pressure - please put in simple words
  31. 1996 Zeagle Scout BC
  32. Wife's mask band always falls down
  33. weird 2nd stage noise below 80 feet
  34. why are air filters so expensive
  35. Am I missing something?
  36. how many regs do you have?
  37. Shark Feeders to the Rescue!!!!!
  38. Maximum Scuba
  39. Mares puck
  40. Equalization and weight Problems!
  41. Tipping
  42. Video demonstrating the rate of color absorption as you descend underwater
  43. Question about bottom time, NDC times between dives
  44. How much weight?
  45. Any skills in AOW
  46. Dive computers
  47. Experience with Waterproof Warmtec 200g Undergarment
  48. Understating Qualification on Charter Boats
  49. fin shopping
  50. Cheap accommodations around Sipadan
  51. What's the best mirror?
  52. That glorious feeling!
  53. Dive Professional
  54. DM course in Playa del Carmen or Utila ??
  55. SPG Max PSI
  56. Question from new divers about diving in Cozumel and Grand Cayman
  57. Number of dives metric
  58. Strange experience on first wreck dive. A shallow narc?
  59. Have we experienced more dive fatalities in 2014
  60. Certifications worth earning
  61. Where to spend 50th birthday?
  62. Do any computers have a 1/3 rule function?
  63. US vs British Diving Vocabulary
  64. Senior shore diving Bonaire help
  65. Recreational Limits, confusing or is it just me?
  66. Forgot to set computer nitrox mix, what a PIA
  67. Sunblock that will not wash off?
  68. scuba dive mask/fin/snorkel vs snorkeling mask/fin/snorkel
  69. Drive Grapevine after dive
  70. Segue from the smb thread
  71. Diving then mountain
  72. Puerto Rico
  73. Old school diving...
  74. Bubble pumping theory
  75. Laguna dive spot........
  76. Help with deploying a safety sausage
  77. Where to dive late July/August?
  78. Dry Suit Boat Diving Etiquette
  79. Diving concept of "visibility" in other (non-English) languages?
  80. Music
  81. optimal weight distribution?
  82. Call-attention noises made when on surface
  83. What is this?
  84. Diving the St. Lawrence River
  85. Dry suit diving?
  86. Scuba Research
  87. Confined water dive.
  88. Best Practices and Safe Diving
  89. Back in the water again!
  90. DAN Equipment insurance and residency
  91. Dive Log/Record Keeping
  92. I can't hear well
  93. New York to Key West
  94. Scuba Eye Exam?
  95. Dive Computer Failure -- Ending the Dive
  96. How to make an equipment line?
  97. How to build or refresh skills if we only dive the tropics once-twice a year?
  98. VERY Shallow Diving Tips
  99. why hasnt nitrox replaced compressed air completely?
  100. Blood pressure when diving
  101. What are YOUR most pressing Health/Wellness/Fitness Concerns?
  102. Anyone Diving around Lewiston Id
  103. Effects of depth on IP and balanced and unbalanced 2nds?
  104. Scalding hot tanks
  105. Underwater slate
  106. BP&W Research and Setup
  107. How to handle violation of a dive site rules (Solo Diving)
  108. hypothetical question:using BCD manual inflator as spare alternate
  109. Tanks
  110. to feed the fish.... or not to feed the fish...?
  111. People ignoring dcs symptoms
  112. scuba training academies in the keys
  113. Mask removal and gas sharing practice
  114. Why are 2 AOW-level divers allowed to dive unaccompanied?
  115. Wreck penetration and queuing
  116. hand signals from diver to boat (in clear water)
  117. GPS Tracker?
  118. Unacknowledged subtext in fill pricing
  119. Halcyon Evolve 60 for new rec diver, single tank, overkill?
  120. Weighting for HP 119 vs AL80
  121. Fabian Cousteau - A Phony? I think he is disgracing the family name!
  122. differing dive computers in a group
  123. Diver Down Flag
  124. Major career change !
  125. Specialties required? Dive club dilemma
  126. What to do on your 100th Dive?
  127. refusing an instabuddy
  128. US divers using metric?
  129. Does clearing 2nd stage remove CO2/dead air?
  130. Peroneal tendon torn, Cozumel vacation in 5 weeks?
  131. Shopping as learning
  132. padi ow, why is CESA recommended to 9m?
  133. min. wing size to twinset
  134. Extended Range
  135. Eek!! No way Jose . . .
  136. Buoyancy in 7 mil and how to be a good instabuddy -- kelp!
  137. Flashlight as a carry on.
  138. How much buoyancy does salt water add
  139. Critter hand signs
  140. Steel 110 Valve Question
  141. Well, Now I'm AOW...
  142. Dive wrist computer?
  143. Quick air dump from rear dump on horseshoe wing?
  144. Things that make me wonder.
  145. The psychology of survival
  146. Tank Mounting - Bass Boat
  147. Are you too old to dive?
  148. Hi!
  149. Keeping warm versus bulky wetsuit (and buoyancy control issues)
  150. What it feels like when a student goes from a pool session to their first shore dive
  151. What's your best local dive shop like?
  152. Small Car Diving Tips
  153. Observing versus touching
  154. Inching towards 1000 dives
  155. Help me improve my flutter kick please
  156. Experimenting with a beanie to help regulate body temp
  157. ports on 1st stage compatible between aqualung/scubapro?
  158. A Less Strenuous Surface Swim
  159. Nitrox Certification - Check-Out Dive
  160. Help identify this sting ray
  161. My latest purchase....
  162. What goes in a travel save a dive kit
  163. Ears after diving a lot
  164. Stopping clip from sliding up and down reg hose
  165. Dive operations around Orlando
  166. Advice for skinsuit sizing for overweight female
  167. Dive buddy..
  168. PADI E-Card
  169. Shark Girl
  170. The City of Houston Dive
  171. You can either complain or do something about the problem: The choice is YOURS!
  172. What is the most efficient way to Log and Track your dives?
  173. Boat ladder/hull danger
  174. Scuba equipment and allergies?
  175. PADI Seals or Bubblemaker?
  176. Anyone Seen This Video with a Great White Yet?
  177. First kit suggestions/advice
  178. Diving and Seamanship
  179. Expedition Aquatilis to discover our ocean creatures
  180. Defense Against a Menace
  181. Am I "seeing things" underwater ?????
  182. Why are certifications valid forever?
  183. Weight check w/o tank
  184. AOW in Islamorada - anyone interested??
  185. What haven't you seen?
  186. The Red Sea to the Pacific Northwest - Get Training or Go Diving Advice
  187. An interesting way to figure out eye problems
  188. groupthink
  189. Counting strikes: One, two, two, two . . .
  190. How much more weight?
  191. Putting padding inside dive mask opinions
  192. O Rings: Ever had one blow at depth?
  193. Two less than perfect dives...
  194. Spare air legal problems ? ?
  195. Our First Trip, So Many Questions
  196. Help with mosquitoes!
  197. Getting back into diving in a new location with no shops or dive buddies.
  198. New to the forum and yet to start diving.
  199. State of the dive industry post recession?
  200. IDC in Australia / Cairns?
  201. BP/W: lower in the water on the surface - normal?
  202. Never received my cert card
  203. Coral farming
  204. Diving Lake Cumberland
  205. Shark feeding
  206. How would you react to this ?
  207. What is growing on this coral?
  208. Travelling light?
  209. Buy Computer overseas.
  210. Backpacking with dive gear
  211. NOT the way to buy equipment!!
  212. Tank hydro
  213. Setting up my equipment for black water fossil diving
  214. Changing the comp to display PSI instead of Bar - scuba pro Aladdin smart tek
  215. PADI Instructor standards?
  216. Need a secure clamp to connect my helmet diving knife to my Dive Rite harness D Ring.
  217. Compass and Pencil for AOW
  218. the most surprised you've been on a dive
  219. Folding your octo hose, harmful to the hose?
  220. PM for Schrader valve on Wing/BCD ?
  221. A little help with tank ID...
  222. How to "pull" a dive flag?
  223. OPV on DSMB ?
  224. Floating Dive Flag + Dive Flag on boat BOTH Necessary?
  225. Good PBS documentary on the Flower Garden Banks, came out in March.
  226. Weight belt idea - what am I missing?
  227. SCUBA Diving & Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing
  228. Heel lifts improve proper fin kick mechanics?
  229. Buoyancy Question
  230. Diving insurance, just for diving?
  231. Ready to buy gear, what about a BP/W
  232. What spares to carry?
  233. build-up on first stage
  234. Excellent practical joke on today's checkout dive
  235. A ScubaBoard reunion
  236. Mission 31 - Cousteau's Mission
  237. Cannot equalize left ear AFTER resurfacing; 12 hours later, still no dice
  238. Nitrox Pricing Question...
  239. Scubapro G500 serial number
  240. Do you dive solo?
  241. Trim pockets in Mares Dragon BC with MRS Plus Weight Pockets
  242. Wife will not let me dive without a dive master..
  243. Proper fit of neoprene drysuits, tighter than trilams?
  244. Getting 100% O2 fills?
  245. Chronic Ear/Equalizing Issues, Help?!?
  246. Training Video Every Openwater Diver Should Watch Flutter Kicks in a silty place
  247. Another near miss with a whale lol!
  248. 1st stage/2nd stage question...
  249. Very "light" scuba diving
  250. What's your buddy technical failure tolerance level?
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