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  1. O2 Analyzer if just diving air?
  2. CO problem in tanks
  3. Actual size of rental tanks commonly used in SE Asia
  4. Scuba suit sizes
  5. Buddy obligations
  6. University Club Governing Body
  7. New member - Info on equipment for my 14 daughter.
  8. Cleaning of equipment
  9. Atomic Cobalt computer and DCS
  10. Just venting...
  11. Post vacation gear cleaning
  12. O-ring/low pressure hose failure
  13. Rock bottom calculation
  14. Weighting fresh/salt water
  15. Altitude ~
  16. SSI Combined Air/EANx Dive table instructions for dummies (me)
  17. Master Scuba Diver
  18. Does gear follow training, or does training follow gear?
  19. Air management question
  20. Neoprene allergy??
  21. I'm going dry!!!!
  22. Helping a nervous new diver
  23. What to 3D print?
  24. Diving with kids
  25. Thinking about going to Pensacola Fl
  26. Navy Dive Tables
  27. Giant Stride Entry causes freeflow
  28. Flying on Monday morning after diving weekend?
  29. Doc's Pro Plugs - Tips and Advice
  30. Any custom wetsuits companies in Florida to make ladies suits?
  31. Novice boat dive questions
  32. Best College SCUBA Club?
  33. How to properly measure inflator hose.
  34. AOW - mish mash of adventure dives?
  35. Back To Basics Question
  36. Uni Survey on Divers
  37. Wow, air *does* load you faster than Nitrox. And fun wreck day off Pensacola.
  38. Dive Sculpture Ideas needed!
  39. Dive 1000 is now in the books
  40. Panama City FL. Insta buddy OOA
  41. Removing weight to dive without a wetsuit
  42. Peeing in wetsuits
  43. Very mild Narcosis?
  44. Can you help me out?
  45. Burning Eyes
  46. Pro ear 2000 mask
  47. Neck "bio seal" for drysuit
  48. Why no Con Ed?
  49. Drinking water while diving?
  50. Taking Dive classes to learn, should i go with master diver or dive master
  51. What's in your wet notes?
  52. Spare Air NITROX?????
  53. Ditching the Splits: What now?
  54. New Diving Club - Northshore Louisiana
  55. How many of you put most of your weights in the front integrated weight pockets?
  56. Will I ever be able to dive again?
  57. "Warm water backplate" with a "cold water wing" a bad idea?
  58. Where to get SDI Solo diver certified in Egypt ?
  59. Wetsuit Suggestions for California
  60. So you want to improve your dive skills?
  61. Super tired after diving.
  62. Transitioning to cold/poor viz diving from Caribbean clear & warm water
  63. Weight belt options
  64. Wet Suit
  65. Dive with Elena (and Netdoc) review
  66. Go Pro Video of S/W Prins Wilhelm Lake Michigan Aug 16, 2014
  67. Waterproof IPX8 Certified Phone Case
  68. Diving with a single light, using the strobe focus lights as back up on a night dive
  69. Using an EON dive console
  70. Sending PADI certification forms late?
  71. Why is a Jacket BC better than a BP/W?
  72. East coast diving
  73. Scuba tanks
  74. WAVES Project
  75. New membrane dry suit recommendations.
  76. any help would be tremendously appreciated
  77. Peeing in a geoprene wetsuit?
  78. Ocean College - Sharm El Sheikh
  79. Having a 'mentoring' session?
  80. Dive Computer & Casio?
  81. SSI Letter of Referral Accepted by PADI for OW Course?
  82. Been dry too long?
  83. Dive log App
  84. Resetting computer
  85. New SucbaPro Aladin Square already broke
  86. How jellyfish sting... on a microscopic level
  87. Rare SHRIVEL HEADED TURTLE spotted in Bonaire
  88. How many have seen dolphins on their dive?
  89. Computer VS. Tables
  90. Dive Vacations--Familiarity or Diversity????
  91. Basic question
  92. interesting equipment failure
  93. LDS arbitrary tank fill rules.
  94. Silicone dry suit seals -- how to prep for easing donning
  95. Camera Shy Dive Buddy...
  96. Tank o-ring burst, turn off tank or not?
  97. Cancel Shark Hunters - Stop Supporting the Killing of Sharks
  98. Most Dangerous Dives in the World
  99. Whale shark surprise
  100. Two more dive physics problems
  101. Lift bag calculations
  102. Nitrox certification
  103. Dive Site directions
  104. When should you do a refresher course?
  105. Google street view goes undersea to map reefs, wonders
  106. How will my weight loss affect weights needed?
  107. School Project and it's diving related :) - I need your help
  108. New diver: Suggested conservatism settings for a Petrel?
  109. What is the problem with doing a Scuba Review/Refresher?
  110. possible? 2nd stage failing & supplying air above ambient?
  111. What Would You Do?
  112. Cramps - how to avoid?
  113. Practice
  114. Need Advice: AOW and the Maldives
  115. Night Diver Specality - Sandals - Certification cards????
  116. HP hose with no opening?
  117. Dive Vintage Helmets Labor Day Weekend 2014
  118. Low viz diving
  119. Zeagle Sizing
  120. Geo 2
  121. Odd Ear Issue
  122. Regulator advise request
  123. FINS, FINS, and more FINS!!! Help!
  124. Aeris A5 oceans?
  125. Shopping for first scuba gear...
  126. First Time Diver
  127. What is a logged dive?
  128. Essentials for a save a dive kit.
  129. headaches
  130. Anybody have a good setup for hauling 15+ tanks?
  131. Pony and Long hose routing questions
  132. Taking suggestions for the bahamas
  133. Cheap entry level wrist computer
  134. has anyone felt advance warning of lung squeeze before?
  135. Whale Shark sighting, guaranteed
  136. Regulator
  137. In honor of sharkweek I made this gem.
  138. Regulator Necklace/ Gear set up for a new diver
  139. While checking my first stage I noticed the rubber plug is gone.
  140. Bifocals or magnifiers
  141. Does diving in overcast conditions require divers to have a light?
  142. Why new masks have a special layer on the glass that needs to be cleaned off
  143. Mask used for free diving won't work for scuba.
  144. Buoyancy challenges in fresh water vs salt. Why ?
  145. change weights depending on dive plan
  146. pony bottle options
  147. visibility estimation
  148. Embolism bubbles
  149. Zeagle Zena Operator Error!
  150. Dive Table Comparisons
  151. +1.75 or +3.00?
  152. Diving into current
  153. Weight Pouches
  154. How did quick release belts become a safety standard?
  155. Help Needed: Shady Dive Operator?
  156. Has anyone tried to streamline their gear to improve efficiency?
  157. What is the best shark dive you guys have ever done?
  158. I've just realized...
  159. Stand alone depth gauge and compass
  160. How do I calculate my residual nitrogen time using an ERDP?
  161. First dive trip after certification
  162. Underwater iPhone 5 Housing
  163. The "eyeglasses recovery dive" -- you always learn something..
  164. Replacing depth gauge
  165. Shopping for a Drysuit
  166. How bad is it if an LDS calls you an “internet diver”?
  167. Partial pressure - please put in simple words
  168. 1996 Zeagle Scout BC
  169. Wife's mask band always falls down
  170. weird 2nd stage noise below 80 feet
  171. why are air filters so expensive
  172. Am I missing something?
  173. how many regs do you have?
  174. Shark Feeders to the Rescue!!!!!
  175. Maximum Scuba
  176. Mares puck
  177. Equalization and weight Problems!
  178. Tipping
  179. Video demonstrating the rate of color absorption as you descend underwater
  180. Question about bottom time, NDC times between dives
  181. How much weight?
  182. Any skills in AOW
  183. Dive computers
  184. Experience with Waterproof Warmtec 200g Undergarment
  185. Understating Qualification on Charter Boats
  186. fin shopping
  187. Cheap accommodations around Sipadan
  188. What's the best mirror?
  189. That glorious feeling!
  190. Dive Professional
  191. DM course in Playa del Carmen or Utila ??
  192. SPG Max PSI
  193. Question from new divers about diving in Cozumel and Grand Cayman
  194. Number of dives metric
  195. Strange experience on first wreck dive. A shallow narc?
  196. Have we experienced more dive fatalities in 2014
  197. Certifications worth earning
  198. Where to spend 50th birthday?
  199. Do any computers have a 1/3 rule function?
  200. US vs British Diving Vocabulary
  201. Senior shore diving Bonaire help
  202. Recreational Limits, confusing or is it just me?
  203. Forgot to set computer nitrox mix, what a PIA
  204. Sunblock that will not wash off?
  205. scuba dive mask/fin/snorkel vs snorkeling mask/fin/snorkel
  206. Drive Grapevine after dive
  207. Segue from the smb thread
  208. Diving then mountain
  209. Puerto Rico
  210. Old school diving...
  211. Bubble pumping theory
  212. Laguna dive spot........
  213. Help with deploying a safety sausage
  214. Where to dive late July/August?
  215. Dry Suit Boat Diving Etiquette
  216. Diving concept of "visibility" in other (non-English) languages?
  217. Music
  218. optimal weight distribution?
  219. Call-attention noises made when on surface
  220. What is this?
  221. Diving the St. Lawrence River
  222. Dry suit diving?
  223. Scuba Research
  224. Confined water dive.
  225. Best Practices and Safe Diving
  226. Back in the water again!
  227. DAN Equipment insurance and residency
  228. Dive Log/Record Keeping
  229. I can't hear well
  230. New York to Key West
  231. Scuba Eye Exam?
  232. Dive Computer Failure -- Ending the Dive
  233. How to make an equipment line?
  234. How to build or refresh skills if we only dive the tropics once-twice a year?
  235. VERY Shallow Diving Tips
  236. why hasnt nitrox replaced compressed air completely?
  237. Blood pressure when diving
  238. What are YOUR most pressing Health/Wellness/Fitness Concerns?
  239. Anyone Diving around Lewiston Id
  240. Effects of depth on IP and balanced and unbalanced 2nds?
  241. Scalding hot tanks
  242. Underwater slate
  243. BP&W Research and Setup
  244. How to handle violation of a dive site rules (Solo Diving)
  245. hypothetical question:using BCD manual inflator as spare alternate
  246. Tanks
  247. to feed the fish.... or not to feed the fish...?
  248. People ignoring dcs symptoms
  249. scuba training academies in the keys
  250. Mask removal and gas sharing practice
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