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  1. Role of the Dive Master
  2. Looking for Computer advice...
  3. Diving Heart Attacks
  4. What is a good dive plan??
  5. Anyone used this on their reg?
  6. Padi,Rescue diver course prequisites question
  7. plan your dive, or not?
  8. Zeagle OctoZ question
  9. Would you buy historical wreck artifacts?
  10. Jr O/W at 9, vs 10 yrs old.
  11. Does your partner dive?
  12. Do short men wear more gear?
  13. Must I abort if computer fails?
  14. sunnto companion computer
  15. Question about sending gear from USA to Europe...
  16. To rubicon's folks
  17. Hi-res pic of Mars reminiscent of a reef
  18. Reasons to do "Minimum Deco"
  19. Hand warming methods
  20. Where to Buy - a NOT Yellow Pony Cylinder
  21. SMB as a backup depth gauge?
  22. Miscellaneous tips and info thread
  23. Valsalvaing too much
  24. Anyone wanna dive the vortex in fl or Ft pickens?
  25. Diving after a root canal????
  26. How cold is water in Keys right now?
  27. Anyone dove with whale sharks
  28. The greatest value of SB...
  29. Question about DCS
  30. No BCD diving...
  31. Very strange thread -- would you dive with me?
  32. If you're offended by "DIR"...
  33. Another pony bottle question
  34. Homemade weights for us working class folks!
  35. Cruise ship...your own
  36. Underwater Ecology Project
  37. New TSA security rules: Any change for divers?
  38. Do you thumb a dive when narced?
  39. What do you carry in your BCD pockets?
  40. Anyone Ordered from
  41. state side diving
  42. Navy Diving vs. Commercial diving
  43. Giant Pacific Octopus
  44. wet suit vs. dry suit
  45. First drysuit dive today!!
  46. Buy gauge then upgrade? Or save
  47. Pony Bottle / Spare Air
  48. Cold water breathing problem
  49. Dante and diving - 2010
  50. Tank nets
  51. Switch to PADI?
  52. One Day Pool Session
  53. Have mask problems
  54. Underwater Wildlife video footage
  55. What’s the dumbest thing you've done?
  56. canister lights
  57. to log or not to log....
  58. Sharing a Dive Computer
  59. Bald Diving
  60. Saipan to Truk lagoon whats my options
  61. Tetanus and Typhoid
  62. New divers with a toddler... and questions.
  63. Low vis lake diving
  64. Question about feet cramping when diving
  65. scuba magazine
  66. Fun Club Activities
  67. Betty bought a drysuit . . let the corking begin again!
  68. PADI Master Scuba Diver requirements...can one of my specialties be SSI?
  69. Twin tanks: manifold or redundant
  70. Safety stop immediately after surfacing
  71. Keeping Track of Buddies
  72. Rescue Diver Prerequisites
  73. 5 whys - considerations for anyone taking any training course
  74. You MIGHT need a buoyancy control class if ...
  75. Purchased my first BC
  76. Trusting Your Equipment......
  77. Enriched air and new divers
  78. Empty Cylinders
  79. How Dangerous is Scuba Diving?
  80. Nitrox 1st dive, air the second, can my Sherwood Insight computer do it?
  81. PADI or NAUI
  82. Its so simple
  83. Tool Kit
  84. Cenotes and Cave-vs-Cavern
  85. Question about 40" hose under arm
  86. Developing navigation skills
  87. Tiger Woods - Scuba Diver
  88. I haven't been diving at all this year...
  89. My 10 year old wants to dive.
  90. Photographer Buddies, why bash them?
  91. Problems Removing Mask
  92. Happy New Year! The Bull will Fly!
  93. What is the future of Scuba Diving and the technology we use
  94. History of Scuba Diving
  95. Has anyone worked as an instructor aboard a cruise ship?
  96. Responsibility to insta-buddy
  97. commercial diving
  98. NAUI Rescue vs Master Diver
  99. Looking 4 A Dive Buddy In Saipan
  100. Scuba Stickers
  101. Question regarding LP Tank
  102. Very Excited.
  103. What's the best way to stay warm wet
  104. Swim requirements for advanced scuba diving
  105. How big is my ...
  106. What should i do????????????
  107. The Scuba Tourist
  108. Dan?
  109. Many Questions
  110. Gloves for warm water diving; super thin?
  111. quick question
  112. New World Record for Surface Interval...
  113. What should I buy next?
  114. Ascent without a mask
  115. Cressi Big eyes Evo VS Sherwood Mirage
  116. "My PADI" Log in
  117. does diving ruin magnetic strips
  118. Why do we bash each other?
  119. Christmas Gifts
  120. Twas the Dive before Christmas:
  121. Calling all ponies
  122. Merry Christmas and happy new year for all of you
  123. New Computer For A New Diver
  124. Getting the word out about diving
  125. Santa dives dry
  126. Your Dive Mentor: Who, why and what have they contributed
  127. Christmas diving.
  128. Steve Bogaerts on Diving
  129. Lionfish final solution
  130. Stupid Question???
  131. Should young divers use computers (split from Which computer thread)
  132. Shark saving
  133. Gear envy...what's yours?
  134. Going To Saipan
  135. Going To Saipan
  136. Computer for Advanced Young Diver?
  137. It's like scuba Christmas came early!
  138. Callin major BS
  139. Apollo bio fins
  140. What are your dive plans for 2010?
  141. The Cove
  142. So much for lightweight BCs
  143. Poll : Dive more or less in 2010
  144. What do YOU enjoy about diving?
  145. Anyone diving the Peace river next week?
  146. Mentor?
  147. What is "basic scuba"?
  148. Pompano Beach recommendations?
  149. Horse collar
  150. Not understanding the "whole thing"
  151. P valve & condom catheter 101
  152. Liquid Image Video Scuba Mask HD320
  153. 28 episodes of Sea Hunt----original version
  154. Help, Please ID this for me.
  155. 13 cubic foot bottle
  156. Extinguishing the impulse to bolt
  157. hey some questions on gear
  158. AAUS-scientific diving
  159. Can i bring scuba gear from New Zealand to the USA?
  160. Cool Website - Scuba Jedi
  161. Not understanding the short hose thing
  162. How to not Panic?
  163. Carrying a dive knife in a plane
  164. The more gear you have....
  165. feedback on, a unique scuba/ocean lovers gift idea
  166. Weighting without my wetsuit
  167. Do you want to be a better diver?
  168. What level diver and what type of BC?
  169. Nemrod Snark III great condition... anyone ever see one?
  170. Diving: the future
  171. A PSA from me
  172. Am I really weightless ?
  173. New England Area Question
  174. Looking for feedback on the Aqua Lung Zuma BC?
  175. ... an octopus tale ...
  176. 2009 in Review
  177. how to choose bc's lift capacity?
  178. diver in distress below signal?
  179. Air consumption and other ramblings
  180. Looking for a Dive Buddy
  181. what kind of diver are you?
  182. Opinions on the Hollis DC2 212 Regulator
  183. Simple SAC Calculation
  184. makes you want to dive with your mouth shut......
  185. Retractors are they worth the money
  186. Beginner's Mind
  187. the beach buddy system
  188. Incredible Jellyfish Pics
  189. Not understanding the long hose thing
  190. Diving knife and planes
  191. Support your Dive shop- Local or not
  192. Custom wetsuit - Boggled by neoprene types sold by different custom wetsuit companies
  193. Free Dive Log Pages
  194. Accomplishments of 2009?
  195. Stupid question - what is skin diving?
  196. Give the Gift of Scuba this year...
  197. looking for a cold water reg
  198. Hard to get horizontal
  199. Proper rate of descent?
  200. Super secret DIR equipment? Post your stories (all in good fun)
  201. Spot the intruder in my YOUTUBE video!
  202. AOW as Family or adults/kids? Vacation or home?
  203. I wonder if a BP/W setup might help me to love diving?
  204. BCD Inflator Hose v. Dump Valve- Which wins?
  205. King of the Sea
  206. Same Day Hydro Testing??
  207. I think I have been "had" just a bit
  208. Diving submerged villages
  209. are there multiple ways to clear a mask?
  210. boots in wetsuit or wetsuit in boots?
  211. Who to Trust your Life with????
  212. Ti-Planet and EAN
  213. New equipment
  214. Got My New Reg!!!!
  215. Wildlife diver?
  216. Head aches from diving
  217. Equalizing at Greater Depths?
  218. Raising the Bar - certification verses training
  219. Octo Help!!!
  220. Going to Bonaire in Feb.
  221. New Years Eve at Dutch Springs
  222. MTSS (Nashville/Franklin, TN) has closed
  223. Preventing a cold
  224. Remora Encounter
  225. Dive Training Magazine
  226. Question about Flying after Diving
  227. Rick Lesser seminar?
  228. Northland Divers
  229. Time to buy my own gear... need some advice
  230. USS John F Kennedy
  231. Egypt in January
  232. Ultimate spare parts kit, what’s in your toolbox?
  233. Cold water diving?
  234. Octo on Left side
  235. Regulator failure modes
  236. Recreational Dive Light Manufacturers:Behind the Times
  237. OW certification in Riviera Maya
  238. Using a buddy line
  239. The Oriskany is New Again!
  240. What scuba gear should I get
  241. scuba job info
  242. Does Nitrox make you feel better? (split from Nitrox on OW course)
  243. Pony Bottle setup
  244. Nitrox on OW course
  245. The mythbusters were just exploring the limits of suit squeeze - [LINK]
  246. Anyone know if Diver's Direct price matches?
  247. Puget Sound divers - question about storm drains
  248. Dive knife ? from a newbie
  249. No Dive Club in Lafayette
  250. $2k HID lights - what is so magical about them?
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