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  1. Tippping Instructor Etiquette
  2. Silly question about dry suit air usage
  3. Using exhale breath for BC buoyancy
  4. When did the breakdown in training occur?
  5. Do you have a Iphone or Itouch? Then check this out!
  6. I made newbie mistakes
  7. Split from: Cozumel Incident - Fake C Cards?
  8. Left my divelog in rental car in Fort Lauderdale
  9. are wings worth it?
  10. confused!!!
  11. Seasickness!
  12. Just how important is Navigation to the Recreational Diver
  13. Non releasable weight
  14. Going diving in Monterey Ca 11/20-11/22
  15. I feel like a kid in a candy store........
  16. Scubapro Ads circa 1996
  17. Reefscapes 2nd Edition - Must Have
  18. Diving with your recently certified Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Life Partner/Whatever
  19. Behind this curtain, a BRAND NEW CAR....
  20. Nosebleeds while diving
  21. Best new toys at DEMA
  22. The Big "O"
  23. Hollis single wing
  24. Relaxing by humming
  25. New divers with question on calculating min sufrace intervals!
  26. deep diving on the SS President Coolidge
  27. Holy Stingray, Batman!
  28. Post Dive Dizziness
  29. need help because i use too much before everybody else
  30. Came home with a CARLOAD of new SCUBA gear.
  31. Cline's Dive Industry Survey Q3 2009, post DEMA
  32. Neoprene Allergy
  33. Wrecks
  34. Bare Wetsuits - Pros & Cons?
  35. Diversnight December 3. , 8:09 PM (20:09) local time
  36. I have a couple bulging discs any divers with this problem
  37. Training to be an Aquarium Exhibit
  38. help needed ASAP
  39. "neutral" trim
  40. Diving Concepts Dry Suits
  41. Come see
  42. Inverted descending hurts - why?
  43. Trim Problem
  44. Hood and Mask - Which comes first?
  45. How you clean your ears after a dive
  46. Life Insurance for Diver?
  47. Ouch!! A dive injury I hadn't seen ...
  48. Added 3 mil shorty. How much Weight ?
  49. Night Diving Question
  50. The trusty BCD.
  51. Has anyone tried the Liquid Image camera/mask unit?
  52. So near and yet so far...heading for the sea
  53. Dive Injury Treatment-Split from Catalina Diver Death
  54. Question for Instructors
  55. Four years later, or why I'm still a DIR diver
  56. CO2 buildup - Cause, Effects and Solutions
  57. Loss of weights at depth
  58. need gear advice please
  59. Florida Keys in December
  60. Equipment Compatibility
  61. used reg vs new reg
  62. Just a bit deeper in Belize...
  63. Point of no return on air, what is it?
  64. Allow Speculation?-Split from Catalina Diver died today
  65. Ascent Rates-Split from Catalina Diver died today
  66. "Good Buddy" or "Dive Natzi" ??????
  67. Suggestions for Boy Scout Scuba Merit Badge support
  68. Rent or Buy
  69. Shears Vs Knife
  70. Diving in Miami
  71. You might be a dive addict
  72. Are you a scuba nerd?
  73. Good conditioning exercise for diving???
  74. Optimize Air Consumption
  75. Just started my Rescue Diver Course!
  76. Controlled bed
  77. What problems do you often encounter while diving?
  78. What inspired you to start diving?
  79. Grubbers, How do you...
  80. What's your plan for keeping warm on your SI?
  81. Broken bones - okay to dive?
  82. Made in the USA
  83. YOUR OW course: What would you have changed?
  84. Best time to do the weight check
  85. Ideas for fun Thanksgiving club dive???
  86. Underwater channel -watching offline?
  87. How does DEMA affect the average diver
  88. Finning near the bottom
  89. Here's the thing about underwater photography
  90. Afghanistan Diving
  91. Quick trip to West Palm tomorrow weather?
  92. Just a little question =)
  93. Underwater Pumpkin Carvin 2009
  94. Scuba Divers in Charlotte
  95. Can you swap a tank underwater?
  96. Dive Tables. A thing of the past?
  97. Diving with a lantern
  98. Darwin Awards of Diving
  99. Just Lost our Last Dive Shop
  100. Swimming Ability
  101. Odd weekend Jelly Fish and what happend to the Boat?
  102. Manta Ray Video
  103. Breathing pattern
  104. Certification in Keelung, Taiwan
  105. Sad article on the future of coral reefs
  106. BCD rental question
  107. Florida City rental
  108. Flu
  109. two dive computers vs. dive tables
  110. SCUBA GODS Prayer
  111. 3 buddy dive vs 4?
  112. What are you looking for in a dive shop?
  113. Uncontrolled ascent
  114. Cleaning/disinfecting wetsuit
  115. Drying a wetsuit
  116. Hi, it's your instructor calling....
  117. Looking for inspiration to dive in the Winter...
  118. SI TECH inflator valve
  119. New Sub (Wreck) Found
  120. Buoyancy & Trim problems..and ideas?
  121. Drysuit Zipper Lube whats the best to use
  122. Would you share your PDC data?
  123. How Can We Keep Divers Diving After Certification?
  124. Competitive Diving - Save the Dive Industry
  125. Fresh Water or Salt Water?
  126. Yet another weight question
  127. Flying after diving and other beginner questions
  128. Safety Equipment
  129. Lion Fish
  130. Storing tanks in below freezing conditions?
  131. Wetsuit warmth (rental vs new)
  132. Scuba for the first time - Would affect me on attending a course after it?
  133. Recreational + RecTec make up 80% of the divers.
  134. PADI dropping dive tables?
  135. Tipping protocol
  136. Is It Ever Ok....
  137. Diving Solo
  138. 7 Mil Wetsuits
  139. Reef Rods -- Reef safe? Environmentally friendly?
  140. New Diver - Dumb Regulator Question (Maybe)
  141. Friction or something else?
  142. Panicked!
  143. diving with mentally handicapped person
  144. Tank size & nitrox HELP
  145. Buoyancy Question
  146. Free Dive Log Pages- Download PDF HERE
  147. Amazing dive footage
  148. How long should my air last?
  149. Driving to a higher altitude after diving
  150. Rental equipment and frequency of servicing...
  151. Divers keep in touch with others?
  152. bp/w weight
  153. decompression without training
  154. "Creepy" Halloween Nav Dive?
  155. DAN Changes Hotline Number.....
  156. Yoga to decrease Air Consumption?
  157. End of season considerations
  158. Blow a Safety Stop? Redescend ?
  159. play lottery for scuba equipment
  160. Any proof that dive computers improve safety?
  161. Government holds cabinet meeting underwater
  162. Is more better?
  163. I am happy with today's level of Diver Training!
  164. scuba dream
  165. Lake Rawlings
  166. Diving twins advice
  167. More Efficient Instruction/Same Time Frame
  168. JR OW Cert question for PADI instuctors
  169. How happy are you with today's level of Diver Education?
  170. What to do if you ascend too quickly?
  171. shore diving advice for boat diver?
  172. Glowsticks on night dives
  173. I'll tell em to Yank your C-card?
  174. Dive spots dive cards.
  175. A to Z manufacturers
  176. Dive Cards
  177. BP pockets and knife loc
  178. Suggestions on floaty feet using a dry suit?
  179. Finally The first step to Become a Rescue Diver
  180. Giant, Mucus-Like Sea Blobs on the Rise
  181. Newbie Dive Light Question
  182. Enriched Air
  183. Snuba ?
  184. Replacement of inflator for BC question
  185. Craigslist: "I NEED A SCUBA DIVER (NORTH JERSEY)"
  186. Disabled Divers/Self Rescue-- Where to learn?
  187. Diving after a broken ankle
  188. Favorite scuba DVD's?
  189. Beautiful new BBC seal footage!
  190. Anyone experience with DAN hotline?
  191. Scopolamine and Narcosis
  192. coatings and plus ratings on steel tanks
  193. Stop gloves sticking to velcro??
  194. NDL or O2 limit
  195. any tips for carving a pumpkin UW
  196. Cenote Preparations?
  197. steel buoyancy
  198. First Night Dive
  199. What tools would you have with you?
  200. Cave Diving Research Survey (for OW divers too!)
  201. Should I get my reg serviced?
  202. How to carry heavy Pressure/Depth console
  203. Say thank you to Palau...
  204. Best way to search for small stuff
  205. BP/W vs Jacket style BCD
  206. Nitrox and narcosis...
  207. Shore Diving near Rochester, NY?
  208. DIN o-ring question
  209. Will DM be a guide or a babysitter?
  210. Guardian Full-Face Diving Masks Recalled
  211. Tank Volume and Weight
  212. "Take the class" -- not really, not any more
  213. Dive Shop Reviews
  214. Grateful to community
  215. Where did all the women go? :confused:
  216. The Beginner's Mixture
  217. Required Reading
  218. a freedive and scuba mask at the same time?
  219. Strategies if an o-ring pops at depth
  220. NASA relying on scuba for testing????
  221. should I do refresher and referral
  222. PADI to NAUI
  223. A good dive?
  224. Do we need instructors?
  225. What should I trust?
  226. Diving Buddy
  227. OW/AOD/DM/AI/Instructor Certification
  228. Colored Lenses in Dive Mask
  229. Finding Nessie
  230. General question about weight
  231. Is there a Nitrogen Loading Equilibrium Point?
  232. Interesting stat in Accident and Incident Forum
  233. DIVE SOFTWARE down loads
  234. Air Consumption
  235. Talk Radio... underwater...
  236. Today's OW Course
  237. Advice Needed, Great Blue Hole
  238. Sexual Misconduct from an Instructor
  239. Has anyone taken occupational scuba?
  240. Clearing mask / breathing out nose problem
  241. Beuchat Iceberg Suit
  242. wetsuit dryer?
  243. Help with drysuit
  244. smelly air
  245. Does instructor's age matter?
  246. dive new england
  247. How to add weight in front of upper body?
  248. Ways to make tank air last longer...or why can't I stay down as long as my son?
  249. Taking a non certified salty as a buddy
  250. Sinus Squeeze?
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