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  1. Olympus Dive Center
  2. A tanks life
  3. need help findinding IDC class
  4. Are all divers friendly and respect fellow divers?
  5. Sharks, behaving BADLY...
  6. Looking for used tanks
  7. Best Places to Dive in the Caribbean
  8. Best Beginner Package For Scuba Gear
  9. Bubble formation happens every time we dive
  10. Solo dive???
  11. Which configuration of gear do you dive 99% of the time?
  12. Running with Scissors
  13. How to get over this fear!
  14. Are you this diver?
  15. Divers acting badly....
  16. Double Hose Second Stage
  17. Manufacturer Differences
  18. Rocket Man
  19. Wicked Marine Life in the Red Sea...
  20. A piece of gear I can't find anywhere!
  21. HyMark Cylinders Spec Link (Alum)
  22. The Cove is in theaters now
  23. Overfilling Scuba Cylinders
  24. What to study before taking DM?
  25. Do you have a diving nickname?
  26. The old tables vs computer argument
  27. How much time to wait after doing an air-sport?
  28. Classes using dive tables
  29. Drysuit Auto-Exhaust Valve
  30. New with questions on masks fins and snorkels
  31. Looking to buy a computer
  32. I've FINALLY HAD IT with my LDS
  33. Watch out for a Swindle
  34. purge valves
  35. HELP Problem getting into (out of) new suit
  36. HELP! Masks always leak!
  37. Q: Re Photographing Whale Sharks
  38. Astrological sign and diving
  39. newby question about a boat dive
  40. Padi Module 3!
  41. Help Ban Shark Finning forever
  42. How much weight?
  43. When To Abandon A Buddy....
  44. Advanced Open Water vs Adventure Diver course???
  45. If your regulator fell out of your mouth...
  46. Is this a good Deal?
  47. Training Drills??
  48. How deep are you willing to go?
  49. Mask Strap
  50. Purchasing equipment online
  51. Motorcycle or SCUBA
  52. PADI Regulations & question - where are they??
  53. Crossing Agencies??
  54. Please who has a set of Arthur C Clarke's diving books?
  55. What do you think of 3 piece wetsuits?
  56. Forgot my computer: no depth or pressure gauge
  57. 10 yr old Wreck Diver
  58. Ascending: How do you know where boat is?
  59. looking for tanks
  60. Quick Question Regarding Tanks and Lead
  61. Multi tool for dive knife?
  62. What gear have you forgotten ?
  63. Scuba gear found while diving
  64. Cabo one day dive recommendations
  65. @Survivor Man
  66. Can you
  67. Does anybody in NE Ohio dive Lake Erie?
  68. working pressure
  69. Breathing and buoyancy
  70. Scuba Define
  71. History of Scuba Diving
  72. Diving Southpaw
  73. dive buddies
  74. Swimming Pool Repair
  75. What is your reg configuration?
  76. MSD "vacation"
  77. Padi Dry Suit Course VS Advanced Course
  78. What have you been entangled in?
  79. Different Qualification Cards
  80. Feeling the OOA
  81. Sources of information
  82. Diving in the new Millennium ???
  83. NEW HERE! How do I find out if a diver is PADI certified?
  84. Assessments
  85. Why do you love diving on coral reefs?
  86. Sorry but yet again I have MORE drysuit Qs
  87. Divers Removing Old Fishing Nets
  88. Where does poor viz start?
  89. Defog formula
  90. Flying after diving question.
  91. Equipment
  92. Scuba Mask Defog
  93. Buddy line
  94. How much lead to use ...
  95. Mask Clearing tip
  96. I suggest practice choking in pool
  97. Charleston SC diving
  98. Instructor molested me on first dive
  99. Steel tanks from an auction
  100. SAC Rate
  101. Funny things heard on the dive boat
  102. Should I
  103. Wet suits!
  104. AOW right after OW
  105. More conservative algorithm = how much bottom time?
  106. Question about drysuit fit
  107. Sooo what about Monkey diving?
  108. Real or Not?
  109. What to do in case of emergency?
  110. First questions.
  111. Save-the-Drive-Home Kit
  112. Skydiving or SCUBA Which is safer?
  113. REEF volunteers on TV
  114. still using a snorkel? or does it stay in the car
  115. What do you think of cave/cavern diving?
  116. Instructor Manual
  117. Improved Diver Down flag...?
  118. How many stars in French CMAS system?
  119. Types of diving
  120. what dives interest you most?
  121. Myrtle Beach -- Coastal Scuba
  122. Masks???
  123. When to take AOW?
  124. Ascent rate
  125. Strangest most unsettling thing seen diving?
  126. Divernet: When Divers Go Missing...
  127. Weight
  128. Cayman islands, or Belize?
  129. Tanks . . the good, bad and ugly
  130. Ever have an SMB fail?
  131. perscription lens
  132. experimental data base for diving with trimix
  133. Card Collector - Definition?
  134. My first oil rig dive
  135. Outer Banks Diving
  136. Aeris Dive Computer
  137. updates on aziab
  138. What limits your bottom time?
  139. LDS tank rental policies?
  140. Very Interesting Article.
  141. Who knows a shop that services Prosub Equipment
  142. Role of Chamber Dives in Recreational Diving
  143. Where to dive in Charleston, SC
  144. Well, that was a bust...
  145. Opinions sought from LDS owners
  146. What happened to that list of diving acronyms?
  147. Regulators and Nitrox
  148. Buoyancy Control
  149. Underwater documentaries
  150. Recommendations on which AOW adventure dives to take
  151. Fin Style
  152. Looking For a Place To Dive
  153. Turks and Caicos Live Aboard
  154. How to ensure my safety when there is no guide dive with me?
  155. Dead Shark In Miama --Downtown
  156. Understanding Gas Management
  157. Dry suit flooding
  158. SAC rate
  159. Snorkle Use while diving
  160. Crossfit and Diving
  161. great dive experiences
  162. Weights first or last
  163. Coral spring Scuba Park (TX)
  164. Pony vs larger tank?
  165. uncertified divers in the ocean?
  166. Do you keep your eyes open when your mask is off under water?
  167. Labeling Gear
  168. breath practice
  169. What Agency Certified You?
  170. Divers and Geographic Location
  171. lake ontario diving
  172. Did anyone dive North Carolina on 7/18
  173. Dry suit diving malfunction has me scared
  174. Beach Diving?
  175. Helo2 Desktop Backgrounds... Anyone know some of these locations???
  176. Yoga for Scuba Video?
  177. Scuba diving in Sipadan, Dayang, Maldives
  178. just want improve
  179. What Defog Do You Use.
  180. Advice needed about backup computers
  181. boat dives
  182. Orlando Dive Shops?
  183. Best place to scuba
  184. Questions on regulator and fins...
  185. Junior open water certification To Open Water certification
  186. Lots of love for the local LDS!
  187. Breathing techniques for low air consumption
  188. Scubapro
  189. OMS 50 Steel Tank
  190. U/W Images Video Winner
  191. Diving in Greece?
  192. R.I. man's love of sharks translates into film
  193. Private Dive Master... tip?
  194. Diving and beards
  195. Center of Gravity
  196. Cozumel or Grand Cayman?
  197. Generations
  198. I am now a Master Scuba Diver (Wow! Impressive!)
  199. Eva BC problem
  200. Games / things to do underwater
  201. Wet Suit Buoyancy Effects
  202. Getting in shape a few weeks before a dive
  203. Dealing with stress ~ on mindfulness and situational awareness
  204. Slinging A 19cf Pony?
  205. BP/W...please explain what it is!
  206. 20 Foot Basking Shark washes up in NY
  207. Fun things to do while underwater
  208. Las Vegas area
  209. PADI couldn't find my records :( 1970's...
  210. Full circle -- my first night as a DM in training
  211. Resort courses / DSD programmes
  212. Problems with
  213. Resort Discover Scuba Debate
  214. Steel Tank VS Aluminum
  215. Anyone ever dropped weights in emergency?
  216. where to find a battery for a D9
  217. Do sea anemone live off Florida?
  218. Six days of diving . . . my thoughts
  219. Blew my mask off my the!??!
  220. What exactly is a "cattle boat" in your definition?
  221. Hi - I am new and need some advice
  222. SCUBA law
  223. AquaCorps
  224. What has Scubaboard done for you?
  225. Newbie question about weighting/buoyancy
  226. Leaking mask, eyebrows
  227. Old Tank - Hydro
  228. Pony bottle & recreational diving...Need input...
  229. Owning a Dive Shop
  230. Small Double's Kit
  231. p02 alarm. what is it?
  232. oxygen cleaning
  233. Rock Bottom
  234. What does this even mean? (LDS)
  235. Cool wetsuits
  236. H20insurance for equipment
  237. Air Consumption Question
  238. Liabilty insurance vs LDS
  239. Stinging Marine Plant life...
  240. What TICKS ME OFF about Equipment Manufacturers...
  241. General equipment questions
  242. To pee or not to pee ...
  243. Charter boat Capt rules of the road
  244. hello!.. newb here.
  245. Farallon shark dart
  246. wet suit over wet suit?
  247. SCUBA expressions - again!
  248. Simple Question on Acronyms
  249. When to buy tanks?
  250. purchased used equip/ got questions
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