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  1. Aeris Dive Computer
  2. updates on aziab
  3. What limits your bottom time?
  4. LDS tank rental policies?
  5. Very Interesting Article.
  6. Who knows a shop that services Prosub Equipment
  7. Role of Chamber Dives in Recreational Diving
  8. Where to dive in Charleston, SC
  9. Well, that was a bust...
  10. Opinions sought from LDS owners
  11. What happened to that list of diving acronyms?
  12. Regulators and Nitrox
  13. Buoyancy Control
  14. Underwater documentaries
  15. Recommendations on which AOW adventure dives to take
  16. Fin Style
  17. Looking For a Place To Dive
  18. Turks and Caicos Live Aboard
  19. How to ensure my safety when there is no guide dive with me?
  20. Dead Shark In Miama --Downtown
  21. Understanding Gas Management
  22. Dry suit flooding
  23. SAC rate
  24. Snorkle Use while diving
  25. Crossfit and Diving
  26. great dive experiences
  27. Weights first or last
  28. Coral spring Scuba Park (TX)
  29. Pony vs larger tank?
  30. uncertified divers in the ocean?
  31. Do you keep your eyes open when your mask is off under water?
  32. Labeling Gear
  33. breath practice
  34. What Agency Certified You?
  35. Divers and Geographic Location
  36. lake ontario diving
  37. Did anyone dive North Carolina on 7/18
  38. Dry suit diving malfunction has me scared
  39. Beach Diving?
  40. Helo2 Desktop Backgrounds... Anyone know some of these locations???
  41. Yoga for Scuba Video?
  42. Scuba diving in Sipadan, Dayang, Maldives
  43. just want improve
  44. What Defog Do You Use.
  45. Advice needed about backup computers
  46. boat dives
  47. Orlando Dive Shops?
  48. Best place to scuba
  49. Questions on regulator and fins...
  50. Junior open water certification To Open Water certification
  51. Lots of love for the local LDS!
  52. Breathing techniques for low air consumption
  53. Scubapro
  54. OMS 50 Steel Tank
  55. U/W Images Video Winner
  56. Diving in Greece?
  57. R.I. man's love of sharks translates into film
  58. Private Dive Master... tip?
  59. Diving and beards
  60. Center of Gravity
  61. Cozumel or Grand Cayman?
  62. Generations
  63. I am now a Master Scuba Diver (Wow! Impressive!)
  64. Eva BC problem
  65. Games / things to do underwater
  66. Wet Suit Buoyancy Effects
  67. Getting in shape a few weeks before a dive
  68. Dealing with stress ~ on mindfulness and situational awareness
  69. Slinging A 19cf Pony?
  70. BP/W...please explain what it is!
  71. 20 Foot Basking Shark washes up in NY
  72. Fun things to do while underwater
  73. Las Vegas area
  74. PADI couldn't find my records :( 1970's...
  75. Full circle -- my first night as a DM in training
  76. Resort courses / DSD programmes
  77. Problems with
  78. Resort Discover Scuba Debate
  79. Steel Tank VS Aluminum
  80. Anyone ever dropped weights in emergency?
  81. where to find a battery for a D9
  82. Do sea anemone live off Florida?
  83. Six days of diving . . . my thoughts
  84. Blew my mask off my the!??!
  85. What exactly is a "cattle boat" in your definition?
  86. Hi - I am new and need some advice
  87. SCUBA law
  88. AquaCorps
  89. What has Scubaboard done for you?
  90. Newbie question about weighting/buoyancy
  91. Leaking mask, eyebrows
  92. Old Tank - Hydro
  93. Pony bottle & recreational diving...Need input...
  94. Owning a Dive Shop
  95. Small Double's Kit
  96. p02 alarm. what is it?
  97. oxygen cleaning
  98. Rock Bottom
  99. What does this even mean? (LDS)
  100. Cool wetsuits
  101. H20insurance for equipment
  102. Air Consumption Question
  103. Liabilty insurance vs LDS
  104. Stinging Marine Plant life...
  105. What TICKS ME OFF about Equipment Manufacturers...
  106. General equipment questions
  107. To pee or not to pee ...
  108. Charter boat Capt rules of the road
  109. hello!.. newb here.
  110. Farallon shark dart
  111. wet suit over wet suit?
  112. SCUBA expressions - again!
  113. Simple Question on Acronyms
  114. When to buy tanks?
  115. purchased used equip/ got questions
  116. Downside of Used Gear (Computer)
  117. Embarrassing Naivety
  118. Scuba Podcasts
  119. AI Computer?
  120. Night dives
  121. Regulator Question
  122. temporary dive flag tattoo
  123. Belize recommendation for PADI open water course
  124. Dive Report West Palm Beach
  125. Ascent rate?
  126. 4 year old Diver?
  127. Haigh Quarry July 6th
  128. When To Do Rescue Course?
  129. Post a pic of your gear
  130. Emergency Ascent Spreadsheet (xls)?
  131. Happy July 4th!
  132. Algae Bloom Question
  133. Anyone order a DIN reg online from leisure pro before?
  134. Mask question
  135. Peak Performance Bouyancy one day enough?
  136. Rinse after fresh water dive??????????
  137. Most dangerous/challenging dive site
  138. If you began diving today
  139. Recertification/refresher after 20+years
  140. Equalization?
  141. Downward currents?
  142. Diving Private Boat
  143. Computers Vs. Gauges
  144. How to talk smart at LDS
  145. Question about Immersion Prowler
  146. Rolling Eyes at LDS
  147. Sharks
  148. Here's your chance!
  149. Questions on CESA....
  150. How to conserve air.
  151. Feeling dizzy
  152. Dive Flag Basics
  153. Are dive computers overkill for most recreational divers?
  154. diver consent form
  155. It's been a long journey
  156. Just fun, inquiring divers wanted to
  157. Bad Experience Divers Unlimited Norfolk
  158. Doc's pro-ear plugs?
  159. Nasonex/Claritin
  160. Dive Boat Rinse Tanks found to contain bacteria
  161. Air consumption?
  162. Online Dive Log?
  163. Anxiety issues NEED solving!
  164. weight belt vs. weight in BC?
  165. Another new diver with a bloody nose
  166. Best way to clean a dive slate?
  167. Which reg?
  168. Basic Pee Valve question?
  169. Diving in a lake @ 650 mts over sea level
  170. Diver Down Flag
  171. Help with equalizing!
  172. H2O to Flight
  173. Commercial Dive Boats
  174. Column in today's NYTimes...
  175. Does Nitrox kill brain cells?
  176. How to use doubles?
  177. Is there any diving in Colorado?
  178. How often do you actually need a computer?
  179. Should we take AOW now?
  180. How it's made
  181. 40m without deep specialty?
  182. Regulator vs octopus
  183. Seen this on an lds website and thought it was interesting
  184. Dive Site Mapping and Online Dive Logs
  185. Hose routing question (and VT3)
  186. Overcoming fear
  187. PADI Enriched Air Knowledge Reviews
  188. Questions about the 3 min safety stop....
  189. Trim with Steel 120s
  190. Whale Sharks In Mexico??
  191. Nassau Bahamas Dive Operators & Site suggestions - New PADI diver
  192. How important is your log book?
  193. Carrying a cell phone while diving
  194. SAC Rates
  195. SharkPoint LogBook Software
  196. Great Lakes diving at Toledo
  197. Navigation to Boat, How Quickly I get Lost
  198. Couple of Firsts today...well 3 of them
  199. The name's Bond, James Bond.
  200. computer psi safety margin and sac rate?
  201. Don't be alarmed
  202. etowah river (cartersville, georgia)
  203. How much air in your BC?
  204. OK, who smokes?
  205. How/where to attach lift bag?
  206. Six years since last warm water dive...
  207. I got lost !
  208. Do I need a refresher??
  209. How to fit QR to Poseidon BeSea 50?
  210. My LDS is restructuring
  211. No more tunas after 2012?
  212. reverse block ends with interesting result
  213. Why did you become a diver?
  214. Do you carry tables with you underwater...why?
  215. More weight needed for 100cu ft Tank??
  216. siesta key
  217. Is environmental conservation important to you when you make dive choices?
  218. Zeagle D-50 Problems?
  219. Dive Conditions Report Wabasso/Vero?
  220. RDP's can not be the backup to a computer.
  221. wetsuit alterations
  222. water leaks while sideways
  223. Weights?
  224. What did you buy that you absolutely loved?
  225. Why Dive the Oceans...?
  226. Signed up for AOW and would like a book
  227. Headed to St. Lucia
  228. Some questions on SMB usage
  229. fish identification
  230. Drinking underwater (SCUDA??)
  231. To go PRO or not?
  232. Scuba Etiquette: Tipping?
  233. What kind of logbook?
  234. Breathing / Air management - Tips&Tricks.
  235. What to do when shark approach?
  236. Fathers Day Gift
  237. newby worries
  238. Where can I find an Instructor who can teach a class?
  239. 18 yr old Instructor
  240. Discover Diver will take OW Course soon...
  241. Drysuit buoyancy
  242. Reverse Profile?
  243. Vendor Question
  244. How about a 'SCUBA Channel'?
  245. What kind of diver are you?
  246. Where to go?
  247. Need your advice, comments, critique
  248. water in ear
  249. Home Remedy
  250. My New Diving Nickname - Mr. ShortFill
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