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  1. Can I remove a purge valve?
  2. 400 yard swim in less then 12 minutes
  3. Air Control good or bad?
  4. Flower Gardens
  5. SAC Rates
  6. Eating fish under water
  7. Scuba Pro - Black Tech and X-Tek Gear
  8. A WONDERFUL post from Trace
  9. Breath Hold Training Advice
  10. Yeah......that's not DIR
  11. Boyle's Law: Air Volume Question
  12. Proper Weighting while using Drysuit
  13. Diving in a volcanic ash filled lake. Really
  14. New Kid's Questions #1, 2, &3 - About that sausage
  15. People selling dive trips
  16. Pause breathing to control buoyancy
  17. O2 off-gassing
  18. Asthma and Pulmonary barotrauma
  19. BCD Setup
  20. Air Consumption and Dive Planning
  21. Mares ICON Upgrade
  22. possible switch to tech rig
  23. Comfortable backpack with no bladder?
  24. I did my first cenote!
  25. too many hobbies (is there a minimum 'must have' gear purchase?)
  26. Suggestions for buying my first setup
  27. Reg Service Turnaround Time?
  28. hands while diving
  29. What distributor in the USA has the lowest price on an a700 mk17?
  30. Is it hard to retrieve items stored MC pack - BP pouch
  31. I've seen Scuba Santa in Cyprus
  32. He teaches the teachers......
  33. Sting help
  34. New Kid's Questions #4 - Water temperature vs bouyancy
  35. EAN32 fill require O2 clean tank or not
  36. Question on Hooka Style air hose systems.
  37. Most Popular Dive Sites
  38. Most Popular Dive Sites
  39. Suunto Cobra 2 help needed
  40. "old" air?
  41. Returning to diving
  42. I finally get it: paddles vs splits.
  43. Advice for wreck diving from my boat?
  44. LGBTQ Divers?
  45. Random Use of EAN, VIP and O2 Certification Decals and Labelling
  46. Sherwood Wisdom 1 computer question
  47. Weight Swing When Going From AL80 to a Steel 119
  48. Are you a Sweet or Sour Diver?
  49. Water Temperature Physics
  50. BP/W Configurations
  51. First post cert dive
  52. For rivers
  53. Dive packages/operators Key Largo area.
  54. New Kid's Questions #5 - How much lead to add
  55. LDS Charging to TRY ON wetsuits???
  56. Pismo Beach Area-Need Dive Buddy for Next Week
  57. ottawa river diving
  58. Dive computer--THANK YOU all for the advice
  59. Constructive Criticism for Instabuddy
  60. Reef Killers
  61. Smith Lake Vidor, TX
  62. Using LDS for a fitting room
  63. Dual bladder BCD 60 or 94 lb lift which one ?
  64. Advice needed about a rental tank leak.
  65. How can I repair my SMB?
  66. determined
  67. Buoyancy AHHH!!
  68. Dive Instructor Ratio = 16/1?
  69. Tank Placement
  70. PADI Deep Diver specialty course worthwhile?
  71. Gulf Shores Shore Dive Advice
  72. Questions about weights and BCD inflation.
  73. heart beating through my chest at depth,,why??
  74. What is your...
  75. Seychelles Dive safari QUESTION to all dive enthusiasts.
  76. So you have x amount of dives...
  77. Extra LP hose: Add to primary stage or keep in spare parts bin?
  78. color loss at depth
  79. Rescue dive (PADI)
  80. Baby shampoo? and a wet suit?
  81. Finally going back to Coz....need your help!
  82. Passing of a mini-era DAN credit card
  83. FL Keys or Coz?
  84. Lauderdale area
  85. Lost buddy, called dive, analysis please
  86. So why wouldn't you support a good LDS?
  87. Luminous/Reflective thingy
  88. Flying before diving
  89. reverse profiles??
  90. Shore diving safety?
  91. SAC rate question (Um i mean another SAC rate question)
  92. What's your next scuba gear purchase?
  93. Amazing array of life in this picture!
  94. What is a "logged dive"?
  95. LeisurePro
  96. Visual Date... beginning or end of the month?
  97. ScubaBoard has helped me survive and enjoy my first few dives with confidence
  98. Wrist or console
  99. 1st time diving with computer - silly question?
  100. BC Lift Question
  101. Buoyancy Techniques
  102. NewB BP/W Question - This wing for a single tank?
  103. Tax exempt charitable organizations looking for scuba gear?
  104. Had to thumb a dive
  105. changing lenses on the new 2011 sherwood magnum 2 mask
  106. Marine Life and Cavitation, why dolphins can't swim at their fastest speed
  107. Advice on Dehumidifiers
  108. Mid-Atlantic states freshwater diving
  109. Looking for dive buddy for blue heron bridge tomrrow july 4th 2011
  110. Footwear?
  111. DAN was there for my family
  112. Can anyone recommend a dive buddy/s for annapolis
  113. Am I overweighted
  114. Code of Conduct for Diving with & Photographing Pygmy Seahorses
  115. Hoseless Air integrated computers
  116. "Accidental" Deco
  117. What are the different way to equalize?
  118. Dive Alpena Michigan
  119. Diver Safety/Preparedness An Informal Study
  120. wreck location - Roatan Honduras
  121. Sometimes, after many dives, get piercing ear pain in the 20-30ft range
  122. SDI Open Water dive
  123. Average Gas Consumption?
  124. Help identifying a regulator
  125. Wind/Wave maxium for a fun dive? How is 12 knots?
  126. Looking or tips on redistributing weight with a back-inflated BC.
  127. Is Anyone "Just Diving?"
  128. Weight check, Full breath, Normal breath, or no breath?
  129. Moustache Seal
  130. A Potential Case For Wrist Mounted Computer?
  131. Morrison Springs GoPro Test
  132. fins, fins so many fins.
  133. Best practical dive vehicle
  134. Coins used as weights?
  135. VEO 1.0 set up
  136. PADI - Rescue diver course - How many days ? how many dives ? how many chapters ?
  137. Travelling with Equipment
  138. Tide software for smartphone Symbian S60 v5
  139. XXI century dive gear video
  140. At what point do you buy a tank?
  141. solo diving advice?
  142. Surf Dive
  143. getting rid of moldy gear smell?
  144. Any pressure gauge recommendations?
  145. Trouble clearing mask
  146. Lake divers checkout dive?
  147. BC off and on underwater.
  148. First dives after lasik eye surgery
  149. Rigging your dive buddies gear.
  150. Question about flying before and after diving ?( private pilot instructor )
  151. Whats happening to diving certification? Where have the standards gone?
  152. What do you wish your instructor had told you?
  153. Dive story told over the weekend
  154. A-B-C-D-E-F-G pre-dive checklist
  155. RX bi-focal Mask lens
  156. So why is it a bad idea to go back to do a safety stop if you blow it?
  157. Lost buddy: did I make a mistake while finding him?
  158. Octo Holder Recommendation?
  159. Oceanic OC1
  160. Air Fills - How Much Are You Paying?
  161. Advice please
  162. Fingertipping
  163. Question: shallow shore diving (w/Nitrox if needed) then hang glide few hours later?
  164. Shallow Narc?
  165. WARNING! No Jewelry Diving AND Secure Your Camera Well - Pass the word....!!
  166. Back pain during a dive
  167. Beat The Heat!
  168. Kids gear
  169. Should I get ''stiffer'' fins?
  170. Help please
  171. Weighted Alum/80 Cylinder Boot
  172. Breath Hold Diving After Scuba Diving: is it a risk of DCS?
  173. Installing crotch strap on dry-suit?
  174. Need advice on PST hp E7-80
  175. NASA Tech Briefs: "Invent the Future" Contest: << Ultralight SCUBA Entry>>
  176. Other Divers with Diabetes
  177. Two Dives, Two near Emergencies, Lessons Learned
  178. The 8 year SI ended - yeee freakin ha!
  179. Never been spear fishing
  180. Inflatable raft?
  181. Water and Air in my wing
  182. Looking to use an underwater hose breathing system
  183. Belize / Honduras / Grand Cayman choice, looking for advice
  184. DAN Insurance and a problem signing up
  185. A reluctant Sb'ers first night dive
  186. Swimming Assessment
  187. What type of rope do you use to attach your equipment?
  188. Saving a whale in the Sea of Cortez
  189. Just back from Mexico
  190. Underwater Reef Maps?
  191. Hydro in or Around Hattiesburg MS.
  192. How Close are you to your buddy?
  193. Negatively buoyant and deciding on tanks
  194. Do you REALLY know how to scuba dive?
  195. Mares Weight Pockets
  196. Air use and Dive Planning
  197. Cruise to bahamas, one dive, Nassau or Florida Keys
  198. Diving from your own boat?
  199. diver crossing sign
  200. What's your best dive ever ?
  201. Getting C-Cards Without Testing?
  202. Is it me or is it them??
  203. creative and fun hand signals
  204. contacts while diving?
  205. Quarry Diving: 500 Dives in a Quarry - Are You SERIOUS???
  206. Dive Shop in Boston Area
  207. Yet another tank Q?
  208. Cold in Monterey Bay?
  209. SPG Mounted to Inflator hose?
  210. HOG regs and servicing
  211. 100+ Degree's and not a cloud in the sky...
  212. Can You ID a fish for me?
  213. USCG respect for dive flag
  214. Instructor to Instructor
  215. Do-it-yourself exercises to improve diving skills without the help of an instructor?
  216. Kirby Morgan Regulators
  217. How many divers have experienced is; or is it just ME (thanks)
  218. COZUMEL - Wetsuit / No Wetsuit?
  219. Problem decending on my 2nd dive
  220. Finally!
  221. Heading to Scottsdale, AZ and want to dive
  222. Kirby Morgan Regulator
  223. New to Scuba diving, need some advice on Aqualung equipment.
  224. UEMIS equipment (Sales and Service - WHERE to go)
  225. An individual's Advanced certification review
  226. Headway made
  227. Mares Travel Icon BCD
  228. advice on bcd
  229. Breathing control!
  230. Shore Diving in Nassau
  231. Conquered Some Fears and First Shore Dive
  232. bad dive flag
  233. Bad Leg Cramps
  234. Storing gear in garage?
  235. Rotating Buddha Hover? Possible?
  236. Clipping off an SMB/Flag
  237. First Ocean dive with my son
  238. :) Scubapro MK11 with balanced S600 or S500 or G250
  239. Top three reasons to do your local diving
  240. diving without buddy
  241. Heavy legs affect trim
  242. Regulator necklace?
  243. spent some time in my pool today
  244. Dry suit durability
  245. Mask and forehead skin irritation
  246. Do you carry basic safety equipment on dives? If not, why?
  247. Dir?
  248. Do You Know When To Call (Thumb) a Dive?
  249. PSA for those doing vacation Guided Boat Dives
  250. first equipment
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