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  1. One possible strategy among others
  2. Mental Planning for Our Upcoming Trip - Diet and Exercise and Knee!
  3. How to reduce air consumption?
  4. quitting smoking. how did you do manage to stay smoke free?
  5. My personal Battle of the Bulge
  6. Swimming-outdoor "heated" pool, how to stay warm?
  7. Physical Therapist helps scuba divers - teaches ScubaFit Diver Certification
  8. Needing all around shape up
  9. Probably need to postpone boat dive...
  10. Finally able to hit the water...sort of
  11. Scuba and Exercise Limits
  12. Getting back in shape
  13. Wanna To Live To 100 Try The Ok Diet From Okinawa
  14. Anyone want to buddy up for some New Year's Weight Loss?
  15. The 5x5: Simple and Effective Fitness for Men & Women
  16. Neck/Back Pain & Diving
  17. Anyone want to do the Baltimore Running Festival team relay for free?
  18. Capoeira Indonesia Jakarta (brazilian martial art)
  19. Fitness in my smaller pool?
  20. Allergies & Diving
  21. Mobile App for Scuba Diver Fitness
  22. Lets give it another go..
  23. Scuba Divers Share Vision of Fitness - press release from yesterday
  24. Walking contraindication...
  25. exercise after diving
  26. Prime Joint Support Formula by Isotonix ????
  27. Scuba & Tailbone Injury
  28. Antihistamines, Decongestants and Diving
  29. The FitDiverŪ Program by ScubaFitŪ - Links to Fitness Articles
  30. Kettlebells and Divers, what an awesome combo!
  31. I will expose them
  32. Ear Protection when Diving
  33. Any Jiu-Jitsu people in the house?
  34. Fitness
  35. Diving and Piercing
  36. Can anyone do this?
  37. A Sense of Acomplishment
  38. Looking for ways to keep fit for diving
  39. LA Fitness - caveat emptor
  40. Dry to Fly - or - Booze for Bonaire
  41. Lost 40lbs... now what?
  42. Diving and exercise
  43. scuba and thermogenics?
  44. Help with Cardio and diet
  45. P90x
  46. Swim for your life! (Swimming as fitness)
  47. Physical conditioning
  48. Fitness
  49. Support Our Dive Club
  50. Waterproof iPod armband & headphones - anyone tried it?
  51. the fat guy tries again ...
  52. working out and scuba diving
  53. Fitness goals for 2010
  54. DM candidate looking for advice
  55. Diving fitness. .
  56. Fitness and Panic: split from "Would you buy gear that someone died using?"
  57. Diet Soda, bad for you ?
  58. Pain in the joints
  59. Vitamin I
  60. Scuba diving calories burned
  61. For those needing protein powder/supplements...
  62. p90x
  63. What is your lap time for 400 meter?
  64. Battle of the Bulges jed+4 vs. ScubakevDM!
  65. I need to lose
  66. Speeding muscle recovery time?
  67. Today's run
  68. Slowly getting into shape again
  69. Anyone using CrossFit out there?
  70. Walk, run or bike?
  71. High blood pressure
  72. Leg cramps
  73. Build A basic workout routine...Help
  74. Exercise and Depression
  75. Lost weight - seals not fitting
  76. Laguna Beach Dive Buddies
  77. Yoga and Scuba Diving trip--deadline reminder
  78. Any experienced cyclists on SB? Need some info on cadence/hr trainer
  79. Physical Fitness of Scientific Divers: Standards and Shortcomings.
  80. pre-trip immunity booster??
  81. Divers study
  82. Hydration
  83. Exercises to Gain Stamina for Diving?
  84. Ibuprofen
  85. Still diving strong after 20 years?
  86. nutrition: kj to calories?
  87. Diving with hangovers
  88. Life-Expectancy Calculator
  89. Finally the media is paying attention!
  90. Oxygen exciters
  91. Need recommendation for swimming book
  92. bummed ...
  93. I want to butt out!
  94. Shin injury--OUCH!!!
  95. HELP!!! I'm a bad swimmer!!!
  96. Cycling Traffic Light Question
  97. Lost weight. Add or reduce weights.
  98. Gallbladder flush
  99. How far is far enough? Biking
  100. Diving and burnt calories
  101. The need to alternate routines.
  102. How many days a week do you work out?
  103. First Explanation I have Seen About Why Hip/Waist Ratios Matter
  104. Strengthening my Back
  105. Biking
  106. Bicycling Suggestions
  107. Oh for the love of God!!!
  108. Any great swimmers here?
  109. I wish I had an extra $15K ...
  110. A teachable moment...
  111. Anybody Here Take Supplements?
  112. Cardio Exercise
  113. Marines "thrashed"...why do they Puke?
  114. Gator bowl 5K
  115. I'm going to quit smoking!
  116. Getting In Shape
  117. What's your SAC rate?
  118. What's Up With This?...anybody else?
  119. Well, it's time!
  120. Cancer Survivor Divers
  121. Strategies and Willpower
  122. Yoga
  123. So....who's keeping fit?
  124. Bonaire Medical Facilities
  125. Fitness, Health, and Nutrition Resources
  126. When Can I Say "My Diet Is A Success" ???
  127. New SCUBA Fitness Book Out
  128. Yoga and Scuba?
  129. and so it begins..
  130. Leg conditioning?
  131. nail discoloration after diving
  132. During my cardio workouts, I sometimes just run out of gas.
  133. Post-dive recovery
  134. My gym started a "positive change" this week
  135. trying to reduce body fat - stuck in a rut
  136. 44 & time for a Physical
  137. Daily Gratitudes
  138. Experience with "Body for Life"
  139. Aerobic Conditioning
  140. intensity vs duration
  141. Water - What is the right amount?
  142. Sinus conditions and deviated septum. Anybody get it fixed?
  143. Headaches more frequently?
  144. Ok, I Am Trying...
  145. lung capacity?air consumption?
  146. How fast does "getting out of shape" happen?
  147. First but not last post in this section
  148. Smoking D Day
  149. Tips on Avoiding the Flu
  150. How many of u have quit smoking because of diving?
  151. Working out cardio + lung capacity
  152. Exercise and diving (Not sure where to post this - medicine or exercise)
  153. Did my first triathlon today!!!
  154. Uh-Ohooo! Knee Replacement Surgery!
  155. Diving with a heart murmur
  156. Physical fitness and Diving.
  157. No More Physical Fitness
  158. Registered Dietician Needed as Technical Editor
  159. New scale?
  160. Funny Weight Watcher cards....
  161. What is the fitness challenge?
  162. Do I have to go?
  163. Fitness list members missing in action
  164. Talked to my wife, and......
  165. Please help! Need advise/inspiration
  166. snuff dipping
  167. Anyone using Chris Carmichael book?
  168. Weight and body image
  169. new fitness standards for every DM
  170. Day 1, without cigarettes
  171. Not a recipe..but a food fitness question
  172. An interesting article about fitness vs. fatness...
  173. What Keeps You Motivated
  174. I'm Joining The Dive Into Fitness Group
  175. Fitness Members..Week starting May 25th 2004
  176. Fitness Members Journal May 14th
  177. Fitness Members Journal for May 8th 2004
  178. Fitness Members Only: Week 4/30
  179. Fitness Members Only Weekly Journal 4/23
  180. Fitness Members Only: Weekly Journal 4/16
  181. Support fitness suggestion
  182. Fitness Members only : Weekly Journal
  183. Announcement for Fitness Members
  184. Rules for the Scuba board Fitness Challenge
  185. Please read
  186. NDR poll re: fitness and exercise facilities
  187. Pug's new fitness program for DIR divers...
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