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  1. JET Fin or Turtle Fin sizing on XL Turbo Sole 11.5-12 street shoe
  2. Knee ACL need good fins for straight leg kick
  3. Full foot fins: Excel vs. Superchannel
  4. Marsoop-style mask strap with quick clip disconnect on the sides?
  5. Sherwood Oracle Mask
  6. Spring straps for Oceanic V-12s
  7. Scubapro Jet fins and Xscuba Power fins
  8. Neoprene straps and masks--discoloration?
  9. XS Scuba Frog Fins
  10. Please help with Fin sizing
  11. What size springs for XL Jets
  12. Atomic Split Fins VS. Aqualung Slingshots
  13. Help me understand the effects of current on fins
  14. a bizzare question
  15. Bonded Prescription Lenses; Junk or Gem?
  16. Who can I buy a set of open-heel footpockets from?
  17. A request for fin recommendations from a diving chiropractor or rolfer
  18. Pink ScubaPro Twin Jets?
  19. Fins to Teach Open Water?
  20. Ease of open heel fin removal and storage
  21. Hollis M1 or M2 Anyone have one of these masks ??????????
  22. Oceanic Caribe - Great Light Weight Travel Fins
  23. Dive Fin Recommendation
  24. Tan Delta Excellerating Force Fins (TanDelta) which colour
  25. "bang head x100" what to choose what to choose :( "masks"
  26. Benchmark Masks?
  27. OTS Guardian.......
  28. Aqualung Xpress fins review
  29. How to repair leaky Aqualung wraparound?
  30. I need a mask that won't leak!
  31. Atomic Smoke on Water - dimensions
  32. Flexible mask - does it cause sight distortion?
  33. Cleaning mask found in river
  34. Mask for disabled diver?
  35. Open Heel Fins for X-tra small feet?
  36. Ocean Reef Neptune Space FFM Package Deal.
  37. Sherwood Rona vs. Tilos Excel
  38. Sherwood Mako Mask
  39. Alternative to Jetfins when you fall between XL and XXL?
  40. Masks for small faces
  41. Mares Avanti Quattro Vs. Mares Excel+
  42. Turtle Fin Sizing Question
  43. Hollis F1 Sizing
  44. Purge valve in mask
  45. Anyone know what Scuba mask this is?
  46. Is this a seavison mask?
  47. atomic aquatics sv2 snorkel
  48. Spring straps for Jet Fins
  49. Fin sizing
  50. Short fins for Aquarium Diving
  51. Aeris Recon Mask
  52. Not another split fin thread
  53. Mask suggestion
  54. Full Face Mask with Communication
  55. xs scuba cortez
  56. Lens
  57. Need prescription mask
  58. magnifying lenses
  59. Pro-Ear Mask Earcup Transplant
  60. Booties for wide feet?
  61. AL Slingshot Weight
  62. Manta Strap
  63. ScubaPro Jet Fin foot pocket stretch?
  64. Size 11 Rock Boot - size & make of Jet Fin?
  65. OMS Slipstream Size Large
  66. OMS Scalar
  67. black mask for claustrophobic diver?
  68. liquid image picture video mask..
  69. Looking for a new mask
  70. is my wife deformed?
  71. a bootie question
  72. Micromask owners: Did you use toothpaste for initial treatment?
  73. Scubapro Jetfins vs. Hollis F1
  74. tec fins? frog fins? fins for TEC, DIR or GUE?
  75. Seadive mask
  76. Little Feet Fin Help
  77. AGA mask reg can suffer mold corrosion
  78. Need help buying my first fins!
  79. Are my feet gargantuan - need advice for fins and boots using dry suit?
  80. Sport Divers MFG
  81. Spring Strap Issues
  82. omega stealth max fin
  83. Guardian vs. MK reg chamber
  84. SP twin jets - spring options
  85. DIR Fins
  86. Fins for someone with a high instep?
  87. Saekodive Jet Fins
  88. Which mask type for best view?
  89. Top 10 Masks For Big Heads
  90. Scubapro Jet Sport fins...any reviews?
  91. Issue with ScubaPro Seawing Nova
  92. lighter classic fins
  93. Can anyone comment on ground vs bonded Rx lenses?
  94. Great pair of used Cresi fins Pro Light Size M-L
  95. Discussion on Full Face masks with communication systems
  96. Mask with Colored lens ..or mirror?
  97. XS Scuba Cargo Snorkel- BP/W users where do you stow it?
  98. Can't decide between two split fins
  99. !!!!!!!KAPITOL REEF snorkels in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  100. Need info on fin type for new dry suit
  101. Looking for some advice on spring straps...
  102. X-Stream Mares
  103. Far Sighted - Corrective Lens or Laser?
  104. Slipstream Fin size problems???
  105. Atomic Aquatics "Smoke on the Water"
  106. Seawing Nova & Buoyancy
  107. Extra Force Fin experience
  108. Mustaches, Beards & Face Masks
  109. help with mask
  110. ScubaSpec - prescription eyeglass inserts
  111. Frameless Mask
  112. replacement lenses
  113. Cressi Big Eyes EVO Bifocal Lenses??
  114. Debate: Progressive Contact Lens or Bifocal Mask??
  115. OTS Guardian.......
  116. Fin manufacturing
  117. Split Fin vs Straight Fin
  118. Kapitol Reef Masks
  119. jetfin question
  120. New ScubaPro Jet Fin Size?
  121. fin selection
  122. Open or Full Foot Fins?
  123. Fin with wings
  124. Anyone seen that new $300 Apollo Bio-Metal PRO Mask ?
  125. Anyone know the old US Divers fin sizing?
  126. Best Type of Fin For Movability
  127. Fin for big, wide foot in a rock boot
  128. Fogging Dive Optix
  129. Mask suggestion for a big forehead
  130. Currently Available BC Snorkels
  131. Seawing Nova Sizing
  132. SP Jet Fin Sizing
  133. AL Express Full Foot Fins
  134. Aqualung Slingshots
  135. mask aging
  136. Two questions regarding mask
  137. Fin Softness
  138. Which are the best spring straps for SCUBAPRO JET FINS?
  139. HELP! Scubapro Twin Jet Max Full Foot
  140. Best Full Foot Fins?
  141. Split Fin Physics
  142. Looking for mask with a full lens +1.5 correction
  143. OMS ICU-C prescription ground lenses
  144. Fins for Travel
  145. Mask for Smaller Heads
  146. Are full foot fins only for Snorkeling????
  147. Fins: Omersub Icarus L
  148. Best Purge Mask for Smaller Faces?
  149. What size springs for XL Scubapro Jets
  150. Name your favorite wide fins
  151. Difference between Smoke on the Water Atomic Split Fins and Atomic Split Fins.
  152. tech fins
  153. Oral-Nasal Mask for DIY Projects
  154. Seadive Mask
  155. Mares Avanti Superchannel or Avanti Quattro Open Heel Fins??
  156. Slingshot Sizing ?
  157. How can I repair a leaking frameless mask?
  158. What would you do ??
  159. buying one fin?
  160. Is ArmorAll okay to put on Jet Fins?
  161. Hows this work?
  162. Best Boots for Strap fins?
  163. Split fin versus Force Fin
  164. New and looking at Split Fins
  165. Twin jets or Apollos??
  166. cleaning a new mask
  167. Vision Correction
  168. How do you un-glue mask lenses ?
  169. USD Rockets
  170. Hollis VS Jet Fins...
  171. Fins - what can you tell me?
  172. broad nose mask??
  173. Finally, a great dive snorkel!
  174. The most powerful fins?
  175. Bifocal mask
  176. Size 10 rock boot, Large SP jet?
  177. Best Full Face Mask
  178. Need some advise in choosing Mask and a pair of Fins.
  179. Full foot or boot?
  180. What are the best fins to use with Hollis FX100 Drysuit?
  181. Recommendation for rental gear?
  182. Scubapro Full Face Mask help...
  183. HUD Mask
  184. Looking for low profile booties (size 13) to fit XL Jetfins
  185. Diff. donning and doffing fins.......
  186. Lost 1 fin want to upgrade
  187. Advice on Fins (Ankle Pain)
  188. Clear or black...what do you think?
  189. OMS Spring Heel Fin Strap help needed for selection!
  190. Mares Avanti Superchannel Full Foot Issues
  191. Jet fins vs Twin Jets
  192. small foot pockets
  193. Hate to ask.... PINK gear...who makes it?
  194. Fixing Warped Fin Foot Pockets
  195. Hollis Fin Spring Problem
  196. Sight correction of masc
  197. Decided to make a change to Apollo Bio's- Need spring straps
  198. Turtles vs Jets
  199. Scubapro Spectra Mask
  200. Travel fins
  201. Fin advice
  202. Jet fins for non-technical diving?
  203. Anti Fog recommendations
  204. Galeazzi helmet
  205. Seeking advice on purchase of "short" fins
  206. Drysuit Fins
  207. Oceanic Pioneer Dive Mask
  208. Newbie here with very newbie question!!
  209. cressi reaction pro
  210. Analogy to Spring Straps for Masks?
  211. Fins for Small Feet - Women's?
  212. Piranha's MFG
  213. Pink Duct Tape
  214. Source for high strength Optical Lenses
  215. scubapro seawing nova
  216. Drysuit fin size
  217. Seavision custom lens
  218. Japan Scubapro
  219. open heel fins: Cressi or Mares?
  220. Repairing Mares Fins
  221. WTS: atomic aquatic frameless medium fit
  222. Pro Ear Masks?
  223. Best mask for a broad face?
  224. Mares Raptor Fin Q
  225. snorkel keeper
  226. Yellow Jets
  227. Which split fins are neutrally buoyant?
  228. Objective fin reviews?
  229. Poll: What fins do you use?
  230. need new fins??
  231. good mask for wide nose?
  232. IST Full Face Mask Problem
  233. Major Problem !!
  234. Force fins vs xs turtle fins
  235. New Mask Help!!!
  236. Scubapro Jet fins XL footpocket fix
  237. Full face mask w/ communication device help
  238. Anti fogging mask
  239. Fin manufacturers
  240. Mask for prominent forehead?
  241. Best mask for Asian facial features?
  242. How well does your OTS Guardian breathe?
  243. Old Free Masks for Newbie
  244. Any thoughts?
  245. need a fin recommendation, please?
  246. Good womens fins for around 50$?
  247. Buy one pair of FLIPFINS®, get another one for your "BUDDY" FREE! Memorial Day Sale!
  248. Is there a function benefit to different masks? Or decide on "fit" only?
  249. Atomic Split Fins?
  250. Masks for prominent brows and big noses
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