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  1. Freedive - Spearfishing Safety Video
  2. Pure free-diving
  3. Snorkel in Pa???????
  4. North Sea Snorkel
  5. Are dry snorkels dangerous?
  6. Delray Wreck | Delray Beach | Snorkeling Video
  7. Tribord's full face mask
  8. Soon to be first time snorkel'er *nervous* need some input
  9. Fins for BIG feet
  10. Ocean Inlet Park | Boynton Beach | Snorkeling Video
  11. Does freediving have the same dangers as SCUBA?
  12. Deco stops for Freediving
  13. Snorkel recommendations?
  14. A few shots of today's pool snorkel training
  15. New Snorkeling Guidebook for Maui
  16. inhaling/exhaling from underwater air pockets
  17. Where to go in South Pacific/Indian Ocean for Snorkeling?
  18. Pensacola Area - Snorkeling
  19. entry level scuba watch which wont freeze when freediving
  20. New Snorkeling Video | Yankee Clipper Rocks | Ft Lauderdale
  21. padi teach hyperventilation but not to avoid skindiving after scuba?
  22. amount of lead when freediving vs scuba (same suit)
  23. Tahoe snorkeling
  24. do dolphins experience blackout
  25. learning scuba after learning freediving
  26. DC Metro Area Freediving Group
  27. How does free diving work?
  28. HEADHUNTER, Guerrilla Sling creator at Florida Freedivers PBF Club meeting Thurs 7pm
  29. New to freediving in Pompano
  30. freediving with a DSLR ?
  31. Freediving camera & computer
  32. Awesome movie from the red sea! (in HD)
  33. new here and would like some helpful information - thanks
  34. Finally a technological breakthru for all those who can't snorkel
  35. VIDEO: Snorkeling Deerfield Beach Ledges | Deerfield Beach, Florida
  36. "Freediving Specialist" Master/instructor course MASTER/INSTRUCTOR FREEDIVING COURSE
  37. Hero Go Pro 3 filter lense
  38. Space Coast/Treasure Coast- F.I.I. freediving course coming to Treasure Coast Dive
  39. Freediving/Snorkeling
  40. Extreme sizing: simple rubber snorkelling fins for people with tiny or huge feet
  41. Looking for Buddy
  42. NEW Freediving Device
  43. Learning on my own how to Freedive
  44. Hawaii snorkeling photos
  45. Full face snorkeling mask
  46. wetsuit buoyancy Question
  47. Freediving and Spearfishing around the world Sea quest
  48. Snorkeling in Curacao?
  49. Snorkeling day tour off Cairns
  50. 2 octopus in one day.
  51. Snorkeling video of Waikiki MLCD - my "home" spot
  52. Hawaii freediving?
  53. Sad news in today's New York Times
  54. Training freedive in Beijing??
  55. Nikon 1 AW1 or other recommendations
  56. Freediving Instructor
  57. Perhentian vs. Fiji vs. Borneo. Where to go in August?
  58. Sensible Depth Limit for an Untrained Freediver?
  59. where's best to snorkel in July or August?
  60. Where to store important items while snorkeling?
  61. Am I never going to be a good free diver thanks to my ears?
  62. how much weights for new freediver ?
  63. What is your coolest Freedive?
  64. Was I really in danger??
  65. New Snorkeling Video | Eels + Stingrays
  66. Suunto Stinger vs Oceanic Geo
  67. Snorkel/Free-diving and PREGNANCY
  68. Rash suit/wet suit help
  69. Used Suunto Stinger a Good Buy?
  70. Need help picking carbon fins for freediving/spearfishing
  71. Alcoholic beverages on Snorkel Boats?
  72. Turtles, Octpus & Fish! | New South Florida Snorkeling Video
  73. How to begin?
  74. One of the Best Snorkeling Spots i have ever been to. GoPro video included BVI
  75. Snorkeling in Dec in Key West/Dry Tortugas
  76. Go-Pro Video: Snorkeling with the Twins
  77. Honolulu Turtle spots?
  78. Culebra in October.
  79. How to increase breath hold?
  80. Oceanic V12 vs Mares Raptor or...
  81. Recommendation on snorkel set for non swimmer that gives lots of power ?
  82. Anyone try snorkeling with Aquabionic Warp 1 fins?
  83. In the scheme of freediving, when do monofins come into play?
  84. Mares Volo Race fins...opinions?
  85. close encounter of the odd kind
  86. Is it ok to do breathing excercises shortly after a work out?
  87. Good online FreeDiving Information?
  88. Beach Snorkeling in the Caribbean.
  89. Florida Snorkeling question
  90. Fii Level 2 Review
  91. Equipment advice: mask, snorkel, fins
  92. Underwater camera max. dpeth, 3 meters or 5 meters?
  93. Snorkeling the CocoView Resort front yard
  94. Freediving near Orlando FL
  95. Any snorkeling in NY (east NY)?
  96. New Snorkeling Video | CocoCay
  97. Powerful far-sighted prescription mask?
  98. Society Of Lady Divers Learn to Free Dive with the Pro's!!
  99. Snorkel for free diving (semi-dry or dry?)
  100. What are the best and most unique snorkeling locations in the Caribbean?
  101. Is this the most expensive snorkelling kit ever posted on eBay?
  102. Snorkeling/SCUBA skills crossover?
  103. Going crazy trying to decide/find free diving (or just powerful) fins.
  104. Need some help
  105. Key west snorkeling
  106. Go pro hero 3
  107. How do I stay down longer?
  108. how to clean a filthy snorkel and or mask
  109. Help with great snorkeling trip!
  110. Hello! New island gal to the boards..
  111. Total NOOB, but addicted and want more
  112. New FII Instructor on the board
  113. Caribbean snorkeling with GoPro Hero 3
  114. Snorkeling in Mauritius or Seychellen
  115. Where can I snorkel in Oklahoma City?
  116. PFI Intermediate Freediver Class in Key West April 13-16
  117. Snorkeling Video of Grecian Rocks Reef, Key Largo, FL
  118. Attention, a life in Extremes! with Freediver champion Guillaume Nery
  119. DIY extension pole for GoPro camera
  120. In need of a Snorkeling camera Suggestions please!
  121. Jacksonville Fla
  122. Snorkeling in the mangroves of Key Largo, FL
  123. Love snorkeling, HATE the vests!
  124. snorkeling in Philipines in March/April
  125. FREE Freediving Seminar - Deerfield Beach on Feb 22nd
  126. how do you exhale on surfacing
  127. Interested in Free Diving I Need Help/ Tips
  128. Favorite snorkeling spots in Bonaire
  129. Strobe for snorkeling?
  130. Best Snorkeling in Southern Asia Pacific...reachable from Thailand
  131. Best laid back snorkeling within 8 hours flying of Eastern US
  132. Snorkeling Video from my trip to Punta Cana D.R.
  133. I'm Going To The Beach In January.
  134. Egypt/Red Sea Snorkeling: Dahab vs Sharm vs Marsa?
  135. Good, budget snorkeling destinations?
  136. anyone river snorkeling in the midwest?
  137. New Video
  138. Tusa Xpert zoom Z3 SF-15 or Atomic splits for snorkeling
  139. Vertical Blue 2012
  140. Freediving video
  141. OMER Carbon Stingrays?
  142. Open heel fins - Socks or Booties?
  143. weights to make snorkel less buoyant
  144. Carbon fins vs. Cressi Gara 2000 HF
  145. Freedive training in the PNW (BC, Washington state, alberta)
  146. Socal freedivers where are you?
  147. Which muscles do I need to strengthen in my legs for fin kicking?
  148. Aegean sea snorkelling!
  149. Snorkeling mask squirting issue
  150. Help a noob : buying my first snorkel gear set - What are the "good" brands?
  151. Video of Sammy the golden retriever taking a freediving class
  152. I'm being forced to snorkel!
  153. snorkeling in aegean sea!!!
  154. Immersion Freediving on Radio 7:45 AM EST Tuesday discussing 2012 USA freediving team
  155. Sorry, but I have to brag to people who will understand
  156. Good low volume black freediving masks with prescription lenses for flat Asian faces?
  157. Easiest way to carry freediving fins without hands?
  158. Use 5mm Bare Elastic Wetsuit for Freediving, OK or Not?
  159. Equalizing Pain when Snokeling but not Scuba Diving + new beuchat snorkeling fins
  160. 40 year old female freediver in Southern California looking for competent buddies
  161. Best Place to Snorkel in August?
  162. First ow attempt yesterday
  163. Destination with good snorkeling from shore?
  164. Snorkeling in HK Sharp Island(part3)
  165. beach walk in snorkeling
  166. Short action filled spear gun/freedive movie clip from Norway - check it out!
  167. Good flashlight that can withstand a surf entry?
  168. TEAM USA comepetiting in the upcoming 2012 Freediving World Championships
  169. FII Level I Course in Utah - July 30, 31 & Aug 1
  170. Freediving is tough !!!!
  171. Static Breath Hold?
  172. New DiveGlide video free diving on steroids!
  173. Million Dollar Point
  174. Snorkeling in HK Sharp Island
  175. Mangrove Bay or Shams Alam in Egypt?
  176. Goniopora columna,Sea anemone,sea horse in HONG KONG
  177. Awesome Snorkeling a Blue Hole Video
  178. A Good Place To Snorkel Near Miami Beach.
  179. Right off the Beach in Half Moon Bay, Roatan (video)
  180. Stupid woman attacked by whale.
  181. Sébastien Murat's First Successful Test Dive!
  182. Questions for Séb Murat?
  183. Can he become the *new* deepest man on Earth?
  184. Is Cressi An Upgrade From US Divers / Aqualung?
  185. Anyone know where I can something like this for buoyancy?
  186. Great Snorkeling videos from Roatan, Honduras
  187. Mammalian Diving Reflex - different diving options
  188. Freediving 101
  189. Recommendations for gear for someone in poor health
  190. Big day for Freediving World records
  191. Snorkeling/Diving Varadero Cuba
  192. Freediving at Nemo 33
  193. Snorkeling VARADERO CUBA
  194. Freedive Thailand with Blue immersion
  195. Sea anemone in HONG KONG HOI HA WAN
  196. Informal Poll: Do you freedive with a buddy?
  197. Want to Fly U/W? Now you can!
  198. Secret Tip - How to ALWAYS Time Your Snorkel Blow
  199. Snorkeling in Redang Kalong(Malaysia)
  200. How to Take Off a Two-Piece Freedive Wetsuit..
  201. Do you log your freedives? If so how?
  202. 3 simple rules all freedivers should follow
  203. Was never good at this, but getting better.
  204. 3/2012 snorkeling in HONG KONG(Octopus,Sea urchins,Starfish)
  205. Any beach snorkeling on South Padre Island?
  206. Have you seen this snorkel New gear!
  207. Immersion Freediving student progresses from 100ft to 230ft in 4 months
  208. Scientific American: "The Limits of Breath Holding"
  209. Trip report Snorkeling ABC islands (very long)
  210. Freediving Courses in Utah
  211. Subwing - freediving being towed
  212. Ideas for selling Revolution fins?
  213. How do you not breath in water with a snorkel?
  214. Beach Diving + Beach Snorkeling Resort?
  215. Looking for a high quality youth mask
  216. Wetsuit for tall and skinny guy?
  217. Suggestions on some snorkeling (NOT freediving) equipment
  218. Shallow- and Deep-Water Blackouts
  219. Light for snorkeling?
  220. Jelly fish sting
  221. ABC Islands snorkeling photos
  222. need narrower heel on footpocket of "long" freediving fins
  223. Barracuda Freedive video Funny
  224. snorkeling clearwater or cedar key
  225. 100% waterproof gps?
  226. Curaçao snorkeling
  227. First time snorkeling with GoPro @ Koh Lipe, Thailand (Reviews)
  228. Vest for snorkeling?
  229. Proper use of Snorkel in Free Diving
  230. merino wool layering under semi drysuit = toasty?
  231. Immersion Freediving PFI Freediver course Jan 13-15 2012
  232. help? can I snorkel with one leg in a waterproof leg cast?
  233. How's the snorkeling in Isla Mujeres?
  234. snorkeling video in HOI HA WAN(Hong Kong)
  235. Renting my own boat in Key Largo, John Pennekamp? Other snorkeling?
  236. Free diving gear.
  237. looking for a freediving instructor to come to Costa Rica
  238. Freedivng, Egypt, Training, Courses
  239. Freediving Without Training?
  240. How comfortable are snorkel vests? Which one should I choose?
  241. freediving for a smoker
  242. Best Snorkeling Spots in Carribean
  243. Cozumel freediving???
  244. Freediving and Equalization
  245. Freediving Good For Scuba Diving?
  246. Snorkeling in Florida
  247. "Subwing" - flying under water
  248. A Rescue tip (Reminder) to those who freedive
  249. Snorkeling Gear
  250. first time out
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