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  1. Tech Diving Mag - issue 8
  2. Buying my first Tec/Cave Equipment - Advice needed
  3. Deco Diving - Computer Help Needed (Cobra 3, or others!)
  4. The math behind Haldane, Buhlmann, RGBM, and VPM algorithms?
  5. Any idea what this is for?
  6. Tech Diving and Air Integration
  7. apeks 1st stage regulator questions
  8. UTD Overhead Protocols Class Report
  9. Advise - "Solid" Blade Fin
  10. Deco Software
  11. SPG swivel pin advice and second stage.
  12. storing new tech equipment for a long time.
  13. Tec instructor recommendations in the Southeast
  14. Becoming a TDI instructor.
  15. The S-Drill, How to do it and Why. For Technical and Cave Divers.
  16. My technical dive gear?
  17. Technical diving regs
  18. nitrox din reg fitting
  19. fundamental schedule
  20. deco regulators - apeks?
  21. Comm masks
  22. Is it too soon to weep??
  23. 300' Sidemount Trimix Dive
  24. technical diving international (tdi)
  25. Titan Lx as a tech reg
  26. No pockets on BC. Where to add a 'dump pouch' for random stuff?
  27. what is everyone doing about the Helium shortage?
  28. Twins to convert to sidemounts
  29. Another wing preference question
  30. Wing Question
  31. Decompression diving - overview and physiology
  32. Brushed Aluminum finish for Double tanks?
  33. Weights on Harness
  34. CNS% Surface Interval Credit & NOAA Oxygen Exposure Limits
  35. Breathing 80% O2 while waiting for buddy to finish deco
  36. LP80's for ANDP?
  37. BP+W harness adjustment
  38. full/extended trimix course (tdi/iantd), where, who, tips, etc?
  39. Rig/self weighting
  40. Video: John Chatterton Lusitania Expedition 1994
  41. Din / yoke
  42. Hollis Tec gear question
  43. Intro to Tech diving equipment recomendations
  44. Regular Tech gear or Rebreather?
  45. Get them feet up!
  46. Any Tips for training in Doubles/Drysuit?
  47. Gilboa Quarry, OHIO... CCR try-dives and SM clinic
  48. Tech diving TRIMIX on Little Cayman or Cayman Brac?
  49. Technical diving is always a little more fun when it has a purpose
  50. June Newsletter
  51. UDT Ratio Deco Class ???
  52. DIY Harnesses
  53. Question on 7' Hose Routing
  54. Tech Diving Mag - issue 7
  55. KISS/GEM Rebreather Demo
  56. P02 of 3.0 in a Hyperbaric Chamber?
  57. Backup computer
  58. Underwater Photo and Video Gear for Tech Divers?
  59. Yet another beginning tech diver
  60. Getting My Technical Training Started
  61. Helium shortage, Bah humbug
  62. Getting all your gear...even tanks, when flying somewhere.
  63. Mares 52 Deep? Tec Worthy? Eh?
  64. Technical Cave Course
  65. Leaving bottles
  66. does it make sense to dive trimix in single tank
  67. UTD Tech 1
  68. Starting Tec 40 in June
  69. Advice Requested - Open Circuit Tech Diving or Rebreather Diving?
  70. The burn! (Negativity towards tech divers)
  71. Opinions on different hoses?
  72. Gas topping off spreadsheet or website?
  73. Please give me your pO2 opinion
  74. Intro to Tech program... Ontario
  75. Nitrox exam question
  76. Now for something completely different...
  77. BP Harness rollers
  78. Best Tech Instructors
  79. doubles diving, allys or steel?
  80. check your halcyon smb inflate valve
  81. Cost of tech?
  82. Recommendations for tech training in Florida or Akumal?
  83. Just an observation...
  84. is tech worth it? advise needed
  85. Tech Diving Mag - issue 6
  86. Advice on Rigging a Dive Rite harness and wing
  87. valve drills and cold water
  88. Dry suit parts?
  89. Is a super computer needed for gas switching?
  90. Lift Bag Calculation
  91. DIN Plugs in O2 Cylinders. Good Idea? Bad Idea?
  92. PADI Tech Instructor
  93. Technical Diving Reading List (add your book suggestions here)
  94. New to tech
  95. Argon Bottle Rigging
  96. Apeks DS4 with a double bladder BCD
  97. OMS Suppliers in the USA
  98. Alternative to doubles
  99. Hdigh???
  100. Any feedback on Liquivision Xeo for a GUE diver?
  101. OMS IQ or OMS Larry Green Signature
  102. Ideas for improving and developing gloves for dry-suits
  103. Better OC Trimix Computer . . .
  104. Tec training in freshwater or ocean? Which is better?
  105. Pyle/Microbubble Stops (shortcut)
  106. Keeping skills sharp
  107. Technical Rescue Training
  108. Video: Journey to the bottom of the Blue Hole
  109. DUI FLX Extreme vs Waterproof D7 Pro
  110. Apex Tek3 set-up
  111. Congratulations, Dive-aholic!!!!!!
  112. Average Depth for planning a dive?
  113. Tech Diving Mag - issue 5
  114. New CCR world record
  115. What is Advanced Diving?
  116. Searching for opinions about Rescuing a diver and decompression stop
  117. Tec Training in Aruba?
  118. Wing and Harness advice
  119. Anyone have a solution for mounting a Suunto Transmitter to a Cyklon 5000?
  120. Jet Fins
  121. Redundant Bouyancy - Dual Bladder v. Lift Bag v. Dry Suit
  122. TDI course requirements
  123. Software
  124. 1st stage for Full Face Mask????
  125. Are there any "standard" tech dive profiles to compare computers/algorithms?
  126. Which Spring Straps?
  127. New twin set rig
  128. Is Deep Air / Light Deco (bounce?) Discussible on ScubaBoard?
  129. Double tanks
  130. Wet Rocks, Wet Schmocks! Class report UTD Cave 1 & 2
  131. A bottom timer and multi gas computer question
  132. Trimix dive computers and planning
  133. Diving Instructional Series
  134. SMB inflation issues
  135. Recommend a technical diving instructor in the Houston TX area?
  136. iDeco Pro - 1.2.5 - Update Available Now
  137. Equipment for a Tech Diver
  138. Predator: SA or Fischer?
  139. Trimix Computer
  140. Piston vs Diaphragm re: standardization
  141. Predator
  142. PADI Tec Valve Drill -- Question(s)
  143. IANTD Advanced Nitrox and Normoxic Trimix
  144. Ready To Get Into Tec Diving - Upcoming Class
  145. Pilots and Tech-Diving
  146. How do you know when you're ready to got to 150m?
  147. Gear questions- looking forward to tech
  148. Canister light - Where do you mount yours and how?
  149. Gear set up
  150. A week later, still can't see the problem.
  151. Opinions please....
  152. 2 or 2.5 inch brass n glass spg ?
  153. Use of a Dive Computer and Planning the Dive with a Desktop Software
  154. Deco tank question about brand and buoyancy qualities of that brand
  155. When do you need con ed?
  156. Tech Diving Mag - fourth issue available for download
  157. Diving Shipwrecks off of Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  158. What type of tank are you using for doubles in cold water or warm?
  159. Stage bottle tank bands
  160. BEWARE! High Tec Diving LTD. Germany
  161. Video from dive on the LR Doty Wreck
  162. Stage Regs
  163. Quirky skills dive
  164. Who's using 100% O2 for deco?
  165. TDI Manuals
  166. What is more important for tec training, agency or instructor?
  167. Video from wreck dive on the Lakeland
  168. Technical Diving - deco planning, trimix planning and general tech dive planning
  169. Diving doubles recreationally
  170. Tdi
  171. Technical Diving and TDI
  172. tank stickers, labelling and trimix
  173. Clarifying some stuff in the Haldane and Workman's papers?
  174. Just got addicted to tech
  175. Streamlining Stages. Ideas, methods.
  176. Anyone do a course with Buck Buchanan before?
  177. need ANDP advise
  178. NFSA Advanced Skilles workshop August 20th
  179. Trying Tec
  180. Goods reading on decompression models?
  181. Deco training done Florida style
  182. Looking for Buhlmann's 1983/1984 book
  183. 7' Hose Questions (not routing)
  184. Diving tech with unflexible left arm
  185. Setting up hoses on a doubles set.
  186. Belated: Deep Dive Specialty -- UTD Tech 1 (4/11/2011)
  187. Deep diving dreams...
  188. Odd Story?
  189. "Squeeze-O-matic" homemade booster pump
  190. Garry Stuber
  191. UTD Overhead Protocols class report (6-28-2011)
  192. Tech Diving Mag 3rd issue - articles and improvements
  193. NAUI Instructors does NAUI do SideMount???
  194. Buoyancy issues...
  195. tech question
  196. Funny video...the hazards of deco diving
  197. little more clarificaiton on TEK plz
  198. tank size for AN/DP
  199. Anyone need trimix fills in New Orleans?
  200. TDI Advanced Nitrox Exam
  201. Metal Backplate vs Comfort Harness for Doubles
  202. North Florida Springs Alliance (NFSA) advanced skills workshop
  203. A beginner in tech -- TDI or IANTD?
  204. Tdi advanced nitrox course
  205. air compressors
  206. Jet Fins and Sz. 12 Foot
  207. tech regs
  208. Tech Diving Mag - third issue available for download
  209. Catalina vs luxfer al. 40, is it worth it?
  210. What's the problem with mineral oil?
  211. PADI Tec Xplor Day Events
  212. Getting in to Tec
  213. Intro to Tek; Which agency?
  214. Drinking the coolaid
  215. Rubber bands for AL40 deco bottle?
  216. Considering an APEKS BP/W
  217. AI Trimix Analyzer Review
  218. UTD IDC in Spain
  219. Novice question
  220. Generic Dive Gear Express backplate vs Diverite
  221. Insurance for Tech Gear
  222. I want to try out tech diving
  223. Tech regs vs Rec regs
  224. Projekt 335
  225. Trimix Formula?
  226. Deco planning software features
  227. Offset Holes on Spools
  228. Dive Planning Software for Buhlmann-GF ZHL16C?
  229. Need help from technical divers...
  230. GoPro Camera on Goodman Handle
  231. Tech diving club in Key West
  232. Advice on Regs to buy in US for Indo Pacific Tec
  233. Oriskany Hangar recent depth?
  234. Tech Diving Mag 2nd issue - articles and improvements
  235. Want to practice valve drills, but worried about water getting into regs and tanks
  236. BCD help
  237. Seven foot hose for single cylinder
  238. I almost wish I were British . . .
  239. So.. which agency to choose?
  240. Tech with Freediving Fins
  241. TDI or PADI?
  242. Cost of Tec Diving?
  243. XTEK Pure or XTEK Form
  244. Tech Diving Mag - second issue available for download
  245. Primary lighting
  246. Waterproof books for deco
  247. 200 BAR AND 300 BAR Manifold
  248. Analyzing a 90 m trimix dive in dahab egypt
  249. APEKS Inflator Recall
  250. Technical Instructors in the Florida Panhandle?

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