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  1. Promoting Scuba to the Public--Taking the Challenge
  2. miss scuba canada
  3. International Court rules Japan Whaling in Antarctica NOT scientific.
  4. How could a diver be so cruel :((
  5. 700,000 tires destroys South Florida reef system!!!
  6. Urgent: Prevent San Diego, CA Beach Closure
  7. Good cause for divers who care about other divers...
  8. Kimber Thurman/TekDiveGirl drive for the Acquired Brain Injury program
  9. Western Australian Shark cull
  10. Shark finning doco- donations wanted
  11. Stressed, bloody dolphins await slaughter in Japan's Taiji Cove
  12. The OUR-C Foundation : Diving instruction and ocean conservation for urban youth !
  13. Micro-Plastics mapping project MSc dissertation Need Help!
  14. Brandon Finch Memorial Diving Fund
  15. Holiday Gift Benefit x 3 -Jean Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures and GasPods to Save Fuel
  16. Quero's family set up the Marcia-Fisk-Ong- Coral-Reff-Preservation-Fun
  17. Pennsylvania Water Rescue T-Shirt Fundraiser
  18. Shark Guardian Launches Thailand eShark Project
  19. Help to get to San Diego
  20. Dive In Festival September 7th
  21. New charity foundation advice
  22. Vote for me! Help me get to the Galapagos!
  23. Tuke The Specialist Turtle
  24. Southern Belize Needs Your Help!!!!!!!
  25. Dive Around The Clock
  26. Robots to rebuild reefs! Pls Help this Kickstarter!
  27. Killing of Sharks on Protea Banks,Shelly Beach, South Africa
  28. Please Help Us Reach Our Goal To Support REEF Interns
  29. Need everyones help. Please!
  30. Corals restoration foundation
  31. Handicap Scuba Association
  32. Northeast Divers, Families & Friends Unite at The 4th Annual Orchard Beach Clean-Up
  33. Special Appeal From Paul Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd - Please Share!
  34. Care to help a College Student? Ocean Awareness Thesis Survey
  35. Mount Olive College SCUBA Club
  36. Save the manta rays
  37. Hi everyone, please can you help?
  38. World wide ban on shark fins
  39. Saving Ibu Hiu (Mama Shark)
  40. Join Diveheart founder Jim Elliott Jan 3-8 for Adaptive Instructor/Buddy Training!
  41. Help Save the Olympic Scuba Diving Basin in Montreal
  42. www.n2junkie.com - Website Improvement Survey
  43. Help Save Maui's Mantas - Nov. 27 deadline - www.saveolowalureef.org
  44. Shark Killings AGAIN
  45. ****fund raiser for hockeynut****
  46. Shark finning bite back campaign video
  47. Support for cavedivers in Cuba
  48. Aquatic Science Association
  49. Pilot Project
  50. Sign petition regarding the coral reef in Aqaba Jordan
  51. PA Water Rescue
  52. what is it?
  53. Kickstarter: Identifying Sponge Disease on Florida Reefs
  54. Operation: Blue Pride - America Hero - Ocean Hero
  55. Dive Flag Awareness
  56. Help get rid of starvation
  57. Keep on Trukin! This is a GREAT cause!
  58. World Record Attempt for Longest Scubadive, October 9th 2012
  59. Disabled Veterans Scuba Project
  60. Shark Angels photo contest!
  61. colorado movie theater shooting
  62. Calling all Diving Fans!
  63. fundraising for native Papua in Raja Ampat
  64. Wayne MacInnis Memorial Fund
  65. 1 of 15 finalists for $30,000, to fund shark dives for cancer survivors! Please help!
  66. Just 5 dollars
  67. Public Meeting Notice on Protecting 82 Species of Coral
  68. South Florida Reef Cleanup Dates
  69. Special suit for child awaiting kidney transplant.
  70. Support a dive shop to win a small business grant
  71. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Fundraiser in NYC
  72. Used equipment donations help ministry’s outreach
  73. Campaign to Protect Posidonia oceanica
  74. 3rd Annual Orchard Beach, NY Clean-Up & Get-Together
  75. An issue affecting all divers!! LIONFISH INVASION!
  76. Help Kids Help Kids
  77. Wakulla Springs
  78. other charities?
  79. In The Wake Of Giants sequel Northern Wake starts funding drive on Kickstarter
  80. Help restore the reefs in the Florida Keys with the Coral Restoration Foundation!
  81. Anyone have any fundraiser papers to use as an example!?!?!
  82. Auction: A HOG Wing for David and Monica
  83. In desperate need of giving souls
  84. Algalita project
  85. Petition to preserve the microatoles on Cozumel's East side.
  86. Shark fin with Andrew Zimmern
  87. Can you help someone win a context at Mother of Cakes by clicking like her picture?
  88. Would You help me on my way to cave diving ;)?
  89. Love the Ocean. Share this video.
  90. Shark finning
  91. The Tank Bangers, a video for all to share!
  92. Please help support greenland shark urgent votes needed for project funding
  93. Human rights violations in Australia
  94. how to decde where to contribute to best protect/restore oceans?
  95. This is so cool.
  96. Biscayne National Park
  97. Please support the Greenland Shark with a 'click'
  98. Amazon sells Shark products.
  99. 2011 Ride the Rideau (Fundraiser)
  100. Sea Shepherd in need of help...
  101. Ban on Shark Fin Products - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  102. Help Establish a Shark Sanctuary in Moalboal Cebu,
  103. REVIVE YOUR DIVE! Focuses on Saving Lives During Lobster Season
  104. Attention Australian divers, please help!
  105. San Diego Adaptive Scuba Diving
  106. HMCS Annapolis Extraction Volunteer's Needed
  107. Advice needed for a marine research expedition
  108. Help Needed Dive Charity
  109. UK Coastguard cuts !!
  110. Dolphin Slaughter in Japan
  111. Reef Ministries - Showcasing the Underwater World as the Handiwork of God
  112. Queensland Floods
  113. Volunteer to help your dive sites.
  114. Plastic Bags and Bottles
  115. Help with Diver Research
  116. Vet seeks gear for career
  117. Support Bonaire Sea Turtle Conservation - Klein Bonaire circumnavigation dive
  118. Tell Someone About SUDS-Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba
  119. Disabled aim high, dive deep
  120. Benefit for a charter captain November 13
  121. SOS Challenge (Spread awareness & Win a trip!)
  122. Support Shark Conservation- San Francisco Shark Benefit
  123. Caribbean Coral Nursery Efforts
  124. VOTE BY FRIDAY to help a Title 1 school win $500,000
  125. Diving survey for a start up
  126. A personal request from me
  127. Petition: Help protect sharks, mantas & mobula rays in Raja Ampat
  128. Legalise Commercial Whale Hunting?
  129. Anyone willing to sponsor the fight against cancer?
  130. Blatant Solicitation
  131. Give Sharks a Fighting Chance
  132. End Of The Line
  133. Gobies in the Great Lakes
  134. Please sponsor me in 2010 Ride the Rideau!
  135. Help plant Ferns to improve our environment!
  136. Going to Beqa- I have a list of school supplies the village needs
  137. Marine Debris Poster
  138. if you love the ocean please watch this short clip and sign.
  139. Help Save the Sea Turtles of Bocas del Toro
  140. Minke Whale Helps Breast Cancer Awareness
  141. Vote for H2O 70
  142. Pygmy Whales
  143. Stop the Sea Shepherd
  144. Stop The Closing of New York State Parks Petition!!!!
  145. Fight Alzheimer's with "A Kick in Your Caduceus!"
  146. Young whale saved in net intervention in Potrero By the A.M. Costa Rica staff
  147. Help Needed with Low Impact Diving Study
  148. Maldives Whale Shark Research Program
  149. Flags requested for fallen soldier Geoff Whitsitt of Greenville SC funeral on Jan 23
  150. 2010 Polar Plunge in Cincinati
  151. Loves Park Scuba is have TOYS for TOTS
  152. Another Example of Disturbing Human Behavior
  153. Shark Finning bill in US Senate
  154. Help Lynn, a cancer survivor
  155. Thank our Vets this day
  156. Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project
  157. Please support to stop the slaughter!!!
  158. Protect Our Reefs Photo Contest
  159. How about Taking a Live Souvenir?!
  160. Lost GSP in Florida!
  161. Samoa Tsunami Help Needed
  162. Help protect rockfish and scuba park
  163. Ice..
  164. World Record Dive for Charity
  165. Scuba related Artificial Intelligence research
  166. You can help Protect Our Reefs!
  167. Ocean protection research participants needed
  168. Help Stubby, a companion dog
  169. Arabian Horse Rescue
  170. Shark "Attack" Survivors Lobby For Shark Protection
  171. Underwater Photo Art for a Cause (Dive-a-Thon)
  172. Seeking Pro Bono Legal Service
  173. Vote for Cocos to become one of the new7wonders of nature
  174. TnT 4 LLS
  175. Diving for a Cause
  176. shark finning again...
  177. MEMORIAL DAY message
  178. "Strut Your Mutt" Charity Walk-athon
  179. Petition CDC to Lift Travel Advisory to Coz
  180. Child with Cancer
  181. Save Sharks from exploitation
  182. Divers and Conservation
  183. Help SCUBA DREW get evidence of the Pacific Trash Vortex
  184. Relay for Life
  185. Stop Palau from opening up shark fishing! Sign the petition.
  186. PhD survey--need people willing to take it
  187. Journey to the Center of the Trash Vortex
  188. Stop shark finning - you can help !!
  189. Please help keep 2 killers where they belong
  190. Help a True American Hero
  191. Vote for Kyle M.
  192. Vote for Nancy B
  193. Stick It To Cancer
  194. Against Whalesharks In Captivity At Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore
  195. Coast Guard Memorial at Barbers Point, Hawaii
  196. Help DebbyDiver and the Humane Society
  197. To all scuba divers in Chicagoland area!!
  198. Reef Check Singing Contest Vote
  199. Australian Bushfire Appeal
  200. Roatan Children's Fund, items on eBay
  201. 11th Annual Verizon Wireless SCUBA For Diabetes
  202. I'm gonna freeze for a good cause!
  203. Shark Safe Project
  204. TexDiveGuy - Alan Knappenberger Fund
  205. Pro-Bono Help
  206. Blue Heron Bridge - West Palm Beach - Night Diving Access
  207. World Record Attempt For Charity
  208. Not about whales or shark fins or turtles...
  209. Do you like swimming with Whales If so please help
  210. Help for a Friend and Her Battle Against Cancer
  211. Christmas toy drive
  212. Ocean's Twelve - Underwater Calendar
  213. Only 5 Days left to help our Reef Check cause
  214. Raise Money for Arizona based biotech companies...
  215. animals in need
  216. Underwater dart tourney near Cincy
  217. Petition against whaleshark in Sentosa (Singapore) aquarium
  218. Eagle Divers (wounded warriors)
  219. SOS Small Islands Nations Campaign (09/2008)
  220. Anyone Out There With Real Suggestions?
  221. our save a reef project
  222. scuba bottle donation
  223. Please donate to help save Labradors in Florida!
  224. NEW Purple Heart Dive Team and Coral Reefs 101 Foundation
  225. Honey Girl Reward Fund- Save the turtles!
  226. Solo Diving Opinion Survey
  227. Let's All Help Ricky from Fill Express Raise $$$$ for Cancer Research
  228. Let's Help Ricky from Fill Express Raise $$$$ for Cancer Research
  229. Where can I donate used scuba/snorkel gear?
  230. Manuel of Forest Rescue
  231. No more fake jellyfish
  232. 24-Hour Cancer Dance-a-Thon!
  233. Ride for Dad - Help support prostate cancer research
  234. The Nation's Largest Underwater Clean Up Needs Your Support!
  235. Help our cause!
  236. Turks & Caicos online petition...PLEASE SIGN ASAP
  237. NeighborHeart® Prom: Please help support a great cause…
  238. My wife could use your prayers and good thoughts
  239. Help us Help the tiniest of Babies!
  240. Whale carnage
  241. Can my coral reef pictures buy me something? – Yes they can, right here!
  242. Lost and Found on Oahu
  243. Song with "Protect the Ocean" Theme?
  244. Looking for advise and help
  245. Charity Dive?
  246. Paradise Springs Florida Dive Site In Danger For Sale
  247. Give a Sign of Gratitude to a US Military Member
  248. Stop Killing Whales...petition
  249. Ban diving to stop poaching? Please help!
  250. Opinion and Personality Surveys

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