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  1. key west dive shop(subtropic) news,,,,,,,,
  2. Cool Vandenberg video
  3. Blue Heron Bridge Saturday after Thanksgiving Dive and Meet Nov 26, 2011
  4. MSDT Training South Florida
  5. Boca 11/10
  6. Central Florida Dive Buddies
  7. Best Dive Sites in Key Largo
  8. Final derby of the series brings in 312 lionfish!!
  9. Dania erojack question ?
  10. Diving Near Orlando
  11. Advanced Nitrox and Deco Instructor
  12. Jupiter Lemon Sharks?
  13. Venice Beach Thanksgiving Turkey Fry?
  14. Key Largo
  15. Lionfish ??
  16. A Week in Florida
  17. Learn the most common fish in the Keys!
  18. 3 Days Left for Early Registration!
  19. First Dive Today (Anyone have en ENT they can refer in tampa?)
  20. Trip Report - 10/29 Narcosis Rivera Beach
  21. taking long shot...lost flag and float today at LBTS
  22. Are there any stinging sea-fans?
  23. Which airport for Key Largo?
  24. Has any one dove the artificial reefs off coast of Sanibel or Captiva Island?
  25. Fuel surcharges in the Keys.... A money grab at this point??
  26. Force E cancelled BHB night dive...what gives?
  27. Advanced Dive Key Largo-Birthday
  28. Diving Victim Of Severe Hit & Run Boat Collision
  29. Buddy needed for Pompano Fri afternoon $55.00
  30. Looking for some more divers this weekend in West Palm.
  31. Dive Service Review - Emerald Charters, Jupiter Florida
  32. Ft Lauderdale & Key Largo - Thu/Fri/Sat 10-27 - 10-29
  33. Anybody want to do Devil's Den and Blue Grotto Saturday (Oct 28)?
  34. Dive ops with guides
  35. A morbid question about the USNS Vandenberg
  36. Conditions in Key Largo for the rest of the week
  37. On my way to Key Largo! Looking for suggestions for evening activities
  38. BHB and YBR water temps and viz 10-22, 10-23
  39. Dive Guides and dive ops
  40. Ft Lauderdale HP EAN fills... Sea XP?
  41. Key Largo Trip - 4 days/3 nights Hotel Unlimited boat dives
  42. Lobster Walk 10/20
  43. Yet another recommendations thread
  44. Serious bottom time
  45. Marathon current conditions
  46. "Drop Foot" and scuba diving
  47. Spearfishing in Key Largo Sat 10/22 - spots available
  48. Beach Diving spots @ Fort Lauderdale
  49. Yellow stingrays and tail loss..
  50. gear stolen from dive op in BB!!!
  51. Keys Reef research
  52. Lost Halcyon SMB and reel on Tunnels in Jupiter, FL
  53. FL Orlando, dive trip boat, bring small kids, how anyone ?
  54. Saturday after Thanksgiving (11/26) BHB Turkey Fry
  55. Scuba Sale OCT. 15
  56. Instructor / dive shop recommendation
  57. Alternate diving locations?
  58. any thoughts????
  59. LOBSTER Hunt off Jacksonville 10/15/2011
  60. Shore Diving this Weekend???
  62. Lionfish Awareness Workshops in West Florida NEXT WEEK!
  63. Alternate Activity Suggestions
  64. Casting Call
  65. Anyone interested? Night dive 11/4 Key Largo -- need four more
  66. Manatees
  67. Just wanted to say thank you to Pura Vida Divers out of Singer Island
  68. The life of a South Fl. Dive master?
  69. Don't Forget! "Dive Charter" reality series is now online!
  70. Need info on the Clearwater/ Tampa area please
  71. ? Re: Beginner Diving in Key West
  72. Key West over Thanksgiven...
  73. 31 dives hath September
  74. Englewood area diving
  75. Islamorada reefs today(9-29-11)
  76. Hiring a guide
  77. "Best" dolphin, manatee and turtle encounter (snorkeling)
  78. Seasoned Spiegel Grove divers please chime in
  79. Orlando dive recommendations
  80. First dive trip to Florida, where to go for 10 days?
  81. Jax Beach 10/15/11
  82. Water Temps-Key Largo area, Jan-March
  83. Diving in Florida Keys - February
  84. Alligator reef Islamorada 9-27-11(pix)
  85. snorkeling in Florida :)
  86. 7./8./9. or 21./22./23. of October for Jupiter goliaths?
  87. Our Goliath Season So Far
  88. Two firsts
  89. deep french reef, today, 9/24/11, pics,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  90. Diving tomorrow LBTS!
  91. Key Largo - Dive Operator recommendation
  92. New Reality Series "Dive Charter" Episode 2 - "Mini-Season Madness" is now online
  93. LBTS Solar Panel Buoy Thing??
  94. were're back! deep molasses, pics, 9/23/11
  95. Boynton Beach Area Diving
  96. Diving suits in October?
  97. Jupiter - Giant Grouper Dives 09/21/2011
  98. Dive off Jacksonville Florida
  99. Florida Dive Charters near Orlando
  100. Good place to Dive near Orlando in late October??
  101. First impressions for Suites at Key Largo: A Review.
  102. Where is the exact location of Spanish Rocks Reef
  103. Jupiter Giant Grouper Dives 09/ 09, 14, 16 / 2011
  104. Key West turtle video
  105. Keys Shore Sites
  106. Looking to Get a Group Together for Goliath Diving this week
  107. Windley Key, March 2012
  108. Goliath Updates, Want to Dive Next Week
  109. Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures (JASA) Goliath Grouper Adventure dive on 9/10/2011
  110. Shark Canyon & other popular shark spots
  111. FYI BHB - Sheriff's dept ticketing for not having dive flags
  112. Pictures of Molasses reef 9-15-11 Fire coral cave and Northstar
  113. Diving "Wreck Tek" at Deerfield Beach, FL - 9/17/11 - Any Advice
  114. Jupiter 09/17 limted seating
  115. Fossil Diving in Venice good after last weather system
  116. Anybody Beach Diving Sept 26 or 27?
  117. dania eurojacks parking question ?
  118. SE Fl Coral Reef Init Meeting
  119. ENT recommendation in Palm Beach County
  120. Couple of dives in Key Largo/Islamorada 9-13-11
  121. Trip Report - Giant Groupers - Palm Beach County
  122. South FL dive shops
  123. Need a Deerfield beach dive buddy
  124. Missing diver found off Dania Beach
  125. Snapper Spawn offshore Key West....1000s of fish
  126. Gosh darnit, dem' dare' lionfishes!
  127. Which Dive Shop in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area carries Seavision Masks?
  128. Blue Heron Bridge and high tides sept 28-30 plus couple of other questions
  129. Goliath groupers and the full moon
  130. Davis reef Islamorada 9-9-11
  131. I will be in Key Largo Sep 20 to 28
  132. Turtle Hospital celebrates 25 years Marks occasion by releasing Sara, turtle speared)
  133. Jupiter trip report 09/07/2011
  134. Nurse shark encounter in the Florida Keys(weird)
  135. hollywood rock pile yellow brick road question ?
  136. Florida Keys: Dive Capital of the World - From September Southeast Dive News
  137. photos of boynton beach diving on the 4th of september
  138. Key West Vandenberg question
  139. best months recommendation
  140. Jim Abernathy Scuba Adventure - Palm Beach, FL
  141. Diving off of your own boat
  142. Jellyfish reports?
  143. Where did you dive this weekend?
  144. A lot of diving fatalities recently in one area.
  145. Howard Park, Tarpon Springs, FL...Closed?
  146. Force-E tent sale...what'd you get?
  147. Wet suits - Key Largo in Mid October
  148. Lost Flag at Hollywood Beach
  149. LBTS Tomorrow and Sun mornings, anyone going?
  150. Anyone in S. Fl. have a BP/W I can try?
  151. Suggestions for 3 day Florida Keys trip
  152. Blue Heron Bridge questions
  153. Goliath grouper aggregation in Jupiter video +
  154. HP 120/130 Cylinder ~ Want to rent in Fort Lauderdale Area
  155. History of Diving Museum $5 admission Saturday Sept. 3rd
  156. Scuba diving classes in South Florida
  157. Panama City Dive w/ScubaDream'inn 9/23-9/25
  158. Dive Jacksonville with ScubaDreaminn 9/18/2011
  159. Are the Goliath Grouper running off the Coast yet?
  160. 50 dives in August
  161. FYI (Concerning Jelly Invasion in FL)
  162. Going to Fort Lauderdale, FL
  163. Help picking place
  164. Looe Key Resort?
  165. LF help lobstering in the contents
  166. Florida Keys Diving
  167. Gold Coast Scuba shop and meetup group
  168. Suggestions for Dive Boat Key Largo. Very Experienced Divers Mid Week
  169. mid october trip to miami
  170. Goliath Grouper are "massing" in Palm Beach...Have you booked your Dive Trip yet?
  171. Dive with Narcosis Scuba!!!
  172. Hurricane Blues
  173. Sherwood SR1 operation in Miami
  174. AL80s in S. Florida
  175. High number of shark attacks
  176. My first trip to Jupiter in exactly a year (topside photos only)
  177. BHB and Slack Tide
  178. Sailboat Runs over DiveFlags at BHB
  179. What is the best fresh water dive in FL.
  180. ScubagirlJ & jet126 Road Trip Report: BHB & Venice Beach
  181. Diving Near Port St. Lucie, Florida
  182. Jupiter Trip Report 08/17/2011
  183. Bonsai diving in Key west, and Silent World in Key largo.
  184. Jupiter Dive report with a few photos
  185. naples florida dive sites
  186. How many dives to plan for Vandenberg?
  187. H2OBelow "Best of Pensacola 2011"
  188. Jellyfish
  189. Key West Dive Ops recommendations
  190. Venice Beach shore dive 25Aug11 - 26Aug11
  191. Key Largo dive op dilemma
  192. looking for dive buddies in fort lauderdale
  193. Thoughts on the Rodeo 25 Wreck?
  194. Palm Beach Shores area Sunday - Dive Buddy and/or boat/dive advice requested
  195. Best Florida Shore Dive Guides
  196. Coral Restoration Foundation Upper Keys Kick-off Aug 23rd
  197. Oakland ledges / Caves
  198. Labor Day in Key West
  199. Pictures and trip report of Islamorada reefs today
  200. BHB + artificial reef double dipp?
  201. Jellyfish Invasion
  202. Reward for conviction of person who speared turtle
  203. little jerk kids in kayaks
  204. And so it begins!
  205. Florida Location For Everyone?
  206. Reddington Beach/Pinellas Area!!
  207. LBTS/Palm Beach & Keys Accomodations
  208. Early AM Tank rental near Ft Pierce
  209. Water/Diving Conditions in December - Key Largo
  210. Shore Dive from Vero to Ft Pierce?
  211. Cool baitball in Islamorada
  212. How may have completed (or working on) the Florida Keys "Wreck Trek"?
  213. Paradise Springs Conditions
  214. Where to go in Fla?
  215. Hotel/dive discounts for Key Largo LIONFISH derby
  216. Calling all free agent Dive Instructors
  217. Who wants to dive West Palm Beach Aug 20-21?
  218. Dive Report - Riomar Reef, Vero Beach FL - Aug 9th
  219. Regulator maintenance in Miami?
  220. End of Summer West Palm Beach Drive Trip
  221. Room for rent?
  222. Bhb
  223. Garden Cove Divers has changed its name to Key Largo Dive Center
  224. 2 tank Lobstering trip Tues Aug 9th
  225. Looking for dive recommendations for Palm Beach area in late November?
  226. Oktoberfest Megadive 2011
  227. Art exhibit on the Vandenberg
  228. Quick Trip Report for the Spiegel Grove
  229. Dive Shops with Scubaocity's Online Calendar System / Search For Your Next Dive Trip
  230. Shore diving
  231. Come out and help us!
  232. dive report, NOAA aquarius reef base and snapper ledge, 8/3/2011
  233. Dive Trip Recommendations
  234. Narcosis Night Dive!
  235. Now I know why the Pennekamp dive shop is cheaper than anyone else...
  236. December conditions in the keys
  237. Question about water temperature at depth at Panama City Beach
  238. LBTS diving
  239. Info needed on sewage outflow pipes in South Florida (and other pollution sites)
  240. Beach DPV Diving
  241. Trip Report: Key Largo & Looe Key 7/11-7/18/11
  242. Very cool story
  243. key west timeshare up for rent for a week august 6 thats lobster season!
  244. House of Refuge - Stuart, Fl?
  245. The Sweet Life on Molasses Reef & Upper Keys
  246. And the Darwin Award goes to........
  247. June and July highlights and epic fish- 80 dives
  248. Diving in Venice (South West Florida)
  249. Keys vs Cozumel, December
  250. Breakers GPS coords
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