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  1. Introducing Bottom Time Radio
  2. redesigned from the ground up
  3. Holiday Sweepstakes
  4. Shark Shootout 2006: A Exclusive
  5. Exclusive: "Bait & Switch"
  6. Diverwire Premieres-Associated Press for divers!
  7. Underwater Photos Competitions Make Histroy - Jan 7th Deadline
  8. Scuba News magazine expansion marks 2nd anniversary
  9. Call for "Wreck-tacular" Photos!
  10. 2007 Scuba Diving Magazine Photo Contest
  11. Looking for a model for magazine spread
  12. X-Ray Mag #15 is online now! And ready for download.
  13. Scuba Search 2007: Get a friend certified -- on us!
  14. An Andrea Doria Exclusive
  15. Join our community, and enjoy great diving on our Diver to Diver Trips
  16. X-Ray Magazine issue 16 is now ready for download
  17. Underwater Journalís Issue 2 is out!
  18. LDS's going out of business very soon - help them out!
  19. On the right track!
  20. NEW Virtual Interactive (page flip) SCUBA DIVING Magazine up and running! *FREE*
  21. ScubaBoard adds HowardE as an Ad Rep...
  22. launches new HTML website
  23. NEW Issue 2 Virtual Magazine OUT NOW
  24. Shark Diving-In Denver? New story from Diverwire...
  25. Premier of Treasure Divers HD Sunday August 19th
  26. Underwater Journalís latest issue is available
  27. Florida Dive Show
  28. Put it Back
  29. New Episode of Underwater TV series
  30. New Underwater Photography Magazine
  31. *NEW* Issue 3 Virtual (page-flip) Magazine - Dive Zero
  32. Tom Mount Re-Breathe Event
  33. Tom Mount Re-Breathe Event
  34. Need quality PR and Marketing by someone who knows diving?
  35. Unveils Impressive New Site
  36. UnderwaterJournal Issue 5 is here!
  37. New Articles on
  38. PBS appearance available on internet
  39. Free scuba wallpapers for your computer
  40. PV Scuba Achieves PADI Gold Palm Rating
  41. Episode 12 and 2007 Anthology of Underwater TV series now available
  42. Call for Underwater video/photos
  43. Free Scuba Screensaver!
  44. Underwater Journal Issue 6
  45. Scuba Diving Magazine Redesign and "Page-Flipper"
  46. 2008 Scuba Diving Photo Contest -- Win Big Prizes
  47. Feb 15th Deadline :: DEEP Indonesia International Photography Competition
  48. Midwest Scuba Diving Magazine needs your help!
  49. Pnw Tv Series Now In Third Year Of Looking Beneath The Surface
  50. Scuba Diving @ Our World -- Booth 408
  51. new video of the Al Qamar (wreck at 75 meters)
  52. Amazing Winning Images & Videos - Our World Underwater
  53. March 15 Photo Contest Deadline
  54. Scuba News June Dive Charter Boat Directory
  55. Seventh timeís a charm
  56. Scuba Diving's April issue page-flipper preview
  57. Visit Scuba Diving @ Beneath the Sea
  58. Get every Scuba Diving issue of 2007 -- on one CD!
  59. X-Ray Magazine issue 22 is published
  60. Get your own video channel
  61. Diver Quest 2008 is on!
  62. Dive & Travel Expo Comes to Northwest
  63. Follow a photo instructor, marine art, septic overhaul, etc.
  64. Your dive story captured for generations of divers
  65. Free "World Dive Guide" Screensaver
  66. Here's Trouble - Welcome to Brendiver's World!
  67. Dive Zero Issue #4 Virtual "page-flip" magazine RELEASED
  68. SPEARING magazine
  69. X-RAY MAG issue #23 is out! Download it FREE...
  70. Underwater Series on Your Local TV Station
  71. Underwater Journal - Issue 8
  72. SPEARING Magazine - July Issue coming soon
  73. Dive Zero TV Guide
  74. Jonathan Bird's Blue World on Public TV
  75. X-RAY MAG #24 is out! Download it FREE today...
  76. San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition 2008 - Buy your tickets online
  77. Looking for Diving Records and World Firsts
  78. Wanted Dead or Alive - International Who's Who of Diving
  79. Dive Zero TV launches 6 new dive channels!
  80. Free Manufacturer Listing
  81. Conservation Projects
  82. Web Site Announcement
  83. Rate your last dive vacation, and you could win some really cool gear
  84. On Sale Now: Scuba Diving Magazine's Popular "Lessons for Life" Column ... on CD!
  85. Dive Zero Launches "5th" Virtual Magazine
  86. 2008 Top 100 Survey -- Who's In?
  87. Free Scuba Business Communities for ScubaBoard members
  88. Stop by the Scuba Diving Booth @ DC Dive Show
  89. Not-for-Profit Rebreather Community Launch
  90. Join (and friends!) at DEMA 2008
  91. IN-SEAtv: FREE Spearfishing Podcast
  92. Laguna Beach Dive Laws
  93. 100 Dives to Do Before You Die
  94. Relaunch of
  95. X-RAY MAG issue #26 is out!
  96. 2 "Shaded Blue" freediving documentaries up for grabs!
  97. Underwater Journal Issue #9 is out
  98. DEMA 2008: Video Highlights
  99. DivePhotoGuide Wins Best Website Award From Prestigious Antibes Festival
  100. Giving away 3 shirts from "Bent Air"
  101. ScubaBoard Member Paul Mila Publishes New Dive Adventure Novel
  102. Scuba Industry News Forum
  103. Visit Daily, Enter Holiday Giveaway, Win, Repeat.
  104. Movie: Day in the Life of a Dive Shop Owner
  105. New Dive Adventure Novel, Guardian's Keep now available!
  106. Giving away fins from Omega Aquatics
  107. Read the first chapter of Guardian's Keep online now
  108. A new addition at Dayo Scuba: NetDoc
  109. Perfect last minute gift for that diver in your life!
  110. Our World Underwater Teams with Midwest Dive News
  111. Worker's comp
  112. SUDS Flea Market
  113. Season's Greetings from Sundiver!
  114. New Free Short Story -- tell all your friends
  115. Chapter 1 of new short story is now online!
  116. Introducing the NEW Awesome DUI XM450 Insulation
  117. Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center turns into an SDI/TDI/ERDI IDC
  118. 2009 Diving Almanac & Book of Records is now available
  119. Move over Cousteau
  120. Golden Reef Inn Offers Dive Shops/Clubs Great Rates
  121. Special Forces Diver T-Shirt from Hammerhead Press
  122. Chapter 2 is online--and in audio too
  123. YMCA to CMAS Transition Workshop
  124. The first 5 Star SDI/TDI Professional Development Center in Florida
  125. NAUI Instructor Special
  126. Diving story, chapter 3 is now online
  127. 500 Diving Records and 600 Who's Who
  128. California Ships To Reefs February 2009 Newsletter
  129. Galapagos diving expeditions confirmed for 2009
  130. Join for filming the next episode of Into the Drink in Utila May 2-9
  131. Read Chapter 4 of the exciting online dive adventure Frog Head Key!
  132. Oceanic and AERIS Unveil Diver Referral Program
  133. Innovations Don't Stop - AERIS Introduces New Veolocity X3 Fins
  134. Chapter 5 of Frog Head Key is now online!
  135. Tracking Divers In Dive Shops Just Got Easier with
  136. Volunteer and get Free Exhibitor Credentials at US Dive Shows to Help Ships to Reefs
  137. Atomic Aquatics Springtime Promotion
  138. Secrets of the Reef in DC Film Festival
  139. Pascal Lecocq Exhibitions in Chicago, Harrisburg, Moscow, New York, Atlanta, Rome...
  140. Latest installment of the free short story is now online!
  141. Chapter 7 is Live and Free! Catch up now for the final three chapters!
  142. Issue #6 - Dive Zero Virtual Magazine - Free - Just released
  143. FREE - Neutral Dive Gear Hoodie
  144. Join on-location as we film "Into the Drink" in Costa Rica June 6-13
  145. Chapter 8 is now online. Only one more chapter to go!
  146. SDI Instructor Program at Capt. Slate's Atlantis Dive Center, in Key Largo, Florida
  147. Attending DEMA 2009?
  148. Frog Head Key, the conclusion -see how it ends!
  149. Pascal Lecocq Exibitions ScubaFest and Beneath The Sea
  150. Si Tech Inflator Hose Recall....
  151. Win 3 days, 3 night dive packages to the British Virgin Islands
  152. SiTech Hose Recall - updated...
  153. SCUBA Stimulus Package: 100% Personalized Gear Tags FREE
  154. Pascal's West Coast Exhibitions tour
  155. Congratulations to SDI new Instructors: Michelle "Muggsy" Ehrenberg and Walt Stearns
  156. Jonathan Bird's Blue World announces Corporate Sponsor!
  157. Underwater Journal Issue 11
  158. Half Price offer on the best diving at the GBR
  159. Dive Village user "CMOST" just won a dive trip to the British Virgin Islands!
  160. Giving away 3 "Aunoc" High Power LED dive lights - 3 ways to win!
  161. XRay Magazine - May 2009 edition is online now
  162. UK DUI Diving Days
  163. European Scubapro Diving Days
  164. New Basic Underwater Photography manual now available
  165. Brand New DiverWire NEWS Site
  166. Aqua lung Slingshot competition - VOTE TODAY - vote Mermaid!
  167. Zeagle Celebrates our 30th year with a hot deal!
  168. Zeagle Celebrates our 30th year with a hot deal!
  169. DAN Waives Instructor Application Fee
  170. Pascal's West Coast Exhibitions tour 2nd part
  171. ScubaPro Click N Mortar?
  172. Humpback whales play with free-divers in Tonga
  173. Sub Menorca - Scuba Diving Centre in Spain on sale
  174. Looking for a Job?
  175. Bill Delp and Underwater Breathing systems
  176. 3 - 2009 Diving Almanacs up for grabs!
  177. New Magazine is Live -
  178. Zeagle acquires Pinnacle Aquatics...
  179. Beneath the Sea '09 Video Coverage
  180. Official web site of new dive travel television show launched
  181. XRay Magazine - July 2009 edition is online now
  182. AJV Corporation offers free Dive Shop Express Software for any dive store.
  183. More and more Fire Depts are selecting the Rapid Diver
  184. June (point contest) winners announced at the Dive Village!
  185. Capt. Slate's SDI program
  186. New issue of the Underwater Journal available
  187. Spaces still available for the St. Croix "Into the Drink" on-location trip
  188. Handicapped Scuba Association Course
  189. Giving away 3 Dive Junkie T-Shirts at the Dive Village!
  190. New Oceanic OC1 Dive Computer Now Shipping
  191. Enter to Win a Dive Vacation in Costa Rica
  192. U.S. Coast Guard Course on Investigating Recreational and Commercial Diving Accidents
  193. Dive adventure novels--new lower price
  194. New dive TV show trailers now online!
  195. newsletters
  196. Fantasea Line Camera & Housing Bundles - Now from $399.95!
  197. Emergency Response Diver Course at Catalina
  198. $300 Discount on "Into the Drink" Grand Cayman On-Location Dive Trip
  199. Enter to win a dive trip for 2 to Kadavu, Fiji - Easy win!
  200. The latest scoop in case you missed it.
  201. Fantasea Line Ultimate Flash System - Remora Single Pro Set
  202. Dive Kulture
  203. Diving & Wild Dolphin Expeditions
  204. Plans for 12,000 sq. ft. Dive Center Announced.....
  205. X-Ray Magazine issue 31 is now posted. East Africa Special issue
  207. the Fun Magazine for Serious Divers is looking for writers.
  208. Looking for drysuit divers - do a quick survey and enter the prize draw
  209. SUDS now listed on CFC
  210. Up to $500 airfare credit
  211. New "Into the Drink" television show to premiere at DEMA on Nov. 6
  212. Discounted training rates at Bonne Terre Mine MO.
  213. XRay Magazine - November 2009 edition is now online
  214. Bonaire dema group specials wow!!!
  215. New issue of the Underwater Journal available
  216. Scubaboard Only Bonaire Dive Special
  217. Aqua-Lung Online
  218. As the dema turns
  219. DEMA Listening Session
  220. I Believe! is PADI's New Theme
  221. Dema responds
  222. Underwater Breathing: An Unnatural Act?
  223. Put the "you" in Utopia ... enter the "Into the Drink" Utila dive vacation giveaway.
  224. Polina Reznikov Joins Team
  225. DEMA Show 2009 - Watch The Underwater Channel's exclusive video highlights
  226. DEMA-Nothings Changed
  227. Matt Johnston Florida Trip 2010
  228. Award-winning photographers support marine environment with 2010 calendar
  229. November Sea-gram
  230. Wave Rave Contest! ScubaBoard is dedicated to help the Oceans Jan 16, 2010
  231. New issue of the Underwater Journal available
  232. Colorado Dive Show
  233. 2010 USA Dive Shows Map
  234. Trying to get a local quarry open for diving
  235. Livaboard-Rresearch Vessel wanted.
  236. Explorer Ventures announce specials
  237. Free edition of the Diving Almanac & Book of Records now online
  238. Texas Dive Show, discount and more, Pascal's Newsletter
  239. "Into the Drink" Premieres This Week
  241. DiveNav Newsletter February 2010 - Scuba Diving Simulator and Dive Computer Training
  242. Whites Manufacturing Joins Aqua Lung
  243. 15th edition of the Underwater Journal now available
  244. DiVentures Grand Opening
  245. Win a dive trip in the Philippines with the "Into the Drink" Crew!
  246. How to subscribe to POD DIVER RADIO
  247. X-Ray Magazine issue #35 is posted
  248. Take our wetsuit survey and enter drawing for a Fourth Element wetsuit
  249. "Into the Drink" Distribution Expands to AMGTV, Its 4th Network in North America
  250. 2010 Florida Reef Project; Addressing Florida Divers
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