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  1. NAUI joins with PSI-PCI to co-sponsor the Visual Cylinder Inspection course at DEMA
  2. Chris Richardson leaves post at EDGE/HOG Gear
  3. SEA&SEA Internal Optical YS Converter Sets the Standard
  4. Announcing FitDiver® Magazine
  5. SEAC USA is looking for Sales Representative!
  6. Tusa new release: Crestline, bc-0601
  7. RAID International Opens Korean Office With Strong Local Leadership
  8. PSI-PCI Training now posted on the DEMA Show website
  9. Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet announces PRE-DEMA Group Travel Sale!
  10. Raid makes major changes to dive training
  11. Bonaire Operators Announce Fall Promotions
  12. Updated DiveNewswire WORKS! Job Site Perfect for Job Seekers AND Employers
  13. SEAC USA is expanding its swim line!!
  14. Ownership Changes at Popular High Springs Dive Shop
  15. Hb 1049
  16. Long Beach Scuba Show
  17. FWC Provides Free Lionfish Brochures to Florida Dive Businesses
  18. Scuba Mesh Backpack Bag Review
  19. SEAC USA is looking for Sales Representative!
  20. SEAC at Scuba Show 2014!!
  21. NSS-CDS 2014 Mid West Workshop
  22. NICK BCD - Moving Lightly!
  23. MOBBY'S 2014 Spring Summer catalog in English release
  24. MOBBY'S on Facebook
  25. Youngest Certified Scuba Diver in PADI History
  26. Shark Warrior Lesley Rochat dives naked with sharks AGAIN to make a point
  27. NSS-CDS Legal Defense Fund - We need your Help!
  28. NSS-CDS 2014 Workshop May 24
  29. Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Becomes Scuba Diver
  30. Design Your Own Diver T-Shirt
  31. The Consulting Adventurer Presents: Paracord Survival Bracelet, Nautilus Lifeline, an
  32. Underwater Easter Egg Hunt with Spencer Slate in Florida Keys April 20
  33. Enter by April 7th to Win a 7-Night Dive Package to Curacao for Two Persons
  34. 5 Exciting Recently-Discovered Species of Marine Life
  35. New Giant Jellyfish Species Discovered
  36. Sunken World War II Plane Turned Into Scuba Playground
  37. Hi ScubaBoard! I'm Carl, I build dive lights & make videos about the cool bits I use
  38. 7 Tips for Diving Fresh Water Lakes
  39. Wishbeen - a new dive plan and story sharing platform
  40. SEAC - DX 100 regulator - new for 2014!
  41. Public can now book submarine adventures in Fiji on DeepFlight submersibles
  42. 5 Not-So-Ordinary Tips for Shore Diving
  43. Scuba.com Underwater Photo Contest Needs Entries and Judges
  44. Congratulations to the 2013 REEF Volunteer of the Year
  45. 7 Tips for Diving Fresh Water Lakes
  46. 5 Diving Tips for Beginning Scuba Divers
  47. Volunteer Divers Collect Tons of Debris from Catalina Island’s Waters
  48. Octopus Versus Dive Camera Caught on Video
  49. DAN Names 2014 Diver of the Year Award Winner
  50. Introducing MASTERDRY! the new semi-dry suit from SEAC
  51. US Students invited to come study coral reefs in Cayman Islands
  52. Scuba.com On “The Price is Right”
  53. Jellyfish Photo Wins Guardian Travel Photography Contest
  54. KS01 - New SEAC's SIDE MOUNT bc!
  55. SeaLife introduces new Sea Dragon Mini 600 Underwater Dive, Video, and Photo Light
  56. Sharks in Nebraska
  57. DEMA to have DIVE IN DAY at the Florida State Capitol
  58. Our World-Underwater Show looking for underwater photos for annual contest
  59. Women Divers Hall of Fame adds six new members for 2014
  60. XRay Magazine - January 2014 Edition is now online
  61. Marketing: Are we ok, or do we need help?
  62. 4 Christimas Gifts Perfect for Any Scuba Diver
  63. Sea Save Foundation's Fundraising Auction Ends December 12th
  64. Items left for low
  65. Shark Angels Auction: Exclusive, one of a kind experiences up for bid to support shar
  66. World Renowned National Geographic Photographer to Judge Bimini Shark Showdown
  67. Ocean Quest wetsuits – a comfortable alternative to exposure protection
  68. Dive with Sharks to Raise Money for Muscular Dystrophy Research
  69. New Hyperbaric Chamber Facility Opens in Cozumel
  70. 7 Tips for Diving the Florida Keys
  71. Join an underwater treasure hunting expedition in the Florida Keys
  72. 2014 DAN Rolex Diver of the Year Nominations Open
  73. Vivid-Pix creates Underwater Photo Instructor program
  74. 7 Tips for Shore Diving at Puget Sound
  75. Top 5 Scuba Tips for Beginners
  76. Top 3 Hot New Products at the 2013 DEMA SHOW
  77. DEMA 2013 Product Announcements?
  78. Cave Diver Jill Heinerth to Receive Exploration Award: Royal Canadian Geographic Soc.
  79. Write a review and get a FREE Careers in Diving DVD!
  80. Light & Motion Releases new GoBe Anywhere light!
  81. Light & Motion to Debut New Products at DEMA!
  82. Underwater Haunted House Invites Divers and Snorkelers to Get Spooked
  83. XRay Magazine - November 2013 Edition is now online
  84. New Research Shows a Shark Attack on Seal Decoy Deterred by Shark Shield
  85. DEMA Show 2013 Returns to Orlando, Florida
  86. Kell Levendorf Joins Scubaocity
  87. ISC Photo Contest: Win a Megalodon BOV
  88. New Dive Resort Opens in Koh Lipe, Thailand
  89. GoPro Releases New Hero 3+ Cameras
  90. Full face mask demo day in Charlotte, NC May 10th
  91. Wilderness Ventures Teaching Teens to Scuba Dive
  92. DIVE 2013 Scuba Show Hits UK This October
  93. SeaLife Launches First High-Definition Underwater Camera
  94. Heated Wetsuits - End of Summer Sale!
  95. Paralyzed Young Man Learns to Scuba Dive
  96. Bimini to host Shark Showdown Video event in early 2014
  97. Divers Have Close Encounter With Humpback Whales
  98. Divers Alert Network Seeks Nominations for Member’s Choice Awards
  99. ASAP Solar Jetski Makes Saving Lives Easier
  100. Divers Nearly Swallowed By Humpback Whales
  101. The First Loss: USCG Alexander Hamilton
  102. BARE redesigns the Velocity wetsuit
  103. Taylor Kinney of CHICAGO FIRE TV show becomes SCUBA Diver
  104. Sherwood Announces Atmos Wrist Computer Watch for Land and Sea
  105. Dive Maldives
  106. Taylor Kinney of CHICAGO FIRE TV show becomes SCUBA Diver
  107. New SHOUT Fins from SEAC Make A Loud Statement
  108. Scuba.com Has New Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator In Stock
  109. Oceanic Worldwide Unveils OCi Dive Computer
  110. 20th Dominica Dive Festival an Aquatic Success
  111. Zeagle introduces Covert, a superlight BC that doesn’t compromise
  112. New LED video and dive lights introduced by Fantasea Line
  113. Taming Lions and Breaking Records in Bimini
  114. Do YOU Know Bonaire? Challenge #6 issued!
  115. Vivid-Pix a popular choice with Scubaboard group in Bonaire
  116. Divetech Grand Cayman Hosts FOCUS UNDERWATER event
  117. Award-winning MV Spree live-aboard expands to Bahamas
  118. HOLLIS Gear set to release Explorer SPORT Rebreather
  119. FREE Diver safety programs announced to prepare for Florida Mini-Lobster Season
  120. DiverWire Destination: Bimini Big Animal Adventures
  121. Dive Festival 2013 Rocks Utila!
  122. Dive Rite announces Summer Internship Program
  123. Dive Different Vol 5: A Good, Old-fashioned, Ultra-modern Treasure Hunt
  124. SEA & SEA announces new MDX-D7100 housing available next week
  125. 100 Scubaboarders Invades Bonaire
  126. DiveAlert Models DA2, DP2 & DV2 Recall Due to Drowning Hazard
  127. Celebrities and Dive Legends Drawn to the Cayman Islands Again and Again
  128. Pick up your FREE Wreck Trek Passport
  129. Maxtec Introduces new iMax wireless dive log system
  130. DAN announces FREE online training seminars for divers
  131. 3 NEW Dive Centers Join Scubaocity's Dive Shop Management System
  132. Jacques Cousteau’s grandson plans to spend 31 days underwater for DAN study
  133. Free DAN Resources Available Divers
  134. Fantasea Line Releases FG15 Housing for Canon Powershot G15
  135. Operation Blue Pride embraces shark conservation
  136. The story behind the new book CATALINA ISLAND DIVE BUDDIES
  137. University of Miami announces UW Photo contest winners
  138. Bimini Blue Coalition works to keep this Bahamian region blue and beautiful
  139. Atomic Aquatics unveils new T3 Titanium Regulator
  140. Innerspace 2013 celebrates the world of rebreathers on Grand Cayman
  141. threw next generation thermal protection technology, we offer two words Own It
  142. Florida Keys Dive Center receives BLUE STAR Rating
  143. Barry Shuster Joins DAN’s Institutional Review Board
  144. Lahaina Divers Earns 2013 TRIPADVISOR Certificate of Excellence Award
  145. This is not a bag...
  146. Vivid-Pix Carries Strong Momentum into Long Beach SCUBA Show this weekend
  147. Announcing Challenge #5 in InfoBonaire.com’s SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW BONAIRE Contest
  148. Highly Anticipated AERIS JETPACK makes its CONSUMER debut at SCUBA SHOW
  149. New wreck sunk off the Alabama Gulf Coast
  150. SCUBA Show this weekend in Long Beach, CA
  151. Plaza Resort Bonaire goes TOTALLY ALL-INCLUSIVE
  152. Plaza Resort Bonaire goes TOTALLY ALL-INCLUSIVE
  153. Divers Go Deep at Bonne Terre Mine Treasure Hunt
  154. Diver returns to Key Largo to dive Christ of the Abyss Statue
  155. Dive Pirates Foundation uses new SSI tools to train disabled divers
  156. Disabled Slovenian diving group dives in Russian Cosmonaut Center
  157. Dive Rite introduces NEW Transpac Sizes for Women
  158. Vivid-Pix Provides Simple Solution for Amazing Underwater Photos
  159. STORM CHECK gives travelers on Aggressor and Dancer departures peace of mind
  160. Taming the Lionfish: Cayman Fights Back Against the Invaders
  161. Shark Angels 2013 World Oceans Day Auction Launches
  162. Scuba Travel Ventures Takes Action to Fight Trash Issue in North Sulawesi
  163. Shark Deterrent Technology: Hear the facts. You decide.
  164. NASE Presents Mother’s Day Diving Photo Contest
  165. Diving Different in 2013: Unique Underwater Encounters
  166. Fantasea FG15 Housing for Canon PowerShot G15 - Now Available!
  167. Spectrum Diving Equipment: Selling all assets for a fraction of cost
  168. Chammyz Clothing Mothers Day Special for Scuba Board Members !
  169. My life as a MERMAID – Meet Jennifer Elizabeth
  170. Ocean Frontiers Unveils LIVE Web-Cam on Grand Cayman
  171. Rebreathers changing scuba diving FOREVER – New SSI/Poseidon program introduced
  172. Phoenix-based Academy of Scuba announces new UW Photo Club
  173. Shark Shield Stories Needed
  174. Popular Anthony’s Key Friends/Follower sale EXTENDED
  175. Adventus International Inc. Announces New Mini Video/Photo Dive Lights
  176. Diving Gate
  177. Post an underwater photo, get a free DVD!
  178. Are you up for the GREEN SHORTS Challenge on Grand Cayman?
  179. Test Your Knowledge of Bonaire in InfoBonaire.com Challenge #4
  180. SUDS Participant finds a diving career!
  181. Every Day is Earth Day for Cayman Dive Operators
  182. Scuba Cowboy, Rogest join Utila Dive Festival Lineup
  183. Dive Rite’s RX10 LED Dive Light Gets Brighter
  184. Counting Down the Days until Chamber Day 2013 May 1
  185. HOLLIS Gear Sponsors Nationwide CCR Training Series
  186. Win $1,000 with new Texas-based Dive Caching promotion
  187. ScubaFit® Diver Instructor Certification at Scuba Show
  188. XRay Magazine - May 2013 Edition is now online
  189. Atlantis Azores Live-Aboard Wins Prestigious Award
  190. British Columbia Wreck Trek PASSPORT program unveiled this weekend
  191. Dive with Oceanic White Tip Sharks off Cat Island, Bahamas
  192. New SHOUT fins from SEAC making a loud statement
  193. New Dive Shows in Phoenix, Charlotte and St. Louis announced
  194. REEF helps Florida locals develop a taste for Lionfish
  195. Reef Photo and Video Looking for seasoned pro for Florida position
  196. Deep Blue Adventures travel seeks experienced professional
  197. Ohio college divers set world record
  198. Virginia Parker Named Vice President of Development for Divers Alert Network
  199. 101 Years after Titanic
  200. Deep Blue Adventures travel seeks experienced professional
  201. DiveTraXX – an impressive new App lets divers log dives remotely
  202. Dive industry stresses proper use of dive flags
  203. Scuba Shack launches Diver Challenge for New England dive community
  204. New Tryton DryLite GUARANTEED Not to Flood
  205. New RISK MANAGEMENT program for Divers Unveiled
  206. Curacao reefs featured in Google Maps ‘virtual diving’ Project
  207. Russian Magazine welcomes you!
  208. Hot Summer Job: Diving for golf balls – Help Wanted NOW!
  209. Win a 10-Night Trip to Truk Lagoon with the Siren Fleet
  210. Free night, diving with Stuart Cove’s new Sheraton Nassau package
  211. Scuba.com seeks Instructor/Sales professionals
  212. Miss-Scuba.com introduces new Mermaid Necklace
  213. Scubapro Announces Waterman Scholarship honoring Stan Waterman
  214. Christian Scuba Divers volunteer in Roatan, Honduras
  215. More prizes for Utila Dive Festival Announced
  216. 3 Commercial Diving Books for $69.95 plus S&H - regularly $91.85!
  217. SEAC releases new light-weight dive light
  218. The secret is out – new AERIS ACCEL fins a hit even before they ship!
  219. Anthony’s Key Roatan Announces FRIENDS AND FOLLOWERS Deal
  220. Divemaster Wanted for Popular Shark Diving Operation
  221. DiverWire Profile: Meet the inspiration behind ScubaFit-Gretchen Ashton
  222. Oceanic Ventures Establishes the First Dive Cache in Texas
  223. New Galapagos dive live-aboard, NORTADA, introduced
  224. Living the Dream Part 3: What’s It Like?
  225. Divers Alert Network Presents Newly Revised Programs at Beneath the Sea Show
  226. Diving Divas Group comes together to explore St. Croix
  227. Plaza Bonaire’s ALL-INCLUSIVE package even includes Diving!
  228. Announcing the Winners in Bonaire Challenge #2
  229. 40 New PADI Instructors receive credentials in Phoenix, AZ
  230. Announcing the Winners in Bonaire Challenge #2
  231. Bluetooth® Technology and DiveNav Go Deep
  232. beautiful maks and fins
  233. Dive Traveler App Teams Up with Scuba Schools International
  234. SEA&SEA Announces the Availability of New MDX-D600 Housing
  235. Latest Maduro Dive Exclusives Package: Captain Don’s Habitat Bonaire
  236. Ft. Young Hotel Dominica Unveils Impressive Special at BTS Show
  237. New Lionfish Video released – Take a Lionfish to Lunch AND EAT IT!
  238. Divers Alert Network Presents Newly Revised Programs at Beneath the Sea Show this wee
  239. New Scuba “Simulation” game launched for MAC and PCs
  240. CITES meeting results in 5 shark added to protected list
  241. iPhone underwater housing
  242. UnderWater Camera Stuff Announces a New Version of the Housing Sentry
  243. Free DVDs and Free Shipping from Hammerhead Press!
  244. New Wreck in Palm Beach Florida honors teen diver (video)
  245. Exciting Gulf Coast Dive Store Management opportunity
  246. Five Things You Can Do to Protect Your Favorite Dive Site
  247. Buddy Dive Bonaire announces new enhanced BOAT DIVING program
  248. Livin’ the Dream – Part 2: Making it Happen!
  249. Dive Rite introduces new YOKE design regulator
  250. Frank Chapman Chosen to Receive 2013 DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year Award

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