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  1. OMGosh I think I am a Dork Diver!
  2. Very Happy to Have found this group!
  3. Every Dork Diver should have one. Extreme Dorkness!
  4. Just read the 'sticky' at the top of the forum
  5. New to dork diving. How do I get certified?
  6. A Dorky Wreck Dive
  7. "I never laughed so hard as when I saw a scuba diver..."
  8. Pink! (must-see Craigslist ad)
  9. Funny Underwater Videos
  10. Dork hoods/wetsuits/gloves
  11. Are we dorky enough?
  12. Dork Diver or.... yes, Dork Diver
  13. I turned another one to the Dork Side
  14. Oil Report
  15. Bless me, Jarrod Jablonski, for I have sinned.
  16. Not quite DIR...
  17. Is this entry PADI approved?
  18. Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die
  19. My 1st dork dive [img intense]
  20. Dork or nerd?
  21. Hammerhead shark in Southern California ocean
  22. Need Help
  23. Barnum & Bailey Dry suit
  24. Can you help?
  25. Live Damn You!
  26. what constitutes a dork diver?
  27. Dork Diver Safety Stop
  28. With open arms, I welcome the new Dorks
  29. Here there be Monsters
  30. True Colours.... ;-)
  31. I've been putting this off for too long already..
  32. I'd like to be a Dork Diver???
  33. I've recruited two apprentices to the Dork Side
  34. Anybody does this to their gears?
  35. Not sure about the whole dork thing
  36. Holiday greetings thread
  37. Santa Cruz Dorks
  38. I wanna go to the dork side...
  39. How to deal with a boring dive leader!!!
  40. Dork Divers' Friday Feghoot
  41. I got a new BC!
  42. Happy Holiday's to all the DD's
  43. I don't know if I can handle being a tech diver - they all do it in black!
  44. I want to be one of the dorky kids!
  45. Taking the snorkel to the ice!
  46. Best of the best dork gear
  47. Calling All dorks to arms
  48. Be afraid..... there are Dork Hunters!!
  49. Avast, me hearties!
  50. Dork wants to join!
  51. Suggestion for the Dork Diver Card
  52. Over the Dork
  53. Calling all dorks!
  54. Dorky entry
  55. actually got air!!
  56. :)
  57. D2D - Clash of the Fins...
  58. Dork diving at its worst (or best depending on your disposition)
  59. Dork Toes?
  60. Party like it's 1999 (posts)
  61. Dork Diver en route to Bahamas!
  62. Dork Power
  63. Ummmmm.........
  64. DIR for Metrosexual and "Happy" people?
  65. Wish me luck...
  66. A Dork Diver should be able to make this contest real fun!
  67. Wanna be a dork diver too!
  68. We need some tradition
  69. Hello? Anybody still here?
  70. The DORK way to do it
  71. Dreams of purple fins and an orange snorkel
  72. I shall join the DD group, because I am a dork
  73. ISOSAD: Yacht (Sea Dice) Tournament planning thread.
  74. Can I join the ranks of the Dork Divers?
  75. Santa and how an engineer must see him
  76. Merry Christmas Dork Divers
  77. What to get for Christmas????
  78. To all you (mis) users of ClayJars logo
  79. Tell us something about yourself Open to all Divers!
  80. ISOSAD: Monopoly Challenge
  81. Dork Diver T-shirts for Sale
  82. I like the Dork Dive Forum
  83. I don't suppose...
  84. Where'd all the Dorks go?
  85. Catalina Cool-up dive
  86. Avalon Harbor Underwater Cleanup
  87. Catalina Island November 10th.
  88. Dork Diver Challenge- Help with a Dream
  89. Picture of the day on is a Dork Diver?
  90. Soylent Green: It's People!
  91. I think we may have another member...
  92. You might be a dork diver if...
  93. What do we (DORKS) eat
  94. Thanks Dork Divers!
  95. Dork Chat
  96. Membership listing question
  97. Dork Superhero!
  98. Am I a Dork Diver?
  99. My 100th Dive Today
  100. Talk Like A Pirate Day- Two weeks away!
  101. Got a dilemma... what happens when you combine these?
  102. erparamedic is on notice!
  103. Tobermory Trip Report for Dorks
  104. Dorcs...
  105. Dork Diver Roll Call- Worldwide!
  106. Puget sound
  107. Justleesa!
  108. Dorks in Paradise - Roatan
  109. West Coast Dork Diver Meet and Dive
  110. Gear Jam (warning- Dork Diver thread)
  111. Who's Got Your Dork Now?
  112. Dork Divers take note:
  113. I think this makes me a dork diver...
  114. New to this forum
  115. howdy!
  116. Still a Dork Diver
  117. Trucker Girl....
  118. Pimp My Gear
  119. I got un-outted!
  120. What Men Want - Dork Diver Style!
  121. So, I have to ask...
  122. What Women Want... Dork Diver Style!
  123. New Smily! DDHF
  124. Seen this thread yet!!
  125. ISOSAD: The International Semi-Organized ScubUNO Association of Divers
  126. ISOSAD: Underwater Gaming HowTo
  127. How are the D Cards Going?
  128. Welcome to the Dork Diver Forum!
  129. DDHF t-shirt
  130. Dork Divers Designers Need a new logo!
  131. Dork Divers Certification Classes Suggest Course Outlines
  132. Dear Dork Divers Advice Column Ask us your questions
  133. Dork Divers Manifesto
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