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  1. Welcome
  2. Upcoming Events for April and May
  3. June and July Events
  4. Pictures and Videos from recent Events
  5. Recent News
  6. Anyone up for CSSP on 6/28 or 29?
  7. Training in Florida Keys Oct 29th-31st with Jim Elliott
  8. Events for October and November 2008
  9. Recent News
  10. What better reward
  11. Diveheart Annual Luau
  12. Diveheart Trains Disabled in SCUBA / Curaco and Michigan!
  13. Diveheart.org - I would like to Volunteer but...
  14. Recent Diveheart Letter...
  15. Long overdue update
  16. Local Chicago News post
  17. West Coast
  18. Feeling Free and Flying Underwater
  19. Summer Activities
  20. Our World Underwater Chicago 2010
  21. Valentine's Day goodies
  22. Wounded Veterans Dive Trip
  23. Utila DIVEHEART Trip for May 2010
  24. Feb 2010 local Chicago training
  25. Friday Feb 5, Chicago area Informational Meet-up
  26. Adaptive SCUBA Symposium at OWU Feb 2010
  27. CNN-MONEY profile on DiveHeart
  28. March 2010 Chicago Area Training
  29. CNN Video on DiveHeart
  30. March/April 2010 Chicago Area Events
  31. Lifeguard training April 25, 2010
  32. April 2010 Events Update
  33. April 18, 2010.... Chicago Party!
  34. Chicago Saturday April 24th, 2010
  35. Diveheart May 2010 Training... Chicago, Kenosha and California
  36. Diveheart Disabled Dive Training - May 2010
  37. June July 2010 Events for DiveHeart
  38. June 2010 Newsletter
  39. July 11th Dive & Picnic Chicago
  40. August 2010 Updates
  41. Golf Outing on Sep 24th 2010
  42. Video link for WGN-TV story Oct 22, 2010
  43. Pepsi Refresh Project Selects Diveheart Grant Proposal!
  44. Nov 13, 2010 Luau Party Chicago DiveHeart
  45. Diveheart Spring Fling Fundraiser - Sunday, May 1, 2011
  46. Feb 2011 DiveHeart Events
  47. During OWU Chicago 2011
  48. May 1 2011 Fundraiser Party in Chicago
  49. Train to be a DiveHeart buddy 05/26/11
  50. Summer Picnic #1, July 10 2011 in Chicago
  51. Hey, Hey Haigh Quarry - 08/21/11
  52. Nov-Dec 2011 DiveHeart Events, Chicagoland
  53. On-Line Auction until 12/04/11
  54. 1/8/2011 Oaklawn IL Event
  55. Turn football playoff parties into a fund raiser
  56. May 2012 Events
  57. June 2012 Video Released
  58. Your old Scuba Gear can help children, adults and veterans with disabilities.
  59. Diveheart Adaptive Instructor & Buddy training!!
  60. Zach's Fundraiser!
  61. Check out Diveheart Tomorrow on CNN HLN
  62. CNN Headline News features Diveheart July 4th at 6pm & 8pm Central time!
  63. Thanks Ballydoyle's for your generosity and support!!
  64. Diveheart's Oaklawn/TriCounty Trip to Key Largo June 26-July 1
  65. Imagine the possibilities with Diveheart in Cozumel Dec 1-8th 2012!
  66. Check out Diveheart on NBC tonight!!
  67. Diveheart on NBC!
  68. Diveheart Adaptive Instructor/Buddy Training
  69. Jim Elliott wins Classy's Volunteer of the Year Award!!!!
  70. Diveheart Luau Dinner Dance Fundraiser Saturday, November 10, 2012
  71. Please Join Tammy Duckworth for a Disability Rights Round Table Discussion!
  72. The Scuba Scout comes through again for Diveheart!!!!!
  73. Blog Post Regarding Diveheart
  74. Diveheart S. Florida Fundraiser!!!
  75. Is scuba therapy a pain management tool?
  76. Turn your NFL party into a Diveheart fundraiser!!!
  77. Join Diveheart at the Aquarium of the Pacific's Festival of Human Abilities!!!
  78. Join Diveheart founder Jim Elliott Jan 3-8 for Adaptive Instructor/Buddy Training!!!
  79. The year is drawing to an end....Make 2012 count!
  80. U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth speaks out about Scuba Therapy
  81. Army vet Alex Calvo escapes gravity with help from Diveheart
  82. Georgia Aquarium provides the backdrop for three teams of divers with disabilities.
  83. Join Diveheart Founder Jim Elliott April 18-21 for Adaptive Instructor/Buddy Training
  84. Band Together for Diveheart!!!
  85. Delivery Confirmed 51 Year Later!
  86. Diveheart President & Founder Jim Elliott wins Humanitarian of the Year Award!
  87. Win two tickets to anywhere Southwest flies.
  88. FREE PEEK: New Adaptive Diver Manual from Diveheart
  89. Netdoc chats with Jim Elliott at Scuba Show 2014
  90. Today's Miami Herald shares the Diveheart story
  91. WGNTV: Scuba diving an unlikely tool for kids and adults with autism
  92. DIVEHEART SCUBA ADVENTURE in Miami: Sept 14, Oct 4, & Oct 25
  93. I'm a Diveheart Volunteer: What's your Super Power???
  94. Diveheart Scuba Experience!
  95. We are changing the language and landscape of adaptive diving!
  96. Diveheart Scuba Experience with Santa!
  97. Join Diveheart in Cozumel May 2015!
  98. Madison Dive Club chooses Diveheart as Charity of Choice
  99. MADISON Dive Club chooses Diveheart as Charity of Choice
  100. #1 PADI Instructor Training Facility in U.S. undergo Diveheart Adaptive training
  101. Win & Get Away during Diveheart's Southwest Airlines Drawing
  102. Adaptive Scuba Symposium February 27th at Our World Underwater
  103. Coming together for good
  104. The heavy lifting is done in the pool
  105. Diveheart Scuba Stories of Hope and Healing
  106. Bring your superpowers tomorrow
  107. Diveheart Winners At Our World Underwater
  108. A Month of Freedom for people of ALL ABILITIES
  109. Air Force Vet & Wheelchair user Ian Brown Talks about Scuba Therapy
  110. CURRENT: Friend of the Adaptive Dive Team
  111. Aerospace Industry holds benefit for Diveheart
  112. From East Coast to West the Weekend was Huge for Diveheart
  113. Diveheart Adaptive Training & Depression
  114. Diveheart welcomes aboard rachel crane…
  115. New Diveheart Instructor Crop in Destin Florida
  116. IN WATER SUPERVISION: A MUST for Adaptive Scuba Instructors
  117. Dive club event supports diveheart
  118. Meet the Founder this weekend
  119. Young Atlanta Boy Grows Adaptive Scuba
  120. New Diveheart Instructor Crop in Destin Florida
  121. The can do spirit….
  122. Huge Tent Event Supports the Diveheart Mission
  123. Northeast Divers Support Diveheart at Beneath The Sea
  124. Dr OZ & DIVEHEART
  125. Diveheart pool sessions change lives
  126. Donate gear to diveheart & help those with disabilities
  127. Let diveheart help you remember/honor someone special
  128. Did you miss autism awareness day???
  129. Diveheart Mermaid Festival Needs You
  130. Attention Divers in So Cal….Diveheart Adaptive training coming in June
  131. Diveheart helps the blind see through touch
  132. Diveheart south florida training draws many
  133. Scuba Sirens Rally for Diveheart at Memorial Hospital
  134. Diveheart smiles say it all
  135. Dedicated diveheart volunteers… "sleepless in seattle"
  136. Diveheart student takes class to school, despite not having hands to do skills
  137. Does Diveheart teach Snorkel Diving?
  138. Marine vet reaches out to serve others…
  139. Diveheart salutes its volunteer superheros…
  140. Help diveheart rescue the world
  141. What was the inspiration for the non profit organization diveheart?
  142. Diveheart friends come in all shapes and sizes
  143. Diveheart founder presents at medical conference this week
  144. High School Peer Partners help out at Diveheart Scuba Experience program
  145. The power of the pool at diveheart programs
  146. Atlanta volunteers bring smiles at diveheart event
  147. This is not a dress rehearsal…
  148. Can Obsessive Compulsive Disorder be effectivley reduced by diving therapy.
  149. Scouts for diveheart
  150. Free diveheart training orientation, food, drawings, fun and more
  151. Diveheart receives grant
  152. Don't miss diveheart's spring funraiser thursday night may 7th…
  153. Diveheart volunteers continue to change lives
  154. Scuba art at diveheart….
  155. Then and now…
  156. Diveheart amigos welcome cinco de mayo
  157. Finally a mermaid….
  158. Attention autism organizations ….
  159. Rotarians & medical community come together to support diveheart
  160. Wounded warriors & diveheart forward scuba therapy research
  161. Marquette university hosts diveheart & adaptive adventures
  162. Diveheart cozumel report: ….just divers…
  163. Farewell cozumel…
  164. Share the diveheart vision & mission….
  165. If it was easy….everyone would be doing it….
  166. Diveheart Fundraisers of the year!
  167. Last five days to enter to win 2 southwest airline tix
  168. Nationwide shout out for diveheart
  169. The world's first scuba training manual ……
  170. Therapists from around chicagoland
  171. Veterans join forces for diveheart….
  172. Mens magazine features diveheart in june issue …
  173. 85 inspiring stories of hope and healing….
  174. Buddy/instructor training?
  175. West coast volunteers rock….
  176. Dive club rallies to support diveheart mission & vision
  177. You all were awesome today….
  178. All smiles after today's diveheart scuba experience program
  179. Service above self….
  180. California diver magazine features diveheart
  181. Oceanreef supports diveheart…
  182. Please help diveheart "paint our fence"….
  183. A poem that helped shape the diveheart philosophy…
  184. Students for diveheart rally again
  185. Coral reef restoration is just the beginning…
  186. What a difference a day makes…..
  187. Divers of all abilities can join diveheart dec 12-19 in cozumel mexico…
  188. Diveheart: Put passion above profit & lead…
  189. Attention scuba instructors!…lost after training?
  190. Cnn/hln : Stories of courage…
  191. Poker dive for diveheart a success….
  192. Christmas in july….
  193. Vehicles for vets…
  194. Scuba therapy research continues…
  195. Buddy breathing is back….
  196. New mile stone in scuba therapy research is here…
  197. Teamwork doesn't seem work….
  198. Diveheart at the 2015 Scuba Show in Longbeach
  199. Diveheart picnics….Save the Date
  200. Rocketman and his diveheart adaptive buddies….
  201. Years ago a young man named zack…
  202. What are they saying about diveheart adaptive training?….
  203. Just finished the "Adaptive Scuba Instructor and Dive Buddy" manual
  204. Christ….gabriel is back… in key largo
  205. Where in the world was Diveheart this weekend???
  206. Accessible sunset for diveheart…
  207. The caress... Seeing Key Largo's Christ Statue from a different perspective...
  208. Amazing grace…
  209. Thanks to the pioneers….
  210. The Diveheart Magic Continues….
  211. Palm beach rotarians come together for diveheart….
  212. What are the therapeutic benefits of scuba diving?…
  213. Single divers rally for diveheart….
  214. Diveheart Picnics….Save the Date
  215. Radio interviews give us the time….
  216. Witness the power first hand…
  217. Rotarians share the diveheart story…
  218. Americans spend over 10.7 trillion dollars a year shopping
  219. Clean out your closet and help Diveheart at the same time!
  220. The diveheart ted talk …
  221. Scuba therapy can help humans too…really???
  222. You can join diveheart dec 12-19 in cozumel mexico
  223. 32 million cnn housholds from alaska to chile…
  224. 90 friends of diveheart from three states...
  225. Happy anniversary for the christ of the abyss…
  226. Diveheart is a good person magnet….
  227. Rotarians from the north palm beach rotary club
  228. I will never draw a salary from diveheart…
  229. Research surrounding scuba therapy …
  230. Pilots & veterans rally for diveheart….
  231. Rescuing the world is a lot of work…
  232. Service dogs and scuba diving…
  233. Rotarian donations fuel diveheart programs…
  234. September is suicide prevention month…
  235. Families who lose loved ones…
  237. Join diveheart in cozumel dec 12-19
  238. Learn how scuba therapy…
  239. Diveheart cancels fundraising event…and needs your help….
  240. Remember us….
  241. Question: Can a course director teach & certify…
  242. Does Diveheart touch YOUR Heart….let us know
  243. Blind korean war veteran talks about scuba therapy…
  244. Oct 7-14 key largo adaptive buddy/instructor training ,,,
  245. How can you become a diveheart ambassador?
  246. Diveheart recognized with another award for its work
  247. Huge congrats to all the adaptive divers…
  248. Tv 7 news wsvn miami features diveheart…
  249. Young film maker features diveheart scuba art project….
  250. Ready to unleash your superpowers?…
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