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  1. Welcome to the newest and oldest US National certification agency!
  2. What's up with Dive Training Mag?
  3. Recent Developments
  4. Official News Release!
  5. SEI Diving at Pittsburgh Scubapalooza
  6. S&P Manuals are coming! Korea on board!
  7. News Release
  8. Thanks for the support!
  9. My transition from being afraid of the water to SEI Instructor
  10. Why SEI is so important to me
  11. Website is up and running.
  12. Where is SEI now? Look at this to see.
  13. DM crossover
  14. Military Diver coming out and want to dive?
  15. SEI will be at Ohio Scubafest in March.20-22
  16. SEI Board of Directors Elections Under Way
  17. Willis / SEI Insurance
  18. Seeking extensive DM internship
  19. Congratulations to our New Board members
  20. SEI Ice Diving class was a big success and alot of fun!
  21. Sorry for the lack of new posts
  22. Odd question about C-Cards for you
  23. Instructor Institute and Crossover Institute
  24. SEI Advanced OW class
  25. Scubafest was a blast!
  26. SEI Instructor Institute this past weekend.
  27. Witherspoon insurance issue- don't be fooled!
  28. Thinking of SEI AOW Class?
  29. New Power Points in the mail
  30. SEI Once again at Ohio Scubafest
  31. Computer Crash!
  32. SEI AOW Class openings Oct 16,17,18
  33. SEI Diving at DEMA
  34. SEI Instructors take note.
  35. Instructor Crossover
  36. SEI Master Diver
  37. SEI at BTS?
  38. Attention SEI Diving Instructors in Illinois, Arizona,
  39. Welcome SEI Diving ITALIA!
  40. SEI Diving Japan has their website up and running!
  41. Andros, Bahamas Instructor Institute!
  42. Assisting Instructor Institutes
  43. May be slow to respond for a little while
  44. A passing of a great SEI supporter
  45. Crossing over
  46. Bravo SEI Diving Italia!
  47. SEI OW course openings
  48. SEI Diving UW Navigation Course
  49. Evalutation Instructor
  50. Me and SEI at Portage this weekend
  51. SEI now authorized to issue CMAS certs!
  52. Any Instructor Institutes coming up?
  53. Received my CMAS 3* Instructor card today...
  54. Received my CMAS 2 Star Instructor Card
  55. Instructor SEI
  56. Any way to transfer this yscuba SLAM cert?
  57. New Book coming out in March
  58. SEI at Ohio Scubafest for year 3.
  59. SEI AOW course requirements
  60. Congratulations to Tom Leaird- new DEMA BOD member
  61. Eudi show in bologna italy
  62. Our new website is now live
  63. Very pleased with SEI OW course
  64. Dram
  65. SEI UW Navigation Class coming up next week
  66. SEI Diving/ PDIC International announcement
  67. Found in the back of the closet
  68. Statement from PDIC Executive Director Thad Bowden: recent notes from IDEA & others
  69. SEI/PDIC Instructor update at Scubafest in Dublin Ohio March 16,17,18
  70. Diver Communication seminar at Scubafest
  71. Questions about Masterdiver Cert with SEI.
  72. April Issue of Currents is now on line
  73. who is teaching SEI in southern Oregon these days
  74. SEI Recreational Closed Circuit Rebreather Course now available
  75. New designations for advanced diver certifications
  76. Multi-C Cards
  77. SEI Diving Instructors
  78. Travel with SEI card
  79. Full Face Mask Course
  80. Master Diver vs. Dive Master
  81. Belize Dive Shops - San Pedro
  82. updated instructional materials
  83. How do I find an SEI instructor?
  84. Requirements for Master Scuba Diver
  85. Preserve access to wrecks. Write your reps and government officials.
  86. SEI Equivalents
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