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  1. For Sale BCs, Regs, Wing
  2. For Sale FS: Sherwood Fusion Fins
  3. For Sale Mares, Sherwood and Cressi Masks
  4. For Sale Entire Dive Business
  5. For Sale Dive Boat for Sale
  6. For Sale FS: DAN Dual Rescue Pak Extended Care
  7. For Sale Dive Rite gap reel $30
  8. For Sale TUSA spring straps
  9. For Sale Flordia Keys Dive Guide
  10. For Sale Rash Guards for sale
  11. For Sale commerical brownie's hookah for three divers
  12. For Sale Special of the Week: Blue Reef Ultra Pro Weight Bag - $9.95
  13. For Sale Two G-Snaps (2m/2f) and H2O Audio iDive 300, all unused
  14. For Sale clean out
  15. For Sale Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask
  16. For Sale 5 sets of fins
  17. For Sale SCUBA and Freediving Gear
  18. For Sale Scuba Compressor
  19. For Sale Dive Rite 905 Drysuit
  20. For Sale AquaLung Super Rockets ....
  21. For Sale Scubapro Jet Fins size XXL
  22. For Sale Dive Gear for Sale: Everything you need to get started except for the tank!
  23. For Sale Tec/Cave Gear and a Seaquest Pro QD Unlimited BCD
  24. For Sale SCUBA Gear For Sale
  25. For Sale TLS 350 Dry suit with undergarments and accessories (cross post)
  26. For Sale whole bag full of diving stuff
  27. For Sale BC and First Stage Regulator Setup with Dive Computer (Brand New Condition)
  28. For Sale DSS SMB and Wing, Deep Outdoors Dive Sheers
  29. For Sale Pinnacle Merino-Karbonflex 4mm Gloves - Medium
  30. For Sale Hollis F1 Fins, XL Hollis LED16 canister light, both New
  31. WTB - Large high pressure bottles for bank/cascade
  32. For Sale Gear for sale (cross post)
  33. For Sale Bauer - CompAir 8.4 Compressor / SPOTLESS CONDITION TampaBay, FL Area
  34. For Sale FS: X Scooter Sierra Battery
  35. For Sale Wenoka knife and Aquatec T-Rex knives +
  36. For Sale halcyon weight pockets
  37. For Sale 2 aga masks w/divelink comms. And surface transceiver
  38. WTS - Mixing and Distribution Panel w/ Nitrox Blending Stick
  39. For Sale Reel and spool
  40. WTS - Bauer Oceanus 5 CFM Compressor - 230 V.
  41. For Sale Universal Fin Spring Heel Strap with QR Buckles - PAIR Large
  42. For Sale FS Biopak 45 Rebreather
  43. For Sale Cleaning out the equipment locker
  44. For Sale Brand New Scubapro Seawing Nova Medium
  45. For Sale Aqualung Rocket II Fins XL, Halycon Spring Straps
  46. For Sale Selling XS scuba argon setup and DUI Dry 5 Gloves Size L
  47. Compressor Items
  48. For Sale Steel tanks, Hollis fins canister light, etc
  49. Want to Buy would like to buy the book Deco For Divers
  50. For Sale Atomic Split Fins
  51. For Sale Tons of gear for sale
  52. For Sale SCUBAPRO Twin Jet Fins
  53. For Sale Lots of gear: Reel, Fins, SMB, Compass, Regs, Drysuit, BCD, etc.
  54. used Nitrox Membrane system for sale
  55. For Sale Simple Guide to Rebreather Diving: Includes Both Semi-Closed Circuit and Fully Closed
  56. For Sale Cleaning my garage
  57. For Sale Two used Spare Air Systems
  58. For Sale TUSA Imprex Tri-ex fins
  59. For Sale NEW Wenoka Titanium Dive Knife. Blackie Collins model. Tanto tip - $40
  60. For Sale Hollis F1 fins size XL
  61. For Sale 2 Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Masks and GSM Dual Channel Communication Systems
  62. For Sale Sherwood The Source Diving Computer Console
  63. For Sale Dive Xtras sierra with X prop and spare battery.
  64. For Sale almost new fins, wetsuit, mask, gloves, hood, booties and snorkle great deal
  65. Want to Buy Gary Bang stick-357mag insert
  66. For Sale ATOMIC/OCEANIC SCUBA Gear : Fins, Snorkel, Mask, Bag and other accessories
  67. For Sale "The Last of the Blue Water Hunters" by Carlos Eyles
  68. For Sale "Diving Free" book by Carlos Eyles
  69. For Sale Complete diver communication system for two
  70. For sale new P0 or P21 Triplex Filtration System
  71. For Sale Hollis Harness System 20lb QLR Weight System
  72. For Sale Bare and a Aqua Lung dive bags
  73. For Sale Many items for Sale!
  74. For Sale Kenner Building Set
  75. For Sale Forward looking Transducer
  76. For Sale Force Fuel connector
  77. For Sale Parts for OMCs JOHNSON /Evenrude outboards
  78. For Sale Evinrude Johnson 3" Tach & System Check Gauge.
  79. Want to Buy WTB: Excellerating or Extra Force Fins
  80. For Sale For Sale - Apollo Bio-Fins Size Small
  81. For Sale Drager Ray Rebreather
  82. Want to Buy Dive-Xtras CUDA 400
  83. For Sale Suex ADV 42, with N-handle
  84. For Sale fins booties tank bands knife
  85. For Sale Dive rite 2" and 1" crotchstraps and Diverite weight pouches
  86. Want to Buy Back (lumbar) pad for plate,Sex bolts and Kronos octo and Diverite QLR wt. pouches
  87. For Sale New Aqualung Slingshot Fins - BLUE - size L/XL
  88. For Sale Selling LOTS of gear: Zeagle, Scubapro, Suunto, Oceanic, aqualung, uwatec
  89. For Sale Fs: Scuba pro twin jet fins medium
  90. For Sale Moving away from water, everything has to go!
  91. For Sale Selling Everything
  92. For Sale Oxycheq Expedition O2 analyzer
  93. For Sale 2 HydroOptix masks, super cheap
  94. For Sale sale or trade BECO .223 POWERHEAD
  95. For Sale Dive Rite Sidewinder Explorer Reel Cave 900' #24 ** NEW **
  96. For Sale Vintage Nemrod Venturi Power Scuba diving Fins
  97. Zeagle Stiletto FOR SALE +more!
  98. For Sale Scuba Pro Sea Nova Fins ...
  99. For Sale Dive Boat for Sale - 25-ft - South Haven, Michigan - 1985 Bayliner
  100. For Sale Light, Surface Marker Buoy, AL Airsource, and extra reel spool
  101. For Sale 60lb Hollis Lift Bag
  102. For Sale XL Jets, DSS Kydex plate, Whites undergarment
  103. For Sale Complete diver communication system for two
  104. For Sale Eezycut Trilobite Emergency Cutting Tool
  105. For Sale Brand New With tags! Akona Deluxe Mesh Backpack (AKB234) $60 Free S/H
  106. Compair Compact 6 for sale $600 obo
  107. For Sale Scuba Christmas ornaments
  108. For Sale Like New 2XL Turtle Fins!
  109. For Sale Apollo DPV
  110. For Sale Dive Caddy System Gen 1 - Brand New (Out of the original box / packaging)
  111. for sale
  112. Bauer compressor For Sale - PRICE REDUCED
  113. Want to Buy Tusa X-pert Zoom Fins - Size Small
  114. Want to Buy Dive Rite EXP Fins Size Medium
  115. For Sale XS Scuba Universal spring straps
  116. For Sale Getting out of diving sale...all new items
  117. For Sale Reel, Zeagle Pony Straps, Lobster Bag, Mask, Lift bag etc
  118. For Sale Special of the Month: Tusa Xpert Zoom Full Foot Split Fins - $24.95
  119. Want to Buy Wtb 2 ocean reef full face mask with communications
  120. For Sale OTS XT-100 B Buddy phones
  121. For Sale I have a few pairs of Endurotech Gloves available
  122. For Sale Atomic Aquatics Split Fins
  123. For Sale Mako dpv
  124. For Sale Dive caddy gen 1 - brand new (not in original box or packaging)
  125. For Sale Zeagle Brigade XL... Less than 30 dives... Rear weight pockets and yellow pouches inc
  127. For Sale Scubapro full face mask - new
  128. For Sale Deep Sea Supply 35lb wing, Wenoka knife, 5' reg hose
  129. For Sale Innovative Scuba spring straps for Scubapro Twin Jet fins -- size small
  130. For Sale Agualung Caravelle Fins w/spring straps - size Giant
  131. For Sale Dive Rite spring heel fins size L BRAND NEW $100
  132. For Sale Oxycheq wing, O2 analyzer, DIN plugs, Scubapro parts and other gear
  133. For Sale $3000 worth of gear for cheap!....
  134. For Sale FS: Dive Xtras Serria
  135. For Sale Tek gear
  136. For Sale NEW black NAUI hardcover 3-hole log book (no inserts)
  137. For Sale Brand New Gear for Sale
  138. For Sale Wings and Whatnot
  139. For Sale KISS Baby Booster and Salvo 10W HID light
  140. For Sale Talking Scuba Hats and T-shirts
  141. For Sale Ocean Reef Full Face Mask with Comms
  142. For Trade OMS Slipstream Fins with Spring Straps
  143. For Sale Two (2) New Akona Mask Bags (AKB804)
  144. For Sale Max-Air 90 scuba compressor Great shape 9 HP Honda Gas engine 9CF
  145. Thread: Bauer compressor & GMC tank tumbler For Sale
  146. For Sale Halcyon Diver's Notebook
  147. For Sale Sea Doo Seascooter Explorer X Brand New in the box $650.00
  148. For Sale 66 lbs Scuba Diving Weights w/ 2 Nylon Weight Belts
  149. For Sale BCD inflator hoses, Oceanic
  150. For Sale New 7-ft Regulator Hoses, (two)
  151. For Sale 6-inch HP, SPG stage bottle hoses
  152. For Sale FS: AGA full face mask
  153. For Sale COLTRI MCH-6 high pressure scuba compressor, STAINLESS STEEL w/ extras
  154. For Sale Good gear
  155. For Sale Cleaning out the Dive Locker
  156. For Sale Bauer Mini Verticus Compressor (13scfm)
  157. For Sale New and Used Dive Gear
  158. For Sale Cayman Brac carry-on bag
  159. For Sale New Scubapro Seawing Nova fins (Large)
  160. For Sale Selling ALL my gear!
  161. For Sale Special of the Week: Sherwood End of Summer Savings Package - $999.95
  162. For Trade X-Large Scubapro Seawing Nova for Large Seawing Nova.
  163. For Sale Bauer compressor, GMC tank tumbler For Sale
  164. For Sale Classic KISS Rebreather with lots of extras
  165. For Sale FS: Everything you need to get started...
  166. For Sale Assorted Fins Cleanout!
  167. For Sale Turtle Fins and Yoke Valve for sale
  168. For Sale Reel, Knife, Lift Bag Sleeve, Hose, STA, etc
  169. For Sale SeaDoo Sea Scooter 20m/65ft
  170. For Sale NEW Remora Style Knife with Sheath and Mounts
  171. Want to Buy WTB: Open Heel Technisub Stratos fins XS
  172. For Sale Apollo Bio Fin Pro C With Stainless Steel Springs
  173. Want to Buy Looking for 1 apollo split fin in black size xs - lost 1 in heavy kelp on Carmel :(
  174. For Sale Reef Scuba Survivor Wreck Reel
  175. For Sale Dive Set
  176. For Sale Halcyon Gator Wraps Size Large
  177. For Sale Lobster Gear
  178. For Sale Apollo bio fins and IST Tutle fins
  179. Want to Buy Atomic Frameless mask BLACK regular size
  180. For Sale 36" two man single lock decompression chamber
  181. For Sale Ots divator and diver&surface comms
  182. For Sale Scuba equipment! Wet Suit, Regulator, Underwater Ikelite flashlight, Wenoka Knife!
  183. For Sale Everything must go-Catalina Al tanks, BCD, 7mm Supra farmer john and jacket, Resource
  184. Want to Buy Excellerating or Extra Force Fins
  185. For Sale Dan First Aid Kit W Oxygen
  186. For Sale Kiss Sport for sale Includes lots of extras.
  187. P0 for sale
  188. For Sale Luxfer 19 CF Pony bottle with Zeagle Razor Envoy Regulator
  189. For Sale Special of the Week: Surf-Fur Waterproof Parka - $89.95 (+$10 for 2XL/3XL)
  190. For Sale Spare Air 3000 3.0 CF unit
  191. For Sale Gen 1 Dive Caddy $175 shipped within CONUS
  192. For Sale Tusa mask m-26 & other stuff
  193. For Sale Lots of Used Regulators, BCDs, Dry Suit Undies and More for Sale
  194. For Sale Force fins, mares mask, volo fins $100
  195. For Sale Meg Apecs 2.01 for sale $5300.00 + shipping
  196. Want to Buy OMS BCA-298 Canister for FF210 PLB or similar canister
  197. Want to Buy PADI Manuals Wanted
  198. For Sale Rocket Fin, Rocket Fin II, Cambands, Backpack
  199. For Sale Apeks and stuff
  200. For Sale Force fins, mares mask, volo fins $150
  201. For Sale Oxygen Kit
  202. For Sale 2 pr OMS SlipStreams & 1 pr Deep Sea Pulse
  203. Want to Buy O2/1st aid kit
  204. For Sale NEW XS Scuba Lift Bag 50#
  205. For Sale TUSA X-Pert Zoom - NEW
  206. For Sale ScubaPro Jet Fins w NEW Halcyon Spring Straps - Like New
  207. For Sale FS Airsource 2 octo, Oneill wetsuit
  208. For Sale Scubapro XL Jetfins w/ Large Halcyon Spring Straps $120 + shipping
  209. For Sale Cressi Gara Pro Freediving Fins
  210. For Sale 1945 Desco Helmet with Complete Gear To Actually Dive It ! Asking $ 19,000.00
  211. For Sale Scuba gear great deal !!!!!!!
  212. For Sale bladefish 5000
  213. For Sale Diverite wing,Zeagle weight pouches,Aqualung retractors,Micro mask,Scubapro knife
  214. For Sale Hoard of misc dive gear for sale in Sarasota, FL (see gallery)
  215. For Sale Oxycheq Expedition - X O2 Analyzer ( Nitrox ) Oxygen
  216. For Sale FS 48 AB Biller Speargun with extra's
  217. For Sale Halcyon Eclipse 40; Legend LX ACD; Apeks Flight; STA
  218. For Sale Assorted used dive gear (Regs, BCD, wetsuit, books, tank, camera, masks, knives, etc)
  219. For Sale UBS Nitrox membrane and LP Champion R30D compressor for $4,000 FIRM
  220. For Sale OMS Slipstream Fins with Spring Straps size XL
  221. For Sale For Sale: Halcyon Spring Straps
  222. Want to Buy WTB Oceanic BCD Large screw in Inflator hose - for an Oceanic BCD ( top )
  223. For Sale Silent Submersion Scooter
  224. For Sale DAN O2 Kit. This is the Big Dog kit! With the Jumbo D tank
  225. For Sale Apollo Bio Fins size large for sale
  226. For Sale Dive Xtras Cuda 850 and Misc
  227. For Trade Halcyon XL spring straps for L
  228. For Sale Oceanic Mako Scooter
  229. For Sale Tekna DV-3X body
  230. Want to Buy bauer mariner
  231. Want to Buy Safety sausages
  232. For Sale Oceanic Vortex V12 Split Fins, Size - XS $80+shipping:
  233. Want to Buy Pro Force Fins Size L
  234. For Sale 2 Pair Mares Plana Avaini Fins Size Small
  235. For Sale Inspecting Cylinders by Bill High
  236. For Sale Dive Alert Plus (DP3X)
  237. For Sale Two of every thing (Zeagle BCDs, Oceanic Regs, Cobra Computers, Scubapro Air2, etc)
  238. For Sale FS: Light Monkey, Zip Gloves, whip, analyzer, etc. etc.
  239. For Sale Brownies Third Lung Hoses and Fittings
  240. For Sale Vintage Gear: Needs a new home
  241. For Sale Halcyon and other misc stuff for sale
  242. For Sale Assorted Scuba Gear
  243. For Sale Atomic Aquatics SubFrame Mask (Pink/Black)
  244. For Sale Rod holder mounted flagpoles with 20"x24" dive flags. Other flags available as well.
  245. For Sale Wing, Hoses and SPG
  246. For Sale Special of the Month: Mares Seahorse Combo Junior Mask & Snorkel Set - $11.95
  247. For Sale ScubaPro Jet Fins XXL with XS Scuba Spring Straps
  248. For Sale Tesoro Tigershark Underwater metal detector
  249. For Sale Special of the Week: Scuba Deluxe Mesh Backpack - $49.95
  250. For Sale DAN Safety Sausage w/spool
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