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  1. San Clemente Island: Full Gear Set Lost
  2. This Weekend at Power Scuba (June 12, 2014)
  3. What's new at Power Scuba (June & July Newsletter)!
  4. June Events at Power Scuba!
  5. Summer Events at Power Scuba! (Oil rigs, shore dives, Catalina, and more!)
  6. Visiting San Diego May 10-15
  7. Wolf eels on the oil rigs?!
  8. Vets & Newbies Dive on May 10! Join us!
  9. PRESS RELEASE: Divers Simulate Emergencies to Promote Diver Safety & Awareness
  10. This week at Power Scuba: Consider this...
  11. This week at Power Scuba and... San Benitos Trip!
  12. Power Scuba: Big Trip Dates for 2014 (and beyond)!
  13. January at Power Scuba!
  14. Merry Christmas, Power Scuba!
  15. More Boat Dives for 2014!
  16. Big December Happenings at Power Scuba
  17. Power Scuba Holiday Party: Get Yer Tiki On!
  18. Power Scuba End of Year Drawing is Here! Prizes Aplenty!
  19. Drawing for Gear, Boat Trips, and... a Philippines trip!
  20. Power Scuba November Newsletter (with Pics!)
  21. Power Scuba Logo Gear Now Available!
  22. Our no-profit Philippines Trip is almost here!
  23. Power Scuba: 2,000th Member!
  24. 2-tank Local Boat to Point Loma Reefs. Saturday Sept 21.
  25. Power Scuba: Did You Know?
  26. 16+ Events in Sept with Power Scuba!
  27. Free Stuff to Give-Away!
  28. Power Scuba: Free Stuff! Big Doings!
  29. Busy Weekend for Gatherings!
  30. June 15 & June 23 boat trips!
  31. Oil Rigs and...!
  32. Power Scuba May Action Items
  33. Philippines No-profit Scuba Trip- October 2013!
  34. March 24th: Four local dives on the Horizon, $92!
  35. Two Big Dive Trips Posted This Thursday (Jan 31, 2013) @ 6 pm!
  36. Private Event For Power Scuba: Major Computer Buy! 4 hours only.
  37. Two Free Trips to San Clemente in Feb. No cost to enter!
  38. December at Power Scuba
  39. Power Scuba: What's our angle in all this?
  40. Opportunity Drawings: Thousands of $$$ in scuba gear and more!
  41. Palau No-Profit Trip: Nov 1-13, 2012
  42. Sept 22 1.5-day no-profit trip. Catalina Island & the oil rigs.$128!
  43. Free dive boat tickets? Wow!
  44. August at Power Scuba
  45. Mission Beach: Beach & Underwater Cleanup on Saturday Aug 4th.
  46. June at Power Scuba: Events and Happenings
  47. Major Events in May
  48. April Happenings at Power Scuba
  49. San Diego diving 101
  50. Large Give-Away Event
  51. Power Scuba Safety Stand Down
  52. Power Scuba Charter on Oct 23rd- San Pedro Oil Rigs and a Wreck: $79.75
  53. San Diego Local Bass Fisheries COLLAPSED?
  54. Lowdown on the Hoedown at Power Scuba: Week of Sept 12
  55. Archive for Dive Paradise Thread Post
  56. Ca Shark Fin Ban Bill (AB 376) Passed!
  57. Free Dive Charter Boat Tickets Up For Grabs
  58. Non-Profit Scuba Trips Overseas
  59. A Ferengi Diver's Rules of Acquisition
  60. No-Profit Trip to Cozumel
  61. Boycotting plastic bags and water bottles
  62. Goings-on at Power Scuba
  63. A bang up summer for Power Scuba
  64. Group Buy of Steel Tanks (No Profit)
  65. Indonesia Trip
  66. Co-op Group Buy of Whites Dry Suits!
  67. Dec/Jan Events at Power Scuba
  68. Pics of Power Scuba in Action!
  69. Intro Message and Important Info

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