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  1. gauge pressure
  2. Need advise or a link to "step by step" sidemount setup - with zeagle Ranger bcd...
  3. Sidemount and "tec" training...
  4. Multinational effort - Cenote Chi-Keen in the Stealth
  5. HP-75 or MK-25 or PZ-1 1st stage for Sidemount?
  6. HP100 for side-mount?
  7. Versatile Sidemount Rig?
  8. Suitability of SM BC's for long surface swims
  9. Nomad LT Extreme for Height
  10. Trimix Cylinder Buoyancy
  11. Wing/Drysuit Hose length?
  12. Hog -Sidemount
  13. Bottom Clip
  14. Regulator Necklace as it relates to Sidemount
  15. Stage Rigging Methods
  16. Steve Martin sidemount
  17. Does PADI permit sidemount (PSAI card) in PADI classes?
  18. What if---?
  19. Monkey Rig 2.0
  20. latest SM set up with pics - for anyone getting started it may help....or not
  21. Looking for a good sidemount book or two
  22. Aqualung Titan LX for sidemount
  23. side mount and back mount rig
  24. Hose routing with one tank and dry suit
  25. Preparing for sidemount -- what new regulator?
  26. Sidemount trimix (normoxic) & EAN50 suit gas?
  27. Back Roll off a boat... Will I die?
  28. Razor 2 upgrade to 2.1 - am I missing something?
  29. opinions for size of tank for recreational sidemount diving in coldwater
  30. GUE and Sidemount?
  31. Cold-Water Sidemount harnesses for short chicks?
  32. Stages and deco bottles
  33. Looking for an Instructor
  34. Difference between SMS100 and SMS75
  35. Cylinder Trim - Help?
  36. steel 120's for side mount?
  37. First stage, face up or down? Also, SPG sticking up or under the arm?
  38. Cord length for sidemounted cannister light
  39. Hollis vs. Razor vs. XDeep SM Products
  40. Anyone switched from sms100 to sms75? How is it?
  41. Some sidemount questions from a total newbie
  42. Razor 2.0 or 2.1 or SMS75
  43. I know tank boots are the devil but what about boat diving?
  44. DGE Promo on Hollis Sidemount SMS50
  45. Have you tried Hollis F2's with SM?
  46. Sidemount Diver Ballast and Weighting
  47. Sidemount with deco bottles
  48. Razor Configuration
  49. SMS 100 Options
  50. I was apprehensive about boat diving with sidemount.
  51. Side Mount Training
  52. Horizon divers and side mount training
  53. Sidemount HP120s?
  54. Pros and cons of various sidemount harnesses, especially for cold water tech diving.
  55. Just curious, which hose do you necklace and which do you clip?
  56. XDeep Stealth Help?
  57. Interesting ideas
  58. DS4 and/or FSR Hose Routing
  59. SM Drysuit Inflation Bottle.....
  60. Dive Rite Trim Pillow
  61. SM LP Inflator Hose Routing Question
  62. Sidemount pouch
  63. Any happy sidemount users of Apeks Tek3 on this forum?
  64. Which grade bungee
  65. New Sidemount Divers...
  66. I Tried Sidemount for the First Time
  67. Probably another SM tank thread...
  68. SSI sidemount instructors in canada
  69. Scubapro Sidemount: my 2 cents
  70. New Hollis Sidemount BCD- SMS75 with design features from Edd Sorenson
  71. Fin buyers remorse, back to the drawing board? what should I do?
  72. AL40s Anyone?
  73. Razor 2.1?
  74. PADI vs cave agency side mount?
  75. shop go sidemount?
  76. Want to try sidemount
  77. Sidemount Photos: 2014 Technical/Wreck Courses in Subic Bay, Philippines
  78. Short alu 80 cu tank, would it be fitting for a sidemount?
  79. SMS 50 with steels
  80. So... finally got to try sidemount from a boat!
  81. President Coolidge Sidemount
  82. Nomad Old School Kit - CA
  83. Argon bottle placement with SM?
  84. What size hog ring for 6mm bungee / bungy / shock cord?
  85. Dive Rite Tech Buttplate on a Deep Sea Supply Backplate?
  86. Hollis SMS50 is on sale it seems?
  87. SM Diving and Buoyancy Exercises
  88. Sidemount compatible with Photography?
  89. weights on aluminum 80s?
  90. Question about Worthington steel tank characteristics
  91. lift capacity needed for cold, open water diving with side mounted doubles
  92. Nomad Ring Bungies
  93. Sidemount gear configuration practices - 4 questions
  94. Suggestions for bolt snap removal
  95. Possible Alternative Way of Doing a Tank Lanyards?
  96. How do you stow your second inflator when not necessary (diving dry, etc)
  97. Comparison of my SM Courses: Florida vs. Mexico
  98. Recreational Sidemount ...
  99. Sidemount diving in Xulo
  100. Can you show me pics of how you attach hard lead to rig?
  101. Weights with sidemount?
  102. opinions about Spearfishing and Lobster with an SMS???
  103. What's your entry look like?
  104. Modified "Z" system
  105. SM Training Question Local / FL
  106. Sidemount NooB Zone
  107. First day in sidemount
  108. What are you suppose to learn in your first sidemount class ?
  109. Z system sidemount wreck diving part 2
  110. New Sidemount Diver
  111. What's with the UTD haters?
  112. Another XDEEP Stealth 2.0
  113. bungees and tank positioning
  114. Button Gauge on Sidemount
  115. Sidemount diving material
  116. Air Sharing/ S drills in sidemount
  117. SMS100 / Nomad XT / or wait SMS75
  118. SMS 50 mod.. would this be retarded?
  119. Sms 50 rails - where?
  120. Side mount hose routing.
  121. a couple of sms 50 bungee questions...
  122. 5 Sidemount Adapter Systems for Backplate/Wing conversions
  123. scuba pro mk17 ok for side mount ??
  124. SMS 50 sport weighting question
  125. Xdeep Stealth 1.0?
  126. Does XDeep Stealth 2.0 comes with LP BC Inflator Hose w/ QC
  127. Top mounted stage method with no tank rise
  128. Correct routing of Edd Sorenson's Old School Bungies on SMS100?
  129. Review of the Nomad LT
  130. Back in Mexico
  131. Sidemount MSR-like wing
  132. Just for laughs...
  133. Side gland vs top gland
  134. Aluminum 63's
  135. Sidemount Diving Equipment: Tank Band Choices
  136. Tank boots when filling steel tanks?
  137. Advise on Air integrated computer that supports sidemount
  138. New Sidemount Diver
  139. Please Post EDD MOD SMS100 PICs
  140. Sidemount canister light
  141. Released - Scubapro X-Tek Sidemount
  142. Recreational sidemount diving on the canary islands !!
  143. Cenote Caterpillar with the Stealth 2.0
  144. Scubapro Sidemount harness
  145. Couple of sidemount questions
  146. Deco mounting position
  147. Scubaone Mangusta Sidemount 18kg/40lb
  148. ScubaOne 'M90' Sidemount released
  149. Audaxpro 'Point Break' Sidemount System
  150. SMS100 For Sale!
  151. New IST modular sidemount rigs released
  152. SEAC SUB release a sidemount BCD
  153. Cave diving with the Stealth 2.0
  154. if you are thinking of trying this....DO IT
  155. Liquivision Lynx Sidemount
  156. Any details on the SF Tech sidemount wing??
  157. Hollis SMS75 Prototype
  158. sidemount hp 80
  159. Florida - Sidemount - Tek - Cave- Training Advice - Instructors/ Dive Ops
  160. Purchase Lumbar and shoulder plates
  161. How to transition to SM
  162. Sidemount with back mounted deco gas?
  163. A List of Modern Sidemount Systems (complete)
  164. 7L steel sidemount
  165. Lesser known sidemount rigs
  166. Anyone ever tried Cyl-Tec Tanks?
  167. How do you "sidemount" rental tanks?
  168. Halcyon entering SM market
  169. Gas Management on Double-Tank Side-Mounting
  170. Wing selection with DR Transpac
  171. Faber or worthington
  172. Where do you keep your stuff when diving Sidemount?
  173. Sidemounting kid with 4 tanks, NO mask and NO fins...
  174. Side mounting AL80's how do you trim your tanks?
  175. Article on gas management in Sidemount
  176. Single Tank Sidemount
  177. Three more converts... (sidemount program at Gilboa)
  178. Old School Bungie Cave Adventurers for SMS 100?
  179. Agir ratatosk sidemount system
  180. Alternatives to using a buttplate or weights on tanks
  181. Sidemount in Wrecks
  182. Ring bungees
  183. SMS 100 sizing - who is this designed to fit?
  184. Sidemount training wanted-Dutch Springs Area?
  185. Confirmation about xDeep Stealth's BC mounting
  186. ANDI Advanced Sidemount Course (Subic Bay, July 2013) Pics
  187. Sidemount bottle rigging - twinset gas
  188. Two-day SM clinic in Gilboa... Labor Day weekend
  189. Two-day SM clinic in Gilboa... August 17-18
  190. UTD Z-side mount with isolatable manifold
  191. My DIY / Homemade Sidemount Rigs (minimalist & heavy-lift)
  192. Cheap, quick and convenient way to stow weights on a sidemount harness
  193. Converting Dive Rite Transpac harness and wing for side mount -
  194. Sidemount class July 13,14 with Steve Lewis report.
  195. Din or yoke regs
  196. Tec Sidemount / Tec40 Course Pictures
  197. Side Mount for DECO
  198. Best webbing for a side mount belt harness? Nylon vs. PE?
  199. Using existing regulators
  200. Dive rite jetstream
  201. Looking for comments and advise
  202. Dive Rite Nomad, or Armadillo?
  203. Stealth 2.0 in action
  204. Xdeep stealth 2.0 vs. Razor 2
  205. Sidemount BC Styles
  206. Removable Weights
  207. Stealth Sidemount - official PADI sidemount training preferred system - VIDEO
  208. My sidemount tank setup evolution.
  209. First time in a SM
  210. Hollis SMS 100 buttplate
  211. Black face gauges mixed with White face gauges- Problems?
  212. Accessing Pockets
  213. Sidemount Clinics with Doppler
  214. How do you attach your tank valves to your shoulder D-rings?
  215. Finally getting it together. Picking up my new SM rig next weekend
  216. The dive Sidemount is so Easy! video
  217. Final show down Hollis SMS100 vs. xDeep Stealth 2.0
  218. Sidemount and nitrox mix
  219. Advanced sidemount clinic with Lamar Hires August 24th
  220. padi sidemount diver vs tec sidemount
  221. BC/sidemount rig for sale?
  222. Up-dated Sidemount instructor rating...
  223. Not for those of nervous disposition... ;)
  224. First regs for sidemount
  225. Tank "roll"
  226. stealth 2.0 can light mounting question
  227. IANTD Open Water Sidemount
  228. When does it make sense to learn sidemount?
  229. Stealth bungee options
  230. My personal experiences with the Hollis SMS 100 vs Dive Rite Nomad
  231. Sidemount training????
  232. APEKS harness and sidemount
  233. Helix Side Mount
  234. Rear mounted pouch options
  235. STEALTH 2.0 Sidemount - Try Before You Buy in US & Canada
  236. blue steel valve for sidemount. Blanking plugs?
  237. Jacket BCD sidemount ???
  238. Hollis SMS 50, what am I missing?
  239. Sidemount - Thoughts for those interested in trying it
  240. Technical Sidemount on an F4 Phantom wreck (Subic Bay, Philippines - March 2013)
  241. Hollis SMS 50 - Ditch the bungees?
  242. Looking for Sidemount Course in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mozambique - EAST AFRICA
  243. Stage straps a good idea?
  244. 6 or 9 inch hp hose
  245. Thoughts on the "new" razor 2
  246. Tec Sidemount/Tec40 Check-Out Dive Video - Anilao, Philippines
  247. Tec Sidemount Course Photos
  248. Xdeep stealth 2, Faber lp 85, and the butt plate
  249. Sidemount Harness Webbing - Anyone tried lightweight/crotch-strap material?
  250. Transpac to sidemount
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