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  2. Welcome to our "Lost, Found or Stolen" Forum.
  3. Lost! Ankle weights at CSSP
  4. Lost! Henderson Gold Core Boot, Size 9- Jupiter, Fla
  5. Stolen! Mares Quattro Fins and Oceanic Shadow Mask
  6. Stolen! Don't ask me to list it all or I'll start wimpering again
  7. Lost! Compass, Dutch Springs
  8. Lost! LOST/STOLEN BCD Halcyon "Infinity"
  9. Lost! Lost camera and fin at Venice Beach June 19 2010
  10. Reunited and it feels so good! Men's Wedding Ring Fort Lauderdale
  11. Lost! Integrated Weight pouch for old style Aqualung BC RDS Cousteau
  12. Lost! Mares MRS Plus Weight Pocket. Duane, Key Largo, FL
  13. Found! Knife at Blue Heron Bridge
  14. Lost! Sea and Sea Wide angle attachment 20mm
  15. Lost! Black SL4
  16. Apollo Split Fins - Lost by Alsea Crab Hole - Waldport, Oregon
  17. Light, found while diving in Rockport.
  18. Found! Found nice dive knife at gilboa!
  19. Found! Dive knife at gilboa quarry!
  20. Lost! UW Camera..West Palm
  21. Found! Most unusual find at Blue Heron Bridge!
  22. Lost: Pink Tusa mask + Snorkel-Marfa Point -Malta
  23. Lost! Sealife Camera in Yellow Housing
  24. Lost:silver Olympus Stylus Tuff 8010 Molassas reef
  25. Lost! 5lb. SeaSoft weight at Les Davis, Tacoma Wa.
  26. Lost! FIN: Golden Beach/Boneyard on Boatdive 7/28/10
  27. Found! Snorkel - Cedar Hill - Lake Huron
  28. Lost! Lost fin at Butterfly House in Carmel, CA on Saturday morning
  29. Lost! Scubapro weight pocket @ Heisler Park, Laguna on 8/14
  30. Lost! SMB and clip at Van Damme
  31. Found! Olympus Stylus @ Casino Point (Catalina)
  32. Lost! Seadoo Explorer Scooter, St Marys GA
  33. Lost! Mask and snorkel, laguna beach
  34. Lost Halcyon SMB on the Niagara II
  35. Lost Suunto Vyper Wrist Comp. Sullivan Lake, WA
  36. Found! Watch at Dutch Springs
  37. Lost and a question of ethics
  38. Lost! Mesh gear bag, Aquarena Springs, Tx, March 16, 2010
  39. Reunited and it feels so good! Camera labelled Darren Fox found in Hawaii
  40. Lost! Dry Suit
  41. Lost! Camera, Ft. Lauderdale Beach
  42. Found! Honda Key at Blue Heron Bridge today 9-13
  43. Lost! Riffe silencer dive knife off Pebbly Beach, Catalina
  44. Lost! DC1200 in Galapagos ( Gordon Rocks )
  45. Lost! Light at Mukilteo
  46. Lost! Lost a fin at the Pinnacles 9/18/10
  47. Lost! Fin at Point Lobos 9/28/10
  48. Lost Computer - Suunto Vyper 2
  49. Lost! UK 1200 dive Light, Laguna Beach, Shaws Cove
  50. Lost! Ikelite Pro-V8 video light @ Spiegel Grove
  51. Stolen Drysuit
  52. Lost! Camera at Catalina
  53. Found! Sea & Sea Camera
  54. Lost! WristComputer RazzleDazzle Reef
  55. Found! Mask @ Lakeview Quarry, OH
  56. Found! Video camera washed to the shore
  57. Found! Dive Light in Shaw's Cove, Laguna Beach
  58. LOST! SeaLife DC1000 Camera in Bonaire
  59. Found! Mares fin at Breakwater
  60. Stolen! Most likely by airline thugs...
  61. Lost! Turtle Fin at Vets
  62. UW Camera found on Destin Beach
  63. Stolen! Stolen from Northridge CA
  64. Lost! Uk600
  65. Lost! Weight Pouch, Titlow Beach, Tacoma, WA
  66. Found! dry storage case
  67. Found! Expensive snorkel at Blue Heron bridge West Palm
  68. Lost! Cressi Matrix Mask, Blue - Malaga Cove, CA
  69. Found! dive knife
  70. Stolen! Stolen from Guam: KM Superlite 17Bs, AGAs, comms. & more...
  71. Stolen gear, Seattle.
  72. Stolen! Scuba gear stolen in Deerfield Beach Fl being sold on eBay
  73. lost 1 Turtle Fin at Manatee SP 1/31/11
  74. Lost! Uwatec 2G @ Ginnie Springs
  75. Lost! Inon Fisheye Lens/North Dry Rocks, Key Largo, FL
  76. Missing: complete singles set up
  77. Lost! Camera on King Cruiser Wreck, Phuket, Thailand ($500 REWARD)
  78. Found! Womans ring found Cozumel, Casa Mexicana March 5, 2011
  79. Lost my stuff ,,. help in finding lost items
  80. Found! Regulator, Point Lobos (Monterey), several years ago
  81. Lost! GoPro Hero HD - HMCS Yukon (San Diego)
  82. Lost! ScubaPro Mask at Hathaway Bridge Span 4/3/11
  83. Lost Uwatec Tec 2G
  84. Lost! Oceanic Integrated Weight Pocket on the Duane 9_22_2006
  85. Lost, and Found, around Metridiums/BW Montery
  86. Lost Weight Belt at Humber Bay Park
  87. Lost! Lost N19 scooter
  88. Found! USMC Marine's Ring Dutch Springs
  89. Lost Twinjet Fin with XS Scuba spring strap -San Diego
  90. Lost! Scubapro Twinjet at Molasses Reef, Key Largo
  91. Lost! Atomic sub frame perscritption mask
  92. Lost! MB Sub X-1 VB with Oxycheq Light Sock at Paradise Reef in Cozumel
  93. Lost! Blue and Black Mares Raptor Fin
  94. Lost! Rob Allen 1100 caranx
  95. Lost! Hollis F1 fin
  96. Lost! Luxfer Aluminium SCUBA tank
  97. Lost! Cressi Big Eyes! Shaw's Cove, Laguna Beach June 1st
  98. Lost in cozumel
  99. Found! Dive Computer found in Crescent Bay
  100. Lost! U/W Camera at Blue Heron Bridge, Sunday 6/5/2011
  101. Stolen! Whole business stolen.
  102. Lost! Mask with custom readers
  103. Lost! White Underwater Torch
  104. 52mm diopter
  105. Lost! cave reel
  106. Found! Dive Knife - Crescent Bay - June 12th
  107. Found! Tank in Houston, TX
  108. LOST: Suunto Vyper Wrist-- Fantasy Lake NC
  109. Found! Blue dive light/torch in South Carolina
  110. Lost! VR3 computer at Whytecliff Park, British Columbia Canada
  111. Found scuba pro red and black fin at gilboa quarry!
  112. large reward for lost camera
  113. Dive light at Nubble 7/9/11
  114. Lost! Genesis dive mask clear
  115. Lost! Camera - on Odyssey Wreck in Roatan near Anthony's Key Resort, Honduras
  116. Lost! SeaLife camera flash on Vandenberg Wreck 7/3/11
  117. Nitek Duo and Tec 2G disappeared today
  118. Found! UK Mini Q40 Light - Mukilteo, WA "Oil Dock"
  119. Found! Found at BHB--DIVE LIGHT
  120. Found! Most unusual find at Halkidiki Greece
  121. Lost! Scuba pro weight pockets
  122. Lost! Lost Camera at Econfina while canoeing :(
  123. Found! dive computer!
  124. Stolen! Atomic Titanium Dive Knife & XCEL hood
  125. GoPro Hero HD at Casino Point, Avalon, Ca
  126. Lost! CAMERA : USA - WA - Keystone Jetty
  127. Found! suunto d9 found in florida.
  128. Lost! Dive gear from a capsized charter in Panama City, FL
  129. Lost! lost my dc1000 camera on entry @ city of washington,key largo florida aug 13,2011
  130. Lost! Regs
  131. Found cove 2 seattle weight bag. clips. pouches.
  132. Lost! Veo 180 nx dive computer Destin Jetty
  133. Lost camera in Ginnie
  134. Lost! Sea life mini 2
  135. Lost! Fourth Element Arctic Top at Dutch Springs 9/4/11
  136. Lost! Black xs apollo split fin at Carmel Beach
  137. Stolen! Sierra/Echo Taken from shore at Lake Minewanka in Banff, Alberta Canada
  138. Lost! Sund Rock 9/4 Hood Canal
  139. Reunited and it feels so good! Sierra/Echo located at Lake Minnewanka!!!!
  140. LOST at St Lawrence: Olympus XZ-1 and Olympus PT-050
  141. Lost! Aeris Weight Pocket -- Spiegel Grove 9/26
  142. Lost Liquivision Xen
  143. Lost! Lost Halcyon SMB and reel on Tunnels in Jupiter, FL
  144. Lost! Lost Seasoft Gloves at 3Tree in Burien
  145. Lost! SoCal: Favola mask (aqua) & TUSA Hyperdry (pearl blue)
  146. Lost! lost Suunto vyper wrist computer
  147. Lost! Sealife DC1000 Key Largo- Duane
  148. Located: Did you visit Grand Cayman, dive the Kittiwake and Lost a Camera?
  149. Lost! Macro Lens at Blue Heron Bridge
  150. Anyone lose a Sealife Camera in Cayman since Kittiwake was sunk?
  151. Lost: Powershot camera in LaPaz, Mexico - October 25th - Reward
  152. Lost! Lost Nikon Coolpix underwater camera in Bonaire
  153. Lost! Lost a Black/Blue Oceanic V-16 Fin in Bonita Cove, Mission Bay Nov 5th, 2011
  154. Lost! Panasonic underwater camera with strobe
  155. Stolen! Scuba gear Venice Florida
  156. Lost! Hot pink scuba mask
  157. Found! Speargun at LBTS
  158. Lost! Prescription mask at BHB
  159. Found! Canon digital camera with underwater housing
  160. Found! Dive Computer at Karpata, Bonaire 12-21
  161. Looking for Silke - worked at Reethi Rah in 2001
  162. Found! Found a spare air at Commercial and the Beach in Ft. Lauderdale
  163. Found! Camera @ Casino Point Catalina Dec 24, 2011
  164. Lost! Wedding ring on Molasses Reef, Key Largo
  165. Lost! Lost Mares Nemo Sport wrist computer, Break Water, Monterey CA Sunday 01/08/2012
  166. Lost! Gopro Hero 2 on Richelieu Rock, Thailand - Reward offered!
  167. Lost! Dive Buoy and Cave Reel. Bedwell Bay, Indian Arm, Coquitlam, BC, Canada.
  168. Etiquette regarding found items
  169. Stolen dive gear in Charlotte N.C.
  170. Found! Flash Diffuser Card - "Cove II" West Seattle, WA
  171. FOUND - gear left at EUP - Edmonds, WA Feb 11, 2012 --15:00hrs
  172. Lost Black Force Fin, Size Xl, Orange County, CA (have an extra to sell?)
  173. Lost! Dive Flag & GPS (Lauderdale-By-The-Sea)
  174. Lost! Lost FUJI XP20 Digital Camera (Last Seen at Maalaea Boat Harbor, Maui)
  175. Found! Dive light Sunday Feb 19th at Belcarra park
  176. Lost - Backup light cove 1 - Seattle WA
  177. LOST - 2 black split fins with spring straps at Breakwater, Monterey
  178. LOST: Atomic Frameless- Truth Aquatics Santa Barbara
  179. Lost! Aqualung Slingshot Regular Size-Blue Fin----HOLLYWOOD FL last night 3/1/12
  180. Lost! Lost at Veterans Park, Redondo Beach - ENTIRE Kit
  181. Lost Oceanic Computer at Ginnie Springs
  182. Lost! Liquivision XEO
  183. Lost! Lost at Morrison springs on March 10th -- dive light
  184. Lost! Black evo mask and snorkel
  185. Found! Veterans Park, Redondo Beach, Dive Hood
  186. Found! Deep See beanie at Morrison Springs
  187. Found! Go Pro found washed up near Laguna Beach
  188. Found fancy snorkel @ end of Lake Jocassee ramp
  189. Found! Lost dive gear in FLL?
  190. Lost! Reg set at Morrison springs
  191. lost mask and snorkle laguna beach by shaws cove where the long stairs go down.
  192. Lost! 1 red Cressi reaction fin and blue weight belt with 14lbs in it at Venice Beach FL
  193. Lost! Sealife DC1200 Camera at the Spiegel Grove
  194. Lost go pro at the caves reef, south florida
  195. Lost! Black Mares X-Vu Mask and snorkel at La Jolla Shores (4/21/12)
  196. Found! Regulator Setup
  197. Found SeaQuest weight pocket at Blue Hole
  198. Lost! Olympus XZ-1 + Olympus housing at G. Cayman May 2011
  199. Found! Mini Quest Dive Slate on Bonaire
  200. Found on Tortola
  201. Lost! Vytec Suunto wrist mount computer
  202. Lost! LG jet fin with halcyon spring strap
  203. Lost Dive Rite Pocket With 2 lights at Peacock on 5-6-12
  204. Lost! Reel at Lighthouse Reef in Pompano Beach on May 8
  205. Found! Weight Pocket
  206. Lost DC1200 wideangle lense Lauderdale by the sea
  207. Found! GoPro camera, Isthmus Reef Catalina 5-13-12
  208. Found! Mares MRS Plus Integrated Weight Pocket - 5/14/12, Blue Heron Bridge - Lake Worth, FL
  209. Found! Dive light found at Belcarra park Sunday Feb 19th
  210. Lost! Black mask at Porteau near the diver stairs
  211. Lost! Lost and or Stolen Data Mask Dutch Springs
  212. Lost! GoPro Hero 2 at Bamboo Island, Thailand 14 May '12
  213. Lost Sealife Mini II camera in Grand Cayman on 4-18-12, most likely on Chain Reef
  214. Found! Dive Camera at Loch Low-Minn.....
  215. Lost! GoPro Camera with Occulus Flat lens case and headband - Hen Rock, Catalina Island
  216. Lost GOPRO hero2 at USS Oriskany
  217. Lost Dive Bag
  218. Lost! Wallet
  219. Lost Pentax Optio WG-1 at Casino Point
  220. Found! GOPRO - Turks & Caicos Exporer October 20, 2011
  221. Lost! lost camera
  222. Found! My camera that I lost in Catalina. Thanks ScubaLuv Dive Shop.
  223. Lost and Found: wetsuit at Catalina dive park June 28
  224. Lost! Sea life lens cap, key largo, French reef
  225. Lost! Turtle Fin and Henderson Wetsuit in Brockville
  226. Lost! Mares MRS Plus Integrated Weight Pocket - 6/30/12, Terranea - Palos Verdes, Ca
  227. Lost! [PORTEAU COVE]] Scubapro Knighthawk Weight Pockets
  228. Found GoPro in Northwest florida, Date lost 7-6or 7-7
  229. Lost BARE BC Weight Pocket w/ 7lbs Lead
  230. LOST Kodak camera
  231. LOST !!! Go Pro Hero-- Ft. Lauderdale Beach --7/13/2012 -- REWARD !!!
  232. Found Intova wide angle lens
  233. Camera found today, Boynton Beach
  234. Lost! A black strap with black chicklet weights ankle weight at Edmonds July 29th
  235. Lost! GoPro Hero in Key Largo, Fl
  236. FOUND : OMS thrust fin - between coves 1 and 2 | Seasttle, WA @ Alki Coves 1/2
  237. Found! Gilboa Quarry/Ohio
  238. Lost! Blue Avanti Quatro Fin
  239. Lost Aeris Epic Dive Computer Watch
  240. Rescue gear stolen from boat - Tennessee
  241. Lost! LOST GoPro Hero camera/Panama City Beach, FL---Reward!
  242. Found: gold wedding band at Epcot DiveQuest
  243. Found! Snorkel at Twin Quarries
  244. Flipper contraption found @ Lake Jocassee
  245. Lost! Lost SeaLife DC1000, south of Crete, Greece
  246. Deputies seek owners of stolen scuba gear - Florida
  247. Lost! Kodak Easyshare C123 Sport Camera (North Shore, Oahu)
  248. Found! Snorkel, dry rocks, key largo
  249. Lost, Canon Digital Camera in La Jolla (San Diego), CA
  250. Lost! Lost gear
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